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Nicole Kidman: Ride Horsey, Ride!

Nicole Kidman: Ride Horsey, Ride!

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman take a refresher course for their horseback riding skills in Sydney’s Centennial Park on Wednesday morning.

The Australia co-stars in Australia are preparing to film scenes for the Baz Luhrmann epic they start shooting next week.

Hugh (he’s wearing wearing boots with spurs!) should have been given Nic a couple of pointers as he started taking refresher courses a couple weeks ago. And started racing with the horses too!

15+ pictures of Nicole & Hugh inside… Giddy up!

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nicole kidman horseback riding 01
nicole kidman horseback riding 02
nicole kidman horseback riding 03
nicole kidman horseback riding 04
nicole kidman horseback riding 05
nicole kidman horseback riding 06
nicole kidman horseback riding 07
nicole kidman horseback riding 08
nicole kidman horseback riding 09
nicole kidman horseback riding 10
nicole kidman horseback riding 11
nicole kidman horseback riding 12
nicole kidman horseback riding 13
nicole kidman horseback riding hugh jackman 01
nicole kidman horseback riding hugh jackman 02

Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • long shoot

    I read this will be shooting in Aus for 6-8 months.

  • Just Jared

    True statement! (:

  • jake

    Geesh this site is turning into the freakin Nicole Kiman site…WTF?

  • Just Jared

    As if there is not enough variety of other celebrities for you to enjoy?

  • maxine

    Hmm… it DOES look like a Nicole site. Every step/day/activity faithfully documented.

  • cassie

    Hmm… it Does look like the miserable Nicole hating sceptics have crawled out
    of the woodwork.

  • Steph

    Gorgeous pictures!

    If “it DOES look like a Nicole site”, you can always go somewhere else, Maxine.

  • Lauren

    To those who keep complaining:
    If you don’t like so many pictures of Nicole, then why do you bother to look at them and comment? It seems like a waste to me.

    Anyways, thanks for all the pictures of her lately! They’re wonderful! Keep up the great work! :)

  • jake

    What would I be skeptical about Cassie? It’s just a constant waste of space, she’s an old hag, not known for good acting, but more about her freaky face work.

    Why isn’t Joan Rivers in here everyday for that matter?

    Me thinks lil Jared has a PR deal worked out to shove everything he can down our throats about her.

    Just like Perezs ass kissing celebs known for nothing.

  • jake

    I don’t look at the pics they are here and I comment. The old hag is trying to keep herself relevent after looking like a freak and Jared eaither has a deal struck to help or is desperate for news.

  • vbn

    the gap between the breaches and the boots is unattractive
    what are you talking about jake

  • Galey

    I love seeing pictures of Nicole, I think she is the epitome of elegance. I am looking forward to her movie.

  • Steph

    Old hag?

    Jake – you must be joking. She doesn’t have to do anything to keep herself relevant. She’s one of the most in demand actresses right now.

    Are you one of the paid assistants of some actresses who are just plain jealous of Nicole getting “first look” at a lot of scripts, and having all the top directors wanting to work with her? Eat your heart out.

  • janan

    i like her and i hope this movie does well, she needs a big hit.
    good to see her doing something fun, she is usually super serious.

  • caroline

    thanks Jared for so many news and photos about Nicole Kidman!

    She deservs, so do us!

  • Betty

    Love Kidman and Hugh.can’t wait for this film!

  • Chris Line

    Who is tired of Nic news here just don’t loose time commenting it!
    I want more and more of her Jared!!!Thanks!

  • Erik

    Thank you Jared for news about “Australia” and Nicole!

  • Bllubell

    I’m so excited about “Australia”, i have no doubts it will be a big hit!!!!
    I loce Nicole and Hugh, they will definetly make a great couple!

  • tina

    Nicole is so elegant, she is perfect riding a horse.And Hugh jackman is such a sexy man.I envy Nicole’s luck!!lol

  • Wonderful, she is a lady.

  • Dancer

    Thank you Jared! I also think Nicole is a great actress and person. For those of you who don’t like her–she keeps a relatively low profile for one of Hollywoods A listers unlike her ex and many others. And A lister in the industry is defined by money, power and the ability to get roles and invites to A list events–not whether you like her or not! She is classy, elegant and one of the few actresses out of the Hollywood system that is willing to take chances with roles and who is willing stretch her abilities by taking those chances.
    Thank you Jared for posting pics!!!

  • Fritt

    Thanks jared! love seeing new pics of Nicole! :)

  • HF

    Love the pictures Jared – keep them coming! Nicole looks every inch “Lady Sarah Ashley” on that horse, and Hugh looks like a “rough-hewn drover” (although whether he keeps the full beard remains to be seen since he’s been known not to shave when he isn’t working).

    I think the shooting schedule from what I’ve read is Sydney for a few weeks at the end of April, then Bowen from May 15 through the end of June, and then Kununurra and western Australia from July through August or September. Some filming in Darwin fits in there somewhere since there was a report recently on a news show in Australia that Baz was looking at the wharf for some filming.

  • Molly

    Thanks Jared for givio«ng us news anout this film and about Nicole Kidman, the most beautiful woman in Hollywood and a real LADY!

  • Miriam

    How strange that people opposed to NK coverage would not only continually click into the post, but also take the time to write a comment. Gosh, if you don’t want to look, don’t click, it’s JJ’s space to waste, and it’s not as if he doesn’t post a variety of pics. I personally like Nicole and enjoy the coverage. Thanks Jared.

  • Deb

    she keeps a relatively low profile for one of Hollywoods A listers unlike her ex and many others. ..

    Yeah right, how whole life is keeping up with the Cruises and how much press she can get!

  • maxine

    LOL.. NKU rallied the troops early today. At ease soldiers, nobody’s attacking your Queen. Hugh looks fetching, as usual.

  • Datum

    Risky proposition for the studios as Kidman is so thin and frail, if the horse bucks, she would probably break into two. I’ve heard she’s very much about researching her projects, and desires a certain level of realism, maybe she could afford to put on a kilo or 3 and ease off the procedures. About the people complaining, it’s Jared’s site, freaks. Get a life.

  • Lauren

    As every other celebrity out there, Nicole will always have a share of lovers and haters. The difference is, haters who actually have lives keep their hatred to themselves and let lovers do their thing; others spend their day looking for posts to comment on so they can get a little more bashing in. For example: I have deep dislike for Angelina Jolie but never in my life did I click one of her posts to leave a comment on my bad opinion of her/her looks/her kids/her Pitt, etc. Otherwise, it’d just get sad. I like to think I can do much better stuff with my time.

    Thank you, Jared, for the photos. I’m not an NKU member so I often rely on your site for news on my favorite actress. It’s been a treat.

  • Daisy

    Maybe the people who comment on her looks should look in a mirror not as to what you physically look like but a little deeper. It is the person on the inside that matters not the outside & it seems to me that Nicole has a lot of love & support around her. I have said it before & I will say it again, neither she nor her husband read message boards they are trying to live their lives how they want to.

    And it seems to me if anyone is trying to get their name back out there it would be Cruise after all the pictures of Nicole & Keith recently. But I also don’t believe & never will that there is any type of competition between them. Let them both be happy!

    Thanks for the converage Jared.

  • janeway

    Yes, Nicole looks elegant and beautiful, but it is the Hugh pics that keep me coming back for more. He definitely looks sexy on the horse. They are going to make a gorgeous couple in this movie. Thanks again Jared and keep them coming.

  • ISA

    Adorable, Nic is wonderful.

  • Love

    I agree with you, Daisy.

  • Heather

    I don’t even live in Australia and I’m already sick of hearing about this movie. I know this movie has been delayed for different reasons, but I really hope Nicole Kidman is more mindful of future projects. It’s one thing if you are single or your family can be with you at all times (like Hugh’s), but her situation is different now. 5-7 months is an awfully long time in such a remote place. Keith Urban has commented that he’s making about 10 trips back to Australia this year alone to see Nicole. I give him a lot of credit for the amount of traveling he’s willing to take on. I really hope she appreciates that. I’m not saying not work, but maybe try to plan filming schedules/roles so you can at least be in the same country. She said in an interview a few years ago that she never would have done Moulin Rouge if she knew it would lead to her marriage ending. That movie was also a very long shoot in Australia. I hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

  • Urban Myths

    Mrs. Urban also said she would cut back on her work if she found love… I guess Keith is just her coffee-fetching, door-opening, lapdog.

    And Jared, I find it interesting that you belong to NKU… how much is Camp Kidman paying you to play nicey-nice?

  • nicole

    You have a great site Jared. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juno

    Just Jared Says:

    Great come back Jared! And thanks for posting pics and updates of NK and KU. There are a lot of us who really appreciate it. Too bad you couldn’t knock off these a-s-s wipes such as #36 out of your blog.

    Hey #36 a-hole, this is not your blog, who gives a loaf what you think!!!! You are just plain jealous of Jared. :P nana nanana!!!!

  • Jen

    #38 you don’t even make sense. Why would #36 be jealous of Jared? You people are so dense and delusional you really believe people are jealous of Granny Nicole and her fanatics. Some people just see Nicole Kidman’s PR moves very clearly. Nicole Kidman is all about PR, that is her life. Nicole’s PR tries to show her as the loving caring mother and wife, but many can see that image is not the truth at all.

  • Jillian

    It’s utterly rude of people to come to this site to insult/blast the host. After all, can you imagine visiting someone’s house and insulting the owner? If you don’t like all the NK and KU pictures and news here, then go somewhere else. Nobody is twisting your arms to come visit this site.

    Thank you, Jared, for all these wonderful pictures. It’s much appreciated!

  • Miller

    What a dork? THis woman has no grace or talent!

    And she’s fresh from injecting chemicals into those nasty lips, I see. What a phoney. All you who think she is so grand are very misguided. And JJ must be getting a raise soon from Miss Kidman herself!

  • Daisy

    This is Jared’s site, he can do as he pleases just as if anyone else here has a blog. People have a right to express their opinions on their blogs though sometimes I wish the things had never been invented.

    And since Nicole nor Keith read message boards I highly doubt they know this one & a lot of other ones that write about them exist.

  • Jen

    And just how do you know they don’t read message boards?

  • LILY

    She’s so makes a joke out of Keith that poor man hope someone in his life will help him free himself from the grip of the icequeen.

  • http://donthaveone courtney

    HI i dont believe you wankers dont like nic she is sooo classy & elegant!!!& hugh ooooh!!! he is sooo sexy!!!!!!!!!

  • http://donthaveone courtney

    HI i dont believe you wankers dont like nic she is sooo classy & elegant!!!& hugh ooooh!!! he is sooo sexy!!!!!!!!!