Alex Pettyfer: Future 'Mummy' Hottie

Alex Pettyfer: Future 'Mummy' Hottie

Up and coming British teen actor Alex Pettyfer is rumored to star in The Mummy 3!

Pettyfer, 17, starred in the limited release of Stormbreaker last year co-starring Ewan McGregor. He is now up for the role of Alex O’Connell, the son of Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz‘s characters in The Mummy films.

Fraser will return for but very, very, very unfortunately Rachel Weisz pulled out, reports Variety. Jet Li is set to take on the role of the villian. Michelle Yeoh is also in talks to join the cast.

The Mummy 3, aka Mummy: Curse of the Dragon, will be set in China and has a tentative release date of July 18, 2008. The movie will be directed by Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) and the script penned by Smallville creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough.

15+ shirtless pictures of Alex Pettyfer inside…

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Credit: Variety; Photos: Kai Z Feng, Source
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  • mrs grated cheese

    Cute kid. But seriously the Mummy 3? Are there no original ideas left in H-town?
    Bredan should take a cue from Rachel and jump ship! ASAP.
    Or wait…he’s hasn’t got a career left.

  • guccipostagurl

    i cannot believe he is 16…

  • jaja

    cant wait for it to come out but i think its gonna suck without rachel
    i wonder whos gonna take her spot

  • No

    I think it is a great idea to make The Mummy 3…….lately most movies coming out of HW suck so it will be good to go back to the ones that were good.
    It sucks about Rachel, I hope they can talk her into doing it. If not then replacing her would be a bad idea, better that they just explain away her abscence.

  • Jules

    wow he’s gorgeous! Why must he be 16?!!?

  • Jules

    oh wait he’s 17 :) thats better

  • Grrr

    Dayum.. the boys didn’t look like this when I was 17 :(

  • sherhona

    goodness this guys hottt! :D

  • i

    he looks like nick carter with a mullet

  • rachel

    what’s the legal smoking age in britain?

  • 2985

    Hey Grrr, same here, why didn’t the guys have bods this fine when I was 17! :lol:

  • Movielover

    I think they will make Evelyn’s character pass away, thats the only way to explain the absense of the mother.

  • Valzinha

    Speechless. I Just sooooo love him.
    completely yummy. Just waiting him to be legal. HA HA HA

  • kae

    Nice bod!

  • angelina_mmm

    Grrr Says:
    April 15th, 2007 at 4:02 pm – flag comment

    Dayum.. the boys didn’t look like this when I was 17 :(

    I was thinking the same thing….

  • black

    Jet Li, Brandon Fraser and this kid……actually sounds good to me!

    And this boy sure looks older than 17.

  • babyt

    he’s very lean…thats all I can say lol

  • Julia

    17?! None of the 17 year old boys at my school look like this……… whyyyyyyy!?! hahah.

  • Joojoo

    he’s yummy…
    and wtf about rachel weisz not coming back?! she sucks for that. i hope she IS going to be in it. michelle yeoh and jet li in mummy 3 would be so cool.

  • SoHappyForSalma

    yummy, i will watch him in any movie! yes, please!

  • darkangel

    this guy is soooooo hot…………he did a few stunts at his movie “Storm Breaker” and he’s so gr8 so i’m expecting him to do te same >

  • darkangel

    this guy is sooooo hot……..he did a few stunts at his movie “the stormbreaker” and he’s so great so i’m expecting him to do the same

  • darkangel

    it wouldn’t be the same without rachel :-

  • iheartwent

    damnn this kid is hot

  • hello there alex

    hey sexy beast
    i think ur hott
    but i have to say
    NO SMOKING! that is when u go down, smoke for depression and jess y would u be depressed? u have me

  • alex= my lover!!

    omfg!! he is so… HOT!!!! i watched the movie stormbreaker and fell in love with him!!!! =]

  • liaz

    y do u hav 2 be 17!!!!!!!!1111

    you r so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annie

    y u r 17
    im only13,
    well we cna work it out

  • Lara

    I read on Wikipedia and that Maria Bello will take Rachel’s role in The Mummy 3.

  • guty

    I love him

  • claudia

    sexy boy excessivement beau et a quand meme laire humain (social)

  • ceyra

    wow..he’s so cute.i just love watching him.but is he really smoking?Just a piece of advice:no damages you health.and besidesyou feel clean when you dont smoke.but still i’ll watch every movie you’re in.:)

  • ceyra

    wow..he’s totally cool.but just a piece of advice:No Smoking.It’d be better if you dont. and besides you feel clean when you dont smoke.still, i’m going to watch every movie you’re in.stay cool!:)

  • blonde_bimbo!!;)

    omg hes sooo fit nd onli 17!!

    y does he always play characters wid da name alex??

    luv him loadz


  • blonde_bimbo!!;)


  • paula

    he’s so cute and sexy;))

  • georgie pettyfer

    more movies!!!
    hes 1 sexii beast!

  • Ellesse

    I luv u Alex u r so so HOT!!! the first time i watched Tom Brown skl days i fell 4 u xxxxxxxxx

  • Jones

    OMG – he is stunning.

  • Beeker

    Happy Birthday – you are legal now !!!!1

  • Imogen

    Sadly hes not going to be in the mummy 3,it doesnt say his name on the imdb website.

  • Ranger1

    Propably a good thing. I never really liked the Mummy movies. Alex P is better off .

  • angelique

    Alex are you so cute but do you smoke?

  • luvtolaf

    He is so gorgeous. He is to good to be real.

  • gus
  • Sioban

    Holy – man. Is is relly only 17 yrs old. He is hwt. Wow – to good

  • reilly

    What a hot little minx. How old is he??????

  • desmond

    Love the tongue in that burberry ad


  • Lina

    He is so gorgeous. I can’t wait to see Wild Child. I heard he moved out of his house – lives in a hotel and buys real estate – nice!!!!!

  • hotlz

    Have you seen his mum. Wuz at the Hancock prem -she is major hawt – like a super modle.