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Kelly Clarkson Shoots "Never Again" Music Video

Kelly Clarkson Shoots

Original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson arrives on set to record the music video for her latest single, “Never Again.” She donned a black-and-white rocker chic costume for the music video, which takes place primarily in an airport and is set for an early May release.

(Fellow American Idol winner Carrie Underwood wore very, very similar earrings to the 2007 Country Music Awards last night.)

Be sure to look for Kelly‘s performance of “Never Again” on American Idol (Gives Back) airing April 25 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

And Happy Birthday, Kelly! The multi-platinum pop rocker turns 25 in a week from now on April 24.

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  • tina

    it’s nice to see someone from the biz who hasn’t given in to the pressure of starving herself to death just so she could fit into those size 0 dresses.

  • nastyhero

    I luv Kelly. Now, that being said, get ready for the bashing ’cause here come the a-holes.

  • KC4eva

    Kelly looks fantastic! She looks so healthy and happy!

  • Martin

    Hey i love ur site. Shes actually not going to perform that song on American Idol , she was just interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and said she’s doing a cover because its a charity event and she feels unclassy if she sang her new song that had nothing to do with charity.

  • Iamme

    She needs to lose some weight. I like Kelly but come on now…….She isn’t as sexy as she was in the Since U Been Gone Video, Walk Away,etc. I bet now she cannot even show off that sexy tummy. Now shape up Kelly!

  • KC4eva

    ^ Why does she need to lose weight?! To end up looking like Nicole Richie? She looks so happy.

  • J3$$!C@

    IMO, Kelly does NOT need to lose weight, she looks so good and healthy. She is my favorite AI winner with Carrie a close 2nd. Can’t wait for her new single and album.

  • Liana

    Wow, that last pic has been majorly photoshopped judging by the pictures from the video shoot.

  • jesse

    She looks fat like Kelly Osborne, no, she actually looks fatter and the song sucks. I used to like Kelly, I loved Breakaway, but she’s blowing up and her song blows.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Thank god for make-up

  • stephen00

    nicole richie is so skinny she cant have kids i read,thats awful,kelly looks absolutely great

  • Photoshop pro

    Wow the difference in those pictures sure shows the miracle of photoshopping and airbrushing. That’s a big weight difference between the “photoshoot” doctored pictures and the real pictures of what she looks like. If she doesn’t have an issue with her weight, why try to lie about it and disguise it.

  • KC4eva

    ^ Kelly probably doesn’t have a say in if that pic is airbrushed.

  • jackie

    My god, why are some people so obsessed with someone who may or may not be 10-12 lbs over weight. You would think she looks like Mama Cass. She is so very talented and very pretty and is not skin and bones like so many other celebrities. Go rock yourself out Kelly, you’re just fine the way you are.

  • stephen00

    i couldnt agree more with you jackie^

  • ali

    good lord, people. have some class. kelly is beautiful. i’m glad she doesn’t look like barbie.
    besides, you need some meat on your bones to sing like kel does;-)

  • punxass

    thank you soo much jared i love u right now !! LOL

  • WTF

    WOW, SHE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURE…she was photoshoped to hell! I personally think that to wear what she’s wearing she needs some 5 lbs. off!

  • Courtney

    I heard a clip of the song and I LOVE IT! She looks hot! I was waiting for her comeback!

  • KellyRocks

    There’s my girlfriend…lookin so fine. Ohh Kelly you blow my mind. I love her just the way she is. Not too skinny, just perfect. Screw the haters, she doesn’t need you anyways!! I LOVE KELLY CLARKSON!! WOO! What a GREAT role-model. Not everyone needs to be disgustingly skinny…it’s ok to be who you are. Rock On Kelly!! Rock on!

  • Lindsey

    Y do ppl have to be immature and rude?Im a huge Kelly fan and i am not just saying this cause im a huge fan.. but Kelly is beautiful.. she does not need to lose weight. She is the perfect weight. I dont want her ending up looking like nicole richie.When ppl are in the business why do people judge them if they are not bean poles? It just doesent make since.

    P.s. Her song Never again Kicks ass.You must be deaf.

  • kabuk1

    I’m sorry, but she is a tubb. I’m not a size zero, I could stand to drop 10 pounds myself, but god, girl put the cheeseburgers DOWN. Not trying to be mean but people who are in the public eye like she is need to be conscious of how they look. People say “Oh it’s so refreshing, she’s not a toothpick” but then they turn around & call Britney(who I am NOT a fan of) names for gaining weight.

    Fat is not healthy. Look at Europeans for example- women in france are stick-thin & perfectly healthy. You don’t need to be able to pinch an inch to be healthy. Lean is good. Kelly is way more than 10-12 pounds overweight, she needs to lose at least 20. That said, she does have some amazing talent, which is why I’m saddened to see her looking so bad.

  • Paddi

    I have to agree that she doesn’t look like Mama Cass. Mama Cass had about 10 pounds on Kelly.

  • Heather

    Yea I like her music also, but uh she did pack on the pounds, she looks a bit overweight now….

  • Terry Lechecul

    To me, shell always be that chunky tank in a two piece bathing suit inhaling a jumbo foot long hotdog like she was auditioning for Linda Lovelace’s old role.

  • whoa

    She’d better take some of that money and hire a nutritionist and lay off the fattening foods. Her chunky body will be the death of her career if she is not careful. Women can take it, but most men don’t drool over the fat girls. Keeping it real.

  • ann

    Fat thighs. I don’t have anything against a girl who weighs a bit more, but the double standard is sicking. Because it’s Kelly and people like her it’s okay if she’s overweight and photoshopped down 3 dress sizes. Someone like Tyra, Britney or even Beyonce who might put on a bit of weight gets called a lard ass for it.

  • Sofie

    I think Kelly looks amazing, real women have curves.

  • excuses, excuses

    Stop living in denial and stop being another statistic. Obesity is killing America.

    Real women have curves, not rolls! Stop stuffing your faces!

  • Jeff

    Mooo! Moooo!

  • cassi


  • Jennifer

    I personally thin that body-wise she is fine. She’s not fat at all and certainly does look healthy and happy. She’s also got a great voice and her music isn’t too bad. That’s as far as I go with the compliments, because I do find her face to be quite unattractive…particularly when she walks around without much makeup on. It’s almost manly.

  • Melissa

    Kelly gained weight. when she was recording her album she was super skinny. you can tell on the vitamin water video that she was skinny and she gained weight. the last pic was taken around the time she was recording the album so i wouldnt say it was photo shopped that much.

  • http://aintgo1 chloe

    Shut up u idiots who think kelly’s over weight she has so much talent and at least she looks heathy compared to some of the celebs out there.
    And she looks happy in that picture so.. kelly clarkson rulez

  • AP44

    First of all, Kelly has a chef. She doesn’t eat cheeseburgers like ya’ll do. She’s healthy and happy okay! She may not be all that skinny but at least she’s not those annorexic hollywood people. She admits it herself; she says she has a big texas butt, but so what. She’s happy. She has an awsome outfit in the pics. She rocks unlike ya’ll losers. Get a life people and stop messin with Kelly. Ding-dongs and vitamin water rock!!!!

  • AP44

    And Jeff comment #30, shut up cuz you’re the animal here.

  • mercedes

    heyy i love you and the song since you ve been gone i been in over 10 relation ships but the guy i really like is 1 year older then me his name is austin beaver and i love him