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Lance Bass's Ex Gets New Boyfriend

Lance Bass's Ex Gets New Boyfriend

Reichen Lehmkuhl, aka Lance Bass‘ ex-boyfriend, steps out with new boytoy Ryan Barry at the Los Angeles premiere of Redline (it stars no one famous).

The premiere was held on Thursday night at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Calif.

Lance Bass said Bye, Bye, Bye to boyfriend Reichen about three months ago.

View Ryan Barry‘s MySpace profile. He’s a personal trainer/fitness model. Upgrade or downgrade?

20+ pictures inside of Reichen & Ryan

Just Jared on Facebook
reichen lehmkuhl boyfriend ryan barry 01
reichen lehmkuhl boyfriend ryan barry 02
reichen lehmkuhl boyfriend ryan barry 03
reichen lehmkuhl boyfriend ryan barry 04
reichen lehmkuhl boyfriend ryan barry 05
reichen lehmkuhl ryan barry 01
reichen lehmkuhl ryan barry 02
reichen lehmkuhl ryan barry 03
reichen lehmkuhl ryan barry 04
reichen lehmkuhl ryan barry 05
reichen lehmkuhl shirtless 01
reichen lehmkuhl shirtless 02
reichen lehmkuhl shirtless 03
reichen lehmkuhl shirtless 04
reichen lehmkuhl z motorcycle
ryan barry reichen 21
ryan barry reichen 22
ryan barry reichen 23
ryan barry reichen 24
ryan barry reichen 25
ryan barry reichen 26
ryan barry reichen 27

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Axelle
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  • mrs grated cheese

    What’s-his-name Barry looks like a hot piece of you-know-what. I wonder how they met? He’s a definite upgrade from Lance Bass.

  • angelina_mmm

    they both look like alpha males
    I don’t think they do each other

  • Rii

    Hot guys, nice pictures.

  • Andy

    They’re both hot…
    and this guy is certainly and upgrade from Lance.
    I think they do each other..otherwise what’s the point of telling everyone u r gay if u r not?

  • tanique33

    oh he’s hot. no you didn’t say the movie doesn’t star anyone famous. lol. don’t tell them that.

  • tanique33

    oh he’s hot. no you didn’t say the movie doesn’t star anyone famous. lol. don’t tell them that.

  • Nando

    He’s an upgrade to Lance…as far as looks go.

  • Pandora

    Upgrade! :)

  • HottieTottie

    Reichen Lehmkuhl is disgusting. A frustrated opportunist using anyone and everyone for his own personal gain.

    Take a hike.

  • http://TMZ.COM DARLENE M


  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Reichen said : Let me upgrade you.

    I know Lance is TIGHT! He probably punching walls right now

  • Shoes4life

    What a waste.

  • No

    That is a d*** shame if that dude is gay. But seriously, he doesn’t look it does he? I think it’s a publicity stunt because that dude looks extremely uncomfortable while kissing Reichen. But if this is real then Lance managed a serious upgrade but this poor guy totally downgraded from whatever he had before.

  • jeannified

    Upgrade for sure!

  • Phoenix

    Click on the picture where Reichen is wearing a white shirt – SCARY.

  • brass

    Explain to me why either of these guys are famous?? and Why do we care??

  • Brandon

    Don’t cha wish your (gay) boyfriend was hot like me?

    Lance was SO BORING with Reichen. So “bye bye bye” Bass; hello Ryan Barry!

    An upgrade in my book!


    * sigh * yesss …. what a waste !

  • electric

    Ryan is a buddy of a buddy of mines. He’s a model in L.A. His myspace page:

  • Depressed chick

    Why all gay guys are SOOOO HOOOOT?

    DAMMED, where can I find straight guys with such hot bods and looks?

    I’m too depressed.

  • WTF

    Wow! I agree 100% a HUGE step up from Lance. This is a hot couple.

  • Mariana

    WHat a waste of men! c’mon we need those hot guys to be on the market but for US girls!

  • Chris

    Just remember that Reichen admitted to cheating on Lance and even though the new boyfriend may be better looking than Lance—give Lance a break because he is obviously better than Reichen

  • Dev

    Reichen’s loss… this guy isn’t even famous. Who is he gonna latch on to now??

  • tia

    I literally almost fell out of my chair when I saw the picture of Reichen’s new boyfriend. Why do all of the good looking guys gotta be gay? Damn it and he’s doing Reichen.

  • Lee

    Fug Face, Lance isn’t punching walls now. HE dumped Reichen.

    This guy better run fast… Reichen will just use you, honey.

  • teehee

    See…told you that all the very hot ones are gay. Why is that? There’s a difference in ryan berry’s hotness and say orlando bloom hotness. Orlando looks gay because he’s feminine, this guy is just hot and happens to be gay. I wouldn’t of guessed it by looking at pics of just berry.

  • LALA

    Too bad they didn’t start having a full on make out session on the red carpet. That would of been HOT!! 2 hot guys getting it on… nothing better.

  • LoL

    DAAAAAAAAAMN! the new guy is hotter than hell. Please cut Reichen out of the pics next time.

  • Amanda

    Lance woke up and realized Reichen was only using him to advance his so called “career.” On Reichen’s blog he calls himself a celebrity. Its like since when was this guy a star? Don’t worry opportunists like Reichen will find someone else to use very shortly.

  • Amanda is fat and ugly

    1. Reichen doesn’t use people. Lance used Reichen to get “big” again.
    2. Reichen has done more in his life and career than you, believe me. Take a look.
    3. Reichen creates opportunity for others. Not the other way around.
    4. Amanda is fat and ugly.

  • What

    Losers! Leave these two alone! They look so happy. Just stop your bs and be happy FOR them instead of projecting your own miserable lives on Reichen and whoever he dates. Reichen looks happier than ever!! He deserves it.

  • Amy

    I think that Reichen’s a douche, but yeah, they’re both smoking hot together, and I’m a hetero female. Some insecure “straight” fellas may hate, but by the looks of it, they’d be given a proper beat down by these two fit men.

  • 2985

    HAWT! :lol:

  • ehris



  • WeHo Chick

    OMG, they are so hot together. Both are gorgeous. Thanks so much for posting those pics. Definetely an upgrade than Lance.

  • Depressed chick

    Any naked pics of them.

  • Depressed chick

    Hey maybe Lance can hook up with Ryan Oceancrest!!

  • huh?

    Reichen is a “douche” because:

    a. he served our country for 10 years in the air force

    b. he fights for human rights, consistently in every media outlet known to man

    c. he wrote his own book exposing the horrors of the DaDT policy

    d. works hard for what he has

    e. never says a mean word about anyone

    f. got wrapped up in a celebrity relationship and everyone assumed he was “using” his boyfriend…just because, without any input from Reichen on it as he stayed silent while everyone dogged him

    g. he is beautiful

    h. everyone is jealous that someone so sweet could actually be HOT, educated, and driven

    Yeah, he’s a REAL douchebag. I agree with “what’ aboove…stop projecting your own miserable lives on Reichen and his new partner and let them be happy.

  • kristen

    holy smokes! why can’t all the hot ones be straight????

  • Jaded

    I was shocked to know that Lance and Reichen were no longer an item. Yes the new guy is soooooo damn hot but I think Reichen will just use him. Mark my word, give it a few months they’ll split and soon you’ll find Reic smooching with yet another famous gay hotta!

  • ggregg

    I hate gay people and I’m one of ‘em.
    Upgrade??? Why does everything have to be about looks? Just because a new bf is hotter doesn’t make him a better person or better for you. Are we all that shallow ? And B4 u ask no i’m not ugly.

  • gabriela

    hola soy de venesuela y estoy feliz de que lance se alla alejado y separado de rechen es mejor que se consiga una mujer gracias por el favor que le hisistes a todo el mundo lance por dejar a rechen prefiero que estes con una mujer a que estes con un hombre que es gay que te balla bien consiguete una chica normal mi bebe lindo te amo

  • gabriela

    rechen quedate con tu modelo

  • Jose

    Oh come on! Definate upgrade, Lance Bass hahahaha!

  • Lisa

    their both sooooooooooooo hot,why are all gay guys hot,exactly,kevin mcdaid,anthony callea….the list goes on.
    reichen is so talented.his career is brill,i love him.

  • Hot_latino_dude

    Remind me of me and my man.
    We’re hot, we work out 6x a week, we fuck, we love each other!! dammit!!
    i’m glad i came out..


    (it’s be hot to see them get married, but don’t count on it)

  • Areyoucrazy?

    Won’t last? Posted in April of last year…it’s now November 08 and I’ pretty sure they’re still together.

  • shaun

    Wow…. Ryan Barry is smokin’ hot !!! Don’t really know why two alpha men would wanna do each other? Just curious…. But a cute couple though. XOXOXO.

  • Jgirl

    Both of them are fine as hell, what a waste for single straight women. Wow!