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Mark Wahlberg's Third Nipple

Mark Wahlberg's Third Nipple

Mark Wahlberg shows off his third nipple below his normal left nipple in Shooter, his latest action-packed thriller out in theaters now.

FYI: The scientific name for a third nipple is a supernumerary nipple.

20+ pictures of Marky Mark’s third nipple inside…

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mark wahlberg third nipple 01
mark wahlberg third nipple 02
mark wahlberg third nipple 03
mark wahlberg third nipple 04
mark wahlberg third nipple 05
mark wahlberg third nipple 06
mark wahlberg third nipple 07
mark wahlberg third nipple 08
mark wahlberg third nipple 09
mark wahlberg third nipple 10
mark wahlberg third nipple 11
mark wahlberg third nipple 12
mark wahlberg third nipple 13
mark wahlberg third nipple 14
mark wahlberg third nipple 15
mark wahlberg third nipple 16
mark wahlberg third nipple 17
mark wahlberg third nipple 18
mark wahlberg third nipple 19
mark wahlberg third nipple 20
mark wahlberg third nipple 21
mark wahlberg third nipple 22

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30 Responses to “Mark Wahlberg's Third Nipple”

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  1. 1
    Emme Says:

    at least we’ve found a flaw.. oh well, nobody’s perfect.. there had to be something wrong with him.. so like, if you have a third nipple, is it also sensitive like normal nipples? lmao

  2. 2
    jamie Says:

    Chandler Bing?

  3. 3
    TskTsk Says:

    They could of at least airbrushed it out in the photos. He’s still sexy though, I’d let him hit it.

  4. 4
    Jess Says:

    Oh JJ not again.

    It’s one of those things called a MOLE on none celebrities.

  5. 5
    bdj Says:

    With a body like that, who cares about a third nipple. He got a six pack that makes that third nipple look like a mole.

  6. 6
    femme Says:

    I don’t care about the third nipple, I mean, just look at him he is hót, eventhough he’s getting like wrinkles in his face, he’s still hot …

  7. 7
    femme Says:

    another thing… he picks his nose and is still looking hót!

  8. 8
    eathan Says:

    Isn’t it just a MOLE?

    It’s actually called a nipple, but it’s not a breast nipple lol, some people have lots of moles and nipples on their body (i do actually).

  9. 9
    Marta Says:

    it’s mole, not a nipple

  10. 10
    3nipper Says:

    Eathan, and others…

    It IS a nipple. About 1% of all males, of all races, have them, and females do too, to a lesser extent. They are NOT moles. Roughly 20% of all males with an extra nipple, have more than 1 extra nipple.

    I suggest you do a google search on “third nipple” or “supernumerary nipple” or it is sometimes spelled “supranumarary”. Either way, it’s a medical term meaning “more than the usual number” of whatever comes after, ie, extra legs, arms, fingers, etc.

    I have one, no big deal. It has no extra feeling, etc. It’s just there. If that bothers anyone, then I suggest you get therapy.

  11. 11
    Hey Now! Says:

    lol he actually admitted that he has a third nipple so stop saying it’s a mole. This is old news.

  12. 12
    Jac Says:

    He is still SUPER HOT so who cares if he has a third nipple!!! I would have his third nipple babies ;)

  13. 13
    Mica Says:

    I don’t know if I should be viewing that while I eat…He does have a nice body though…but yeah…

  14. 14
    Buttercup Says:

    *Shivers.* Just seeing his 3rd nipple. Makes me so horny rite now. Ive 3rd nipple 2. Rite under my rite breast. I must be realeted 2 Mark Wahlberg………. How do we know Mark picks his nose? Do they go up 2 him & say, Hey mark, do u pick ur nose? Mark: Why, yes I do. U know, those damn Burgers wont come out. Id 2 pick them out, u know what I mean?

  15. 15
    Buttercup Says:

    Ok People, Who thinks thats a mole. Cause its not a mole Its the 3rd nipple. What if, Mark has 6 nipples on his chest. Would u still love him as an actor or hate him, cause u found out he had 6 nipples? For my answer. Ill still love him, cause hes my favorite all time Actor, I dont care he has 3 nipples or 6 nipples or takes a shower in the morning or late @ nite. Its fine by me. U think, All the Clebs should be perfect. Their hair, clothes, makeup, body, teeth, & etc……… Cause, if their not perfect. Then they must be in the ugly group. So, Mark is in the Ugly group. Cause he has 3rd nipple, no wait! He has a mole. Cause its a sinned 2 called it the 3rd nipple. Grow up, u people!

  16. 16
    Julie Says:

    Get A Freaking life of your own people!!!!!Why, Why, Why,!!!can you not just mind your own buissiness.
    You love the Artist!!
    And what flaws do you All have???? Is your life so dull that you have to subject yourself to invading someone elses privacy??????????
    Put yourself in the celebs. life.
    I do not think that you could handle the , no private time to yourself!!!!
    Its fine to be a fan,But everyone needs to respectt everyones privacy!!!

  17. 17
    betsie Says:

    i think im also related to Mark!

    ive got two of those above my breasts!

    they dont feel so awkward anymore cos each time i look at Mark, it seems so sexy to have extra nipples…ve got two! m a super duper star!

  18. 18
    louise Says:

    marky mark is the ****. you rock that nipple/mole!!! its hot

  19. 19
    Katie Says:

    it’s a mOLE!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    MEganann26 Says:

    Its awsome to know that the extra nipple thing is common cuz i have two below my breasts.. not formed but there.. I think its great that he lets out that he’s like the rest of the poplulation..:)

  21. 21
    baller 180 Says:

    That is a mole idiots! I’m sad for all of you trying to find flaws in peeps!

  22. 22
    born with one but removed it Says:

    it’s not a mole, and it’s not abnormal

  23. 23
    chelsea Says:

    i dnt give a fck even if he has a third nipple he is still SEXY as fck and its not tht noticable wen he has a great body like tht

  24. 24
    deja Says:

    i love that mark has a third nipple it makes me feel less freakish about my 2 nipples under my breasts! I’m always soo ashamed of it but it feels good to know someone as hott as mark wahlberg also has extra nipples!

  25. 25
    arky Says:

    I love it. Would suck it just like the other two!

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