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Wentworth & Amie's Friendly Past

Wentworth & Amie's Friendly Past

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller and Santa Monica College student Amie Bice have known each other for years, as discovered from new photos of the pair that have surfaced.

Amie, 35, and Wentworth, 34, were photographed together at a social gathering that dates back as early as 2005. She wore a fake mustache and Wentworth stood in the backdrop (see pictured ear above).

The political science major hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and is currently a resident in Hollywood. She unfortunately has the bad habit of smoking.

Her favorite actors include Cillian Murphy (Irish), Ioan Gruffudd (Welsh), Gary Oldman (British). And now, for sure, Wentworth Miller (British-born American).

Wentworth and Amie were first seen on a romantic dinner together last Friday in West Hollywood. Pictures of the rumored couple laughing together at Starbucks have also surfaced.

And ladies, according to her MySpace profile, she’s still “single.”

UPDATE: The gig’s up! Amie‘s MySpace profile has been deleted since the publication of this posting. And two more pictures have been added, including one of Amie celebrating her own birthday.

Just Jared on Facebook
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  • pkharma

    interesting! looked like a bunch of funny people. hahaha. where did you get these pictures man?

  • Erin

    Jared you master sleuth you.

  • Titlan

    Jared, bravo bravo!!

  • shelly

    How did you get these? I thought she managed to erase them.

    I still don’t understand how in the world the Polish site got her name if she isn’t in the entertainment biz. Wentworth is a HUGE star right now, he’s been followed and had his pics printed by the American gossip rags before, and yet they haven’t mentioned a peep about this, any of them: not People, Us Weekly, In Touch, not a one. You’d think that they’d be jumping all over themselves trying to get a pic of tv’s hottest bachelor with his new gf. Perhaps the Polish site really is nothing but the equivalent of the Enquirer and the American rags know that they’re not dating so they’re not following this story?

    I guess time will tell if they really are together. If they are, more pictures of them are bound to pop up in the next few days, weeks, so on.

  • Cindyx0x0

    I knew it!!! My instincts were right! It isn’t his gf!!! Oh Jared! I heart you!!! Mwah Mwah Mwah! I knew it all along! Why does everybody suspect that just cuz he’s walking with a girl, that it’s his gf? I walk with guyfriends all the time and you don’t hear ppl saying “Omg! She was walking with him,so he’s her bf!” Come on!

  • pkharma

    i must say this, i think she has nice big blue eyes. hahaha.

  • shelly

    Cindy, I hate to be a party pooper, but just because her profile says she’s “single” doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t dating. Doesn’t “single” simply mean that someone is unmarried? Even if she is dating Went, I doubt she’d change her profile from “single” unless they were serious, like engaged or something like that. So I guess in that respect it could be good news – even if they are dating, they may not be serious.

    Though I still think that she is just a good friend.

  • tia

    this poor poor girl has to have her name and face plastered all over the internet all because she had lunch and coffee with WM, I have a very strong feeling whether they are dating or not that we will never see them photographed toghether again and WM will be even more secretive about his love life than before, so thanks crazy fangirls !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie0

    well i agree with shelly..i don’t know this seems to be a hard call…i mean i love wentworth and holy cow if any girl dates him ..god be with you….but yah i think jared got it from her myspace…she added a friend of mind and she had this pictures…but i honeslty don’t think there together…just beacause first wentworth in my mind wouldn’t where a t-shirt on his date…plus i’m sure he know ther ppl wanted to find out his busiceness so i think he would be smoother than that…n no offense but i don;t think she’s his type …remember his had a crush on angie harmon … that a pretty face…but she does have pretty eyes

  • Cindyx0x0

    Shelly… I never mentioned anything about her profile FYI!!! Maybe u should read over my message! And they are so not dating! So yeah!

  • ispy

    I think it’s possible that they’re more than friends. The only time i put my hand on a guys waist is when i’m dating the guy. The picture of them in the restaurant clearly shows her right hand on his waist. Take a good look. There’s something going on there. I’m happy for him. However, he doesn’t really look like he’s too into her. The body language says it all.

  • phouse1964

    JJ, you crack me up! I heart you!

  • -0-

    jj, usually i enjoy pics on your blog a lot and i thank you for that.
    but this is too much.

    as far as i know, she’s no actress or celebrity but just a normal person.
    and her pics with her friends on internet so that ppl all over the world can see?

    i am dying to know went’s rumored girlfriend, but not in this way.

    please delete the pics.

  • jennscofield

    just curious. is this amie bice related to former american idol runner-up BO BICE? there might be a connection since he’s also from alabama… =p

  • ispy

    JJ, thanks for the pic’s. I see no problem with posting them on your blog. Last time I checked, myspace accounts were accessible to view by just about anyone (unless you change your settings to private). I’m sure this Amie person wouldn’t have put her pictures out there for everyone to look at if she didn’t want anyone to look at them. Furthermore, she most certainly would not have used her full name on her account.
    Also, is it me or does it look like she was trying to have her picture taken while standing in front of Went (ear pic)?

  • MissyB

    They could very well be involved with each other now… come on man… even I got involved with a old friend of mine… it happens…

    I do have to say that she doesn’t appear to have much class in those pictures… maybe she has grown up more now?!

  • genie

    Just so you know that is WENT’S HAND, on his own waist! Not the girl! She had just patted him on the back, she did NOT have her hand on his waist!

  • fickwalker

    Dude. This is insane. Seriously.

    Ah, the internet… Turning everyone into Sherlock Holmes. It’s scary.

    Poor chick.

  • Jackie0

    thats not his ear…trust me on this

  • ispy

    Look at it again. His right arm is clearly visible. His right hand is most likely in his pocket. His left arm is partially visible. Her right hand is on his waist. You can see her fingers on his left side. He most likely has his left hand on her arm.
    And yes, it’s a little insane to study people this way. So I’ve been told. I’ve also been told that I’m very good at it.

  • amissy

    I have no idea. I’m leaning more towards she’s not a girlfriend. Although in an interview he did he mentioned that his last relationship was about a year ago and it was very short but hot and heavy. On the other hand, she definitely could just be a friend or even a friend with “benefits” (everybody’s gotta get theirs). I HATE to think about that as silly as that sounds. She does have her hand on his waist but I have guy friends whom I hug and touch and laugh with, hell why can’t she? His body language says alot to me in the pics, he’s very distanced from her in all the pics. The ones where they are close she’s obviously the one making that connection. If you’ll look at the “hand on waist” pic you’ll see he has his arms by his side not touching her. They’re old friends, maybe used to be more, who have connected again and are just hanging out. That’s how it looks to me. She doesn’t look to be his type to me neither. That’s all just my opinion.

  • LL

    Just had a thought, if someone is on her myspace friend list, then why don’t they scan her friends and see whether Wentworth actually has a myspace profile?

  • amissy

    I read somewhere today that in an interview he said he doesn’t have a profile and has never even been on the site. BTW I tried to look it up and it said the profile had been deleted. damn it.

  • LL

    Just had a look – her profile has been cancelled!!!! Damn! Did anyone even scan her friends????? I swear Went would have a profile up.. but I bet you he uses a totally different name and not his own pic. OH well.

  • angelina_mmm

    who are those girls who sympathise with this Amie chick?
    why are you pretending that you care about her now that she might not be his GF
    I still believe they are F buddies.

  • LL

    Amissy – come on everyone has heard of MySpace. Of course he would say that. Come to think of it even I would say that if I was famous, otherwise you’d get 1000s of friend requests. It would be nice to discovery his by chance without the rest of the world knowing.

  • amissy

    LL I’d say I didn’t have a profile on myspace too if I were famous. I was just stating that he said he doesn’t have one and yes I’m very sure it would be under a totally diff name.

  • amissy

    Jackie how are you sure that’s not his ear?

  • the_Dominatrix

    *laughs at the Wentworth’s ear pic*

  • Mehisfriend

    He actually doesn’t have a myspace account and Amie is just a friend nothing else.

  • Maud

    And this is why on my profile, you won’t find any pictures of me or me and my friends.
    Went, I’m right here, you can date me, no pics will surface!! hihi
    But yeah, JJ, I think publishing private pictures from someone’s blog is not the right thing to do. Still love you though.

  • Just Jared

    Just to be clear, these pictures were not from a private blog or private MySpace profile. They were found in the public domain.

  • buba

    I find it infinitely interesting that she’s wearing a fake mustache in the one picture he’s close to her. I think that should tell us something about what kind of (facial) hair he prefers on his dates.

  • jamie

    I think Amie is scared shitless from all of this, i mean the woman deleted all her myspace, friendster and other web accounts! Do you think we all scared her?

    She’s probably furious at Went for all this drama.

  • NooNoo

    ielgh, she’s UGLY…nasty bitch!!

  • Lilly

    Poor girl! Crazy fans will turn her life into hell, juz beacause she spent one evening walkin’ with Wentworth:/

  • candyg

    Does anyone not see how crazy this is? You stole pictures from her site or a friend’s site and put them out for everyone to see. She is a normal girl. AND AS ONE OF THE PEOPLE IN THOSE PHOTOS I can tell you that I am outraged!!!!! She is a student and a very kind and loving person working her way through life like anyone else and you post pictures of her and her friends. It is beyond shameful that personal photos where taken from a friends page and used in this manner. BY THE WAY HER MYSPACE WAS PRIVATE.

  • yhy

    who cares about her. she date with WENTWORTH so she has to pay the price

  • Martelka from Poland

    I am sorry for her that she had to cancell her profile and the pics were stolen as Candyg wrote. The world is crazy, don’t You think? A guy is going out with a friend and tousands of poeple from whole world comment each detail of their clothing etc.
    I commented it too. But if we think about it seriously, it is crazy.

  • yhy

    If I was in her shoes I wouldn’t care about crazy fans

  • Martelka from Poland

    Thank You Just Jared!!! Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel better now. What a great relief that she isn’t somebody new in his life. The fact that they know each other for longer time let me think that they are only friends.
    Maybe I am crazy but I know some of You feel the same way as me:))))

  • Mink

    I have to say, I think she comes off great in these photos. If she wants to look on the bright side (and hell, she might as well), she’s shown to be a funny, lovely girl with tons of friends. Undoubtedly many people who’ve been posting nastiness about her over the past couple of days should be so lucky.

  • Maud

    What do you mean public domain? It was for all to see on a site like Flickr?

  • Coco Canada

    All I can say is that the WM’s fans are crazy!!! The guy just got back from Korea and has 10 weeks off before he goes back to work. WM is a hard-working actor and very dedicated to PB as he mentioned on his Fox Dallas interview. I am sure that now that he has a break, he is trying to catch up with local friends that he otherwise could not keep in better touch with before.

    People need to relax and not get so hyped out. Thank goodness that WM is just being himself and not afraid to go out in public. I am sure that he feels bad for his gal pal or any future serious gf. WM might just drive back to the East coast again during his break. Please come back to Korea again so that I can get your season I DVD collection autographed.

  • Au

    I wonder how they actually met.

  • Bianca

    wohoooo!!! She’s not his GF!!! Thank god!

  • hippy8

    LOL…such a racket it’s insane!
    Good sleuthing job though JJ…well done!!!
    Anyone posting on MySpace is fair game…otherwise, they would keep it private!

  • Liz

    Just Jared, am sure you want us to commit suicide, I don’t know why but I I would rather he is single than dating any one.

  • shelly

    Here’s my speculation based on the myspace stuff: they are friends, have been for a long time, long before Went was “discovered.” Since he was just another struggling actor when they first became friends, she didn’t think too much of it and didn’t think her posting her pics on myspace or friendster pages would be a problem. Then, boom, WM suddenly becomes a star, decides to catch up with her while he’s in town, unaware the whole photographer and Polish site debacle could take place, and well, the rest is history.

    I’m still confused why a Polish site is more interested in all this when the American tabloids aren’t, but what I am guessing is that every time Went goes back to California these days, he is followed by paparazzi at least some of the time. We’ve seen pics of him in LA before. But since he’s been off in Dallas working and hasn’t been back in LA that long, it didn’t occur to him that now that he’s back, anyone who he hangs out with is bound to get their pic snapped, too.

  • michelle

    hope it’s not true.. i will stop watching season 3 if he is dating… nnnnnnnnooooooooooooo.. just can’t accept it…. please, please, please tell me its not a boyfriend-girlfriend date.. nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo……. iloveyou went