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Johnny Depp's Daughter Out and About

Johnny Depp's Daughter Out and About

Johnny Depp‘s daughter, Lily, who turns 8 next month, has been pictured for the first time since she recovered from being diagnosed with the E.coli bacteria.

Depp, 43, was spotted walking along the Thames River in southern England with family. He was also accompanied by longtime partner Vanessa Paradis, 5-year-old son Jack and an unidentified older women, possibly grandma Depp.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star “smothered her with kisses as they played”. So glad to see Lily-Rose all better!

The family are currently in the UK while Depp is filming the Stephen Sondheim movie version of Sweeney Todd, out Jan. 11, 2008. Fictional Kazakhstani journalist Borat, aka Sacha Baron Cohen, also stars in the film.

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  • hanna

    greetings from Holland,

    Hi Jared thanks, God Bless for Johnny and family

  • lula29

    Thank God! I really actually said a prayer she would make it. How horrible. Glad it’s all over.

  • maxine

    I’m so happy to see her out and about. I was really worried.

  • Sophie

    That child looks so much like AnnaSophia Robb, the girl Depp starred with in Charlie and the Choc. factory. lol.. Anyone else think so ?

  • piper, with a low


    Their baby girl seems to have bounced back. I hope that the trend continues.

  • Deep Fan

    Thank God she is doing well. Good to see her out and about, I just hope they don’t get in her face too much.

  • Eve

    I am glad she´s ok now. Johnny is one of the nicest people in the world and I hope that everything is fine for him and his family.

  • scarlett

    one happy family :)
    Johnny & Vanessa are such a great couple and the kids are adorable.

  • Mmmmm

    Johnny is smokin. Glad the lil one is ok.

  • A

    His daughter looks so much like the girl from bridge to tarabithia..

  • Vanessa

    Yeah, I guess his daughter does look a bit like the girl from charlie and the chocolate factory. But only in that picture. So glad to hear she’s well again. Johnny & Vanessa are the greatest couple & they have such gorgeous children.

  • Jango

    AnnaSophia Robb look-a-like! I thought the same thing!

  • Lucie

    I can’t quite figure out which parent Lily-Rose looks like? She reminds me too much of Diane Kruger from the movie Troy.

  • Jess

    She’s Annasophia’s double =o

  • sus

    it’s great ´she is well again i love johnny he is so hoooooooooooooooooot and just the greatest actor so cute did i say i think he is hot ha ha ha

  • kya


  • katx

    What a nasty thing to say. Johnny Depp was blonde as a child, as was Vanessa. Johnny has Native American Indian ancestry – he is not an Indian.
    Lily Rose Melody Depp has a French Mother and an American father. Her surname is Depp, the couple may not be married but Vanessa has already stated in interviews both children take their fathers surname.

    So before you go spewing out your idiot thoughts stop and think first.

  • elaine

    hello. I too am very glad that Lily is well and the Depp family are again thriving. However, my question is, there are rumors abound about J. Depp and Vanessa are ready to tie the proverbial “legal” marriage knot. Now I am not completely sure, but I think, again I am not 100% sure, whether France recognizes same sex marriage with all the legal rights associated with it BUT I am hoping the Depp family will contact the Legal Marriage Alliance group in Washington for a fantastic idea that could be part of a huge push for straight couple to ally themselves with same sex couples who are fighting the good fight for equal rights under our current marriage laws. WE HAVE A PLAN AND WOULD LIKE TO OUTREACH TO wonderful folks like the Depp family, the Pit and Jolie family, and Dana Carvy who have been very supportive of equal rights for marriage. AGAIN, WHEN if ever can we name a time when “separate but equal” worked for human rights issues…???? I am outreaching in this email since I am having great difficulty in navigating a website that would allow for an email contact to pr and/or marketing people who might be able to forward this idea along….anyone up for a great idea and a great challenge to GET EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL CITIZENS? If marriage is such a valuable and moral thing is it not great people of all orientations still want to engage in the institution? anyway, thanks for listening and hopefully someone on this website can forward this to someone who could actually help promote the idea and/or get he information to someone who might be able to? be well, in peace and love, elaine

  • blurb

    What wonderful new to hear that Lily-Rose is okay!! Good health & happiness to the Depp Family – may you never again know such fear and anguish. I guess all that praying worked – didn’t it!! Hurray!! :-)

  • blurb

    Kya – you’re a nasty person with a mean heart. Peddle your nasty little comments elsewhere.

  • …–Natty–…

    No se que hago aca…. pero amo mucho al actor johnny depp! es el mejor!

    te amo mucho johnny depp (I love you johnny depp)

    my mail:

    miles de bss!

    las quiero mucho!

    chau (bye)


  • D

    WHOA. Lily is like a mini AnnaSophia, like others have mentioned.

    And she’s gorgeous…but I’m not surprised! Depp/Paradis DNA! lol

  • Michelle

    Glad to see Lily-Rose all better. Johnny does have really cute kids.

  • ronna doron

    helooo to johnny depp,happy happy happy birthday this coming june 9….i wish you all the best in your family…and also your acting work keep it up…take care

  • ronna doron

    the truth is im a big fan of yours,i came from the coutry of are really great actor…
    you are so reliable in your acting work..
    many people are inspired to you…

  • pirate fan

    I wanna say that im really happy for Johnny that Lily Rose is doing better, really…

  • pirate fan

    yeah i forgot….HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!!! i wish you all good things on earth.. That you could be happy with Vanessa and your kids, that you stay so good and wonderful person as you are, and that we could see you in many movies…really best wishes from Slovenia.
    you know we love You!!!!

  • http://urmomma Bobo

    that is Johnny Depps daughter, and she doessorta look like AnnaSophia Robb but I think she looks more like the girl who played Holly on the Suite Life Of Zack and Cody…Sammi Hanratty…search her in Google images or something…they look soooo much alike…but really onlyin this picture of Lilly-Rose they do.!!!

  • suzane

    I love Lily-Rose!!!!
    I love Johnny Depp!!!

  • my breath johnny

    lily rose is just like herself not any one else -I think she has johnny`s look and his some other pics I found johnny`s smile from lily.lily has vanessa face .and his son is more like vanessa.

  • Anna

    I hate vanessa, I wish they never got together, and had kids, stupid kids, even though their cute, he deserves better dam it, he is fucking hot. I want him dam it.

  • Angie

    Kya, you’re really nasty. I mean, how can you doubt Lily-Rose is Johnny’s Daughter? First of all, Johnny is not an Indian, he’s got Native American Heritage, but he is white. And he was a blonde child. Besides, you certainly haven’t seen those girl’s eyes. She is got the same brown chocolate eyes of her father. And not only that, but all her expressions, smile, look, are inherited from Johnny. So, stop being rude to Johnny and specially Vanessa. You are just green with envy…

  • Sara

    Ohh…so cute

  • jdkm

    lily is soooo cute….glad she’s already well….
    i love you johnny!!!!!!lol

  • mary Randi

    I am Native American and I spoken with the elders. Johnny Depp’s supposed Native American people were adopted by the Cherokee so he has adopted Cherokee ancestors.
    If he really wants to honor us then he would marry his concubine. The people don’t recognize ‘shacking up’ as a real family and who is he fooling?
    Thank You

  • lily-rose

    I’m french, I know Lily-Rose and i can say sh’es not AnnaSophia Robb !!!!
    Remember AnnaSophia is older than Lily !!!!
    Lily-Rose is ok, now, it’s cool !!!!

    Kisses Lily

  • Santa

    vins ir hujs

  • Orckie Bleew

    Vary Randi …you are so full of shit…and..oh my god! ..the way you write makes you look fat…i’m just sayin’.

  • apple

    Woww!!! she is so Pretty, like her parents!!
    I love Johnny Depp since i was a child… and in my opinion Vanessa Paradis is Great to!!! I want to know more about her!! I have listened one of his albums an i like it so much!!

    Thanks god Lilly-Rose is Ok!!!
    Lots of love!!

  • apple

    UPS!! I like HER album!!! LAPSUS!!

  • Marije

    Hey, I really like Johnny Depp’s movies, I just want Johnny Depp to know, if he ever watches, that the ‘Flying crocodile machine’ in Dutch is called ‘De vliegende Hollander’ so he’ll never forget the Netherlands ;)

    Sorry, I’m just such a great fan :)

  • http://google tiffyboo2

    Hey Johnny you rock I so love you and I’m sooo glad that Lily-Rose is ok.

    Ioves and kisses!

  • robie_deppy

    Io amo trpp johnny e amo i suoi bambini!sono la mia vita!qnt vorrei essere la loro baby-sitter!:)

  • http://wrongworldvikki wrongworldvikki

    @kya: you are just stupid! Johnny has some american indian blood as most of us do in the U.S. and yes we are white! Stupid!