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Jake Gyllenhaal @ GLAAD Awards 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal @ GLAAD Awards 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal greets Jennifer Aniston with a holy kiss on stage at The GLAAD Media Awards 2007 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

Naturally, this staring picture is the funniest! Oh, Jake

Jake presented the former Friends star with the Vanguard Award for her contributions to increased visibility and understanding of the LGBT community. Previous winners include Cher, Eric McCormack (Will and Grace), and Charlize Theron.

UPDATE: InsideSocal reports on some Jake highlights from the show:

“When the noise went on perhaps a little too long (he was, after all, there to present to his The Good Girl co-star Jennifer Aniston), the ever charming Jake said to the crowd: “Settle down. Settle down. Settle down cowboys…[then there was a chorus of female shrieks so he added]…and cowgirls apparently.”

Gyllenhaal, star of Brokeback Mountain then said: “People say actors are brave for taking on certain roles. I say no. What’s truly brave is picking out what to wear in front of this crowd!”"

25+ pictures inside of Jake & Jennifer getting their smooch on…

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jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 01
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 02
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 03
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 04
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 05
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 06
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 07
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 08
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 09
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 10
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 11
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 12
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 13
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 14
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 15
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 16
jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 17
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 01
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 02
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 03
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 04
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 05
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 06
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 07
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 08
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 09
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 10
jennifer aniston jake gyllenhaal glaad awards 2007 11

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  • Lovely

    OMG y is he kissing jennifer aniston??

  • Rii

    Great set of pictures! Jake’s gorgeous and goofy at the same time, he has such funny expressions.

    And it’s good to see some pics of Jake and Jennifer together, they were great in The Good Girl.

  • Frances

    They would make a handsome ass couple.

  • kip

    Is this ground hog’s day. Didn’t we see this before. Well it kept Jennifer in the news last time I guess they have decided to do it again.

  • Charlotte

    From my point of view Jennifer takes everysingle opportunity to rub herself onto Jake
    Looks like he is the blue prince for the divorcees

  • Angela

    I do remember reading somewhere that Jake said that kissing Jennifer was his favorite screen kiss. (think this was prior to BBM though)

  • live and let live

    Lovely Says:

    April 15th, 2007 at 1:47 am – flag comment
    OMG y is he kissing jennifer aniston??

    Looks like a kiss to the side of the lip to me.

  • jolierocks

    I’m guessing Uncle Jack Nasty had a crush on J.A. but they are in different places now…timing timing timing :)

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Jen is making sure Jake doesnt get to press down on her new lips.might squeeze the collagen or botox right out of em.I’m sorry people but her face looks plastic unnatural.If shes getting this to boost her self esteem fine ,to each her own..the face I see but the new lips makes me think theres a different reason…not to mention the planned skit with Jake…as if to say ‘Hey the younger men are trying to get at me’…I hope thats not true…becuz unless shes a clone of someone else(inside an out)theres no comp at all..and has his baby…

  • chez

    He can’t take his eyes off her. They make a really cute couple.
    Once again it just show how much Jen’s peers like her. She really must be a nice person. Wonderful pics.

  • mrs grated cheese

    Aww sweet! What is it with Jake and Divorced women? He looks great, thanks for the pics!

  • The Modern Goddess
  • The Modern Goddess
  • craigjenfan

    bradangemadzshipaxlove u are the most g=disgraceful person on the planet..jen and jake r frends and they are aloud to kiss each other..if she got a bottox thing its none of yur business..u have to get a life and stop supporting the wrong side..jen is wonderful woman ange is just a hoem wrecker..just like she did to Laura..when she went for Billy Bob get a grip

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    U do not know get a grip…theres a lot worse said about JA than what Ive typed…An I personally think its a rehearse skit…and…your view is different..I wont call you a name cuz u have an opinion..Dont project what u thinkin about yourself towards me…People do have rehearsals 4 these events maybe Jake winged some of it..but my opinion stands…JA has Botox her face completely an her Lips are larger..forehead is smooth..shes a known Smoker 4 years& no lines near her lips anymore..Vanish…she can barely smile properly cuz she hasnt got use to the botox or collagen in her lips…Look closely at the pics in this thread an the first one…then check out sites a few years back if u must…but its Obvious…the only thing she cant fix is the shape of her Face..hencefore the hair the same to try&camflouge it…an Disgraceful starts with a D…Its an observation people…The same way some of u observe yourselves…..

  • dani

    Jake looks hot!

  • sue

    They would make a cute couple but i think jake is a little young for aniston, still both of them are HOT!

  • amle

    Jen is hot.

  • Charlotte

    Is she trying to put her tongue down his throat?

  • tanique33

    haha, they’ve always had a cute little friendship. i’d cosign for these two.

  • Amy

    I’d be more worried about where HIS lips had been, just cannot get past that Brokeback Mountain scene…

  • Anon.

    Dear me, they look hot together. And the way he’s holding her and looking at her, and hugging her and the kissing….SHEESH. I think these two are totally hot together. Don’t know about all the Reese Rumors, but this one I’d believe in a heartbeat! In fact, I think he’s been there….and it wasn’t that long ago. Definitely. They sizzle!
    Goosip rags, blogs and paps chasing down all this nonsense on some wild goose chase! And look at this. My, my, my.

  • nene

    glad to see pic of them together, I love “The good girl”,poor holden.

  • Anon

    Amy, you are a homophobic idiot.

  • je

    Is Jake her new boy she’s dating with or her new tool for publicity of “what a good girl she is”?
    Je has been indifferent to me, but since she gets all the good headlines nuts, just for nothing – let a lone for outstanding events such as a good movie award or a good deed award – she is suspicious to me… Isn’t she manipulative?

  • dani

    What is your problem Amy, are you a homophobe or what? The kisses in Brokeback were sexy. Just STFU, k?

  • Amy

    Anon, read the bible, it’s a SIN.

  • dani

    I notice here are a lot of posters who dislike Jennifer Aniston, don’t care about that, but leave Jake out of it.

  • R.W.
  • mae

    I would say get it on guys, it’ll be an upgrade on both sides cause Vince is just a hot mess now as for Kirsten…..Also it will be better for Jake there’ll be no ready made family and no baby daddy drama as could potentially be with Reese. What a damn cute couple.

  • Jackie0

    i hope they hook up…they would look cute together for sure….jake n Resse W ….nah man she ugly….But Jen i love her…she needs a goood boy toy…n jake’s the man :)

  • Lori

    God I love him.

  • Margaret

    Actually, Brad Pitt should have won this award. He gave up the pleasure of marrying his precious Angelina because gays and lesbians cannot marry. Geeeez, GLAAD, give that boy an award. LOL

  • dani

    R.W, i bet your fave celeb i 10x uglier. ;)

  • angela

    Amy, I hope you’re aware that the Bibles also says its ok to own slaves and that women are to be subservient to men

  • dani

    I’m getting tired of all this Brad/Angelina/Jennifer crap. I deliberately don’t read posts about either of them, now i want to check out some Jake pics and i’m confronted with B/A/J. So annoying.

  • H

    I could so see these two having a fling. Seriously dating, no, but having a fling absolutely. Does this mean we can put all the Reese rumors to rest?

  • xaxo

    Jake is gay

  • devon

    well thats old news

    i think everyone knows about this by now

  • dani

    Even if he was, it’s no big deal, but i believe he’s not. Just wishful thinking for some…;)

  • Really

    xaxo Says:

    April 15th, 2007 at 11:57 am – flag comment
    Jake is gay

    Really? So Reese and Jennifer are like the girls Rock Hudson use to hang with. Well I can see Jennifer perpetratng a fraud but not Reese. So the rumors about Reese and Jake must not be true. Just friends.

  • Anon.

    I can totally see them together. I wish they’d make another movie together…a romantic comedy…with lots of sex! They have amazing chemistry. She really looks good. I mean she really does, and I am not a JA fan. And Jake? Jake always looks totally delicious. I adore him. He is a beauty!

  • fran

    the kiss on the mouth is silly they did that for publicity so not original

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Jake has lost a little coolness because of that kiss.

  • Christine

    Amy, you’re ridiculous. Stop using the bible as justification for you’re homophobic views. I don’t care if he is gay or not. He’s still beautiful and so is Jennifer.

  • Chica

    I always thought they wee cute together and he does like older women, actually Reese is a bit young for him!

  • Jake’s the man

    Jake wants kids someday. Have an affair with Aniston but DO NOT MARRY HER. Brad did not take this advice I hope Jake does.

  • Dirty Denise

    My goodness, the ugly manly looking b*tch is so desperate. She clings to everybody. She does not give anybody a chance to breathe when she is around.
    Such a pitiful, clingy needy b*tch.

  • swan

    She’s gonna be like those women who are addicted to plastic surgey, and end up looking like a damn fool. This is where this superficial b*tch is headed. She will look like Michael Jackson soon.

  • OnM

    So um, Amy, did your ma tell you it was a ‘sin’ or the pastor at your back-of-beyond church in the stixx? Judge not lest Ye Be Judged is another one you need to remember.

    You asked for that.

    Jake was great in BBM. :D Great film.