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Fashion Faceoff: Chanel Couture Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Chanel Couture Dress

Jennifer Aniston showed off perfects pins in a belted Chanel Spring-Summer 2007 Haute Couture Mini-dress at the 2007 GLAAD Awards in Hollywood on Saturday. She finished off her look in sandals by Tunisian-born fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa.


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  • mrs grated cheese

    Aniston, by a mile. Killer pins, killer bod!

  • kim


  • mrs grated cheese

    Besides is the model suppose to be a woman? ’cause ‘she’ looks like a teenage boy.

  • gala

    she looks great! and her legs are not bad either…

  • peto

    thank god Anniston has the man shoulders… it fits her much better, and the more showy legs makes it more fabulus on her.

  • Mmmmm

    Jennifer by far ..

  • a fan

    Jen looked GREAT in Channel.

  • paty

    Jennifer Aniston

  • Tezcucana

    OK PETO – So you have a better body?

    My guesss – Not!

    Jennifer by far!!!!!!
    Jen looks Greattttttt!!!!!!

  • peto

    LOL! Tez! I offended thee. If you look at the mini dress, it has a deep v. gets more accentuated more with broad shoulders. Geeze take it easy. like she cares what a I think!

  • Willemijn

    Jennifer, hands down. She looks gorgeous!

  • Anon

    Jennifer… forever!


    is a fashion show idiots. the designer purposely made the model looked like that. try to put aniston in that model’s look. I am sure elongated chin is worse than her.

  • Diana

    Honestly, I prefer the model. I think the dress looks better with stockings or something.

  • Mediterranean

    The model was carrying the dress, not wearing it. The model is a hanger of the dress, she can’t add anything from herself to the dress.

    That’s why you can’t compare the model who shows the dress to a woman who wears it.

    Put the same dress on Charlize, then compare it, s.v.p.! Guess who will look much better……… :)

  • Margaret

    Jared – you’re a punk.

  • o895

    i know everbody here hate jennifer aniston but i choose her the model looks too skinny

  • SheLooksGreat

    Definitely – Jennifer Aniston. No contest really

  • She’s Rockin IT!!!!

    JA. Enough Said

  • Besane

    Sorry, but how can I say it delicately? Yes, the model is a “hanger” as Mediterranean says, but on Aniston somehow the dress loses class. On Aniston Chanel can’t project its ELEGANCE. She looks like a beach bum with dirty orange skin going to a disco… And no offence, short dresses like this aren’t meant for someone with short legs like Aniston…

  • [Fug Face [x]]


    [x] doesnt look good in the dress. I guess my opinion shouldnt matter since she never looks good to me.

  • mad_alice

    I think Jennifer looked gorgeous.

  • Tealeaf

    Jennifer looks like a man in Drag next to the model….her face is ugly! THE MODEL

  • Souhila

    The dress is beautiful.

  • tabi

    I’m not a fan of Jennifer but I always thought she has a great body and great legs. Her face is not much to look at. The dress looks better on her.

  • Nando

    It looks better on Jennifer Aniston.

    Jennifer looks good without the black stockings and that black poofy-forearm thing that the model wore because Jennifer is tanned (dark) and this dress was meant to be worn on a dark body or with dark-stalkings. The model wore those things because she is friggin’ white as powder and it’s too harsh of a contrast and would look too top-heavy with just the dress alone.

  • Jules

    Jennifer wears it better! It looks better without the leggings and crazy jewelry. And I know it was Karl Lagerfeld who styled it, not the model.

  • You/Me

    I agree Jules. The leggings have got to go, but either way Jen wears it better. Better body and her shoes don’t overshadow the dress.

  • kmillz

    neither the dress is ugly

  • kate

    jen looks fab in the dress. This dress can be dressed up or down. It’s great that Jen show her sexy legs more often.

  • AnistonFan

    I’m a fan but able to be objective, I think….and I think JEN looked great that night and the dress was a good choice for her. She’s obviously happy again. Good for her.

  • Shaking my head

    The dress is ugly.

  • Aisha

    There’s no competition here… hands down, Jennifer wins.

  • Celeb_Star

    THE RUNWAY MODEL!!! Jennifer never looks good!

  • Mary

    It’s obvious Jennifer wears that dress better than the model. All the people who think the opposite it’s just people who just hate her (and this is obvious too), which I don’t understand because what did she make to all of you?
    If you don’t like her as actress, ok, but don’t insult her (telling she has an ugly chin or she is not the most beautiful woman of the world, etc.). And if you prefer Angelina Jolie and not Jennifer for Brad Pitt, it’s ok, but it’s not necessary that you insult her just because of that. Angelina is with the man you want, so why do you insult Jennifer?
    And in XXI century, after all the fights women have had to do, it’s pathetic to see young women insult other women just because their chins or imperfect faces.
    Sincerely, girls, it would be better for all of you think differently because Jennifer Aniston is not the evil on the earth and Angelina Jolie is not the most perfect woman of the world. Both of them are just two women with their good and bad things. No more, no less.

  • Burpie

    The model!!! But I think that’s because Maniston’s face makes me sick to my stomach.

  • He never looks Angie this way
  • Denise

    Traniston is so odd looking in the face, that distracts from the dress. The model looks better.

    Nothing can make Traniston look good, she is just an odd looking woMAN.

  • swan

    Manisyton has the strange face, the long manly chin, the too close together eyes, the nose job did not do her any justice. She still looks like Dustin Hoffman in drag.

  • Jesse

    The model looks better, Jennifer is just ugly. I wish her fans would stop lying.

    Jennifer knows she’s ugly, she has mirrors, so you fans can just stop lying. All of y’all know she is funny looking.

  • pvc

    Jennifer is really a dragqueen. She couldn’t possibly have female genitalia. I have never seen a woman look as manly as Jennifer does.
    Of course the model looks better, she is a woman.

  • Miss me

    The Pockets doesn’t look so bunched up on the model. I don’t like the dress.
    If Angelina was wearing this dress I would not like it.

  • still not a fan

    She looks okay.

    Too bad she does NOT have a acting range.

    Will NOT see her movies, that’s for sure !!!!

  • JustCheckin

    JA ‘s face makes the dress looks HORRIBLE! sorry that is just me:)

  • arctic cat

    Jen is lucky to have money to buy that designer dress. Without that dress, she would look PLAIN to me.


    a designer dress + a designer hair cut + personal trainer = makes any plain jane appears above average.

  • dali

    I think Jennifer looks good in the dress, but I think that a different hairstyle would have made the overall look more attractive.

  • aniston still looks like a man

    jay leno looks good on the dress but the model looks much better

  • aniston still looks like a man

    must have been hard for jay to shave off all the hair on his legs…..nice hair though although it is covering most of the face…trying to hide the face with the hair…but the chin and nose are still sticking out…should wear long bangs to cover more or maybe just wear a ski mask

  • sus

    jen allways look stunnig she has a great body and great legs love the dress on her

  • aniston still looks like a man

    the dress doesnt look like a chanel on aniston….just looks like any ordinary dress from target on aniston…..a 37 year old woman trying to look 19 would only make her look like a tranny…..and the hair only looks good on younger women…..she should try dressing her age…dressing like a 19 year old only make her look like a drag queen