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Becks Already Working Los Angeles Galaxy

Becks Already Working Los Angeles Galaxy

Major League Soccer team the Los Angeles Galaxy are already capitalizing on David Beckham‘s pretty face by plastering his mug across tickets for soccer matches he’s not even playing in.

These specific tickets were for the L.A. Galaxy match against FC Dallas, with Dallas unfortunately took a 2-1 win. Pretty tickets, poor game!

Beckham announced his joining the Los Angeles Galaxy back in January. Industry experts estimated his paycheck to be $250 million but apparently it’s not true since the Beckhams been looking for “cheaper” houses.

Bigger Becks tix pix inside…

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  • Luna

    Sorry- but I can’t imagine this “hype” sitting too well with other Galaxy players’- Enough with Becks! If anything he is an over-rated, over-hyped, past-his-”prime” footballer- er, excuse me now in the U.S.- soccer player! ENOUGH!

  • tanique33

    hey, they’re not stupid. it’s working. i for one cant’ wait to see a galaxy game or 2 or 10 while he’s over here.

    thanks for posting that jared.

  • JessicaRay

    they only want to spend $20 million on a house coz they’ll only be over there for 5 years and they already have their mansion back in england.

    plus they dont wanna be ripped of – and who can blame them! apparently one house they were shown originally priced at $15million was put up to $25million, just coz they were viewing it and the owner figured they’d pay it just coz they can afford it! well f*ck that”! its ridiculous! they had the same problem when they moved to spain – they eventually brought the house under her fathers name so the sellers didn’t know they were selling to them, and so dint put the price up!

    and victoria & david have said in loads of interviews that they likes houses that feel like a real home – they dont want no cinema, or sh*t like that going on in their house – so it aint like they’re gonna go for a neveland type wacko house!

  • vicky

    I am visiting LA in August and I can’t wait to see a Galaxy Game. I adore him as a player ! bonus he is damn gorgeous and HOTTT !!! Thanks Jared !! Keep posting more Becks news !

  • Gigli

    Wow- what a bunch celeb worshippers on here… my heart really b-l-e-e-d-s for the mega-wealthy Beckham Fam… boohoo- we can’t find our dream multi-million mansion to fit our “needs”– boo-hoo-hoo… PUHLEASSSEEE!~ Enough with these arrogant, over-the-top-do nothing for our society “celebrities!”

  • patsy

    I’m not surprised they lost. Um all MLS teams are pretty crappy in comparison to Euro teams because all the good (even American) players are there, but LA Galaxy is one of the worst in the MLS.

    DC, Houston, New England are all so much better.

  • Lara

    Well many of my friends will go only because of him,so i guess he does bring attention,wich i will never understand,his wife yes,but him?I find him so boring!

  • Lara

    Well they are using his image,for wich they payed a lot of money.Its logic,and its working all of my friends are buying tickets.They cant stop tallking about this guy.
    I so do not get the appeal,i am sure he is talented but its such a boring sport!I find his wife very interesting but he;just bores me to death.
    So i am happy she is coming to US!

  • Fashion Critic

    Luna I agree with your first comment. This is what is going to alienate him even more now.

    They can’t be happy as it is with him joining because ALL the attention is going to be on him. It has already started and he is not even there yet.

    Crazy…he has no idea what he is getting into.

  • test

    (*) (L) (S) ;-) >:D

  • remember da truth

    Like those Galaxy players had ANY attention before? Come on! Now at least people will go to see them. They know damned well that they will get more attention than they ever got just by Becks being on the team and their being near him or sharing a playing field with him. They are probably thrilled he’s on the team and of course he will get the most attention, but some will rub off on them now. How many people couldn’t even name the LA soccer team’s NAME, let alone any of the players’ names, before he came?
    Get real.

  • BJ

    To # 11- I’m sure that the team would have WANTED & WELCOMED the attention gained by their PLAY-NOT by
    some pretty boy has been who is only recognized world-wide due to his good looks, celeb-marriage and outlandish and extravagant LIFESTYLE! Long ago- FOOTBALL stopped being Mr. Beckham’s TOP PRIORITY! He is soooo just “in it” for the $$$ and fame! also- it keeps his ego-driven, fug, anorexic wifey-do in the spot-light. They are by far the worst example of fame-obsession at it’s worst… they are so completely OVER-RATED!

  • Cynthia

    David Beckham is the epitome of hotness! I love him!