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Sean Penn: I Hate Paparazzi

Sean Penn: I Hate Paparazzi

Sean Penn returns from his vacation in Honolulu on Wednesday, landing at LAX airport with wife Robin Penn, 41, daughter Dylan Penn, 15, and son Hopper Penn, 13.

Much to the dismay of Oahu natives, the Penn clan stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort, which is undergoing an expansion that locals claim threatens the coastline and desecrates ancestral burial grounds.

Said one outraged local: “It’s bad enough that Turtle Bay is built upon my ancestors’ bones, but the idea that Sean Penn would pay to support what we’ve been protesting for 30 years makes me sick.”

Random: Check out Penn‘s new pecs in Hawaii here.

Movie news: Penn will star opposite Harrison Ford and Ray Liotta in Crossing Over, described as “the Traffic of illegal immigration.” Out in late 2007.

Tidbits: Son Hopper Jack Penn was named after family friends Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. Sean Penn was married to Madonna from 1985 to 1989. Daughter Dylan Frances Penn turns a sweet 16 tomorrow, April 13. Happy birthday, Dylan!

Hopper defends Daddy Penn from paparazzi
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Credit: Page Six, Hollywood Interrupted; Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Matei/Gabo
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  • blackfriday1978

    here is something I don’t understand… why would paparazzi even bother to go after Penn?! Is there still anyone out there care about him or his family?! None of them are good looking or whatever… he is an actor (good, bad, again, no judgement), but not remotely interesting at all! So, let just save the work, paparazzi! go chase someone who can actually sell your photos…

  • jude

    apparently someone bought these pics

    frankly i think it is because of the kids. havent seen many pics of them before and now celeb kids are becoming targets.

  • Mediterranean


    You really seem to be interested in the Penns, you looked their photos, read it and even wrote a comment!

    Sean Penn and his family are living very normal life, let’s say as normal as they can be…..

    Their daughter Dylan looks beautiful, Robin is still natural beauty, the son Hopper is going to have a handsome face.

    Sean tries hard to look macho, but is he really?

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    sean penn hates everything, he probably hates himself!

  • CapriciousDiva

    His on is a real cutie

  • CapriciousDiva


  • Anon.

    I think he’s brilliant as an actor and he’s super intelligent, but I think he has some mental health issues. I love Robin Wright. Never saw pics of the kids, but they are lovely. The Penns look like a family. A warm, normal family. Wish he’d stop smoking, tho. And I’ve heard he drinks WAY too much.

  • art*deco

    Robin is simply stunning, she is beautiful, I’ve recently seen her in “breaking and entering” with Jude Law. Sean is one of the best actors of his generation, together with Daniel Craig, Russell Crowe and Benicio Del Toro. They are bad boys but they’ve all got incredible acting-skills. That pap got away easy, he has already thrown rocks and shot with a gun at others when he was married to Madonna. He and Russell are my favorite actors of all time. I pity the guy though who will start dating his daughter within a couple of years!!!!

  • Stella

    It’s sad that a hotel is built on the native Hawaiians ancestral grave. Maybe we should give them Arlington grave in Washington?

  • tiger

    It is funny to me to see pictures of Sean Penn. He looks like he would just as well take them out, then have his picture taken by them. I am surprised they bother him, I think his look is scary and he is serious.

  • ali

    I understand if celebs get irritated with the paps, but Sean Penn has such a fucking ego problem. He acts like such a dickhead!

  • kristen

    GET OVER YOURSELF PENN!!!!! For crying out loud he needs his 13 year old kid defending him? What a fucking loser.

  • gabo

    true that…

    the family was very nice and relaxed,.. cute family

    he on the other hand has problems.

    rage problems that is.

  • bigfan

    The kid is wicked cool, like his old man.

  • ladyvader

    he’s got beautiful kids!!!

  • papageorgio

    Happy family my ass! If they’re such a perfect couple, why did Sean Penn pick up my friend at a bar and sex her in the hotel room the last time he was here for the Toronto Film Festival?!?! Oh and the dude taping is pretty funny, I love how he talks back to that lil brat (who strangely looks like Barbara Streisand)

  • Defright

    What a little prick! Someone should teach him some manners. Penn is a great actor and acts like a jerk. If he wants the money that comes with fame, pappy are the game – get over Sean and teach your son how to act HUMAN!

  • Robin Wright_Fan

    Love Robin Wrigt long time…
    She looks so nice and pretty here.
    Cute kids, too. I only saw pictures of them when they were little kids…

  • kc

    it seems that most of the above are missing the point. Sean slams the US, the President, and makes uneducated comments that scream…”hello, I have the freedom of voice and of choice….but I choose to ignore the root, the struggle and the victory that led to my sweet freedom….and I choose to speak against the good country and support the sick-n-twisted muslim countries that teach and submit their own children to become suicide bombers.

    The UK has decided to stop teaching the Holocaust in school, b/c they do not want to offend the muslim children. WHO IS PAYING OR BLOWING WHO? That makes me want to blow myself up!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    i love sean penn! i still think he is hot and the best actor of his generation, hands down!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    sean penn is exercising the right that so many americans take for granted: te right to demand change from our leaders.

    imagine if martin luther king did not criticize the good ol us of a? imagine!

    imagine if the suffragettes did not criticize the male dominated society that did not allow women to vote?

    we MUST criticize our government in order to ask it to change in order to benefit the hard working people of this country.

    sean penn understands a dead iraqi child is equal to a dead american child. one is not better than the other.

    muslim countries don’t teach children to become suicide bombers: extremists groups do. good and decent muslims are as outraged by suicide bombers as good americans are.

    and i am as outraged by bush’ lack of respect for the international community as sean penn is.

    america was acountry created on the premise of challenging the status quo. our constitution and our great nation was designed by courageous men who went against the status quo and created a new idea.

    it is completely american to denounce what we believe is wrong.

    sean penn is decent citize and one of the first to get his hands dirty down in new orleans during katrina.

    good on you sean!

  • kmillz (brangelina forever)

    papageorgio your friend is a major slut…what a whorebag

  • remember da truth

    I love how people want to say they love the US, but as soon as the freedoms they brag about are used, they want to act like they are in a Third World country with a dictator for a leader and shut up any criticism of the US or the president.

    Don’t these ignorant fools get it? The greatest thing an American can do is to question the government and take control of the direction of the country as a citizen. That is how we got our country in the first place, and that is what is keeping it great. The government is supposed to be us, the public citizens, not some untouchable ruler we can’t dare speak out against. As soon as citizens feel they can’t or shouldn’t speak up and can’t say this country is great and let’s not go in a negative direction, this is how to keep it great, then that is when it STOPS being a great country.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    remember da truth Says:
    April 14th, 2007 at 5:36 am – flag comment

    I love how people want to say they love the US, but as soon as the freedoms they brag about are used, they want to act like they are in a Third World country with a dictator for a leader and shut up any criticism of the US or the president.

    love your post! bravo!

  • yoda

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    So, where does it say “Except for actors” ?

  • Natalene Fineberg

    Hey, you know what…

    I am acquainted with the Penn family, I know Hopper personally, and they are good people. Leave them fucking alone.

    A Neighborhood Acquaintance

  • mathlete456

    You accuse him of being egotistical, but why, then, did he move away from Hollywood to live in some nameless town in Northern California?

    Sean Penn is a normal human being. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be pissed if you were an actor TRYING to be normal and get quality family time while on vacation and some screwed up paparazzo came at you.

    And if you were Hopper, wouldn’t you be pissed that someone was trying to video your family vacation? I mean, put yourself in Hopper’s shoes: You’re an adolescent boy, with raging levels of testocerone. You have a week off from school, which is a huge relief. Your tired, because airports make you so, and then some guy comes up and tries to videotape your family vacation. I would gone up and harassed him back too.

    And why do you care that Sean Penn smokes and allegedly drinks; he is one of many. At least Sean Penn didn’t SHAVE HIS HEAD like Spears, MAKE A PORNO MOVIE like Hilton, or SCREAM ANTI-SEMITIC COMMENTS AT A COP WHILE DRUNK like Gibson. He is saintly compared to some stars.

    Additionally, if you think Sean Penn is so boring, then WHY ARE YOU LOOKING UP HIS FAMILY VACATION PHOTOS? You either 1) secretly do like Sean Penn or 2) Think his son/daughter is hot and like to masturbate to their photos.

    Sean Penn is one of the best, most modest actors out their, especially in this day and age when most stars are corrupted by money and drugs, and aren’t even talented.

  • neveragain.

    okay i know hopper and he is one of my great friends. How would you like being known as sean penn’s son, or robin wright’s son, your whole entire life. he doesn’t get to have his own identity. so what if he was trying to protect his mom and his dad while he was on vacation. it’s what i would do if some annoying paaporazzi dude was trying to video tape my family. go hopper. see you at school bud.

  • pussywillow

    The paparazzi are so annoying with their stupid questions!

  • DPenn

    Dylan penn goes to my school, and she is unbelievably attractive. Not to mention she looks good in the picture. They live in the suburbs of San Francisco..

  • deana

    You know what…I am sick and tred of people calling Sean Penn a communist! If you listen to what he says, than you would understand that he does care for this country but he wants change! Don’ we all. I respect him for voicing his opinions and not caring people get angry. And by the way, he is an smart and people need to back off! Didn’t you hear what he said about Barack Obama. He said not for a long time has he been able to call the president “his” president. And he hates Bush. Well news fa-lash, so do I! And so do thousands, no millions of others.