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You'll Never Guess Who Got Sent Home on American Idol

You'll Never Guess Who Got Sent Home on American Idol

What a sad, sad, sad day!!!!

Who got all teary-eyed after being sent home on American Idol tonight?

To find out who got the boot, CLICK HERE!



I guess isn’t that powerful after all!

While singing his closing song, Sanjaya changed the lyrics to “Let’s give them something to talk about other than hair.” HAHA!

The other bottom three contestants included LaKisha Jones and Blake Lewis.

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  • whitney

    thank god.

  • sue

    LMFAO! Let’s give em something to talk about other than HAIR,HAIR, HAIRRRR! That was the best ! Great exit!

  • Meg

    he got sent home because country music always sets things right. i heart MARTINA! (dream it anyway guys!!!)

  • Bliss

    I think it was a set up!!! I bet the producers fixed the results, b/c it would really f*uck up the integrity of the show if Sanjaya won, or even made it to the last three. There were way too many people voting for him (Howard Stern’s audience, people from voteForTheWorst website, and all those tweens).

    As much as I like Kelly Clarkson, AI is one long infomercial. I’m over it.

  • Christy

    Think he is a sweet boy, but it is about time.

    WTH was up with Blake being in bottom 3? I dont think they put the “real” bottom three just the one going home with two random people, to shake things up.

  • ann

    hahaha!! finally….

  • Jackie0

    FINALLY … serious this is amercian idol ….u pick the one with the voice ,style etc….come on he wasn’t it but i did like his hairstyles lol

  • J3$$!C@

    Sanjaya is going on tour, people know his name, he has nothing to cry about. He seems like a sweet boy and I wish him nothing but the best.
    I was also surprised at Blake being in the bottom, I would have put Chris there instead. I am still rooting for a Blake/Jordin finale.

  • char

    hell, i was sad.
    i shoulda voted.

  • GloriousGeorge

    FINALLY we are Sanjaya free! The little twit was starting to believe he has talent. About time he got sent packing no matter how it happened.

  • Who Cares

    Wooooooo….relief… we can focus on some people who can actually sing…this was overdue from week #1….glad the little weirdo is outta there….

  • TskTsk

    Sanjaya the next William Hung. I wonder who’s going to sign him

  • bdj

    Sanjaya gave it a good run. He is about to be paid, so don’t cry or laugh at Sanjaya. He is the most well known out of all the contestants. It is good for him that he did not win American Idol and went out as a sentimental favorite. Go Sanjaya!!!!

  • http://justjared star

    there is a god, the show was a joke with that clown . none of them are any good

  • noway

    i don’t think it was a set up, people have their favorites now, he just wasn’t one of them.

  • sue

    Tonights show was good! Fergie and Martina were awesome!Very entertaining.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Fug will miss him.

    now the joke is over! what will Fug laugh at?!?

    “sanjaya the next william hung”? Lmao sanjaya passed william hung along time ago, this is sanjaya’s universe.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    I bet sanjaya will be on every single radio and talk show in america.

  • Amy

    The only reason I ocassionally tuned in to the show was to see Sanjaya strut his mess on stage. I mean, I don’t vote or anything, but this season’s been really lifeless other than Sanjaya. He made it ENTERTAINING. Now that he’s gone, I’m probably not gonna stick around to watch anymore. I mean, Melinda and LaKisha are so far above the others, it ain’t worth it.

  • Christie

    HAPPY DANCE!!! HAPPY DANCE!!! HAPPY DANCE!!! I was shocked that Blake was in the bottom 3 but glad as hell he’s SAFE. Gonna miss Sangina although I’ve made it a routine to make fun of him each week. Who to make fun of now? (*cough* Phil?) I think he knew he was going home. As soon as the bottom 3 was revealed, some tears started flowing. But when the “HOME” song was playing and showing Sangina’s road to VFTW Glory, he cried like a girl. Sorry kid.

    All I got left to say is that AI6 has gained it’s integrity back.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you God thank you!!! YES!!!

  • jwelz

    Have a heart hes just a kid. Its so dumb how all these people jump on the bandwagon and go along with making fun of this sweet kid. I hope he will take his great experiences and and move on, imagine how hurtful it must be to hear all the mean things people are saying about you. I love Sanjaya but he wasn’t my favorite singer, blake is, nevertheless he will be so missed he really made the show worthwhile always kept a smile on his face even with the bad media surrounding him. Sanjaya will continue to entertain people LOVE and adore him he was Yahoos most searched male last week!

  • DUH


  • Blake’s My Boy!

    omg! It’s about time!! I’m kind of sad though… he was good for a laugh. But I’m definitely not going to miss him… I was freaking out over the bottom three though, Blake better not get sent there again… he’s too freaking AWESOME!! Yep, but bye bye to Sanjaya!! *dances*

  • candy man

    it’s so sad to see him go….he’s more entertain than any other 6 left in the show…

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    why are people talking about blake being in the bottom 3 as if there was any chance of him going home… its so obvious that the show does that on purpose just to spice it up and make people nervous.

  • Frenchy

    Now I don’t have to watch the rest of the season! Welcome to the world of celebrity Sanjaya Malakar.

    I loved how he sang “Let’s give em something to talk about other than Hair”…..

  • Chris

    Thank you sweet loard hes gone

  • HA

    Don’t worry y’all he will be getting an Oscar in 2 years.

  • mrs grated cheese

    What a sad sad day for America!
    I’m dripping tears as I type this!

  • HA

    It’s gonna happen to everybody else except the winner but no one will be talking about them. HA.

    Check out Sanjaya catching the spirit:

  • hr

    i don’t care if i even was a setup… this NEEDED to happen. i seriously shouted outloud when ryan announced the news! although, it shouldn’t have been that surprising – the show was hinting at it ALL night. they like doing that, huh? i don’t even care who wins anymore b/c it’s not going to be sanjaya!!!

  • lurker opinion

    Now the show is going to be boring. There are some talented people left but none have the “it” factor. I don’t see any of them being a real success.

  • moi

    oh dear hehehe
    It was funny while it lasted

  • rayray


  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I knew he was going home.


    Voters have been consumed by Virginia Tech so a lot of people were not concerned about going out of their way to vote for Sanjaya so all people who voted last night or tonight were people who were truly serious about voting.

    My theory. It’s late not sure if it makes sense but glad he left.

  • Brandon

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!! There is a God! We knew damn well that kid was the weakest link from the get-go. He did come from a bad background, but I’m suprised he made it this far.

    And what LaKisha doing at the bottom 3? That’s messed up!

    Now with Sanjaya gone, the real competition begins!

    Saynora, Sanjaya!

  • LEO


  • ehris

    im so happy.. haha

  • Nat

    OMG YAY! Best news i’ve heard all week!
    I’m overjoyed =D

  • chaapanda

    Hahaha Simon got his wish! That little sh*t was finally sent home! There is a God lol!

  • Liz

    I am sure Simon decided to use some of his millions to vote for the rest of the idols in a desperate bid to get rid of our Sanjaya.

  • WT????

    I thought Blake didn’t do very well the other night, he belonged in the bottom three. Jordan and baldie sang the best!

  • Main Line Matron

    WT???? Says:

    April 19th, 2007 at 11:28 am – flag comment
    I thought Blake didn’t do very well the other night, he belonged in the bottom three. Jordan and baldie sang the best!

    Don’t worry he’ll go too. You watch. He really needs to go with his outdated look.
    Sanjaya was a swettie pie while Blake and his frosted Ryan Seacrest hair from three years ago thinks he’s the sheit.

    For what American Idol is, Jordan should win the whole thing. She’s got the whole America Ferrera look that young teen girls like and is a good singer. Everyone else seems too old or outdated copies of other perfomers.

  • baifan

    Thank God? Are you guys for real? He is 17 years old, he had a great run considering his mediocore voice. He had a great time while he was on the show, let’s face it , AI is boring this Season and people tuned in to watch him and have a laugh.
    I think he deserved to go home last night and he did, but what is the reason to be sooooooooooo happy about someone’s loss? It’s just a show, chill.

  • dpblu

    About bloody time!!!!

  • natasha

    fergie didn’t really perform live people !!! it was pre -taped from god knows when !!! only martina kicked ass !!! :)