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Tom & Katie Go Cruising

Tom & Katie Go Cruising

Hollywood super-couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hit up L.A. eatery Mastro’s Steakhouse for a romantic evening out on Tuesday.

The dressed-up pair arrived in style in Tom‘s classic 50′s Corvette, which he drove.

Tom, 44, and Katie, 28, spent over two hours in the restaurant, before heading back home.

Vroom, vroom! 10+ pictures of TomKat and their corvette inside…

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katie holmes tom cruise corvette 01
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 02
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 03
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 04
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 05
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 06
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 07
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 08
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 09
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katie holmes tom cruise corvette 11
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 12
katie holmes tom cruise corvette 13

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44 Responses to “Tom & Katie Go Cruising”

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  1. 26
    Annie Says:

    I love TomKat. Thanks for the pics.

  2. 27
    Brittany Says:

    Katie is one lady who looks beautiful even without makeup. Tom still looks hot and even younger than the other actors who are only on their 30′s.

  3. 28
    Jane Says:

    Tom is more dressed up than most Hollywood stars, but if that’s what he likes to wear, why not? It’s a fancy restaurant and Katy’s in a gorgeous dress. She would look odd accompanied by a guy in jeans.

    I was just thinking about Tom’s look as compared with other 40-something actors. Brad Pitt–they’re about the same age, but Brad dresses much younger, like a 20-year-old. Keith Urban lives in jeans, but he’s a musician and they tend to dress down.

  4. 29
    pr person Says:

    OMG… that dress is disgusting! These two are sooooo predictable. Katie looking like crap, and he in his finery.

    Plus…. Old cars are pretty cool, but they don’t have seat belts… Yikes! Oh but wait… doesn’t the “Messiah” have control over MEST? So he doesn’t need seat belts. Pathetic!

  5. 30
    Top Gun Says:

    What a dashing couple. Simple but all out classy. Its too bad Katie is no longer doing Batman but this looks like a scene right out of the Batman movie with Bruce Wayne dining out with Rachel Dawes.

  6. 31
    Giselle Says:

    I love TomKat sightings. A stunning happy couple they are and what I love most about them is that they have nothing mean in them. They have a kindness and gentleness towards people.

    Tom and Katie comes across as likable and I woudnt be intimidated to come up or talk to them.

  7. 32
    Kalista Brat Says:

    Yay finally some Tomkat pictures! I ******* miss these two people and Suri! They are great entertainment. I don’t see nothing wrong with Tom’s hair. He always looks cute, but he is like those type of guys that have something plus charm, they aren’t perfect body wise but they have one or two features that make them very attractive. His piercing green eyes make up for the nose. Katie I think is always pretty, she always has that young girl face, I wish I had her look. I’d grow old and still have that innocent face like her! I hope to see Suri soon, she’s a pretty baby! I can’t wait till these two come out with their movies. I can’t find nothing in the theatres right now that I care to spend my money on and I only saw Blades of Glory cause everything else was wack and I assumed this would be the least crappy thing to see! It was ****** but funny, I am not a fan of Will Farrell, though I liked Night at the Roxbury, and that was really mostly the music in it that made me like it!

  8. 33
    Bill Paxton Says:

    The ‘vette….gets ‘em wet.

  9. 34
    Angel Says:

    I really worry for Tom, all day.
    I hope he is ok, I guess he has to be going through a tough times with the crazy tabloids and their sheeps

    But he is strong, I hope so, and Suri is his joy. He always looks so alive, even through this, just for you guys, ******** ranting pricks
    He is in the limelight since 1983, you would be dead today; and if not, totally has been as a famous person.

    Go Tom, I love you and support you

    Katie, you are spoiled and lucky, you should defend your husband for f*ck sake and sue! go buy a brain idiot!

  10. 35
    Juno Says:

    Okay, lots of people ahead of me with TC’s hair. Yep, no denying there – the first thing you notice when you look at the pics!! What’s up with that?? My first thought was he’s trying to cover his forehead lines, but everybody’s presumptions here is just as good! As for Katie, my gut feel, she’s not all that happy and ‘amazed’. My 2 cents!

  11. 36
    Dancer Says:

    #31 Giselle
    Tom gentle? Ha! He publicly dumps and humiliates Nicole Kidman. Same thing with Mimi Rogers. When he is done with you he is done. No discussion. And he attacked Matt Lauer and Brooke Shields very publicly and cruelly. If you don’t believe what he believes he attacks.
    Kind? I don’t think so.

  12. 37
    yellow Says:

    how did he publicly dump her, of course if u are a famous it becomes public when u are divorcing or would perfer that he stayed with nicole even if he did not want to be with her anymore(like most brad and whats her face fan on this board who were screaming their lungs out that brad should not be with jen cos he did not love her anymore) i rather take the tom curise of this worlds anyday than brad pitt who was having an affair while married (that is the lowest a man can go)

  13. 38
    Ana Says:

    she is faking happinesss! He is a control freak! Look at his lunatic smile! That guy should not be given any movie role in future! 46 yrs old dwarf is constantly bringing his mother and sisters wherever he goes! That poor, stupid, naive Katie! She should have thought twice!!Love is blind!

  14. 39
    Surfer Says:

    Why are Mimi and Nicole the innocent ones and Tom the bad guy? no one even knows what really happened with this divorces except rumors and controversies.

    Tom and Brooke are now friends and Matt Lauer told Ryan Seacrest he and Tom were ok even after their interview; he respects Tom a lot and that he’s a great man but the tabloids and media are the ones blowing it into proportion and rehashing old news. Personally I think some that get misjudged and bashed are the nicest people in this planet and some that get away with it fooling others by their angelic image are the jackasses in life and in Hollywood. I know this because I encountered some of them.

  15. 40
    Dancer Says:

    Well Yellow, if you hate Brad, you should really hate Tom! He cheated on Mimi Rogers with Nicole. And less than a month after he told Nicole he was divorcing her he was with Penelope Cruz. Brad, Angie and Jen have all said that Brad did not cheat in the marriage until it was over and the divorce was finalized (as opposed to legally over). Tom was with other women while still married and the divorce was even half finalized.

  16. 41
    libraesque Says:

    #31, do you know them? what kindness and gentleness can you share with us that they have for people???
    And Surfer, you OBVIOUSLY have your quotes f^cked up. I’m pretty sure Lauer has never said that, but he DID recently say that Cruise was totally unprofessional on the show

  17. 42
    libraesque Says:

    #40, exactly, and what about Cruise walking out on NK after 10 years of marriage, AND when she had just mis-carried his first “biological” child. Yea, he’s a real swell guy that TC

  18. 43
    cindy Says:

    I think that giving opinions on people behind their back ..on public internet, is not decend and strange. I hope that one day gossip magazines and public meanings towards private persons are banned. It is useless and shows only jealousy or worship adoration towards people they don’t even know. I hope Tom and Katie have the good life they deserve, without interfering from anybody. (Sorry, for my bad english.)Ciao

  19. 44
    ninsiima beatice Says:

    th ey r so nice l like them

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