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Wentworth & Amie's Romantic Rendezvous -- VIDEO

Wentworth & Amie's Romantic Rendezvous -- VIDEO

Video footage of Prison Break star Wentworth Miller and Amie Bice walking and dining together recently aired on French television. Check out the video below!

There are so many laugh-out-loud moments in this clip from Amie putting her hand on her hip and shaking her head to the captioning: “Wentworth Miller, homosexuel? FAUX!”

If you look closely, and I do mean very closely, Wentworth‘s arm is around Amie. If you’re just joining us, check out all of the Wentworth & Amie coverage. (listens to a thousand hearts shattering)

Wentworth Miller & Amie Bice Walking Together, 4/6
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wentworth miller amie bice video 22
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  • pkharma

    whoa, a video? okay, i think my laptop is nuts. i cant see the video thing you posted. hopefully someone YouTube it or something. but thanks Jared! =) i can hear the many hearts breaking. hahaha.

  • PrimulaBlue

    Amie’s a pretty, tall (she’s nearly Went’s height!), leggy, natural blonde who’s clearly quite bright with lots of friends, and she’s at friends with Went. I think she’s pretty above-average!! I just feel bad that the stalkerazzi are after Went in this way. He wants to lead a “low-key life”, so I’m sure this is annoying. If they ARE just friends still, as they’ve been for the last 2 or more years, then I”m sure it’s quite embarassing for both of them to be made boyfriend/girlfriend all over the world just because they had lunch and some Starbucks together.

  • Lisa

    boo hoo

  • Krissie

    Who are these other people? On their “date”?
    Whatever. I’m in complete denial.

  • Just Jared

    If I’m not mistaken, I think they are sitting behind them at a different table. I doubt it was a group date!

  • mrs grated cheese

    Oh dear, I need to lie down. My poor heart just got shattered…not.
    What do you guys see him any way?

  • shelly

    I know the obsessive fangirls will kill me for saying this, but if there was any doubt in my mind that they’re dating, it’s definitely gone after watching the video. There’s signs all over in it that they are a couple. The way they keep touching each other. They have their arms around each other in those very quick photosnaps the video showed. I don’t think they would do that unless they were a couple, it’s a very coupleish thing to do. In one of the pics, the second Went noticed they were being photographed, he pulled his arm off her, like he knows what would happen if they got caught and what kind of backlash he and his new girlfriend would face. He’s trying to protect her, which is why in all the earlier pics they were walking so far from each other.

    And if you look at the picture on the last row above, second from left or third from right, grainy as it is, you can clearly see Went’s rather besotted gaze in Amie’s direction. I rest my case.

  • Mink

    I don’t think they are with those other people in the last three pics. I think that’s just the angle. It looks to me like they are at a separate table.

    And I’ve been nice all through this thing (and I think the vid and pics very much suggest that they are more than ‘just good friends’), but I also think she is all over him like a rash, and he is holding back. That’s the vibe I get.

  • GET OVER IT!!!

    I’m just sitting back enjoying the protests and denial that is to come. No matter how many pictures are posted, some of you will still remain in denial that yes, he is actually involved with this woman and yes, they’re having sex! There could be a pic of them actually in the act and some of you deluded fangirls will still claim it’s staged or not really what it is, anything to keep up your deluded fantasies. Face facts! he’s with Amie, they’re involved. Doesn’t matter how long they’ve known each other or that other people are in that pic of them. So what you’re saying is couples never go out with friends, as a group? You people are hysterical! He’s with her! Get over it!

  • dilly

    Mink, I think that he’s just holding back because he knows that they’re being paparazzo-ed? We all know he’s a private kinda guy – maybe he’s just not comfortable with the scrutiny he knows will indubitably occur and that’s the reason for his stand off-ishness… To me, in the all of the pictures etc. he seems very attentive and reciprocal towards her actions…

  • upanina

    HA!!!!!! trop bien cette petite vidéo en français!!!lol

  • Lisa

    Well, at least people won’t have to question whether he’s gay or not anymore. Besides, he’s what? 34, turning 35… Let the man have some sex.

  • shelly

    ITA with dilly. It is very clear to me that he’s noticed that they’re being followed and he being who he is and too polite to ask the photographer to stop taking pictures (not that the paparazzi would anyway), he’s decided to try to look like it’s just a casual get together. Of course he knows by now what kind of attention he gets, but clearly his new non-celeb girlfriend doesn’t, so she feels free to express her touchiness for her boyfriend and doesn’t realize that there’s a camera there.

    Btw, in case anyone is wondering, I am not this woman or any of her friends here to defend her. I’m just as much as Went fan as you all and I too felt just as jealous at first. Only thing is that I’m realistic enough to realize that it’s just a celeb crush fantasy, and I would never have any chance w/Went or any celeb for that matter so I’m fine with this now. He’s an actor, people. He’s on tv in a land thousands of miles away from most of us. Face it, you’d have a better chance of being hit by lightening than meeting much less dating him.

  • Jadeka

    Let Wentworth be happy :( you people make me sad. Finally he met someone. I support you Wentworth!! :)

  • Lisa

    No one here can really judge, why he did or didnt pull away from her. YOU DON’T KNOW HIM!!!!! You don’t know whether he’s too polite to ask the paparazzi to stop taking pictures, you don’t know if she feels like she wants to express her touchiness for her “boyfriend” no one knowssssss.. so stop acting like you do!

  • Kendra

    Go Wenty! Please paps and fans don’t spoil this for the poor guy!

  • Wet For Went

    She is all over him. He remains cool. That is all.

  • Happy for Went

    Alright everyone, he’s allowed to date, have a girlfriend, and live his life. She seems like an average woman, going to school to provide a better life for herself. Granted, she’s 34 or 35, but who are we to judge. She and Wentworth have had a friendship for a few years, as per what Jared posted in a different posting. So, it’s not like she’s some broad off the street.
    Someone posted on another page that they weren’t going to watch season 3 because of this “relationship”. That’s ridiculous. Were you honestly watching because you thought he was going to just show up on your doorstep one day? Get read. To have fantasies is one thing, but to really be “mad” about this is absurd. Sure we all wish we were that girl, but who knows, maybe they’re just good friends.

  • ELLE_sweden

    GOSH!!! This getting worse for every minute!!!! If Went just could go out in media and say something to us… maybe it should end this crap!!!
    One question to all fans:
    Have u written a fan-mail/letter to him?? And if u did, has he answerd u??

    I thought I gonna write to him before this news blew up…. but I think I gonna do it anyway…. this cant change it….

  • Mama Bear

    The big red FAUX denying his homosexuality had me rolling on the floor! I guess the French wanted to make sure that we all got that…LMFAO!

  • John

    Hes so gay, i smell another lance bass !!! Covering up his sexuality by “pretending” to “date” a fugly ass chick!

  • Mama Bear

    And the shadow framing effect when they were walking…PRICELESS!

  • Jadeka

    Girls remember you can still daydream about him. Haha. It hasn’t changed. I wish them the best if they are a couple. Let them be happy together. AWWWWW!! :)

  • femme

    Let the guy start a family, I think it’s cool that Wentworth’s getting a girlfriend,

    y’all teenage fans were having fantasies dating with him and shit, well it’s not going to happen biatches !! because homeboy has got a girlfriend… ( I know I’m begin childish)

  • Luz Angela Tintaya Bautista (jubjot)

    Je suis si content pour lui ……!!!!! j’éspere qu’ils vont être heureux …. je leur souhaite tout le bonheur ….!!!!…..=)

    Estoy tan contenta por el….!!!…. espero que sean muy Felices les deseo lo mejor ….!!!!


  • ELLE_sweden

    STOP SAYING WENT IS GAY!!! ARE U STUPID OR SOmething??? WHat the HeLL makes u think he’s gay??? Tell me that!!!!!! THose things U people say pisses me off!!! WHat kind of ppl are u???
    Poor wenty….


  • yujin

    yup… my heart is REALLY shattered……….. i_i
    video is too cruel…

    i really wanna believe they’re just friends…..!!

  • Iris

    OK OK OK We get it! He has a life ! Can we now please leave this man alone ( to go and make some movies … or babies…LOL )

  • yujin

    to ELLE >>

    i didn’t sent him a fanletter or something,
    but i heard that someone who did it received his signature.

    but now, i think he’ve got a lot of letters and gifts,
    so it’s difficult to receive reply from wentworth or his agency.

  • ELLE_sweden

    PPL!! what u gonna do if there comes up that he gonna marrie her and start a family??? WENt is HUMAN!! DO u gonna kill yourself or what???? LOL!!!

  • CapriciousDiva

    Who manage to get all this footage so close up it seems they disn’t even realise there was any cams about

  • ELLE_sweden

    To yujin:
    was it a long time ago?? and to recive a signatur, u have to ask for it or how??
    thanx!! :)

  • Just Jared

    Of note: One major magazine has picked up these photos. Check your local newsstands soon for these pics!

  • yujin

    to ELLE >>

    yeah, i think it was so long time ago.
    and i don’t know if she asked it.
    just i think the signature was a something to thank for a fanletter.

  • ScoCredi99

    Awe Wenty has a GF….so cute :o)

  • Mia

    Wentworth has been around the same sort of girl since he’s been in hollywood the dumb airhead’s.
    This is something different for him perhaps it’s because she stimulates his brain.
    It won’t last I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • HOW CUTE IS THAT??!! Isa

    I think this is awesome!
    i mean he seems really happy and they would be/are a cute couple!!
    He was lonely for such a long time and now this: i´m sooo thrilled!
    I really hope it´s true … and the hand-around-each-other-thing gives me hope!

    so: go, wenty and amice, go!!!

  • butterfly

    Many people don’t understand, what the polish web site (is not magazine), it knows full name of this lady. Who said, the discreet Went? I don’t believe…
    Is posible found many information of her by internet? Does she anonymous person? What is possible found a lot of pages, servants, photos, etc. of this girl with your nicknames?
    I think that she’s a person who informed into all on this here, maybe she wants fama or put in a harm at the actor.

  • Mink

    #10 Dilly – Oh sure. As I posted elsewhere I can totally appreciate his reticent body language may well be due to a suspicion on his part that they are being photographed. And he is definitely being attentive to a degree. There is just a difference in their vibes I noticed. I can’t really offer any kind of proper opinion on why that might be.

    Whatever, I’m now assuming they are together (or this really is a very elaborate setup), and I wish them all the best.

  • Soulsista

    I absolutely agree with Shelly! Seriously this has gotten way out of hand with the fans…leave him be…hes not hurting anyone dating this woman…he clearly is…so people need to deal with it!! as if Went owes anyone anything…nothing wrong with him dating this woman…calm down!!!!!!

  • Softspoken

    It just looks like she’s the one laughing. When she put her hand on her hip, she laughed a bit but, it seemed like Went didn’t even crack a smile. I do admit that in the pictures where they’re in the restaurant and she has one hand on his shoulder she’s all over him because if you look at Went’s left hip, her arm is going around his waist. Can you see her hand on his left hip? You can tell she wants him bad.
    I think this is part of a publicity stunt. Why? well, for the simple fact that if this is Went’s girlfriend why would he make it so obvious as to go out with her in broad daylight with a bottle of champagne. He obviously wanted the would to see that he was out and about with some ugly fake blond chick. Whatever, they’re both losers.

    Anyway, Prison break has gone to hell. I will not be watching the 3rd season.

  • Bunny

    Jared-you are enjoying all of this way too much……………….

  • ELLE_sweden

    OMG!! I watched some of those Korean videos again…. gosH!! Went is such a sweetheart!! YOU cant hate him!! It’s like ur heart is melting when u see him there….his smile makes peace and love!! PPL watch those vids and feel a little bit happier!!

  • Happy for Went

    SOFTSPOKEN… that is exactly what I was talking about before… How can anyone say that they won’t watch Season 3 because of this?!?! That’s utterly ridiculous and STUPID.

    Grow up.

  • ScoCredi99

    Well now all we can do is sit back and watch how long this relationship lasts…i’m just looking forward to more Went Sightings preferably with him happy and smiling at his girl …though after this I think he might go back to being a hermit lol!!!

    But out of curiosity….this date happened a week ago now….they haven’t been seen since…you would think that since these pics are everywhere that the Paparazzo would have caught them together again by now…..

    I knew Went loved Starbucks…but twice in one day??? wow one large double chocolate chip frap gets me full…he had two large drinks in one day..was one caramel frap (when he’s walking alone during the day)and I think the other may have been a Caramel Macciato…since he mentioned those being his fave drinks….

  • Lisa

    That is quite a bit of Starbucks for one day.. kind of a boring day lol.. though, i know me, and im sure ms. amie bice also, probably had fun just looking at him

  • ELLE_sweden

    haha… he’s not on a diet!! :P but gosh he looks gorgeuos!!!

  • ELLE_sweden

    I don’t think he’s in love… it doesnt seems like that on the pics… I mean when someone in love you can see over his face but not Wents… he doesnt look happy at all, more kinda boring…. lol… is he bored on his date?? oh that’s bad!!

  • DeeCee

    Am I watching the same minute video clip??? I would be the first to say yeah, he’s in love land with her..but the pics and video only seem like two close friends. AND what’s the big deal BTW if he did indicate she was his love interest??? I mean if he’s going to be obvious by going out with her IN PUBLIC and NOT keep it discreet, knowing the mass hysteria that’s gonna happen anyway..why keep it hidden?? If a man really loves a woman, he’ll show it. I don’t buy this he’s protecting her bull…So he’s letting his fans determine how he relates to his love interest. Puhlease…dude needs to get some balls, if that’s the case!

  • Au

    I agree the man hasn’t said anything he keeps saying he’s single.I bet they will ask him soon about this.Let’s see what he says.This girl for sure looks very “friendly”maybe she’s the touchy type.