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Kidman Receives Australia's Top Honor

Kidman Receives Australia's Top Honor

Aussie beauty Nicole Kidman is awarded Australia’s top civil honor, the Companion of the Order of Australia (equivalent to an English knighthood) for her work promoting women and children’s health, and cancer research.

“It’s a pat on the back, which as a little girl is something you dream of,” Australia’s golden girl said after receiving her award.

Nicole, 39, was honored during a ceremony at Government House, Yarralumla on Friday in Canberra, Australia. Hubby Keith Urban and proud parents Janelle and Antony were present for the ceremony.

The Oscar-winning actress was supposed to be presented with this award last year but the presentation was delayed until today due to her film commitments and wedding to Keith Urban. Congrats, Nicole!

Nicole Kidman receives the Companion of the Order of Australia
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Credit: NKU; Photos: Getty
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  • Rii

    Congratulations! She deserves it, she does a lot of good for example as an UN goodwill ambassador.

  • Emme

    Makes me proud to be an australian.. *wipes tear* I love how our governor general was concerned he would mess up her hair.. hehe.. Love her, love her, love her!

  • Heather

    where are the photos of the other recipients of the award???? A lot of “celebrities” do charity work privately and don’t get awards for it. I hope she enjoyed her “pat on the back”.

  • Notbusy

    She looks so pretty and happy. The dress is perfect. What an honor.

  • Notbusy

    Charity work should not be done privately. The whole point is to spread the word and bring awareness to the charity so others will donate money or their time to it also.

  • Libbie

    Heather – this is a little more than an award for charity

    I’m an Australian and it’s really quite offensive of you to trivialise our nation’s highest honour as a celebrity photo op!

    Nicole expressed her gratitude for this honour when it was first awarded to her (Australia Day in 2006) and today when she recieved the medal. And just for your information, there were plenty of other recipients and she chose to recieve her medal alongside them, the press just chose not to cover them.

    It recognises all of her contributions to Australian and global charities and she is a very worthy recipient!

    We chose to give this to her and the media chose to cover it – it’s not like she called up and made it happen herself… she couldn’t have if she tried!

  • music

    She actually recieved this award over a year ago in January 2006. How coincidental that right before she starts her Australia film, she suddenly finds the time for this formal and public ceremony.

  • Libbie

    Music, I’m not sure if you were responding to my post or not but if you were then you obviously don’t know when Australia Day is – I guess that this means that you’re not Australian and that you don’t realise the significance of this award… it’s really quite annoying

    Would you criticise Elton John for accepting his knighthood… damn it people move on!

  • gloria

    Some people just can not be happy and appreciative of what others do for mankind. I think Nicole is a very classy, elegant, and caring person. There were tons of pictures on the web of the other recipients. Nicole was definitely not singled out. She couldn’t accept the award last year because she was making a movie and getting married. She could have accepted the award without being with all the others but chose to be included with the other recipients.

  • Molly

    Nicole deservs this as noone.Thanks for doing it.She is a Lady, and a great human being.Thanks Nicole for being such a great actress and help women!

  • Julie

    Nicole is so beautiful in those pics.Congratulatios to her!

  • Margot

    As an australian i’m very proud of Nicole and off her jod.She is definetly the most recognized aussie, as an actress and as woman.Thanks Nic for being AUSTRALIAN!

  • John

    Nicole is so beautiful…what a princess….
    Congrats to her!

  • Kensyland

    the fact she didn’t want to accpet the award alone, says a lot about the great woman she is.Some stupid people like to talk bad things about her, but they are stupid and that’s it.

  • Jeniz!!!!

    I adore Nic, she is my favorite actress, so i’m very happy for this award!
    Thanks Nic for all the work you do!

  • Lucy

    I’m very proud of her.I like her, as an actress but i like even more as a UN ambassador, she is doing as excellent work!

    Lover her dress, she is so feminine!

  • Queen Bee

    Truly a class act!

  • a

    She looks great. Congrats to her!

  • Dancer

    Thanks JJ for posting this! Nicole certainly deserves the recognition. She has worked so hard over the years to help children and women and much of that work has not been publicized. She has also worked tirelessly to promote Australia. She is a class act. Always gracious, always thankful for the support she has been given and the chances and work that has led her to this point in her life! It is a great honor and one that she richly deserved!

  • ISA

    She deserves all the honors, she is wonderful.

  • Daisy

    Congratulations to Nicole on her honor. Well deserved!!

  • cassie

    Nicole looks so elegant as always.

  • Dirty Denise

    Nicole “Casper the ghost” Kidman needs to lay off the botox.

  • Me

    Congratulations Nic.

  • gigi

    Congrats to Nicole – gracious lady. If only the US could give their deserving actresses honors because they do bring to light important issues that politians either ignore or don’t really care too much for.

  • ju

    She’s beautiful, Congratulations to Nicole

  • Fleabag

    I live in Canberra and can’t believe that Nic was here yesterday and I didn’t know it – I can’t believe it!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her and can’t wait for her Australia film to come out – Nic and Hugh and Baz should rule the world.

  • lamb

    Dress is ugly – Where were the kids? You’d think they would be there given the prestige of the award. Is Tom afraid to let them out of the country for fear they just might not come back?

  • Jen

    An almost 40 year old woman that still wears ribbons in her hair? Reminds me of Bette Davis from Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. That should be her next re-make.

  • Urban Myths

    What exactly has she done as a Goodwill Ambassador? Had a few photo ops in Kosovo?

    She couldn’t accept the award last year because she was filming and planning the Wedding of the Year?…. so she just has to coincide the award presentation with her upcoming film… Gone with the Ugly of Oz? Pshaw!

    She is a famewhore, plain and simple.

  • LILY

    She looks so much prettier when someone has done her make-up and hair, on her own not so good.

  • Jillian

    Thank you, Libbie, for setting the record straight about the importance of this award. It’s so sad that the NK haters would choose to heap insults on such a prestigious award. It saddened me to think that these haters would insult the entire Australian population by insinuating this is a photo op for Nicole.

    UrbanMyths: “What exactly has she done as a Goodwill Ambassador?” why, she has done exactly what was expected of her, plus more. She brought in media attention to the causes championed by the organizations she represents. With that, the organizations got donations they would not otherwise have gotten. For example, everytime Ms. Kidman appeared on behalf of Omega worldwide, Omega would turn in a huge donation to the charities represented by her. She has also given large sums of money to these organizations, as well as auctioned off some of her personal items to benefit these organizations. To accuse her of being a “famewhore” is to insult the entire Australian population who deemed her worthy of this award.

    Congratulations, Nicole, for this very prestigious award. A big thank you to the Australian people for giving her this honor. You are indeed very lucky to have such a wonderful citizen as Nicole. She represents you well to the rest of the world.

  • Daisy

    America has a top civilian award, it is called the Medal Of Freedom & actors have been given this award in the past.

    I find it sad that people can find negativity with anything in this world because they always choose to see something bad. Nicole did not ask the media to exclude others from the coverage. Australia chose to award this to her, she didn’t ask for it or “buy” it. Maybe some people should ask themselves what they do to help others as opposed to always putting other down people who actually do good things with their time & money. Keith domated money to a school in Nashville & was asked to speak there but was he called a “fame whore?” Probably not, but what he did was out of the kindness of his heart just as Nicole’s charity work is. And they will continue to do things for other people because it makes them happy & not because they are so concerned what other people think.

    Making the movie there allowed her to be there for the presentation this year she would have gotten the same coverage last year.

    And she can dress however she chooses, some people wouldn’t like anything she wore at anytime.

  • Kristy

    Well, here’s my 2 cents… I’m an Australian too, and as always very proud of Nicole and her achievements overseas and at home… I’d like to point out that we did actually see the other recipients of the awards. There were a number of shots of the whole group, and some of Nicole chatting to other recipients, in fact on every news coverage I’ve seen of it there were others in the shots, it’s just that there HAPPENS to be none of them on this site. So stop complaining.

    Good on her, I say. We got your back, Nic.

  • Annele

    Congrats!! Ms. Kidman, u deserve it..
    You are such a role model not only in Australia,
    but here in Asia as well.

    You are a textbook example of how to handle a personal
    crisis and the meddling press:)you have a good heart, also.

    Im glad u have found a guy who loves u more than he loves

  • JoAnn

    As a Nicole fan, I’m so extremely happy and proud of this honor bestowed by the Australian people on her. She is not just a beautiful lady, a great actress but also a very caring humanitarian.

    Congratulations Nic!! Keep up your good work! You are a great role model for women around the world.

  • CoGirl

    Oh gag me!! So…Jared…you’re on Nicole Kidman’s payroll now eh??? Or were you all along, but it just wasn’t as OBVIOUS as it is now? Posting on NKU? Come on…. :(

  • Juno

    Congratulations to Nicole. And thank you Jared!!

    And you loser haters – what have you done for mankind lately, except make uncalled for criticism for those that are trying to make a difference. Geeeze, shame on you!!!!

  • kayy

    thanks JJ! and thanks for the daily updates on NKU – it really means a lot, we hope you keep on posting us on the board!

    And congratulations to nic. this award is so important in Australia as I’ve heard and she truly deserves it. She’s such a classy lady, who’s an amazing actress and activist – far from being a “famewhore.”

    and if your a Nicole hater, I wonder why you know about NKU. jealousy?

  • Raichill

    Good grief, that is a hideous dress and it’s an even worse colour. In fact it makes her skin have an almost deathly look about it. Lay off the botox, Nicole, and age gracefully.

  • JoAnn

    Chill out. Do you even know what botox is?

    btw .. if you want to maintain youthful looks, you should stay out of the sun like she does. I wouldn’t mind her “deathly look” to avoid looking like a dried up prune like yourself.

  • Raichill

    Jo Ann, yes I do know what botox is and I can see when someone has had too much. The only think that has expression on Nicole’s face is her mouth which isn’t normal for a woman of her age. And, how do you know what I look like? I am pale like Nicole and I don’t cook myself in the sun either but I also don’t wear colours that don’t suit me and that colour does NOT suit her.

  • jach

    To all the people who have a problem with this award, please just write a letter of protest to the Australian Embassy….:)
    But maybe, most of country music fans here are STILL protesting that KU married Nic. Move on, girls!

  • Marissa

    Those Nicole critics have been doing this since she married Keith. In other words, these are Urban fanatics who still won’t accept that he is already married and so in love with Nicole. Ignore them. There is nothing else we can do for them.

    Nicole is a role model for all the women in this world. She has a lot of class and should be emulated.

    Congratulations, Nicole.

  • OneProudNKFan

    Congratulations to Nicole! Yes, she is a role model for all the women in the world!

    I LOVE her dress. It’s the very essence of understated elegance! That muted color made sure that the only colors that sparkled and stood out are the striking colors of her medal, her gorgeous blue eyes, and her lovely smile!

    Very tastefully done, Ms. Kidman! You looked like a Princess on that day. Your parents and husband must be so extremely proud of you, as do your fans all over the world.

  • holly

    congrulation nic !!!!

  • LILY

    What do her make-up people do that make her look younger and when she’s on her own she looks so old.

  • benda

    I am a keith urban fan and now a nicole kidman fan.I am so happy that he has found love with nicole.I can’t understand why people can’t be happy for them as well.she is a beautiful lady,a great actress and someone i myself look up too not only as a actress but someone who will go out of the way to help other people.congratulations nic!!!!!!

  • Not Buying It In Nashville

    I love her taste in clothes. Granny Elegant.

    I mean who else but Nicole Kidman would pick a dress that matches her hair and her skin tone?

    And Keith – I never thought I’d see breakouts on that chin of his.

    Wow, Just Jared and Foxy…..CLOSERTHANTHIS!

  • kirra clancy