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Halle Berry's Thong Slip

Halle Berry's Thong Slip

Halle Berry‘s sheer dress reveals a bit more than she bargained for — her thong!

Halle, 40, held back her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, 31, from getting into a major scuffle with paparazzi at LAX airport on Tuesday.

The cozy couple returned home from a Mexican getaway after spending five days in Cabo San Lucas.

The flash on those paparazzi cameras sure are strong!!

12+ pictures inside of Gabriel, Halle and her thong

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01 halle berry thong slip
02 halle berry thong slip
03 halle berry thong slip
04 halle berry thong slip
gabriel aubry halle berry airport 01
gabriel aubry halle berry airport 02
gabriel aubry halle berry airport 03
gabriel aubry halle berry airport 04
gabriel aubry halle berry airport 05
gabriel aubry halle berry airport 06
gabriel aubry halle berry airport 07
gabriel aubry halle berry airport 08

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Ben/Boris
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  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I asked Santa for that butt last Christmas. Close but no cigar! She is hawt. (And, yes, I am a straight girl). Except that one time in college :)…….

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    gorgeous, both of them!

  • Dawnn

    So… Your point is what?

  • mrs grated cheese

    Flash or no Flash thats a great ass right there!
    I wonder if she’s restraining her bf from hitting the paps? Looks like it.

  • flirtlikecrazy

    In fact Gabe’s pants are kinda see-thru under the flashes too. See the last pic. =)

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Fug would lick both her cheeks and gladly floss with her thong.

  • marie

    she’s so freaking hot….too bad i,m straight and so is she….actually a threesome with her equally hot boyfriend would be better.

  • angelina_mmm

    oh my
    that image is powerfull :)

  • fannee

    Looks like Halle is keeping her man under control! She has the right to wear a thong if she wants to.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    marie Says:

    April 18th, 2007 at 1:26 pm – flag comment
    she’s so freaking hot….too bad i,m straight and so is she….actually a threesome with her equally hot boyfriend would be better.

    Agreed, a threesome with Halle and her hottie boyfriend would be almost as good as a threesome with Angie and Mr Adonnis, Brad Pitt.

  • black

    I think it´s kinda cool how her boyfriend wants to hit those paps.

  • Mmmmm

    WOW! Sweet cheecks for sure!

  • Mondo Bongo!

    When you got it ~ you got it!!!! cheers!

  • 5

    love her. Nice butt.

    Thank God is not Angie, she will be in trouble for this

  • lala

    can you say “my movie is failing at the box office and i need to promote myself by flashing my ass cheeks and stopping my hot boyfriend from beating up the paps while creating a scene so the pics will end up on just jared and more people will go see my film”. looks like you succeded but i doubt your movie will make any more money. You look pretty though, halle.

  • bdj

    It looks like the paparazzi got their money shot of Halle anyway, even though Gabriel the hottie tried to intervene. It is not good to pi*ss off a male supermodel. They will beat a pap to a pulp while still looking good.

  • lmao

    yeah like he really was going to hit the paps, yeah right. OMG he’s even looked like he’s shaved. look at pix #3 of him smiling for the paps, really defending her honor. wonder if the other sites will have pix of them too?

  • Cynthia

    She can streak through Lax, and her movie will still flop. She is quite overrated and fake! Why is this hot Canadian model still with that slut?

  • lmao

    LMAO…guess she isn’t a size queen and will take what she can get…if he knows how to use it…

  • sue

    Kick their a s s e s! Hot couple!

  • daysnumbered

    He really looks like he could really give a shyt. What a poor excuse for a man! Don’t think the pansy really is going to do a TKO on the photographers. Agree what a whimp for smiling at the photographer, he’s always looking into the camera. Also, a bigger asshole for being in the back of the airport van and not comforting her.

    Can anybody say Jack Dennison? Halle baby dump the dude before he goes Wesley on your pretty self. He ain’t worth being the babydaddy.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Haha, I love how this poor couple tries to go on vacation and the second they return they are swamped by paps. So goobers like us can sit at our desk and diss on em cuz we’re really just so jealous. Hurray for America!!!!


  • yummy

    This is a great looking couple! Great baby material here!

  • Go Halle!

    Hey Cynthia,

    The answer to your question is… love baby.

    They are both so hot, they’re smokin!

  • lula29

    I love how someone tried to comment that Halle is dating down by dating Gabriel Aubrey. This is the best looking guy she’s dated by far.

    And when did everyone become PR experts. I get, the public is so used to being entertained by celebs they actually believe that celebs are purposingly putting on a show to entertain them while going about their private business. Some people need to remember we are voyuers and most of this stuff we shouldn’t even be seeing.

  • cook

    Nah, no babies with this one Halle. Go back, work it out with Michael Ealy.

  • Go Halle!

    Oh yes he is!

    Have you paid attention to the statistics lately? Considering the fact that the majority of black women won’t find decent men to marry, won’t ever get married at all, and will raise kids as single mothers because the “joker” took off, Aubry most CERTAINLY IS worth being the babydaddy!

    Go Halle! I love ya!

  • lula29

    Micheal Ealy is alright, definitely good looking, but no really good chemistry the way she has with Mr. Aubry. You can tell they are really into each other. The only people who don’t see that are people who don’t like that she’s dating a white guy, or don’t like two overly hot people together.

    But haters will hate, that’s what they do.

  • Go Halle!

    Michael Ealy – undercover brother with the hazel eyes and giant, turbulent afro? Nah!

    The goal is to keep moving forward. Why take two steps backward? Aubry is the first man who isn’t threatened by Halle Berry’s level of success. The lady said it.

  • lala

    I happen to be an ex PR for a small firm in chicago, so i know a little something about self promotion and this is a perfect example.

  • to lala

    yes bad acting in the photos…w/both smiling in some of the photos…more drama…who knows if it’s true or not.

  • to lala2

    doubt this running here, bossip and the other blogs are really going to increasing sagging ticket sales..agree still doubt they’ll be together for very much longer…rumored they were fighting last week in NYC over the Esq. photos, her baby plan agenda and some of the posted questions on….


    Oh yes he is!

    Have you paid attention to the statistics lately? Considering the fact that the majority of black women won’t find decent men to marry, won’t ever get married at all, and will raise kids as single mothers because the “joker” took off

    ALSO, Those stats you are talking about refers to women (all women) who choose NOT to marry. You jackass.


    Don’t waste your money on her new movie, ‘Perfect Strangers’. It should be on the list of the ten worse films.

  • more drama/tired of the bullshit

    Oh more drama…Halle we’re tired of your bullshit and bad acting and tired of you and the gay himbo bf…when are you ever going to wise up and get really. They should take away your Oscar.

    EW, think 33/34 is a little bitter and has some issues of her own…practice what you preach you fucking heifer.

  • lula29


    I actually work in media myself so that’s why I tend to doubt you.

    Sorry, I don’t buy you know much of what you’re talking about.

  • lula29

    All couples have a 50/50 chance of making it or breaking up so predicting one way or the other is nothing profound.

    Who in the hell would know if they were fighting, and even if they are who in the hell can say if the “fighting” is enough for a break-up.

    How or why should anyone believe perfect strangers, who are nothing more than internet experts, about the private business of two people they don’t know, nor work for.

  • more haters

    LULA 29–just more of the haters trying to diss Halle. While Halle has been know to make good use of the media–regardless of her reaction in the enlarges close-ups, I seriously doubt LaLa knows what she is talking about either–I work in media too. Halle has enough on her mind to worry about than purposely she and her bf cause a scene at LAX, please. I am sure she is even more upset that her thong is showing after seeing these pix. Know she was upset a few summers ago when folks kept commenting on her not wearing a bra. Good media call on this one!

  • lula29

    more haters,

    Yeah, I mean how in the hell is a scene at LAX suppose to boost ticket sales? And why someone would say that this was done on purpose to do that and then try and pass themselves off as a legitimate PR professional just really makes me laugh. I know why they are an ex PR professional, just sayin’.

    I’m tired of internet experts overly analyzing photographs because they need to believe something is true and seeking affirmation from perfect strangers just because they don’t like what they are seeing.

    Halle Berry is a good actress. Like anyone who’s ever had a lenghty career you have high times and low times. You might at times hit the limitations of your talent, but learn how to work within your niche, and after winning an Oscar Halle is just trying to find her place. And not everyone has the same body issues or nudity issues as other people in film so I don’t think she’s over using her physique, she’s just comfortable with what God has given her and does her thing. Yes there are other women who “don’t use their bodies” but some of them don’t have a body to speak of and really it takes all kinds, she’s doing what works for her and I don’t have an ounce of an issue with it.

  • more haters

    I hear ya again…that’s why she’s an ex pr worker….rest of post well said.

  • Now now..

    Look at all the expert in photography analysis talking s*** !!! What a bunch of losers you all are. What I’m wondering is why the hell are theses paparazzi inside the airport ? Isn’t their a rule that outside it’s anyone game but inside is a restricted area for paperazzi ?? But of course you probably have theses losers paperazzi trying to cause commotion just so they can get their ass kick, so they sue celebrities !!! Pathetic they are ! I can’t wait to see one of them get crushed real good !!!!!!! I dunno nothing about her boyfriend but as far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t mess with a canuck ! They all play hockey and they don’t play our rules…

  • http://deleted Now now..

    And as far as Gabriel smiling, this looks more like I want to kill you and shove that camera of yours up your ass kind of smile if you ask me….

  • yuehun

    both looks hot!

  • WTF

    WTF–guess everyone has an opinion. Think the JD reference my guess was not that he’s white or whether or not she really marries the dude. Think they meant more in the sense of the rumors whether he is using her/she’s helping him finance the restaurant and hoping he doesn’t turn into him w/ showing his violent side. Don’t know if the dude plays hockey being a model and all, it wouldn’t surprise me. Do agree that people are over analyzing the photos whether staged or not or if she brings upon herself or not.

    Just another mindless non-newsworthy, JJ piece.

  • 2985

    I never thought in my life I’d EVER wanna be a thong…but I’m jealous of Halle Berry’s thong, definitely… :) I guess Gabriel has had enough of the paps, I mean geez, let em pass through a frickin airport ya know? But that thong…HAWT! And jealous…

  • http://deleted Now now..

    I live in NYC and I pass by his restaurant to go to work and one thing I’m sure is that Cafe Fuego was already in construction before their relationship became public… So as far as her helping him financially is a load of crap… I don’t care how hot you are you don’t give anybody’s money to open a restaurant the first day you meet. So take that dumb rumor and shove it where the sun don’t shine !

  • Go Halle!

    #21 IS AN IGNORANT ASS Says:

    April 18th, 2007 at 11:13 pm – flag comment
    Oh yes he is!

    Have you paid attention to the statistics lately? Considering the fact that the majority of black women won’t find decent men to marry, won’t ever get married at all, and will raise kids as single mothers because the “joker” took off

    ALSO, Those stats you are talking about refers to women (all women) who choose NOT to marry. You jackass.


    Hey you #21 IS AN IGNORANT @SS,

    I won’t call you names because I don’t know you and you are obviously a male sticking up for your gender or a female who lives in denial. Also, I would rather argue the point than get into an argument here.

    Don’t just tell me I’m full of something. A lot of black women know exactly what I am saying, but it hurts because black women do not give up on black men. That is the way we are.

    HOWEVER, THAT MOST CERTAINLY IS THE TRUTH FOR BLACK FEMALES. This is NOT A CASE OF RACIST BASHING and I’m not stating that other people don’t have problems as well.

    The other truth that is absolutely the truth is from I believe the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. I read the report in the newspaper:

    Black females have the most births out of wedlock. What does that tell you? A lot of us are not getting married or marrying the fathers of our children. Sorry to break that news to you. That statistic did not shock me because I see it every day.

    I’ll throw this in there while I am at it: Asian women have the fewest births and more Asian women remain childless than other races of women.

    I made that statement to tell anyone that if you don’t want to date people of other races, fine. That is your choice and there is nothing wrong with you living your life your way, but saying Gabriel Aubry is not fit to be the babydaddy because he’s white is a pretty low blow.

    We can all have our opinions.

  • Go Halle!

    I have not yet been able to watch Halle Berry’s new movie, but I’ve heard that it wasn’t too good. In her defense, I think people have to remember that she is a minority and she is female. For the most part, she takes what she gets. She didn’t make the movie, she just played a role in it. I’m sure her acting did not ruin the film. I’m still happy that she is a working actress. She still gets to do what she loves best and is still earning a good living for her future.

  • Ro

    I must add to #47 that statistics show that 29% of black women are head of households, compared to 11% of white and Asian and 17% of latinos. What does that tell you?

  • Don’t pay attn to the haters

    GH etal, I hope you all are alright. Don’t pay any attn to #21 or the other idiot trolls on this site. There not the only one’s that don’t have their facts straight, thanks GH, Ro etal.

    It’s very possible that his restaurant was already under construction when there relationship became public. They met in Nov 2005 and it may have been official in Feb 2006 (not sure) or at least that’s when a lot of the pix of them together started to appear even though I do remember seeing pix of them secretly eating at some restaurant in LA and in her white Range Rover (or whatever you call it) with her driving some time in 2005 after the photo shoot (will post if I remember the link). She announced the place and that they were dating (even though they had been seen all over NYC together several months prior) I think on Letterman and The View last Spring/Summer when promoting Xmen 3. Think that’s how I remember it. Either way, am supporting your claim.

    Please Halle is known to be frugal with her money, so I seriously doubt she gave him money for the place. All she did was to help promo it for the grand opening in October or whenever it was. Gabe is no Jack Dennison whatsoever period and no comparison can be made to him or Halle to Dorothy in that respect period.