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Sanjaya is My Bandanna Buddy

Sanjaya is My Bandanna Buddy

American Idol‘s Sanjaya Malakar sang his own rendition of Bonnie Raitts‘s “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About” sporting his signature curls wrapped behind a red bandanna. predicts Sanjaya will be getting the boot this week. Here’s what the judges said:

  • Randy said, “That was really just like karaoke. Vocally, it really wasn’t good at all. It was very bland and boring to me.”
  • Paula said, “We’re watching somebody who loves adversity. You thrive on it. You love it. You’re having fun. You’re a lovable guy.”
  • Simon said, “Utterly horrendous. It was as bad as we’ve seen at the beginning of American Idol.”

Sanjaya Malakar – “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About”
Come on, ya’ll. VOTE SANJAYA! 1 866 IDOLS 03! 1 866 IDOLS 03!

20+ screencaps of Sanjaya my bandanna buddy inside…

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01 sanjaya malakar bandanna
02 sanjaya malakar bandanna
03 sanjaya malakar bandanna
04 sanjaya malakar bandanna
sanjaya malakar bandanna 01
sanjaya malakar bandanna 02
sanjaya malakar bandanna 03
sanjaya malakar bandanna 04
sanjaya malakar bandanna 05
sanjaya malakar bandanna 06
sanjaya malakar bandanna 07
sanjaya malakar bandanna 08
sanjaya malakar bandanna 09
sanjaya malakar bandanna 10
sanjaya malakar bandanna 11
sanjaya malakar bandanna 12
sanjaya malakar bandanna 13
sanjaya malakar bandanna 14
sanjaya malakar bandanna 15
sanjaya malakar bandanna 16
sanjaya malakar bandanna 17
sanjaya malakar bandanna 18

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  • GloriousGeorge

    he is nauseating, the whole thing is nauseating, no longer amusing, just pathetic

  • char

    i thought he did fine.

  • Hannah

    I’m embarrassed for him. That was horrendous!

  • candy man

    i like him a lot now!!!! he’s not that bad & some mean ppls & media r trying to kill his career….

  • racy lacy

    That was the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I’ll give him 100 votes.

  • Jon

    It seem as if he just sang because he had to, no passion or anything into the performance at all. It isn’t a joke anymore, he’s making a joke of the show, he can stay but please if he makes Top 5 I might just have to stop wacthing. People just stop voting for him, it’s not like he brings excitement to the show anymore, it just got old. Let the real talent win!

  • No

    The guy is a joke. He sounded like s**t and he looks like an idiot. Enough already.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    he destroyed that song. vocally- horrible, absolutely horrible! not only was the singing bad, but his performance was terrible, he’s like a little fairy floating and gliding around the stage! HaHa he’s definitely playing for the other team.

    when he looks into the camera, it feels like he’s trying to undo my pants with his mind. really creepy


  • Dara

    Kill me now….he is beyond awful!

  • rachel

    he should just leave the show on his own. i wouldn’t want to stay knowing that i’m the biggest joke out there…

  • tanique33

    i dont like sanjaya at all, but find it sad and mean, that people would vote for him because he is bad. he’s a kid at the end of the day, and by all accounts a sweet kid, and being the national joke can’t be fun for him.

    not only is it mean, i don’t believe anyone who says they think the joke is still funny. and i love the people who watch and vote to prove the show is a joke. how about not giving ratings to prove the point?

  • Kelly

    But Randy you overpaid clueless jerk…. American Idol IS a Karaoke. Do any of them play an instrument? I hope sanjaya wins so they can take this show off the air.

  • cal girl

    I used to kind of like him but tonight I put my hands over my ears and yelled (to an empty room)- He’s gotta go!! The rest of them are 100x better and it would not be fair to keep him any longer. Last week’s tolerable ballad was obviously a fluke, this performance had no spark,no fun and certainly no singing. It was as bad as anything I’ve heard in several weeks on the show. Bonnie Raitt is probably suicidal after hearing her cool little song mangled so badly.

  • Christy

    I think he is a nice kid, but some of yall really need to stop voting for him. I mean if Melinda, Lakeisha, or Blake get voted off b/c everyone thought it would be real funny to keep him on it would be really ridiculous. This is a singing contest, and he is just not up to par with the rest. It is not malicious for anyone to say that, because it is the truth and everyone knows it. If he put out a record of all the songs he has sang on AI, I would be very interested to see how many of yall “VOTE FOR SANJAYA He-doesnt-know-how-to-sing-but-he-is-cute-and-we-want-to-annoy-simon” people would go buy it.

    To all the people who genuinely like him, continue to vote I can respect that we have different opinions, but to the others just doing it to do it or b/c Howard Stern said to…STOP you are ruining the show!

  • Rania Muneera

    he is such a bad thing happens in AI for this season.. Lets kick him out NOW!!!

  • Nikky

    If i were him & be the AI for this season..i would feel so embarassed of myself being one coz i cant sing but people voted me for my JOKES

  • Who Cares

    Anyone who can honestly say that they think Sanjaya sounds good has shit taste for music and is tone deaf…come on, yes…it is a karaoke show, but some of these people from AI are actually making/selling records, winning grammy awards…why does Sanjaya deserve a record deal plus money when he has little to no talent?…you can find thousands of mediocre singers all across America…there is ZERO special about this kid…he needs to be voted off…and this whole hoaxing the show thing is stupid and ridiculous…if Sanjaya wins or even makes the top 3, I will quit watching…all credibility will be lost…

  • hr

    please please please don’t let him win. or get in the top 5. some of his previous performances were tolerable, but last night’s was really utterly horrible… i was physically cringing and shuddering! i’m not a diehard AI fan, but all this hating on the show is just ridiculous.

    and for #12 who thinks AI is just karaoke singing, then i suppose any singer who doesn’t play an instrument isn’t a real musician? some of the greatest vocalists of our time don’t play instruments or even write their own songs – it doesn’t mean they’re just doing karaoke. the voice is it’s own instrument and can be used beautifully and uniquely… as long as your name is not Sanjaya Malakar.

  • sue

    He sucks! Their coach this week, McBride or something, is right. He has this soft voice, (nicely said) more like weak voice ,he never uses. It’s like you want to kick him in the as s and make him sing OUT LOUD! COME ON FOOL,SING LOUDER!

  • bdj

    Sanjaya may be singing his swan song tonight. That was a hair raising performance(no pun intended.) Sanjaya will still be my favorite non-singing performer.

  • Abby

    sanjaya can sing. he has a graet voice and can sing any kind of song. Vote for sanjaya because he can sung he has a great tone when he sings.

  • Brenda

    Sanjaya rocks!!!!!!!! Go Sanjaya