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Does Wentworth Miller Have a New Girlfriend Already?

Does Wentworth Miller Have a New Girlfriend Already?

Has Amie Bice been given the boot already? Cue Scarfy: Part Deux!

In this exclusive new snapshot, Wentworth Miller catches a movie with a new gal pal at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood on Tuesday night.

Burn, bucket hat, burn!

The Prison Break star took fellow actress Mariana Klaveno on a date to the same movie theater back in January.

You can watch the video of Wentworth and his new older female friend here.

Can anyone ID the new lucky lady? Let the terrorizing begin!

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wentworth miller bucket hat
wentworth miller girlfriend new 01
wentworth miller girlfriend new 02

Photos: Ramey/Neill J. Schutzer
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  • pooter

    NO WAY. Not dating her! Looks like it could be his mother! In fact, he looks almost smugly happy that the paps are photographing him with another lady…..probably hoping to throw everyone off of who is really in his bed!!!!!!!!

    wish it were me..*sigh*

  • alizee

    No way! Have you watched a girlfriend on this vid????
    Please, we need more than a walk to believe that they are in love!!!!

  • Bec

    FIRST! Whatever, just because he goes out to the movies with someone does not mean that he is dating them. They aren’t even holding hands.

  • [Fug Face [x]]


  • Nadine

    another one?? haha okay then… now lets cue the: 1. crying 2. jealousy 3. denial 4. and the “HE’S GAY PPL!!” :)

  • Nadine

    oh and lets not forget… 5. the “she’s ugly, common wentworth, you can do better… like me!!!”


  • angelina_mmm

    thanks Jared for the thread
    I was just waiting for you to post so we can start the debate. So? Where do we begin? Hmmm
    I think when he falls in love (whether it’s a girl or a guy) it will be showing in his face but for now I doubt he is in love with someone.
    He seems to be just having fun… releasing his tension (hehe), having a good time with few girls. That is all… nothing serious.

  • http://wentworthmiller natachou

    i can’t beleive what iam seing.this is the proof that wentworth miller isn’t dating for sure anybody for serious.we fangirls must be really releived about this new development . i knew it wasn’t real with amie bice.they are only good friends.i love you went!bye ,everybody.

  • Real Chance

    Just Jared stop saying girlfriends’ these are all his friends’ he looks like he only hangsout with women anyway.I think this is his way to let us know he is not dating the other blonde chick haha he does read what we write after all.

  • Pas

    He only hangsout with his friends’ when he is in LA people have even seen him with a hot dark girl.

  • Fran

    She doesn’t seem “older” to me, she can be 34 or 35

  • Nichelle Denise


    “hot dark girl”… What do you mean? Was he hanging out with a Black girl or some other young lady of ethnic decent?

  • http://Shit!!!!! Damn it!

    BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………… know what i mean?

  • Eve

    Why don’t we leave Went live in peace???

  • What A Lie!

    Mr.Stud what a joke what he’s calling every woman he knows to go out and get photographed with him.So we can all keep talking about him until he goes back to work on PB.Oh Miller checking your list huh :) i know this new girl is not pretty but,she looks less annoying than the other blonde one!

  • MissyB

    Do I smell publicity stunt? Definite publicity stunt!!!! Went is loving this!

  • Mia

    If that is his girlfriend I will top myself and by the way Wentworth looks SEXY as ever!
    Love him and thanks Jared for this

  • zup

    it looks like his SISTER, ive seen her on other pics.
    I think it is her

  • angelina_mmm

    I hope he is reading this and having a laugh at our stupidity to dissect every little detail. BTW I am not gonna stop, I want him to be in the press he is too good looking to be hiding.

  • angelina_mmm

    :) :)

  • Rachel

    She’s way too old for him. She looks like she’s in her 40′s or 50′s.

  • Lisa

    Haha, and you guys were complaining that Amie Bice looked old?! That lady looks much older than 34 or 35. This is so funny.

  • Sophie


  • ncshygirl

    She’s probably just a friend. I truly think that he is still single. The Amie girl just wasn’t his type at all and this one looks like a friend only. He’s searching for the right girl and in order to do that he will have to date PPL!!!

  • urfuckingay

    dude. let the guy live his lifee. shes old and ugly. i dnt think he would date her.

  • People are crazy

    Umm…you know, there IS such a thing as FRIENDSHIP! Since when is it impossible for men and women to be friends??? You’re seen together with someone of the opposite sex and OF COURSE that means you must be sleeping together. Yeah right.

  • Rachel

    Thier just friends otherwise they would be holding hands.

  • Rachel

    couldn’t be his sister. His sisters are younger than him.

  • raphaelle

    His mother is 62 years old. There’s no way the lady he’s with is 62.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    She’s probably his agent or something so so simple. But I would pay millions to trade places with her. Ugh just to make eye contact with him would make my day!

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    She’s probably his agent or something so so simple. But I would pay millions to trade places with her. Ugh just to make eye contact with him would make my day!


  • tina

    i think he’s just going all “michael scofield” on the paparazzi, playing mindgames and all that. he is a private person, i’m sure he doesn’t appreciate being followed around like that.

  • libraesque

    GIRLFRIEND!!! the guys a flaming queen

  • ~K

    How about everyone re-read their post? Do you realise how crazy you all sound? Give the guy a break, as if you any of you ever had a chance. Grow up and stop acting like kids. You’ll never ever have a chance with Wentworth, now deal with it and live with it.

  • KK

    Thanks Jared at least I can count on you for Wenty update. I was sure Amy Bice, Brice, Lice whatever, was not for my Went. This one is actually his mother. I have never seen Went look anything less that HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angelina_mmm

    hey K
    what’s wrong with having a crush?!
    so what if we say some things
    if we don’t say it here we’ll still think about it so what’s the big deal

  • Liz

    Jared, this is his grand mother, I swear! Went is waiting for the right woman-ME

  • ken

    the thing i dont get is why would she hide her face .. and then suddely walk away to not be in the photo if i was geting my photo took to be on the newspapers i would be all up for a pic lol.. and yea this could be his mother or his friends celebs can have friends aswel , then get published… has he got a new girl already… its his life…

  • ~K

    angelina_mmm – it’s not about a “crush” it’s about an obsession and sounding like psychotic fans!!

  • lula29

    Let us all pray that Mr. Wentworth Miller has better taste than these plain faces he’s been photographed with.

    Yes I’m shallow.

    No I don’t care.


  • oh no

    who takes a backpack to the movies?

  • carebear

    hey i love the bucket hat! leave it alone. ;-P

  • MadHatter

    The people who keep saying it’s his mother are killing me…LOL
    You do know his mom is in her 50′s right??? not to mention she is a TEACHER! do you really think his mother a sophisticated mother of 3 would be caught out wearing sneakers and gawd awful baggy pants???

    But whatever helps you sleep at night!

  • Yay for the Bucket Hat

    I dunno know, I kinda like the bucket hat. He looks all kinds of sexy in it!

  • Vivian

    He sure has a lot of girl buddies, howcome we never catch him hanging with his guy friends?

  • Hannah

    I don’t think there are many 50+ year old women wearing Converse. :) I think she’s cute, but his bucket hat needs to go. Not a good look.

  • Meeshy28

    probably just going on dates with many chicks just to throw ppl off from the truth..the truth that HES GAY

  • http://deleted Maldita

    Went is just catching up with his FRIENDS people (he’s got tons of time to burn anyway). it’s obvious enough but Went, you’re in your traveling clothes again – the bucket hat, long sleeves polo and backpack – jetting off to somewhere?

  • ispy

    I think he looks great in anything, even the bucket hat. However, I dont think he would go out looking like that if he was on a date.

  • meemee

    Wow, all this Went news in the last few days is insane! I’m lovin it ! :o)