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Jennifer Garner For All Mankind

Jennifer Garner For All Mankind

Hollywood mommy Jennifer Garner sports her favorite 7 For All Mankind jeans (she practically lives in them) as she takes 16-month old baby Violet for a play date at a Brentwood park near her home on Monday morning.

Poor Violet took a nasty spill on the baseball field!

The mother-daughter duo was accompanied by a “Pack Leader” t-shirt wearing nanny/assistant.

15+ pictures of Jen and Violet inside…

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violet affleck jennifer garner playground 01
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 02
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 03
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 04
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 05
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 06
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 07
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 08
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 09
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 10
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 11
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 12
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 13
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 14
violet affleck jennifer garner playground 15

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  • Jason

    Doesn’t look like Violet minded the fall. What the hell is up with that outfit, especially that hat? Oh, and the kid picking his nose under the slide? Priceless.

  • Hanna

    Violet is like the cutest baby ever and Jen the best mom! I love these two!

  • hanna

    greetings from Holland,

    again, how many times are they appear in the public this weeks ?

  • Jess

    That little girl is adorable.

  • joanna

    Geezz another promoting their offspring. Media Wh*re

  • liz

    Are photos of Garner and child going to be published here everyday as they are on other sites, because if they are, I won’t visit here anymore either. Personally, am sick of seeing her on a daily basis at the blog (photo) sites. I call it Jennifer/Violet overload!

  • phoenix

    yes, the kid under the slide: priceless

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Just sharing.I was in the market Monday,headed for the mags an books section.There were two women(50′ies) there looking at a rag mag.I was near them (looking at a fashion mag).One of the women remarked tothe other ‘there’s JG showing that baby of hers again’ the other responded ‘yep..Jay Leno(Ben,I assume) and that horse face Misses Ed with dimples thinks people want to see her homely a…brat’.They shared a laugh…and continue commenting and insulting(not so harshly I might add)others in the mag.I gave em’ a look (not thats its my business..but insulting a baby where clearly others can hear you, no matter if you know whom their speaking about seemed crazy…)but they were oblivious to me an anyone else.Not that I would have started anything they were 10 times my size an my elders.Those 2 just caught me off guard(their age and the baby comment..spoken so loudly and in public.Ok useless info but its vented.I guess some really are tired of all the photos for their reasons,their right to each his own.Have a good one.

  • Violets Auntie

    Not their fault they’re being followed and harrassed.

  • Erin

    Hey, I personally like seeing ‘normal’ celebrity pictures. This is as close to it as you will get. Their family is precious…it’s so refreshing to see.

  • Mmmmm

    BradAngMadZShiPaxLove Says:

    Please .. just say what you were thinking dont have to make up a story to post your thoughts.

  • alison

    I agree with Mmmmm
    That story that BradAngMadShiPaxLove was so obviously made up.
    But Jared, you went so long without posting pics of the Affleck family, what are you doing? The other sites are posting this family to death, it was actually refreshing to come to your site and not see them.
    Don’t get me wrong I have no issues with this family, but is not newsworthy, it’s a waste of space, really. In defense of Jen and her daughter, they are in a park in their own neighborhood, they are being sought out by the paps, it needs to stop.

  • RAYG

    I find the derogatory comments about this woman & her child quite SAD !!! Perhaps the reason why the ” PAPS ” are so enthralled by them is because they are QUITE NORMAL & what is considered to be BORING by the people who like DRAMA !!! This woman is out & about with her child , doing NORMAL Mommie & Daughter things . Its quite sad that people say they are tired of seeing beautiful bonding moments between a Mother & Child .

  • malibumom

    My favorite Jen! Not showing off just being normal!

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Allison and Mmmm(being respectful) sorry but the story is not made up.In fact I tried to be nicer about the incident than it was. I’m not bother either way by the photos.Back to work, I go have a good one.

  • angelina_mmm

    that kid is lucky to have a mother like that

  • Emma

    She’s not using Violet for attention, she’s just being a good mother. I bet Violet loves going to the park everyday and being outside with her mom.

  • lula29

    Here’ we go again.

    BAMZSPLove, I’m sure there are tons of people who talk shit about Jen Gar and her unattractive child. Hell, I’m one of them.

    No I don’t feel bad. People talk shit about other people in real life to. I don’t always do it, but I’m over Jen Gar. She’s unattractive and untalented and her child is being pimped out by her to the mags. She wants to create an Affleck hollywood legacy and Violet will be the star.

    I’m over her, she needs to go away.

  • liz

    The only reason the paps are enthralled about Garner and Violet is because she’s married to Ben Affleck and the child is his daughter. Personally, I find it quite amusing she married him knowing she would draw constant paparazzi attention and then complains about it. As far as Garner goes, if she had not married Affleck, had no child, and is currently not working, the photogs would care less about her.

  • theoriginalbitch

    its amazing how posters like BradAngMadZShiPaxLove will have nothing but nice things to say about Angelina whoring out each of her children for pap pics but will take this opportunity to slam Jennifer Gar. Gee, why the double standard?

  • liz

    Hell, there’s no double standard here. How can you say Angie whores her kids out when we’re doing good to find just a few pap photos of them anywhere and the ones she authorized recently of Pax and the other children excluding Shiloh. As it is, there are almost daily pics of Garner/Violet…one of the blog sites, such as here, might well start a damned album of Jennifer/Violet and present it to her when Violet becomes school age. That way, the parents will have a day-by-day growth chart of her up to school age.

    And seriously, the Jolie-Pitts are slammed continually for authorizing a few photos of their children and then giving the money to charity whereas the Affleck’s are actually helping to put money in the pockets of the photogs and getting nothing in return such as money to a charity.

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Last explanation,I unfortunately repeated something I overheard.If it was offensive to her fans I get it.The comment about the child I didn’t care for.News about Jen G.or Ben.doesnt bother me one way or another.I don’t bash children.My bad for repeating something that was in bad taste.And I absolutely adore Ang,Brad and their children.

  • Robyn

    Liz, seriously you need a hobby.

  • alison

    Hey Liz

    I think the shrine you have for the Pitt-Jolie family in your living room needs dusting, do something productive for a change.

  • Violina

    Jennifer Garner is just as bad as celebrities who appear on magazine covers with their kids. She pimps that kid of hers out just like they do. I wouldn’t call a woman who goes to the park with her nanny/assistant normal and when she gets home that nanny will wash those dirty clothes while her housekeeper will have a meal ready for Violet. Jennifer is just another rich hollywood ho, having a kid and taking her to the park does not make her normal.

  • liz

    So you can dish it out, Robyn and Alison, but can’t take the heat? You might try dusting your Garner shrines. She does seem to be gathering lots of dust these days being as she hits the playground for her daily photoshoots. But that’s good for you since she’s lining the photogs’ pockets so they can take even more pics for both of you to worship at your shrines.

  • JEN


  • Annie

    Oh no! I take my kids to the park everyday…so I guess I’m totally pimping them out, right?

    Seriously, why do people complain when celebrities spend time with their kids in public? It’s a whole lot healthier than shielding them away and not exposing them to the real world. Jen’s a good mom, and its not her fault that the paps follow her around everywhere she goes.

  • MizLiz

    I think I know what Jen’s up to. She’s “flooding the market” so that pictures of her and Violet won’t be worth a plugged nickel. Then the paps will leave them alone. Go for it, Jen! I hope it works.

  • mememememe


    Angelina? hmmmm…no. Jennifer Garner? Yes.

  • Robyn

    Liz, you have entirely too much time on your hands.

  • liz

    Obviously you do too, Robyn, or you wouldn’t continue replying to my comments.

  • Isabelle

    Honestly, I don’t know why everyone thinks Violet is “unattractive.” I think she is adorable. She looks like such a happy baby! And Jennifer Garner seems like a sweet, down-to-earth woman who is living her life and raising her child in spite of the media circus. It’s lovely.

  • a

    I love Violet’s hat and that Jen makes sure it’s on! Little kids need hats to protect them from the sun.

  • number 1

    That is one ugly baby. That baby’s photo wouldn’t be worth a nickel even if it had a famous parents. She looks like an incest child.

  • kiwi chick


    All you people that have been saying that jen is sad for pimping here child and that they are always in magazines you are so retarded. For a start its seriously not her fault that people follow her every move, she is just tryin to live her life where her daughter, hubby, and career. Seriously how would you feel if you were her and was suddenly bombared at the park by 20 people taking your picture. A you cant control what they magazines print so just get ova it! if u really sick of them then u wil stop buying the bloody magazine or just flip the page and ignore it.

    Its called common sense people…try using it and stop being so immature!

  • niki

    violet is the second cutes baby the 1 one is junior andre jenniefer is a wiked mum i hope she has more cute babies hurry up jen x