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Ryan Gosling Fuels Break-Up Rumors

Ryan Gosling Fuels Break-Up Rumors

Ryan Gosling continues to fuel rumors that he’s split with longtime girlfriend Rachel McAdams, arriving to the New York screening of his film Fracture on Tuesday with mom Donna Gosling.

Last week, Ryan, 26, was accompanied to the Los Angeles premiere of Fracture with sister Mandi.

When asked whether the two were still dating at the film’s afterparty, Ryan had “no idea.” McAdams’ rep pleads that the break-up stories are “completely false.”

12+ pictures inside of Ryan and Donna

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  • viola

    he looks so hot. I hope he and rachel are fine.

  • dora

    The woman in the picture with him is his mother.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    I hope Ryan dumbed Rachel, that biish is a lame.

  • piper, with a low

    I don’t follow these two, but I’m guessing that they are still together. In fact, I think that Ryan is deliberately d*cking around with the press because they’ve gotten out of control where he and Rachel are concerned.

    Naturally, I could be wrong.

  • Clement

    I think they just want to have more privacy….

  • DUH


    he is just F*cking with the media…
    I’m sure he menat that since there are rumors of wedding and breaking up…even HE is consufed about that!

    he just have this silly sarcastic sense of humor

    for me this is the final proof that everything is fine between them

  • carrie

    i think he’s playing around with the press too. his response definetly makes me think he’s joking, making fun of all the rumors going around.

  • Liz

    wow that’s his mom??? she looks… young?

  • Dorothy

    He looks great and I bet they are fine. They are a private couple, them in public together always leads to “are you engaged?” rumors. Plus isnt she filming a movie, right now?

    He also does have an odd sarcastic sense of humor.

    Hope they are good…love them together!!

  • Cynthia

    He dumped her. I believe him, saw it coming. In Life and Style, all the rumors of them being on a break are exclusively from HER people. Someone’s in denial, and it isn’t Ryan.

  • anon

    u believe him? what do you believe? ryan said he had no idea if he was still dating her. that sounds like he’s saying F U to the lateste rumors. how could the stuff in life and style have come from her people? it all makes her look bad. yesterday her rep denied the breakup rumors to us weekly

  • none

    Yeah, they seem pretty much done. She sounds like she is still hung up on him though. If they were still together he would have brought her to the premiere to shut everyone up.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    None, you’re so right. He would’ve brought her, and they probably are finished. He’s a fool to let her go. She’s not a bitch, she’s actually hella cool and smart too. Much McAdams luv here!


  • tina

    he’s just probably trying to throw the press off. the wedding rumors could be true & being the private couple that they are, they wouldn’t want their wedding to be a media circus. i think they’re a great couple and they deserve a happy life together.

  • nicole

    He’s hot but she’s even hotter. I hope it hasnt all gone to his head.

  • Katie

    He could have meant it in a flippant, “Why don’t you tell me?” sort of way, since there have been so many reports in the press about them recently.

    I sort of hope they haven’t split up; they’re such a physically beautiful couple. Can you imagine how good-looking their kids would be?

    Plus, they’re fellow Canucks. :)

  • Cici

    ppl shouldnt’ believe wat Life & Style says. that magazine is always making up stuff.
    they said tomKat were breaking up b4 suri was born, and that brad and angie were done, so……..

  • dhale

    absolutely! this is just a rumuors. ryan’s laugh at when he is being asked if he and rachel broke up. the couples are keeping private relationship and that is good!

  • babyblush

    they haven’t broken up, they’ll probably be married before the end of the year and gosling or his “people” just want more press coverage and what better way to get it then an oscar nomination and a “breakup” with his famous girlfriend, and another movie with mega-uber star anthony hopkins. next thing you know he’ll be starting a band. whatever, its a media ploy. doesnt really matter though cuz he’s HOTTTT!!!

  • angel

    i think the 2 of them look very very good together… i hope it works out…they have been a couple for a very long time…let’s just hope the media don’t destroy (or help destroy) what they have.

  • Dianna


  • KC

    i think he’s just kidding . so that the media wil think that him and rachel are over. and so they can have their secret wedding. i love this couple. they’re PERFECT. they are so sweet and it’s destiny that brought them together. so i hope that they didn’t break up or anything. i hope they’re still going strong. and if there are problems, im sure they’ll be able to pass it.

  • Regina

    i hope him and rachel are through.
    i dont have a problem with her, i mean,
    i think she is pretty and all,
    and a good actrees,
    but there is ..idk.
    i just dont think they are meant for each other