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Jennifer Aniston @ GLAAD Awards 2007

Jennifer Aniston @ GLAAD Awards 2007

Jennifer Aniston (in Chanel) walks the red carpet with former boy bander Lance Bass at The GLAAD Media Awards 2007 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) recognized Aniston, who recently portrayed a lesbian on Dirt, with the Vanguard Award for her contributions to increased visibility and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Lance presented tennis legend and activist Martina Navratilova with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston oh so GLAAD…

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  • Tina

    How can we say this delicately – No more plastic surgeon visits. She almost unrecognisable!!

  • 2985

    What has she done to get the Vanguard Award? The overhyped ‘kiss’ with Courtney on her show? I really don’t understand why she was even there. Jake I get, with his cowboy love movie (really awesome!) so that’s an obvious contribution, ditto Lance Bass coz he’s gay and Martina Navratilova but honestly, Jennifer? Can’t come up with anything… :?:

  • Yily

    Wow, Jennifer Aniston look amazing in these pictures. I’m rooting for her. Hope she will soon find a new boyfriend. One that will finally give her a baby and the happiness she deserves.

  • dia

    where is her girlfriend CC???

  • Rii

    Congrats to Jennifer!

    She looks gorgeous and healthy as usual, the dress is beautiful.

  • Frances

    She looks flawless. She is very very gorgous. Doesn’t look day over 30!

  • jewel

    Oh my gosh! It’s Jen! I missed her sooo much! Love her style! Love her looks! I love everything about her!

    Hope to see more of her pics!

  • jewel

    Nice legs! Gorgeous body! What a beautiful lady inside and out.

  • kip

    Please don’t give her the pity party compliment. She looks cute not beautiful.

    Yes she got her nose done. There is NO question.

  • mack

    I lov her dress! Where did she get that? She really is a pro when choosing and wearing her own set of clothes whatever the occasion is. We’ll have Jeniffer Aniston again as People’s Best Dressed this year.

    I’ll definitely vote for her. Love her much!

  • maria

    What has she done so to be gld? stupid woman!

  • Xena

    She actually believes that if she claims she didn’t get her nosed fixed, than it is so! She can lie to the public but she can’t lie to herself. She got her nosed fixed!! she can’t lie to herself

  • chicky

    Jennifer is beautiful! No question about it.

    I wonder if Brad searches the internet to have a glimpse of her sweet, pretty and sexy lady.

  • Gina

    She’s probably getting compliments “Great nose Jennifer” where she goes “Oh thank you”

  • Frances

    If Jennifer never denied that she had work done on her nose. It was a precedure to fix a one that was incorrectly done before — which is why ehr nose looks EXACTLY the same.

    Either way she’s the shit… and it makes you mad! I LOVE it!

  • Aia

    I can’t explain the excitement and thrill that I am feeling right now afer seeing Jen once more on the net. She looks radiant and looks so happy and content with the new life she has. I wish her a new man who will love her more than Brad did. Goodluck to you Jen!

  • Monique

    SHE IS BEAUTIFUL IN THESE PICS! I like her eyes! Her nose is great! And oh…it looks just great on her! I like her dress! I like her pair of legs! I love her body! Oooh….i love everthing of her! I’m feeling like a man.

  • live and let live


    Brad had her for almost ten years. He knows her better than you all and he wanted out. She looks the same as she always has but now people are just looking at her as poor jennifer ie #3 post about rooting for her.

  • Monique

    JEN IS BEAUTIFUL IN THESE PICS! I like her set of eyes! I like her dress! Her nose is great and it looks good on her! I love her pair of legs. I love her body! Oooh….I’m feeling like a man.

  • Dona

    that’s definitely a new nose which she vehemently denied ! she can’ t lied on it, what else did she lied before ?

  • Angela

    Yeah, what has Jennifer done for the GLBT community?? I think she kissed Winnona Ryder on Friends and Courtney Cox on Dirt. Wow, what an assest to the community. Surely there are other actors and actresses that are far more deserving then her.

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    She looks different not just her new nose, her lips,top one especially check last photo out shes puckering alot,feeling the effect of the filler definitely new lips, injections..Botox all over the face, forehead lines have been filled ,by her mouth where she had lines from smoking shes been botox,possibly restalyn in her cheeks..My friend clued me in on this, she works in a plastic surgeons office..I mention her before shes the one with the tatooed eyebrows(Pam A.thread).The only thing she hasnt changed is the hair,still using it to camflouge the shape of her face.Im sure the JA supporters will say why are u here pointing this out an be on the defensive..if so oh well its to obvious not to mention…and I felt like it…And this is JJ comment section..Im not being mean just stating the oh so obvious…

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Oh yeah her eyes seem to be slanted some sort of an asian look especially when shes smiling hencefore the new nose.

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    oh yeah her eyes appear to look quite slanted when she smiles now hencefore the new nose job.

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Sorry about the twice post.

  • don’t-cha-get-it!

    Isn’t it obvious by now? Jennifer doesn’t need all the publicity about what she does or does not do made public in order to validate her soul. However, on the other hand, Angelina needs everything or WANTS everything documented by press about how good she is and what she does represented in the press.

    Love Aniston and wishing her the best. And she looks great!

  • Pffff

    unfortunate face, lots of plastic surgery and short, stubby legs

  • poorjen

    Is she so unwanted by the straight guy comunity that she has resorted to becoming a faux fag hag, or is she there because she’s a transexual? she” such a phony. When asked about her Dirt kiss w/CC she blew it off “it’s no big deal, it’s just a peck,not a lesbian kiss” way to get an award fraudison, how dep into your pocket did you reach for that? OR maybe her GODESS CIRCLE is what we’ve suspected all along! COME OUT-COME OUT-WHATEVER YOU ARE!!!!

  • poorjen

    faux faghag?????

  • poorjen


    No Publicity? Whaddaya call this?

  • fatthighs

    i’m sorry but fat thighs are not a good look-telling it like it is.

  • orange

    can she once not turn up at an event looking orange-damn is she mental or crazy or both.

  • short legs

    her legs are short-woman with long lean legs look much better-but jen is a natural ,cough, so i guess she can’t get a leg transplant-so sad, too bad

  • 2985

    Yily #3, a woman doesn’t need a boyfriend to be ‘happy’, it’s the 21st century, nor does she need a baby for that. If she’s happy as she is, good for her. If you genuinely think she deserves happiness, since it seems you’re such a fan of Jen, then shouldn’t you be wishing her happiness RIGHT NOW, not conditional on a baby/new boyfriend/whatever? To hinge your happiness on something/someone is not healthy anyway. :)


    Let me clue you ALL in:

    Stephen Huvane is her PR monster agent who also reps Kirsten Dunst, and Gwen Paltry – Huvane is GAY. Huvane is also very powerful among the west coast GAYS who run this outfit…HUVANE BOUGHT THIS AWARD FOR MANISTON.

    Huvane is also of HUVANE INC. His brothers OWN CAA and GQ Mag – yes, the same mag that NOT coincidentally made Aniston their ‘MAN of the year’ for persevering through her divorce and being oh so strong…that is, in between bouts of crying, slurring her ex, breaking down to interviewers, throwing enumerable pity parties, playing the victim full time, and weeping into Oprah’s bosoms on a semi-weekly basis through all of 2005-2006…bahahaha!

    Yeah, she was such a TOWER of strength – why just LOOK at ALL that she’s done since ending her marriage of 4 years…

    ..she fell in love and started a family…
    ..she’s given birth…
    …adopted two children…
    …lost her mother to cancer…
    …been inducted onto the Council on Foreign Relations…
    …made 4 A-list films…
    …directed a documentary on world cultures…
    ..been to Costa Rica, Chad and Darfur fulfilling her responsibilities as a UN Ambassador…
    …given close to 5 million away to charitable causes…

    …oh! wait! — :shock: …that was somebody else (the name escapes me :wink: ), MY BAD….

    To continue…

    Huvane does indeed EARN his 15% of her 110 million dollar fortune. He keeps Maniston in the public eye as best he can. This is their NEW TACT with Maniston, to get her OUT of the TABLOID domain somewhat (not totally of course, Huvane will still leak and plant Aniston stories to the tabloids and weeklies don’t get me wrong) – but he will try to lasso more of these kinds of gigs, in the hopes Aniston will be taken ‘seriously’ by someone (her career is in the toilet) and seen as less the do-nothing tv sit-com tabloid whiner.

    Only problem is, everyone in town KNOWS this award is BOUGHT & PAID FOR by Huvane and those who don’t subscribe to the school of sell-outs, are resentful because of it.

    Like almost everyone with a conscience, most heard about this, and went wha???!! :shock:

    Here’s the sitch – this is ONLY year 3 of these awards being televised. The year before last they ONLY had 5 older stars no one really cared about. It wasn’t even covered nationwide. Last year they started to hip it up, make it a younger deal — Gyllenhal, Charlize Theron, various TV peeps, etc. This year same thing – suddenly GLAAD has a legitimate ‘award’ TV show and they want as much press as they can get – what better way than to PIMP themselves out (SELL OUT) and give ‘Jennifer Aniston,’ the biggest TV sit com hack, woman scorned, coattail riding tabloid poster child and MINI-VAN darling a spot on their show. They want GLAAD to go mainstream – who is more MAINSTREAM than Jennifer Aniston – she’s TV, she’s average, a lot of the same wingnuts who voted to ban gay marriage are ALSO voting FOR Jennifer Aniston to triumph over her homeliness with lots of plastic surgery, a good tan, bleached hair and nice outfits – just as they want her to triumph over the genetically perfect world saving HOT MOVIE STAR duo who ‘broke her heart.’ waaaaah. Huvane is pretty brilliant — his client wins, and so does the GLAAD televised ceremony.

    Nevermind that it doesn’t make sense. What has she done, you ask? Why, nothing. I don’t even think Maniston could string together 4 of her monosyllabic answers to questions to tell you what it means either. Vanguard? Well, that means she’s old. It just reminds people that she’s been around a LONG time – long enough to start receiving these lifetime achievement awards anyway :shock: — lolol, but it also is indeed an award that has ‘social good’ intrinsic in it – which Maniston beleaguered by the impression she does nothing for no one (except tip her valet an extra two points when she’s not feeling b*tchy) was sorely in need of. Huvane knew this. He knew he couldn’t take one selfish tv sit-com b*tch and turn her into Angelina Jolie overnight, but he hysterically has tried to give her some redeeming qualities and enlisted his fellow gays to help a bro out.

    Yeah, even SHE looks shocked and embarrassed at having gotten the damn thing knowing she’s done d*ck to deserve it. :lol: I’m sure she kept saying she was so surprised.

    Yeah ‘Jen’ so were we….so were we.

    As to how she looks. Please, for the love of God – there is no place on earth, where this woman would be considered ‘beautiful,’ if she’s beautiful – Bette Midler is stunning and Sarah Jessica rivals Natalie Portman…

    …say her dress is nice, say she has a really good colorist, say she appears to have gotten used to the botox and restylane in her upper lip, cheeks and those deep lines and brackets by her nose (her face seems not so paralytic now), you might even say that her hairline surgery scar correcting her extremely low forehead is not quite so visible…

    …but please, do not say beautiful, or even pretty.

    Because you know, I know, she knows, and even Kim Stewart knows…she ain’t.

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    And so do I… and she never will be…. Tell it like it is C….Thanks for the info….Can I say ‘Busted’….

  • Cara

    ^^^ OMG what a rant!! Well I know one thing she didn’t do: break up a marriage!

  • pass it on

    Jen looks fantastic.
    Stop hating people, it will come back on you tenfold.

  • claire

    One must be Jen to get those supporting headlines.

    It’s fascinating how Jen manages to get award without any effort. There are so many other well-established, well-known and influential celebrities who have been engaging for homosexuality and equality for gays, lesbians and transsexuals for years and years, but they don’t get any of these awards… Though they the real commited ones. Jen just needs to give a simple, not spectacular kiss to her long-term girlfriend, and all newspapers make out of it a big and explosive story as if she has kissed an alien and she has been engaging for an issue for decades.

    This woman must be very lucky or very clever how to manage her self-image in the public. One has to agree she is not the most beautiful woman, nor the most talented actress, nor the most socially commited celebrity, but she beats others in one thing: She knows not only how to make but also how to sell a good image of herself. I congratulate her for her skill of seducing people with her self-made image! In this sense she is a real hollywood star.

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    You know no such thing theres always 3 sides to a story and then the truth..But one of the things we all know she didnt do give Brad childen….

  • don’t-cha-get-it!

    BradAngMadZShiPaxLove…can’t you just shorten it to Blob?

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Would I be referring it bout u then its quite possible

  • ava verhaal

    Change the fucking hair!


    37, neither did Angelina. You’re just a hater of women more beautiful than your silly bitter a.s.s – the only one who broke up a marriage was Brad. He left Maniston, Maniston filed for divorce. That’s the way that childless 4 year old cookie crumbled. It was only after she saw how quickly Brad was ready to move on, that Maniston became distressed and started worrying about how Brad wasn’t mourning his relationship. Hell, dude was happy, eager and ready to start LIFE after crawling out of the lonely boring tv sit-com hell he had been subjected to – who could blame him?! You just hate Angelina, because she is a younger, more accomplished, stunning Oscar winner who came NEXT for Brad. Fine, be enraged that Brad got on with his life, and with a much better woman than Aniston – but don’t blame Angelina because Brad Pitt fell in love with her and wanted to be with her so soon AFTER his marriage offically ended. The fact is, it really wasn’t ‘so soon’ in actuality — because everyone and their brother knew that it had been over for them for some time, even before the official split in January of ’05. Face facts. Stop hating. Get a life.

  • NormanisJenSon

    That new nose sure is much smaller but make her chin more prominent. at the end. She is still not pretty ! If she is beautiful then Barbara Streisand is stunning. I think they look so similar, only Ms Streisand doesn’t reconstruct her nose.


    Agreed 43. She looks the same at all these events. If you had told me this was her at the Dirt premiere or a premiere for any one of her own sh*tty movies that she released in the last few years, I couldn’t say otherwise.

    Black dress? check. Orangey spray on tan? check. Colorist appt for same golden blonde shade she’s worked 15 years running? check. Hair STILL curtaining face. check. Middle part from 1973? check. Lack of charisma, no humor and no wit? check, check and check. Same dumb boring expression and fake small smile? check…and check.

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    As we all know Ang was given the word in an interview an it got blown out of proportion cuz shes Angelina Jolie…and any news on her sells neg or positive…thats how it is when youre a A-lister… Amazing, Gwen Steffani use the same word no said the word out right but u already know that#41…when I referred to children read my name theres more than 1.If youd like to be referred as dont cha get it problem…but Im not really interested…

  • http://htt// SA
  • The best

    World’s Most Beautiful woman



  • cheesecake

    To whoever this CLINIQUA is. Gosh you are a bitter person. Please use all this energy for positive effect, you are so darn negative. If you like Brad and Angelina, just focus on that. They are together now, there is no benefit to you to be hating Jennifer just because she was married to him. It’s in the past, they have all moved on with their lives.
    I admire Jennifer for not getting pregnant to save a dying marriage, that would have been so unfair on all parties, especially any children involved.
    Stop going on about lies and stuff. They all do it. Brad, Angelina too. Angelina has has plastic surgery, so has Jen.
    I think you would be happier in yourself if you could get rid of all this hate inside yourself.