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Gwyneth's Toned Tummy

Gwyneth's Toned Tummy

“Slim-eth” Paltrow‘s baggy jeans struggle to stay on her new light-weight frame as she carries her daughter Apple, almost 3, across a street in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Gwyneth has been shedding the pounds since taking pilates classes galore and spending time at the Sonia Dakar Spa in Beverly Hills.

The 34-year-old actress was last spotted filming make-out scenes with Iron Man co-star Robert Downey Jr.

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apple martin gwyneth paltrow 01
apple martin gwyneth paltrow 02
apple martin gwyneth paltrow 03
gwyneth paltrow stomach 01
gwyneth paltrow stomach 02
gwyneth paltrow stomach 03

Photos: Grimes
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  • yuk

    that little girl is to old to be sucking her thumb………she acts like mommy

  • yuk

    brad pitt pics some ugly women………..yuk

  • amy

    What a pretty pair! very cute and normal.

  • zuz

    I don’t see anything special about her abs

  • Lola

    Gwyneth looks amazing, absolutely glowing, and Apple is such a cutie!
    They look adorable together!

  • whirlygirl

    I think she and her adorable child look lovely, nice to see a star really be a hands on mom. Kudos to her and Jennifer Garner, they make having it all/doing it all look easy.
    And whoever said children should be tatooed with the sign of the devil. WOw. Who crapped in your cofffe?
    Yeah how bout someone tatooing you with “evil baby hater” on your forehead…SHHHEESSSHHH.

  • michele

    Apple is adorable and some children suck their thumbs as a sign of comfort. The camera’s probably make her nervous as she always has a serious look on her face as if she’s a bit peeved when the paps are around.

    Gwyneth looks absolutely great! And whomever made the comment about Gwyneth’s abs, hello! Where does this even come from? Gwyneth never claimed to have a six pack. She is think, hence, a thin stomach. But it’s common for women not to have a toned stomach after giving birth.

    I agree whirlygirl about the devil thing. Who says that? Sometimes I wonder if all individuals are human beings because in my world, human beings do not make fun of babies and children.

  • GwynethTeam

    I love these pics, Gwyneth and Apple looks so cute and lovely. Gwyneth looks a great mom :)

  • BeautifulGwyneth

    Gwyneth is so pretty. She looks really great too. And Apple is adorable. Gwyneth seems like a really great hands on mum. How old is Apple? I thought she was already 3. Then I seen she still 2. Very tall for the age she is.

  • gaston

    Thank you Jared for bringing us spring in the form of a beautiful mother/daughter duo! It’s always a treat and very refreshing to see normalcy in anyone living in Hollywood. When it comes to being in the public eye and living a normal life, GWYNETH, RESSE AND JENNIFER GARNER are perfect examples. Apple is absolutely beautiful and adorable; I love her big blue eyes!!!!!!!!

  • GwynFan

    Aww, so pretty. A lil baby apple is no more a baby. Adorable.

  • Ha

    I see GP message board is here they must have put a link here for them to come out of the hole and praise her GP almighty goodness talk about sick.
    Sorry I just do not think she is all that.

  • Orangeuglad

    Then go away Ha says! No one needs your say in the matter.

    Anyway, I think Gwyneth looks great. And since when does anyone stand straight when they’re walking? My god, some people are so retarded.

    I like her top.

  • Gaston

    We don’t come from a hole, far from it. Even when we disagree and have a different point of view, we always conduct ourselves with utmost respect. We are positive, fun loving people who are not nasty to 2yr olds just for kicks, now that would be sick.

  • Sue

    I never thought Gwyneth was pretty at all. She is a plain jane. However, her mom is beautiful and her daughter is cute.

  • sick of her

    doesn’t the lil girl look a lil slow??…by the look of her face, and the fact that she is not walking when she can, and is sucking her finger…i’ll say so.

    even if she isn’t slow….she is still pretty…ugly.

  • milley

    #18 I’m sooooo sorry you feel this bad.

  • Fiona

    I’m so sorry you morons feel the need to pick on a poor, innocent child. Even if she is slow, why do you feel the need to poke fun at that? What kind of demon are you?

    You haters really need to get over yourselves and get lives. And so what if Gwyneth’s fans are here praising her? What is so wrong with that? Please, do amuse me. Afterall, your senseless humor is not amusing me at all. And I hope you dark souls fall through that black hole for saying the things you say about innocent babies.

    Where is the love in this world?

  • Skye

    I love little Apple! She is so adorable! Gwyneth is such a wonderful mum, always hands on with her children.

    Reply #18…. that is just a horrible thing to say about a nearly 3 year old. Why attack an innocent child? All children are precious and cute….except yours won’t, because you are evil.

  • Lily

    Gwyneth really needs to do something about her hair…She’s starting to look like “Cousin It.”

  • Eslam

    i’m from Egypt and i have 2 say that Gwyneth is soo famous & everyone loves her! cuz simply she’s a Swettieeee!
    she’s talented & beautiful i mean soooooo beaytiful .. sometimes i look at her Pic! and say Goosh!!! what a real calssic beauty!
    also she have an adorable 2 kids! & her movies is so good & funny ..

    Whhaaaat makes me heat her?!!!!

    & i want to say to those ppl who hates Gwynnie .. she doesn’t deserve it! really ..
    if she’s not the Fav. one at least respect her!

    Yes .. and what’s wrong if GP fans is her! supporting her!! and say what they thinks ..

    finally! Gwyneth Gwyneth I Love Youuuuuuuuuuuu

  • MaPommeCherie

    I used to think Gwyn was so beautiful so it pains me to say this, but she is really losing her looks as she gets older. :(

  • Michele

    People change as they get older, especially women after they have children. Anyone who has had a child knows this. And it’s chilling and disturbing + disgusting what some of you fools say about a baby. What is wrong with you demons? I do not see people who insult babies as human beings. More of a child molester than a human being and they are far from human beings. They are sick existing demons as yourselves.

  • Michele

    Sorry to disappoint you mochakitty but I am not your poster on here. I have better things to do than pretend i’m you and your partner in crime. If I have something to say to either of you and your brood, then I will just flat out say it.

    And whirlygirl and I are far from greasy white females. So you and your friend’s can take your comments back.

  • milley

    I have the opposite view. I think Gwyneth is more beautiful now than when she was younger. She looks more like a woman rather than when she was super skinny, even if it was natural. She’s very low maintenance these days, not too much into fashion, her clothes are very practical. That’s not very surprising since her priorities are much different.

  • maxine

    They both look great. Apple is adorable and it’s normal for a child this age to seek comfort by sucking on her thumb. BTW, if anyone knows a good Gwyneth site, I’d appreciate a link. I’d love to see more Apple photos. She’s one of my favorite celebrity babies.

  • nicole

    Now she is a Modern Goddess. She poised, regal and funny.

  • Ms. G

    Watch what you say Gwyneth fans! We’ve been “reported” for liking and defending Gwyneth. Now what a crime! Oh, and “making up usernames” on here and pretending to be people we aren’t. Haven’t people got anything better to do than rat each other out? I mean, in their world, you have to be haters in order to be liked. Well, I’d rather be happy for people like Gwyneth and praise little girls like Apple than look for everything so imperfect about them and pick on it.

  • anon

    Gwyneth Paltrow is an irritating snobby b**ch!!!! There is nothing special about the way she looks! She thinks her fellow Americans are beneath her and she drives a gas guzzling piece of crap. The only reason she is famous is because of parents. If you sad people really want to lavish praise upon a celebrity, at least choose someone who deserves to be famous. Leave the stringy haired sour faced bint out with the trash, where she belongs!

  • Fleasha

    Huh. Is it just me or does Apple Martin look so much like Kate Moss?

  • seth

    #31 – It’s not her fault you don’t have famous parents. She does not know you exist, so calling her names only upsets you. If you notice, you’re the one saying nasty and angry stuff, I’d say you’re the sad one.

  • SpamEatingTrailerTrash

    Love gwyneth, though i wish she would comb her hair. maybe she is tired of it. i got that way after having long hair for awhile, it becomes a drag.

  • Joga

    Hey- Just wanted to say she looks fantastic. That is if you like hippocritical, string haired psuedo-”Hollywood royalty”. Then again if you do- come over and visit us at Visions. Whirly and Gaston spend all day working up a lather of lust over her and get really offended if you don’t like her- so be extra kind!

  • remember da truth

    She still needs to get a better fitting bra.

  • anna

    I think she looks great – relaxed and happy being with her daughter (who is only two, and so lets forgive her for sucking her thumb, for goodness sake!)

    Gwyneth gets an unfair time from the press, who seem to twist anything she says into something negative. She’s a good mum and she’s worked hard at her career and, from the interviews I have read, she is always very gracious and is grateful for her privillaged upbringing. People seem to resent the fact that she had a privillaged upbringing – but that’s not her fault and she has worked for a living and supports herself… unlike a lot of the girls in the press these days.

    I’m wouldn’t consider myself a big ‘Gwyneth fan’ – and I certainly don’t log on to her fansite – but credit where credit is due, she looks better than most with no make up on and she has always worked hard and is committed to her family. People should give her a break for once.

  • Carolyn

    Wow ! I can’t believe how much Apple has grown. She really is growing into her name too – she is so much like Gwyneth with her little mannerisms and how tall is she I wonder ?

    Gwyneth looks very happy at this moment and the way Apple looks is just a credit to Gwyneth. Not sure about the thumbsucking as Apple is nearly 3 but Gwyneth has never mentioned it or seems overly concerned about it does she ?

    Loved this series of shots ! Gwyneth and Apple are simply adorable.

  • Gaston

    #35 – You are quite clever. Where did you get that user name? I was going to address your post, but I’ve decided that you are not worth the effort. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go admire Gwyneth for her charm and whose movies have enchanted me over the years. Ciao!

  • Shah Khan Sher

    she’s is real great and sober with little toter she’s even more lovely….

  • Visions

    Wow! There is a total outburst of who’s who on here. Case of misidentified identities. Mature—aaaaaaa.

  • Gaston

    Bravo D!

  • Joga

    Thanks Diz!

  • gaston70

    I don’t stand by people who talk about children in that, I don’t care if it’s in the name of gossip.

    p.s. I will never like Angelina (which is what this is all about). And to be clear, I would never talk trash about her children no matter how much I dislike her. Keep it real!!!!

  • elle

    I find it amazing that so many of you can say such hateful things about a person you have never met. She looks great for a mum of two, I’ve recently become a mum for the second time and would love to look half as good as she does. I can only presume it is jeaulosy.