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Wentworth Miller Bean Pole Jeans Ad -- VIDEO

Wentworth Miller Bean Pole Jeans Ad -- VIDEO

Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller flew to Korea last month to shoot the ad campaign for Bean Pole Jeans.

He was ushered into a photograher’s studio where he shot his first promotional ad. See press conference photos here and here.

The debate rages on with 200+ comments over Wentworth‘s rumored girlfriend Amie Bice.

UPDATE: Video removed!

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  • DaDump

    Not seeing the logic of flying him out to Korea for a commercial, presumably paying him loads of cash, then not show his face… odd.

  • ks

    I think the video is very cool. Reminds me of Michael Scofield from PB.

  • Hey Now!

    lmao. He looks like a bean pole and omg wtf? is up with the “break jeans” a seriously atrocious pun.

  • Gin

    If they showed his beautiful face… no one would noticed the clothes! Wait… I still didn’t noticed the clothes, was too busy daydreaming about what he’d look like without the clothes… all nekkid :lol:

  • Mia

    He makes my heart melt. Thanks for the post Jared

  • Xam

    nice ass !

  • wentysarah.m

    very sexy,i like the video!!and NICE ASS ;-)

  • femme

    what do you guys mean with the nice ass-thing … I don’t see any ass …

  • angelina_mmm


  • Mink

    This boy’s ass is so spectacular I hope he’s got it specially insured. Just sayin’.

  • wentysarah.m

    my friend mimi sad: i LOVE his back :-)and he is very very very sexy…and has i nice

  • Mama Bear

    Do you know what I see when I see that striped shirt with the pink cuff? I am transported back to the mid-80s where I see my 7th grade crush walking towards me in slow motion. I dry-heaved at the sight of the shirt back then, and I’m dry-heaving now. Went, I love you man, but the shirt…Lord in Heaven, what’s with the shirt?!

  • angelina_mmm

    I must say that shirt with pink cuffs screams ‘hello sailor!’
    it’s not his choice (t-shirt) so yea…

  • http://none Stevie

    I have seen better cows. He got no ass, has a scrawny boy body, very ugly and looks like he’s packing socks in the crotch of his pants (that’s not the real thing). When is he going to reach puberty?

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    He is so beautiful! OMGosh, he so sweet too, he comes in our shop all the time, and ofcorse looks great ineverything…


  • angelina_mmm

    so far from what I saw his ass is spectacular

  • Mama Bear

    Ass aside, I was digging his crotch…er wait, that didn’t sound right. I’ve seen better ass shots from Went (i.e. PB caps). Just saying. ;)

  • Nunya

    delish! this man could wear a gunny sack and still look fabulous!

  • Hannah

    Well the term bean pole is certainly appropriate here. Definitely lacking in the hiney area too.

  • HesMyKing

    Wentworth is beautiful but I almost barfed at the sight of that striped shirt. Everything else is beautiful but what’s new with that? :)

  • angie


  • kmillz (brangelina forever)


  • MadHatter

    Mama Bear Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 4:56 pm – flag comment
    Ass aside, I was digging his crotch…er wait, that didn’t sound right. I’ve seen better ass shots from Went (i.e. PB caps). Just saying.

    I couldn’t agree more MamaBear!! :)

  • Vivian

    I was waiting for him to turn around and shock me with his dreamy eyes!

  • Violette

    Aw, he’s soooo purtty :)

  • KK

    Justjare, please ease up on the girl friend issue till we see them haveing sex actually. Not even kissing in public will help.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    I see went has a big fan base on JJ.

  • lock up

    lock me up with him and THORW AWAY THE KEY!!!

    By the way:

    Where is Lane GArrison;s mug shot?

    is it going to be released? why not his and paris hilton but yes released nicole richie???

  • dee

    These jeans do nothing for his butt. He has a nice rump, but not in these jeans!

  • Lisa

    He looks damn hot! I love his body, I hate big men w/ then big goofy muscles. Went’s damn sexy. And the striped shirt, it’s not like it was his choice to wear it, he’s just modeling it! Geez

  • meemee

    I am not too crazy about the clothes. Went looks amazing as usual and I like the commercial.

  • cute

    i adore the man, but he comes a bit effeminate w/those poses.

  • i love wentworth

    wentworth makes me melt in 1 second i love you wentworth your so hot hot hot hot

  • Jackie0

    i kinda wish i could see his face…i mean to travel 10,000 miles to korea and not have his face shown ….i mean if polo jeans wants to make money wouldn’t it make sense to show the beautiful and talented wentworth miller? On top of that “break jeans” jesus christ….lol

  • Jaye from Corea

    I saw this commercial on TV thinkin’ like ‘when can I see his face…?’
    I guess I can see his gorgeous face in the next commercial or something.
    When he came to Corea, it seemed that he gained some weight but still looked hot!

  • http://deleted Maldita

    WTF is with the AD?! good thing Went is still H-O-T. Dayum!

  • DeeCee

    WTF! sorry but these clothes and this ad campaign do absolutely nothing for squashing that gay rumor…these are the most pansy pics of him I’ve seen yet…no wonder they try to hussle out the Amie date pics because they knew these were being released today!

  • april

    to Stevie Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 4:31 pm – flag comment
    I have seen better cows. He got no ass, has a scrawny boy body, very ugly and looks like he’s packing socks in the crotch of

    do you have shame at all you are making terrible comments about wentalicious on every site here. why are you here if u think he isn’t all that. i think you are an obssessed guy who wants to get laid by went but has no chance at all cos obviously he isn’t gay. you are so disgusting. went is effortlessly beautiful and athletic and he doesn’t even work out. if he worked out he would have a world class bod. besides he didn’t beg to be chosen by gap, bean pole or the lovely mariah carey to do her videos. they came knocking on went’s doors. get over it he is an ‘a’ list star and you are a loser. get off this site girly girl steve and stop staring at went’s crotch you have no chance of getting there steve.

  • S.Kor

    AD Video..
    He is not Wentworth Miller !!!

  • anne marie

    he is gorgeous, just perfect! too bad we can’t see his face.and PLEASE!!! leave this man alone and stop with this gay thing, who do you think you are to judge him?that’s just no respect and it’s very sad.i don’t think you’d like to be criticized in the public place.

  • Gunn

    Man that video was hhhhhott!! Not only do i now want to own a pair of bean pole jeans cause the clothes look awesome, i laso completely forgive you Mr.Miller for cheating on me last friday!
    And i can’t believe you screencapped his crotch Jared! LMAO!!!

  • Johana

    I love him!!! He is soooooooo HOT!!!!!!

  • Kiki

    Wentworth Miller is absolutely Mr. Bombastik……………but he has no juicy butt…no ass… no jaxie…no backside…no ash…Why??????
    Mother Nature forgot finish something on him!!!

  • T

  • Jaye from Corea

    According to Bean Pole Jeans, the guy on the commercial is not Wentworth!

    He just had some photos taken for the space of a magazine!

    So stop drooling over another guy! HE IS NOT WENTWORTH MILLER!!!!!

  • Bunny

    Disappointed in the ad. At the end they could have shown his face as he turned. And so fast you never relaly got to see the clothes anyhow.The print ads I’m sure will be much better.

  • Penny

    I’m sure there will be more TV ads to come that will show his face. This was probably just a teaser!

    Tease me ‘Wentworth’ Tease me!

  • ljc

    How do we know it’s not a ‘fake wentworth’?. You never see his face! I could be imagining things but the wentworth in the video seems to have more hair and more grey spots than the one in the print ads.

  • http://none Stevie

    Responding to post dated April 17th, 2007 at 2:09 am by #38: April,

    Hey April,

    Your fishy groin ain’t getting it either. I’m quite sure you’re an overweight looser who can’t get a boyfriend, so you pretend that Wentworth Miller is your boyfriend. HAHA.

    Fish, Fish, Fish Ahoy, brand new Fish Ahoy, tuna, cod and salmon too, brand new Fish Ahoy.

  • Mink

    Of course! The still photos are all him, but the caps from the video show clearly that is not him in that TV ad. Look at pic #17. Clearly not Wentworth Miller. The sublime Miller ass can be seen in pics #3 and 35, but otherwise not, as it’s not him.