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Jennfier Aniston: The Lady and the Tripper

Jennfier Aniston: The Lady and the Tripper

BFFs and former Friends Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox attend the after party at the L.A. premiere for David Arquette‘s upcoming movie The Tripper.

Of all places, the premiere was held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, Calif.

Will Dirt be back for a second season? Courteney revealed: “It’s all up in the air right now.”

10+ pictures inside of Aniston-Cox-Arquette

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jennifer aniston courteney cox david arquette 01
jennifer aniston courteney cox david arquette 02
jennifer aniston courteney cox david arquette 03
jennifer aniston courteney cox david arquette 04
jennifer aniston courteney cox david arquette 05
jennifer aniston courteney cox hug 01
jennifer aniston courteney cox hug 02
jennifer aniston courteney cox hug 03
jennifer aniston courteney cox hug 04
jennifer aniston courteney cox hug 05
jennifer aniston courteney cox hug 06

Photos: Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez
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  • tanique33

    they’re so cute. thanks for the pics. i miss these two.

  • spain

    Maniston ugly…Esta tia era un hombre antes,me apuesto mi cien millones de dolares

  • Mmmmm

    Nothing wrong with BFF … :)

  • Ida

    I think it’s great to see that they’re still such good Friends!
    Thanks for the pics :)

  • what?

    who exactly is she puckering up for in this pic?

    she’s looks silly,

    wow now you are so positive, on the BAMPZS thread you are a very different person aren’t you.

  • LLM

    She is till fugly despite of so call maintainance surgeries. Angie eating look is more beautiful than her look in any pic here.

  • wow

    Srsly, Jen is nice and everything, but can’t she do anything w/o Courtney?

  • SVP

    She is so fake acting like a pushing 40 years old teen. thanks for these beautiful pics JJ.

  • chez

    Happy, full of fun and laughter. Great pics, thanks. They both look wonderful.

  • Sofia

    They are very beautiful ! It is great to see that there is something that called FRIENDSHIP at Hollywood!!

    Jennifer is VERY BEAUTIFUL….

  • LLM

    wow Says

    She is like a wart on Courtney’s foot treatable but uncurable gone and come, gone and come.

  • AgreeWSofia#10

    Great to see friendships like this are possibly in Hollywood–like in our own real lives…well, at least for SOME of us :-) You Go Girlfriends.

  • HeIsRidiculous

    Brad is a twit for letting go of this beautiful woman with so many good friends.

  • Mmmmm

    what? Says:
    BAMPZS fans are total nut jobs! Someone cannot post an opinion with those loonies loosing their mind on you. I agreed that Angie could use a hamburger or two and boy oh boy the wack jobs came out of the wood work. They live to be evil and hate … That thread is not cesspool of hatred and it all stems from the loonies. They bring everything on themselves.


    Courtney cox has plastic surgery done on her face. Her face doesn’t move, it has no expression.

  • jloh

    she is trying to make her lips look big like angies and she got her hand in davids coat pocket like angie did brad, on that magazine cover……its all suttle hints from her(j/a)

  • http://htt// LOSER


  • Move on!

    HeIsRidiculous Says:

    Will you people ever move the Fcuk on?? Brad obviously wasn’t happy with her and her friends and probably she wasn’t happy either. They wanted different things. Brad has a family now and he always wanted one. He has said how happy he is with his life now. Jen is hugging with her friends and she seems cool. Why the hell can’t you just focus ONLY on her for once? It’s been tow years and there is no coming back. Stop living in the past and move on.

  • zuz

    she is ugly, I agree

  • Liaam

    Jen looks so cute. I Love her ;)

  • D.

    HeIsRidiculous Says:

    April 12th, 2007 at 9:55 am – flag comment
    Brad is a twit for letting go of this beautiful woman with so many good friends
    So….. if a woman is so called “beautiful” don’t ever let her go, despite being in a an unhappy marriage?
    I say kudos to Brad. He obviously wanted more from a marriage, besides the superficial exterior!!!

  • sue

    if anyone needs to move on it should be the women screeching on about how ugly she is! Give it a rest, she is beautiful!

  • tiger

    I think these two look happier then they ever have before. Even when Friends was on the air I sensed tension between them, especially in still pictures.

    It is nice to see their friendship survived that, they look very happy there. IMO I think it looks very genuine.

  • http://htt// b

    LOSER Says:

    April 12th, 2007 at 10:13 am – flag comment

    I’m total agree with you ugly is the best adjective describe JENNIFER ANISTON

  • ToHeIsRidiculous Says:

    How looney are you? Someone is a twit because they are miserable and want to be happy, they then find happiness and love, and THEY ARE TO STAY MISERABLE WITH SOMEONE BECAUSE OF THAT PERSON’S MANY GOOD FRIENDS? LOL.

    By the way she is average in looks, not beautiful. And she sure is closer to David in some of these pixs than he is to Courtney, his wife.

  • Susan

    she looks great. so nice to see people remain friends in hollywood and not backbite and talk about each other!

  • SJ

    Jennifer Aniston looks on top of the world right now.

    Brangelina fans? Karma is a bitch… what goes around comes around

  • interesting???

    Courtney’s not holding on the Jennifer. It’s Jennifer being clingy. Jennifer hanging on the David and then almost doing a choker hold on Courtney. Courtney looks like she wants to get away and has on a fake smile on. Someone is trying to prove somthing…hmmmm.

  • Move on!

    sue Says:

    LOL!! People can have their own opinion. Isn’t it what you and others like you are screaming when you are coming on Angie’s threads to spew your hate? That you can have your opinion? Well if some thinks that JA is ugly it’s their right. If you think she is pretty good for you. None has to agree with what you think.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    Why is his hand on Maniston ass? And why is she holding onto her BFF husband so posessive like that. David and Jennifer looks like the loving couple,Courteney looks like the odd man out. Check out Picture 3 and 4 closely


  • huh?

    These two are very beautiful women.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    # 29 interestingly ???~I agree with you. Its very odd. Courteney is not feeling the fake ass MAN HUG.


  • laisla

    Why is it that whenever there is a post about either Angie or Jen the other has to be brought up?And why keep comparing their looks?They are two totally different people and its been like 4 years or whatever.

  • schae

    One word. LOSER!

  • shut-up

    Why is she all over Courtney. Can she never stand on her own? She’s always hanging on and all over people. Talks about sucking the life out of people by hanging on for dear life. Just look, LOOK at the body language of Jen and Courtney. I think Courtney know’s she doesn’t really need Jen and Jen know’s she must hang on for dear life to Courtney!

  • Stay Away

    Mmmmm…not only are you an IDIOT but you are a HYPOCRITE! You are the spreader of hate on other threads. Jennifer does not need IDIOT fans like you!

  • Francophile

    I agreed with a lot of posters.

    I think it’s great having a true friendship with someone but I find it odd and kinda unhealthy the way JA acts too clingy too intimate, too often.

    There is no way you can act like that so intimately in someone’s couple, even your own’s sister. It’s kinda juvenile behaviour you do at times as a teen when interfering in your best friend’s couple with her boyfriend.

    That’s what I find weird…the gestures who are too intimate with your friend’s husband…the clinging with your friend which has some juvenile reminiscence.

    That’s my opinion but if the three feel great and happy, whatever. To each is own !

  • jay

    Sofia Says

    You must be blind, She is not beautiful, so ordinary woman.
    She does look like Jay Leno.

  • Gayle King

    Lol. I have to admit her fans are the funniest. I’ve never seen mediocrity so celebrated before. Yay Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://uk good

    I see why she was dumbed,she is so clingy,now she has come between her friends marriage.she needs a man.

  • right

    Jen shows more affection to David than Courtney. David is such a dull bastard and Jen is such an attention grabber. No wonder she faked out the public so easily with that gay ass Vaughn. Why doesn’t she get a life?

  • kmillz (brangelina forever)

    she looks like dustin hoffman but she is a sweet lady….I have nothing against her

  • sik

    It looks like Jen is on a date with Dave and Courtney is the wallflower. They suck.



  • You/Me

    I love this chick! She looks so happy and I am really glad that she and Courtney don’t give a shit what the haters say. It’s a TRUE friendship and that is wonderful, it’s ridiculous for people to be so pissed off just because these two women know the value of true and everlasting friendship. People are mad and upset that they are close friends and aren’t afraid to show it? WTF?
    I can’t believe it when I read people criticizing them for being friends. I mean, seriously, isn’t that a bit immature. So what if they are friends and hang out? Big freaking deal, get over it.
    Another thing, I keep reading that people are criticizing Jen for making silly faces. HUH? Maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t give a shit what people think so why does she have to try and take a perfect picture all the time? Screw that.
    Oh, and someone mentioned that she tried to hide her true self by dyeing her hair??? HELLO? Does anyone else think this is hilarious? People all over the world dye their hair all the time! But if Jen does it then she is insecure??? COME ON!!
    Jen is a beautiful, intelligent, funny woman and I hope she will eventually find the love of her life. I love it that she and Courtney have the kind of friendship that will follow them throughout their lives. It is rare and it is precious and I, for one, celebrate it and am happy for them! :-)

  • http://htt// not good

    One word: >>>>


    You/Me Says:

    April 12th, 2007 at 11:15 am – flag comment

    Although I agree with you with the friendship thing, I still thinks she is ugly. I think Courtney is better looking than Jay Leno chin chin.

  • You/Me


    April 12th, 2007 at 11:24 am – flag comment

    That’s cool.

  • Tina

    Gayle King Says:
    April 12th, 2007 at 11:06 am – flag comment

    Lol. I have to admit her fans are the funniest. I’ve never seen mediocrity so celebrated before. Yay Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Truer words have never been spoken…