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Britney Spears: It's My Time

Britney Spears: It's My Time

Britney Spears hits up a tanning salon and and grabs a sushi dinner in Bel Air on Friday with her BFF cousin Allie.

She got a paparazzo to videotape a message for her fans addressing her recent stint in rehab, which was forced upon her by her management.

Oh, Britney

“Hi! Yes, first I want to say hey to all of my fans and I can’t wait for all my stuff to come out I’m really really excited.

And also I just want to say that I’m just really really shocked at like how nice our world is because it is just so nice. Like, oh my god. Like the other day like I was sitting there and I saw all these magazines and they said I was pregnant and like it’s so true. Like, America, believe everything you read because like you’re smart and I’m stupid. Like, for real! Come on, ya’ll!

And then after that like I totally saw also on like the USA Today because always believe everything you read. It said that, you know, like, I was drinking all the time and, like, it was, like, so right. It was so true, like, oh my god.

It was so right and like my management totally knew what they were doing when they sent me to rehab. So right you know! And like, I’m going to cry right now because the world is so nice. Like, this lady told me she said, “Britney, go to the light. Go to the light and see Jesus.” Okay and I was like, “Oh my god! I’m going to do it!” And I did and it happened! And it was just so weird, cause our world is so nice.

So thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you. I’m going to have to hire you, man. Great, thank you.”

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  • Anonymous

    Oh my god! She’s like, so smart, like totally, y’all!

    She should really stop with her publicity whoring. She’s only making it worse for herself everytime she opens her mouth or shows up somewhere looking like shit again.
    Comeback, my ass. Who’s gonna buy anything she tries to sell anymore?

  • Kristine

    Cute for the second day in a row! I’m impressed.

  • lizzy

    OKAYYYYYY!!! that message was really weird, she seems more whacked out than she did before. She scares me sometimes with some of the things she says. She uses like, like every other word. She sounds like a valley girl to me. She needs to work on her public speaking. Everything about her confuses me.
    I read that message and i was like huh????????????????
    She is definatley not making a comeback!

  • anon

    Are we sure she’s off the drugs/drink? Cuz that sounds like a pretty incoherent rant to me.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    oh why, why why jared

  • uber

    Just love her!

  • SoOK

    Like, that is like, so werid. The world like, is so like, so beautiful.
    The word wold be like so like beautiful to me if I was on what she is on.

  • MMM

    Her neck always looks huge, like a gobbler (we call it a giggy in my family). She needs to stop pushing her chin into it. Oh, and no she is not cute, and should own her baldness and get rid of the wigs.

    Not a fan.

  • http://htt// JOUR

    She goes out everyday where she leaves her children.She has to stop.

  • MMM

    Ok, I just watched the video and does she even know that going to the light is a reference to death??? Um, Brit, like, if you went to the light you would be dead (I can assume this because she did not say that she came back from the light). Also, if she is being so sarcastic through the whole thing does that mean that she thinks she didn’t need rehab? Trust me Brit, you may even need more rehab time. Like Oh My God!

  • Britney’s #1 Fan

    I Llke Britney Spears coz she’s like totally like cool and she like speaks like this and like i can understand like totally everything she says and stuff. I like hate it when like celebrities like speak real good coz like it confuses me sometimes like and i have to do like I undestand what they is saying and stuff but not Britney. She’s cool y’all and like she shows you don’t have to like go to school to be rich in America. The world is real nice, y’all.

    Thank you Thank you for like showing this Britney

  • MonkeyShines

    Vista Del Mar Hospital in Ventura has a bed and restraints waiting for Britney because she’ll have two choices after she kill someone: Plead Insanity (which is obvicously the case) – or plead guilty.

    Go to the mental hospital Britney – 5150 in the cowboy hat!

  • sdsgf

    britney is a complete idiot. she needs to take herself more seriously. fucking douchebag! i don’t see other famous stars breaking down like she is…b/c she can’t handle it!!! go out there and put yourself to good use…do charity work or something!!

  • okay, what?

    what the Fuck????!!!
    What? Seriously, it makes NO sense (I shouldn’t be watching Mulholland Dr right now cause it doesn’t make sense either and I think I’m really too confused)

  • tonyboy

    OK Guys, she was being sarcastic… She really was, so chill you guys.. She was bashing all the reports the media has made.. Chill… And i love her!

  • sarcastic

    Yup, total sarcasm! If you go to and watch the video she is actually trashing all the 15 yr old bubble heads that speak that way and mocking Parisite, who speaks in that little valley girl voice when she is pretending to be a decent human being who has never done half the things that she has done. Which begs the really BIG question (glad Jared picked up on this and highlighted it): why is she being sarcastic to her management for sending her to REHAB??!!! Is she not sincere in her recovery efforts? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…

  • jake

    she was being sarcastic in the video btw,

  • fuck her

    she is crazy

  • b

    shes basically saying hey to the fans…. F*ck u to the haters and the media that makes up lies about her and for the people that believe it! good job britney!

  • Lola

    Like, whow, like if that was really Britney, she like, really needs to reevaluate going back to school and like getting that GED. This makes her look terrible.

  • selwyse

    she may have been trying to sound sarcastic but she sunk her cause even more because she came off as immature and nuts. Her faculties of sound judgement obviously aren’t operating.

    And she doesn’t think she needed rehab? Right, because we live in a world where shaving off all your hair and flashing your vadge badge to everyone is a sure sign of self-control and sanity.


  • sdsgf

    DUH! she was being sarcastic, but doing this video is beyond lame. what an idiot. if she think this is a good way to twist the rumors and media portrayal of her, then she need to reevaluate herself cause she just made herself looks DUMB.

  • lula29

    She’s being sarcastic, but she definitely has issues and I feel for her.

    I’m not a fan, could never stand her crappy music, but it does break my heart to see a young woman implode before my eyes.

    I really hope one day she finds true happiness.

  • tiger

    I am trying to figure out why is she addressing America? Like, everyone is focused on her? She should get real and wake up and look in the mirror and see what she has become. I bet one day she will wish that people care like she believes they do. I don’t think the public has to waste time reading anything to be smarter. Her stupid actions say it all far as I am concerned. I was horrified when I saw her driving with her toddler in her lap.

    “Get over yourself Britney, like seriously, you ain’t all that!”

  • Mario

    Man! SHE IS TOTALLY CRAZY!! People come on, let’s pray for her XD HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I feel sorry for her… Doesn’t she feel ashamed of doing that stupid things?

  • Liz

    She can’t even keep the contempt out of her voice when she’s talking to her fans.

    Britney, the world IS too hard on you. But, the world did give you a lot of money. Use it to go away and buy a home somewhere private (like Julia Roberts did). The media will attack someone new. Go put yourself back together so you can be a mom. Anyone with a heart will be happy to see you do it and rooting for you to come back strong and succeed again. You have it in you. Just walk away if you can.

  • tina

    if she doesn’t want people saying & writing negative stuff about her, she should just stay at home and live a normal life instead of pulling stunts that make people think she’s a little loose in the head. honestly, she deliberately did all this to herself because she loves the attention.

  • sazz.

    um yeaa she should spend some time OUTTA THE LIMELIGHT! Go hang with your family, be normal, give away some of that money to charity. Go into early retirement or somethin Brit. The whole “sarcasm, trying to get attention” thing is annoying.

  • sazz.

    and yea, go find a house away from the public & hollywood & stuff, Like Julia R.

  • Jess

    like oh my god!…….she’s like totally brilliant!!!…….hahaha

  • Stella

    Britney, I love you to death. But stop keeping it real…real dumb! I hope management also give her public speaking lessons or take acting classes or simply tell her to think before she speaks. On a bright note, she looks good here, ya’ll.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    This is a joke…… Right??? :(

  • MonkeyShines

    In order to be sarcastic one needs to know first what the word means and two how to properly and effectively use sarcasm and Miss high school drop-out wouldn’t recognize sarcasm if it smacked her in the head and shaved her head – oops.

    Britney was being an attention seeking media hound. Hmm..she’s speaking no differently than she has in behind the scenes videos, or when she was on Dateline – so now your excuse for her is she learned to use sarcasm? Nah, Britney is mental unbalanced and seems to have a substance addiction issue that she refuses to acknowledge. This is Elvis-redux fans enabling their idol- sick.

    Seriously, at some point her mom is going to have declared mental incompetent and a danger to herself and others and Britney will be locked away like John Hinkley.

  • The Hypnotoad

    She ain’t smart enough to do sarcasm. It just makes her sound like an airhead and not the ironic airhead she was intending to be.

  • tia

    I feel sorry for anyone who buys her next album. The girl obviously has issues and no psychiatrist in the world can help her, especially if she can’t even admit to herself that she has a problem. The girl doesn’t care about her fans and she obviously doesn’t care about herself, so why would anyone support this girl by buying any of her future cds? It would be a huge waste.

  • Erin

    tiger Says:
    April 14th, 2007 at 7:37 pm – flag comment

    I am trying to figure out why is she addressing America? Like, everyone is focused on her?

    Dude…she’s addressing America because, as unfortunate as it is, we are ALL here reading these blogs, her stories and scandals make it onto CNN… I’d feel justified in addressing America if the chronicles of my life made CNN Headline news. It’s sad, but it’s true…

  • Courtney

    I love britney. I know what she means and she is just saying it in her own way. But instead of giving an interview to the paparazzi I think she should have done it in another way.

  • Someoneelse

    “Tu te tornas eternamente responsável por aquilo que cativas.”

  • mr.Fisherman

    Britney is so much, like, of a dumbass, and why does she, like, always, like, look similar to a ‘bo with all her, like, looks and, like, stupid clothes?
    i can’t imagine someone smart buying her upcoming stuff. who needs it, anyway? she puts only absence of a talent to her songs.

  • natalie

    like, i haven’t like, said like so many like times in my like entire life.
    Like, the world has, like, totally like lost you, Britney. Like, you shouldn’t like be living like anymore. Because like you’ve like lost it.

    And now some words from a normal person: yeah I didn’t understand a word of that. She’s insane.

  • WTF

    What a stupid twat! I hope that was a word for word rant. The bitch said like 18 times in what 4 minutes? Damn can you tell she in uneducated?

    Some come back this is.

    Someone remind this w h o r e she has 2 kids somewhere.

  • Real Life

    pathetic…. stop posting for this girl it´s just ridiculous…

  • Raye

    Is she okay?

  • Caroline

    Wow, people, she was joking!
    I can’t believe anyone would take that seriously… o0

    Yes, she should think before she speaks, and yes it was definitely NOT a smart move, but hey she can throw a joke from time to time! (yeah that one was kinda lame)


    i saw her at the time that she filmed this and she was very slurred and she seemed a bit strange she was seen formally by her cousin allie and was heard saying this piece i think its exetremley sad that the people and blooming paparatzi wony leave her alone so um yeah the attentoin is definatley a part of this and she knows that its her life thats the reason she shaved her head to get attention from the media poor cow when i saw her she seemed depressed and horrified thats all i can say but i feel very soory for her its a good girl gone bad and its a terible shame shes famous for her talent but shes turning that around she need a good wake up call like paris hilton

  • rose

    she needs a good smacked bottom poor lamb and a bottle of mil like nicole riche