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Go, Go Gabriel & Halle!

Go, Go Gabriel & Halle!

Canadian model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry steps out with Perfect Stranger star Halle Berry at her film’s after-party at NYC eatery Tao on Tuesday night.

Check out Halle Berry‘s pictures from the red carpet, if you missed them. She’s a knock-out!

Otherwise, check out the 10+ pictures inside of Halle, Gabriel, and Perfect Stranger co-star Bruce Willis

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gabriel aubry 01
gabriel aubry 02
gabriel aubry halle berry 01
gabriel aubry halle berry 02
gabriel aubry halle berry 03
gabriel aubry halle berry 04
gabriel aubry halle berry 05
gabriel aubry halle berry 06
gabriel aubry halle berry bruce willis 01
gabriel aubry halle berry bruce willis 02
gabriel aubry halle berry bruce willis 03
gabriel aubry halle berry bruce willis 04
gabriel aubry halle berry bruce willis 05

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  • 2985

    See, he IS there for her! :)

  • angelina_mmm

    he is so boring
    he cant break a smile

  • Pandora

    That man just ooozes sex appeal. At times he looks as though he borders on morose, but that, again, is part of his appeal. Wow! :)

  • Natasha

    OMG!! Gabriel is such a HOTTIE!!! They make such a gorgeous couple!

  • great pix

    Why wouldn’t he be there for her at the premiere/after party? Besides it’s in NYC. He probably would have been they’re if the premiere was in LA.

    Do like the pix except (not hating) Aubry really does looks stoned or drunk (unless he’s tired)–thought we were getting past photos of him in this state.

  • ur right

    OMG–UR right the boy looks like he’s tweaked or has been getting his drink on, regardless of how sexy he looks or them supposedly looking like a great couple , how tacky to be that way at Halle’s after party for her big night.

    The restaurant opening photos of him drunk were one thing–the boy really needs to work not looking drunk for the camera–how embarrassing. Guess, Halle doesn’t give a shit as long as she gets what she wants and is settling because he’s supposedly a nice guy and treats her right and may be her sperm donor (ain’t gonna happen, more shit is going to hit the fan, trust me).

  • tanique33

    i’m not diggin her hair, but so what. they are still hot. he is insanely hot.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Most Beautiful Woman in the Hemisphere: Halle

    Second Most Beautiful Woman in the Hemisphere: Halle

    disagrees?: you’re delusional

  • Go Halle!

    Lovely. Lovely.

    And Bruce Willis — Eat your heart out! (HA)

    Bruce thought he could get a little closer to Halle Berry during the making of this film, but with Gabriel Aubry in her life, Bruce didn’t stand a chance.

    All people have their down days. People cannot look their very best at every moment. Halle and Gabriel certainly don’t look bad, but they are probably both a little tired because she is appearing on so many shows promoting this film.

    Gabriel Aubry does not look high for the nth time. Come on folks — not that argument again. People are only saying that because he’s white and looks like a surfer boy. He usually dresses casually when they are together, and so does she.

    If Gabriel Aubry looks stoned to you, then so did Eric Benet. Benet barely ever smiled. He gave off the “appearance” of great spirituality. In fact, if I recall correctly, Halle’s mother described Eric as being so spiritual, but alas, it was a joke. If he was TRULY that spiritial, he would have better self control over his sexuality. Let’s be real okay?

    Gabriel comes across to me as reserved and quiet. I think that is the way he really is. No put-on. His personality fits his looks well. With those good looks, if he were constantly grinning and chatty, he would be totally annoying. As he is, he’s a beautiful man. Mysterious.

  • Hey GH

    GH—Actually, Eric really did and probably was stoned most of the time. Why even bring it up as well as Gabby being having the White surfer dude look. The three of you and the post are entitled with your opinions. If both of thought he looked fried, that’s their opinion whether or not the agree w/you that he thinks he is as hunky as you or the other posters may. It’s JTO, and maybe their personal tastes in men, who knows?

    Looks aren’t everything, my dear and are superficial. Intelligent conversation now that’s a turn on. And so is personality.

  • Hey GH2

    Not to attack Halle’s mother–she’s a good judge of character? Spirituality and sexuality don’t necessarily go hand in hand. One can be spiritual or know about spiritual matters -God/other and can quote scripture and verse but if they can’t apply it in their lives it doesn’t matter if their addicts/abusers, ex-cons, or the milkman or what their MO is. Not to go off on spirituality or religion/morality jaunt.

  • lula29

    I hate when people say looks aren’t everything, it makes it seem that if a person is good-looking they might not have a good personality or be smart. As if an ugly or plain person is so much deeper because of their physical shortcomings. You know, like blind people have a heightened sense of smell because they lack sight, ugly or plain people have super great personality to make up for their lack of attractiveness. Yeah right.

    The old saying, you should never judge a book by it’s cover goes for a super good-looking person too. Many people automatically think the Gabriels of the world are automatic azz holes, or automatically stupid, before even giving them a chance to open up. Thank God Halle isn’t so shallow as to assume a really good looking person must not be all the great, she would have missed out on a really great boyfriend from the looks of it otherwise.

  • mickey

    Ahhhhh, Gabriel. I’ve never paid this much attention to Halle Berry in my life. If they ever split up, I’ll have to go back to ignoring her.

  • Go Halle!

    Agree Lula29.

    I have never dated an unattractive man. I had one guy who pursued me like crazy, but I just couldn’t get past his physical appearance. He was nice, successful, smart and not the worst, but he wasn’t for me. He didn’t have that “thing” that could attract me to him, whatever it is, and I would never string a man along.

    Most of the men I am attracted to are kind of like male images of myself. People would always say we looked good together and ask if we were married, had kids, etc. Sometimes people say we look like brother and sister.

    Plenty of pretty girls choose unattractive men. I say great if you really love them and aren’t trying to control somebody. I don’t want to date an unattractive man who is insecure.

    You can get handsome and personality, but it involves a lot of luck. I know an attractive, smart woman who married a most gorgeous man. He is Italian and is a lawyer. My oh my! He is so good-looking. He has dark good looks. They’ve been married about 5 yrs, just had their first child, and are really happy, probably because he came from good upbringing. His wife said they really enjoy being together and have strong family ties. You get a good idea of what you’ve got by looking closely at a man’s family.

    #10 I use the word “probably” quite a bit because I’m just giving an opinion. If someone says bad, I can say good. If somebody says Gabriel looks wasted, I say he just looks like a white surfer boy to me. He’s a little tall and lanky, but he has the looks that I’ve seen at some beaches.

    #13 – you’re too funny! (ha)

  • Juno

    You guys need to give Gabriel a break!!! He’s a model for cryin’ out loud. Give him the benefit of a doubt that maybe he automatically look at cameras like he’s doing a shoot even when at a party or whatever. The man does have chiseled good looks, can’t be denied. And Halle seems to be very happy with him. So, let it BE!!!!! GEEEEEEZE.

  • 月魂

    he’s amazing!

    my fav supermalemodel!

  • Go Halle!

    #16… taken from post on other Halle topic: Specifically… …There is no denying that Gabriel Aubry is simply a beautiful man!

  • dildos

    OMG! I like Halle Berry!!! Hottie couple!