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Madonna's Family Portrait

Madonna's Family Portrait

Madonna poses with daughter Lourdes, 10, and David, 1, at the Home of Hope orphanage in Mchinji, Malawi on Tuesday.

Video footage was taken at the church-run orphanage, where children sang and recited lessons for the Queen of Pop and her two kids.

Back in the states, Madonna has helped for H&M push revenue up 17% and sales up 29% in the month. Shouldn’t other retailers be grabbing celebrity designers too?

35+ pictures inside of Madonna family portraits…

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01 lourdes leon malawi
02 lourdes leon malawi
03 madonna lourdes david banda
04 madonna lourdes malawai
05 madonna david banda malawi
lourdes leon malawai 01
lourdes leon malawai 02
lourdes leon malawai 03
madonna family portrait 01
madonna family portrait 02
madonna family portrait 03
madonna family portrait 04
madonna family portrait 05
madonna family portrait 06
madonna family portrait 07
madonna family portrait 08
madonna family portrait 09
madonna family portrait 10
madonna family portrait 11
madonna family portrait 12
madonna family portrait 13
madonna family portrait 14
madonna family portrait 15
madonna family portrait 16
madonna family portrait 17
madonna family portrait 18
madonna family portrait 19
madonna family portrait 20
madonna family portrait 21
madonna family portrait 22
madonna family portrait 23
madonna family portrait 24
madonna family portrait 25
madonna family portrait 26
madonna family portrait 27
madonna family portrait 28
madonna family portrait 29
madonna family portrait 30

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, AP
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  • Sassy One

    Look at the smiles on these kids’ faces~~ Now this is what children are supposed to look like. Not the unhappy scowls on the Jolie/Pitt children. Madonna’s kids look happy and well-adjusted. I think it’s great that she took David to see his father. Great character!

  • BoBo

    Madonnas daughter is a cutie! Having a daughter her age myself. Her daughter looks very well adjusted an normal and less about being a famous persons child.

  • J3$$!C@

    Come on Sassy, its too late at night to be making nasty comments on a thread intended for Madonna and her kids. Anyways, Lourdes is gorgeous and is David waving? He is such a cute baby.

  • guessing

    her kids are cute

  • lola

    Sorry, I have to be the snarky one. Of course her children look happy. They’re posing for the cameras (even if they are pretending not to be). At least when Angelina Jolie goes on her trips, she is not a media whore the way Madonna is, with cameras following her every move while she is there. If anything is ever broadcast or published, it is always AFTER she has made the trip, unlike Madge here who is like “Look at me. I’m in Africa. I’m a wonderful person.” I don’t ever remember it once being broadcast when Angie went back to Cambodia after she first adopted Maddox, so that people could see her help him get in touch with his native roots.

  • Bruna

    I completely agree with you Lola. Angie doesn’t do anything to to appear, we don’t even know about all her trips and all the great things she does. And I don’t think her kids look sad or disajusted in any way. Imagine being stalked everywhere. You wouldn’t look happy as well.

  • Bruna

    And Lola is cute, but she should totally have her eyebrows pluked. I know she’s too young, but still… she’s like a mini Madonna.

  • Erik

    Fantastic woman. It’s just so. She did (and does) what nobody does and probably nobody can do. All the haters are just jealous, they sit in front of their computers doing zero. They ARE zero. And she is the great Madonna.

    Jared, thank you for these adorable photos.
    From Russia with love:-)

  • madonnasmymuse

    Thankyou for these amazng pix!! What a beautiful, happy family! Madonna is the most incredible woman – as an artist and as a person. : )

  • blogelina

    Nice pictures. That little David is really cute. He looks happy and healthy. I’ve got to hand it to Madonna for taking David to visit his father. Lourdes is a very pretty girl and lucky to be able to travel with her mom.

  • Tai

    lola and bruna. the reason the cameras are there is because she’s making a documentary to bring more awareness to the children of malawai and the foundation she’s starting there.

  • Mia

    Excuse me but didn’t Bambz do a magazine shoot they were all posing for a camera then and they weren’t smiling. Kids don’t necessarily have to smile when a camera’s around but Madonnas are cause they genuinely happy

  • The Real Deal

    Nice to see happy & normal looking children for a change…

  • Noulin

    So, so sweet! LOVE Madonna.

  • Hmm…

    Beautiful and happy kids. Good for Madonna.

  • Pulp

    What a sweet family!

  • Angie_fan

    Angelina’s children are pretty, Madonna’s child are normal. Louder is ugly! But Modonna aren;t beautifull…

  • Nancy

    I love Madonna. Lola is beautiful. David is sweet. Again always negative way is it that when someone does something good a negative comment has to be made. People should really take a good look at their own lives and really think long and hard before making a judgement or statement about someone else. This world is so full of hate. Leave Madonna alone…..

  • Nancy

    The person that said Lourdes is ugly…so full of hate….look in the mirror yourself before saying something so evil about such a beautiful girl.

  • Summer

    Lourdes is beautiful she has that quality like penelope cruz

  • Layla

    Where’s Guy and Rocco?

  • lula29

    Y’all need to get lives.

    Angelina and Madonna aren’t competing with each other, so get over it.

    Lourdes is beatiful, but I always knew she would be.

    All the kids seem really happy, so stop trying to create hate where there is none.

  • Nando

    Haha! Lourdes inherited her Mom’s front teeth gap! LOL! NOW she really looks like her Mom.


    lola Says:

    April 18th, 2007 at 1:23 am – flag comment
    Sorry, I have to be the snarky one. Of course her children look happy. They’re posing for the cameras (even if they are pretending not to be). At least when Angelina Jolie goes on her trips, she is not a media ***** the way Madonna is, with cameras following her every move while she is there. If anything is ever broadcast or published, it is always AFTER she has made the trip, unlike Madge here who is like “Look at me. I’m in Africa. I’m a wonderful person.” I don’t ever remember it once being broadcast when Angie went back to Cambodia after she first adopted Maddox, so that people could see her help him get in touch with his native roots.
    Snarky my a**. You just can’t handle anyone other than your precious Angelina being in the spotlight in a positive way.
    You can’t force a 3/4 year old to look happy for the cameras, David’s happiness seems genuine enough.
    The reason Madonna has cameras following her every move is because she is making a documentary in order to bring awareness to the children of Malawi, why are you critizicing her for that? It’s not just about David getting in touch with his roots. There were pictures of Brad, Angie, and Maddox plastered all over the tabs of them in Cambodia while Maddox was “getting to know his roots”, h**l Brad even gave an interview about it! These were pictures Angelina sold to the tabs mind you. Every trip Angie goes on she manages to sell her pics to the tabs. Funny how Angie fans have such a short-term selective memory.

  • sue

    Madonna is a very special person. Love her!


    ohmigod pipol, Madonna’s children n Brad n Angelina’s children r all beautiful n happy kidz, smiling or not, peace y’all


    Congratulations to Madonna for re-inventing herself one more time in her dotage. But unlike her big 80′s lace fingerless gloves, bangles and black roots, THIS TIME, she’s only FOLLOWING someone else. We all KNOW who that someone else is, Angelina Jolie. Don’t take my word for it – try to google a Madonna adoption article without Angie’s name in it – hard to do. Don’t get me wrong – better Madonna be aiding Africa like Angelina, Bono, Brad Pitt,, Ashley Judd, Matt Damon, etc. – rather than coming out with a dance album at damn near 50, or God forbid making another shi*eous movie. But don’t you dare start sh*t about Angelina and her beautiful family, and suddenly get a case of amnesia when it comes to that young woman’s influence – which is far and wide…show some respect, because it’s CLEAR after setting trends for the last 20 years on all that is superficial (from leggings, to neon socks to bad movies) Madonna FINALLY has a role model of her own, and for something that actually MATTERS.

    Yeah, she can thank Angelina Jolie later. Angie won’t hold her breath though.

    Unlike me, and her other fans, AJ is not interested in arguing with you haters, nor is she competing with anyone. She stands alone. I’m sure it makes her happy seeing other people experience what she has through adoption. Besides, it seems the media knows it’s much more profitable to make Jolie and everything she does into a controversy rather than Madonna…I think they finally got a clue, when they saw how everyone was attaching Angie to Madge’s story anyway – so they were just lying in wait for Jolie’s next adoption to come through so they could be on the attack with her.

    This time however, in Madonna’s case, it appears she has her PR people on the case (Liz Rosenberg was communicating with the press before Madge stepped onto a plane), is doing good damage control, and using her kids as shields (some of the harsher criticism is suspended when children are around and are exposed to new cultures and the less fortunate, something that didn’t happen Madge’s first trip)

  • Kay Corleone

    As the mother of a 5 yr old girl and a 3 yr old boy, I can tell you my kids are happy and well adjusted. But I’ll be damned if we don’t have a hard time getting them to smile for the camera. They are more interested in the camera. Or one smiles and the other is pissed. They get especially cranky when 100 strangers are yelling their names and taking their picture.

  • Paula the Crotch

    I know I will take heat for this and Lourdes is a beautiful girl. But we all KNOW she needs her unibrow waxed. Certainly she is old enough for that and God knows Madonna can afford it. I remember a girl in grade school who had a gnarly unibrow and a lot of kids made fun of her and called her Catepillar Cathy. Kids that age can be especially cruel, and I don’t know why Madonna wouldn’t want to spare her embarassment.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Ok, this is how you raise kids.

    Look at the look on Lourdes’ face, so full of happiness and comfort where she is.

    So many wanna be upwardly mobile parents stick their bratty kids in their upper crust suburban neighborhoods and don’t expose them to the outside world.

    Her is a 10 year old girl who is set to inherit over 300 million dollars one day (if not more) and where is she? In Malawi visiting orphans.

    Note to all parents: You don’t have to be millionaires to do this. Instead of buying Little Johnny yet another game boy. Save the money. Travel with your kids. Expose them to different people around the world. This can ensure they will have less chance of growing up with hate in their hearts.

    I think the chances of Lourdes growing up to be a respectfl, well rounded, and unbiased little girl are greater because of what her mother is exposing her to.

    Just because you are rich does not mean you have to insulate your children so that they are not tainted by the woes of the outside world.

    Actually, the more comfortable you are, the easier it should be to expose your kids!

    I give kudos to Madonna for taking Lourdes on this trip. There are grown adults who have never been outside of New Jersey (eve if they can afford it).

    Lourdes will be more sophisticated than many adults.

    The same with the wonderful Jolie-Pitt kids.

    This is all wonderful to see. And Lourdes is hands down the prettiest little celebrity girl in her age range. As for David, he is a cutie. it is amazing how much he looks like Madonna’s other son, Rocco.

  • lola

    #24 Lola Galore Hypocrisy:

    Look, I really am not that concerned about whether people hate on Angelina Jolie or not and I am certainly not as angry as you seem about this whole situation. Yes, it is great that Madonna is bringing attention to the people of Malawi. But I am no longer a fan of Madonna’s and I personally think that everything she does is a PR move. I think Lourdes and David do look happy and they are beautiful children. I was simply pointing out that there are cameras EVERYWHERE so they (well Lourdes anyways, cause David is too young to understand what is going on) were probably on their best behaviour.

    The only reason I said this about Madonna is because it certainly seems like a media cirucs EVERY time she goes to Malawi. Angelina (and a lot of other celebs, actually) have gone to third world countries in a much more quieter fashion. It is great that she is filming a documentary about Malawi but I just think she could have done it with a little less publicity at least until the documentary was actually released.

  • lola

    Sorry I got your name wrong: I meant to say Hypocrisy Galore Lola

  • wayupnorth

    In Photo #18 (Madonna reaching out to the uniformed girl with VERY short hair), Madonna has such a compassionate look on her face; that feeling can’t be manufactured.

  • lula29

    I think some people really don’t like when celebs try and do anything that involves helping others.


    How would you know what is and isn’t for PR? I’m really amazed at how everyone has become such PR experts. I mean do you even work in the field to know what you are talking about?

  • mina

    Madonna is such wonderful lady. I love her for doing this. She does wonderful work there with all the people from Raising Malawi who are helping with shelter, education, food, clean water. Her motives are so sensere. I wish more celebs would do this. And Lourdes is beautiful young girl who will take all these experiences further when she grows older. She will only learn for the better.
    Great family. Keep it up.

  • Justin

    Really great pics. Madonna and her family are beautiful people. And kudos to Madonna for helping all of those other children. — and still being able to stay at the top of her game career-wise! Shes incredible

  • Jackpot

    She is one hairy lil’ girl. Poor thing. Madonna has enough money to make her look more glamorous. That stache has to go!