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Wentworth Miller & Amie Bice Heating Up

Wentworth Miller & Amie Bice Heating Up

Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller grabs Starbucks in West Hollywood on Friday afternoon with new rumored girlfriend Amie Bice.

No public displays of affection yet, unless you consider a pat on the back as PDA.

And it looks like Wentworth and Amie popped open a bottle of wine and chowed down on Chinese food for their romantic dinner date Friday night.

Amie is wearing an Alexander McQueen skull scarf, which is so ~Hollywood~ right now (see Ashley Olsen and Jennifer Lopez).

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  • Nika

    You can do so much better, Wentworth! Anyway, if it makes you happy, I guess your fangirls have to accept it :(

  • coco

    daaaaaamn went, she is so ugly
    you can get much better
    she has NO sense of style

  • Went_Fan

    i do not accept her, he needs someone that’s way hotter

  • Went_Fan

    but i guess i have to be happy for him :(

  • marymi

    my,my!! what will kristen vetich on E say about this?!!!!

  • Denka

    who is this girl? and good for her! she snaged one of hollywood’s most eligible bachelors… i think they make a nice looking couple, but is it just me, what’s with the scarf?!?!?

  • OoBillieoO

    god that is soo true she is fug i mean who wears a scarv as a belt anyway. she looks old and ugly (i guess old says it all actually) and he can do sooooooo much better. i hope its some auntor something cuz this cannot be happening…AND!! i wouldnt be suprised if i was her, woke up one morning and found my tiers slashed

  • louveciennes

    Aww, what happened to the skinny beige girl? I kind of liked her.

  • PrimulaBlue

    I love a man who does casual dates. Good for him for getting out of the house! LOL. I hope they had a great time.

  • Constance

    Who said we, fangirls, had to accept it?! Cuz i really like really really dont!!Lol!
    No seriously, this just cannot be!! I mean look at him… and then look at her!! Well at least in my opinion, she looks a little better than the last one (the hell is her name?!Anyway!!) But come on!! He s way hotter than this Amy girl!! Who btw has definitely no sense of style i agree!! ( whats with the pink thing at her waist?!!!And the shoes?! Nothing to do with the way she’s dressed!!! like the rest actually!!)
    However if she makes him happy, i guess i’ll have to …. (I can’t! I really cannot say that!!Lol) Well I think i liked it better when people thought he was gay!! When there were no other gal in his life except his mom and sister…!! Loool

  • reba

    um….isn’t he gay?

  • DeeCee

    Suddenly Mariana doesn’t look so bad huh?!!!!LOL!

  • inkwerty’shumbleopinion

    this is ruining my day Jared……….please stop……..i mean stop but not really! LOL

  • ks

    She looks much older than him. I really doubt that they’re dating. Maybe just friends?!

  • Jen

    Woah! What’s with all this Amie bashing? I think she’s pretty. They make a very nice looking couple.

  • Shannon

    She looks mad old ya’ll. Seriously! Come on Went! They are probably not dating. They are probably friends who went to lunch. Because, seriously, if you look at them, they don’t match. Wentworth, as I posted on the other posting, seems like this would not be his type of girl to date. I have nothing against Amy, I think she is probably nice and kind, but she doesn’t appear to be his type,

  • pkharma

    hahahaha, maybe its his just friend or something. i mean, we have seen similar photos of him with Mariana, they arent dating. so he could be out with an old friend or something. anyways, who is she? hahahaa. he really does wanna date “out of the business” huh? hahaa.

  • Pendrive

    OK, I just read in a polish board where the pictures were publicated that she IS ACTUALLY HIS MOTHER, look at the picture when she is laughing, She is his mother! BTW she looks pretty young

  • angelina_mmm

    he wants to get his date drunk

  • angelina_mmm

    Oh, my lord you are joking?
    His mother????????????????????????????????????????
    I am gonna have a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeeCee

    HIS MOTHER?!!!!! …then perhaps his publicists should do some serious contact to JustJared and smooth this gossip gone amok about!!!!!

  • Nika

    DeeCee Says: Suddenly Mariana doesn’t look so bad huh?!!!!LOL!

    You said it! At least Marianna was cute and seemed like she was fun. Amie Brice has a pinched look about her, like Renee Zellwegger, that I absolutely detest. What happened to your type, Wentworth? You know, the brunette/smart/tall & slender type?

  • Nika

    His mother’s name is Joy Palm, not Amie Brice. Even if this were his mother, she’d had to have been -10 years old when she had him.

  • Pendrive

    Oh, that’s what I read on the polish board, since we don’t understand a word which they were saying someone please beg them to translate in english and, they confirm that she was his mother, I don’t know, in the picture when she’s laughing she seems to me…a little old…

  • Christine

    maybe they are just friends???? he likes brunettes remember? and Nika’s right! the RZ pinched look is annoying. UGH but anyway.. he’s still “ours” right? lol

  • White-pointer-Poland

    he doesnt want to get his date drunk… he wants to be drunk!!!! Thats waht I would do before the date with Amie… getting deadly drunk!

  • DeeCee

    Ohhh.I didn’t know his mom’s name was known. So true so true!!! Anyway..who the hellis Amie Brice. a producer or publicist or real estate would her name be available and nothing else?

  • pkharma

    you know, another magazine article said his mother’s name is ROXANN. maybe the dude has many moms? hahaha.

  • Me

    Pendrive where are you read exactly that she was his mother???

  • Mink

    Some more info for you Jared (courtesy MsMez again):

    And now we know for sure that Miller is not gay after we spotted him on a date with his new girlfriend Amie Brice this Friday in West Hollywood. They first had a meeting in a restaurant where Wentworth arrived first, and then they had a romantic lunch. Afterwards they walked at night on the street and went to a Starbucks before spending the night at Wentworth’s place. Amie left in the morning.

    The lunch makes much more sense – right time of day. Still have no idea how they know her name or when she left his place though.

    And – Jeepers, people! – she doesn’t look that old! And she is attractive – just not in a false, plastic way. If this is actually something, he’s totally gone up in my estimation for not choosing some skinny, young airhead.

  • went is mijn alles

    after this comment, I will go and hang myself!

    just kiddin (^-^)

    I’m happy if you are happy, Wenty. I’d rather see you dating an ‘ordinary’ woman than hollywood fakes. Lots of happiness to you both.

  • Just Jared

    Maybe she gave her full name at Starbucks and the Polish peeps asked the employees for it. LOL

  • pkharma

    Just Jared Says:

    April 11th, 2007 at 2:25 pm – flag comment
    Maybe she gave her full name at Starbucks and the Polish peeps asked the employees for it. LOL

    this is hilarious! =)

  • angelina_mmm

    White-pointer-Poland Says:
    April 11th, 2007 at 1:52 pm – flag comment

    he doesnt want to get his date drunk… he wants to be drunk!!!! Thats waht I would do before the date with Amie… getting deadly drunk!

    hehehehe :)

  • que sera, sera

    Well peeps it had 2 happen. Glad 2 know that Went is getting some…NOT! Whatever, Went we want 2 c u in movies already?!

  • Pendrive

    OK, they were jocking on the board (bad guys) but, hey, I’m still saying there’s one picture she looks OLD, I leave you the link of the polish board,78648,4051672.html

  • RSL

    Beards are so itchy.

  • DeeCee

    I have to be honest …I don’t get it. When I look at those pics..I scratch my head and go I don’t get it. She must be one amazing woman because he would not go public like this unless it were the real deal I think.

  • Kristi

    this is awful. I wont accept it!! He could do way better then that, plus he has said he likes brunettes.

  • db

    I’m sure many posts are parody, but just to humor you all, how do you know anything about her? Can you tell what she’s like just from those pics? I looked at them and couldn’t really tell anything at all.

  • theoriginalbitch

    sorry to disappoint ladies but he’s gay. @ mink, honey you sound like his publicist. its kind of known that he’s gay and this is all public role playing. you know, sort of like tom cruise.

  • Giuliettonzola

    i dont like her too much…if he’s finding a blondie girl…IM HERE WENT!!!and im youger than Amie!! and i have a more sense of style… ^____^’ LOL!

  • Maybe it wasn’t a romantic date, and she is really ugly and old.

  • Mink

    TheOriginalBitch – Damn! I wish I WAS his publicist. I’d like that paycheck. LOL.

  • jj

    I bet this is all nothing just like Mariana Klaveno.

  • DeeCee

    …hmmm it is curious that the women he’s usually seen with or it’s implied he’s dating..are always unknown. So yet for some reason their names are found out and published? And we never see them again. Like what did happen to Mariana? Odd…how did her name get out, on this date? Is it a publicity setup again. As for that Starbucks theory..they don’t require your last name or even a real name just to get your frappacino. Something about all this does seems fake again.

  • meemee

    I don’t find her that attractive, but it’s nice to see Went dating. Let’s wait and see where this is going before we jump to any conclusions.

  • ks

    If he is seen out and about with females, does it mean that it’s ALL stage?! Maybe he’s just living his life and happened to be photographed.

  • Jewel

    I agree she does look way too old for him…not that there is anything wrong with dating a older women (there are plenty of older attractive women…sadly this women isn’t one of them)….so I don’t buy into the ‘Went’s new girlfriend’ thing…she could be anyone…..and besides if you look closely at the pic of her laughing and patting Went’s back…her forehead looks extraordinarily high as if her hair is receeding or she’s wearing a rug! Either a sign that shes knocking on a bit or she’s let herself slide. The beigette girl was much prettier.

  • B.

    This is just pathetic, stop being so damn jealous and stop insulting the girl. He IS gay and she… is probably better looking than you (whether you like it or not).