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Brad & Angelina to do the Cannes Cannes

Brad & Angelina to do the Cannes Cannes

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are set to open the Cannes Film Festival on May 16 in France with A Mighty Heart, produced by Pitt’s company, Plan B.

“The story unfolds like a mystery,” said Jolie, who plays Mariane Pearl, the widow of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. “You’ve got people collecting clues and trying to solve what happened. But it’s also very real and personal. We didn’t want it to be too melodramatic or too polished. We didn’t want it to be a typical movie.”

Says co-star Dan Futterman (pictured), “It would usually take about five minutes before people would figure out that it was Angelina. So we ended up shooting a lot of the exterior stuff in five-minute increments.”

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Credit: EW
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  • You/Me

    She looks so different with her hair curly like that. But still beautiful, and I love the dress. I saw a piece about Angie on E!, don’t know if it’s the same one piper with a low was talking about but this one was actually decent. I stand by what I said earlier, E! is playing nice guy to all the other bad tabs in hopes of scoring brownie points with Brad and Angie.

  • [Fug Face [x]]


  • coolspark

    she looks awesome :) thanks jj.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    I just wanna give a happy-belated-birthday shout out to suri cruise!

  • BCBG

    I love this family !!!!

    much much love !!!

  • sara

    Jared, you got the information wrong. My Blueberry Night is opening the Cannes Film Festival on May 16, not A Mighty Heart. A Mighty Heart is scheduled to premiere on May 21.

  • jjoy

    thanks jj……i can’t wait to see them in Cannes and to see this movie….i will go and watch again 3 x like when i watch Babel…..angie will get another nod from any of the awards shows….best actress…..whoopeee!!!

  • JP Fan

    Thanks JJ. Love it and I will always be here at your site. Nothing can compare to what you have done for the BAMPZS family and fans over the years. Thanks.

    Fug, thanks for reminding me . Happy bday Suri. I need to ltry to like your parents, I am trying, it will take some tome. But you are one cute baby Suri, HAPPY BIRTHAY. Suri, are you invited to Shi’s Bday next month?

  • Kearnie

    she looks so pretty.

    Is it me or does it seem like this was all Brad’s idea. See, we knew as early as Jan 2007 that O13 was going to be shown at Cannes. And some of us wondered if Angelina will go or if one of her movie will debut there too.

    Now we have not only O13 confirmed but AMH. I would like to think Brad is behind this because he got to keep his woman and family close. Doesn’t like to be separated from them.

  • Bettina

    Can’t wait for this movie to hit the big screen. The Cannes Film Festival will be hoppin’ with a star studded red carpet, with B&A right in middle of the frenzy!

    Angelina looks beautiful in this photo. Thanks, Jared ! !

  • Kearnie

    good night all and take care :-)

  • Bettina

    You/Me Says:

    April 19th, 2007 at 11:44 pm – flag comment
    She looks so different with her hair curly like that. But still beautiful, and I love the dress. I saw a piece about Angie on E!, don’t know if it’s the same one piper with a low was talking about but this one was actually decent. I stand by what I said earlier, E! is playing nice guy to all the other bad tabs in hopes of scoring brownie points with Brad and Angie.
    I saw the coverage on Angie on E! also ( it is my guilty pleasure while I walk three miles on my treadmill) and I do agree with you that lately, all the references to Angelina, Brad and their family has been reported with alot less snark than in the past. Brownie points is what they be after, and if that’s the case, I hope they get some for their efforts.

  • keana

    Thanks for the new thread Jared!

    Angelina is beautiful and I can’t wait to watch this movie.

    To my Fellow BAMPZS Fans, have a goodnight!

  • Mrs. Lenny

    ~I can’t wait to see this movie. I hope that she is at her best,I think that she is a very beautiful woman. Wishing Her,Brad and the babies all the best.


  • Amaya

    I can’t wait to see them at Cannes. Y’all know what this means…more pictures.

    Dina#1, I just think it’s youtube because I uploaded the video hours ago and it work then for awhile it wasn’t. But then it started working again and now, not so much. I tried to remove one of test junk videos and the site won’t let me.

    Alex, I am glad to hear you’re doing well. I’m working on Mean Boys 2 :) I need to get my mind away from the angst that’s in it lol

  • Missouri Fan

    Jared, thanks !!

    Definitely I will be watching this movie so many times, I can’t wait.

    Mrs. Lenny Says:
    April 19th, 2007 at 11:32 pm – flag comment
    ~Hello~ Missouri Fan*Alexanderina*Dragonflyand Lylian. Big ups. You guys made me smile. Thanks.

    Here’s for you Mrs. Lenny!!

  • Missouri Fan

    15 Amaya Says:

    Thanks for the new video you made. I love it .

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread, wow Angie looks awesome and so does Dan F. I can’t wait to see AMH and I can’t wait to see Angie and Brad in Cannes, it is going to be AWESOME

  • aileen

    Thanks Jared! Can’t wait to see all Brad & Angie’s movies. Love them.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the new thread Jared! I cant wait to see them at Cannes =D

  • jeannified

    I am really looking forward to seeing this movie!

  • stranger

    Thanks Jared for the new thread!

    Amaya, could you post the link to your new video again? Please? Thank you!

    And about the new forum, don’t worry, many of us belong to other forums. But JJ is fun because it is open and not as regulated as the closed ones, for instance Bradforums has a no bashing rule. I love BF and I also like JJ a lot; they are very different and do not exclude each other.

  • kelly


    Glad that The Mighty Heart will premiere at Cannes. I heard this year’s festival 75th year old. Will be so special.

  • Daniel

    Ever so lovely….When will the movie be shown in the USA? I just adore her.

  • Missouri Fan

    15 Amaya Says

    I can’t get to your video. I was there earlier & my comment did not post.

  • stranger

    BTW the Director’s Cut of Troy is in movie theaters today in Germany. It’s more than 30 minutes longer and shows more skin – well, Brad’s skin is the one I’m interested in. I’ll keep you posted, let’s see what the critics and the public have to say about this version. It could be a lot better than the original one,

    The director, Wolfgang Petersen, did a movie “Das Boot” and then presented the Director’s cut that was over 3 hours long. It was mind blowing, the best submarine movie ever and really worth every minute of it. Let’s see if he has the golden touch this time, because I was not a fan of the version of Troy shown in theaters.

  • Amaya

    Missouri fan, you’re welcome hun! Your little Bradley sound adorable.

    stranger, the video is not working…I tihink it’s the site. Here’s the link anyway.

  • Alexanderina

    Amaya Says: April 20th, 2007 at 12:19 am – flag comment

    sorry Amaya :) okay just relax for a little while and clear your mind of anything relating to MB2, instead think about B&A in Cannes and all the beautiful pictures we are going to get :), then you can think about MB2 again lol.

  • Hannah

    Here’s the Entertainment weekly report,,20035328,00.html

    She is almost unrecognizable with the brown eyes and the curly hair…but as always, very beautiful. And I have missed this kind of coverages about Angie. Decent things with real content. Can’t wait to see this movie. And Ocean 13 too.

  • Missouri Fan

    23 Daniel

    I always smile whenever I see your post. I can’t blame you , Angie is exceptionaly beautiful…. right Ariel!!

  • Kearnie

    Daniel – May 21/22 in Cannes and June 2007, I think

  • Amaya

    Alex, it’s not MB 2 is like a mental vacation for me. The angst is there because the last two poems I wrote weren’t all silly and fluffy like MB 2 although they were topical.



    Look who ELSE is now in trouble in India! OMG – just goes to show you, before you step off the plane in another country, learn the cultural faux pas (what is considered offensive) — apparently a public kiss between the sexes in India is a jailable offense.

    Man, good thing not too many people in India caught Brad’s hand on Angelina’s thigh in the rikshaw that might have been a crime too. Maybe that’s why Brad was keeping his hands to himself on the top of that palace on the lake, and Angie was laughing behind him. :-)

    Anyhoo…read on –

    Shetty & Gere now facing legal action

    Hollywood actor Richard Gere and former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Shilpa Shetty may face legal action for kissing in public at a recent AIDS awareness campaign launch.

    According to CNN, three lawyers have filed complaints in Indian courts against the pair, claiming that the public display of affection was “an obscene act”.

    Papers have also been filed against a number of television channels for broadcasting footage of Gere kissing Shetty on the cheek repeatedly.

    AdvertisementAccording to reports, such legal complaints could result in heavy fines or, in rare cases, jail time.

    There were angry scenes in several Indian cities earlier in the week after Gere kissed Bollywood star Shetty several times, with crowds burning effigies of Gere and chanting “Down with Shilpa Shetty”.

  • Missouri Fan

    For Ariel and Daniel

    Beautiful Angelina Jolie

  • coalharbourqt

    Thanks JJ for the update – Angelina will do a great job of portraying Mariane. They are both very beautiful women. And Cannes will be awesome.

    Stranger – look forward to the updates re: 30 more minutes of Troy/BP – sounds delicious :-) And ITA – there’s no need for anyone to be threatened by a new JP forum – there’s enough love to go around everywhere!

  • Alexanderina

    Amaya Says: April 20th, 2007 at 12:44 am – flag comment

    oh okay, I haven’t read any poems from you. Where are they?

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    drama drama drama.. thats all this biish talks about. lol

  • alero

    Thanks Jared and than MF for the links to some great videos.

    Yes please stranger keep us updated on what the extended DVD of Troy is like. Thanks

  • Amaya

    Alex, I didn’t post it on the fic blog just on my personal one. If you bookmarked my fic blog you can get to my personal one by clicking on my icon/profile on there.

  • Alec Sucs

    Hours after a verbally abusive voicemail message he left to his 11-year-old daughter was made public, Alec Baldwin’s publicist released the following statement to the TV show Extra:

    “In the best interest of the child, Alec will do what the mother is pathologically incapable of doing … keeping his mouth shut and obeying the court order. The mother and her lawyer leaked this sealed material in violation of a court order. Although Alec acknowledges that he should have used different language in parenting his child, everyone who knows him privately knows what he has been put through for the past six years.”

    This is what he says? If this were Angie there would be legal proceedings against her, it’s so unfair. I’m glad she leaked the tape, it shows what she has had to put up with for the past six years. What a deadbeat Alec turned out to be. He should take some pointers from Brad, Will Smith, and Hugh Jackman, men who actually care about and love their children.

  • Alexanderina

    Amaya Says: April 20th, 2007 at 12:57 am – flag comment

    Okay Amaya, I will. Thanks

    I am saying good night now, talk to you later Amaya

  • [Fug Face [x]]

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  • Missouri Fan

    Has AMH pics + beautiful pics along with my favorite song

    Angelina Jolie-This Ones for You

  • Missouri Fan

    Good Night Alex ! Sweet dreams…

  • briseis


    Nakuha mo ba iyong message ko sa isang thread? Na magpunta ka dito sa Chicago sa Thursday, June 7, at bumalik ka na lang sa Missouri sa Friday, June 8. Manonood tayo ng premiere ng O13 sa AMC theatre sa Thursday ng gabi, tapos sa bahay ka na lang matulog.

    Nasa bahay ako, bakasyon, inaayos ang kitchen kasi.

  • Ganja


  • yuehun

    why everyone like Angelina ? she’s not good!

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    kitten, dont you get bored doing that??

  • LSAM

    Thank you JJ. I could hardly wait to see pictures of the whole family in Cannes. This traveling will be exciting for Pax.
    Briseis I can understand your comment because I am from Laguna.

    Thanks again JJ your site is one of the best.

  • kk1