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Milo Ventimiglia is Fergalicious

Milo Ventimiglia is Fergalicious

Heros star Milo Ventimiglia teams up with Fergie Ferg in her latest music video “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

While Fergie strips down to a her skivvies, Milo, 29, goes shirtless, shows off an impressive chest full of tattoos, and even dons a ponytail. Hot stuff!

What do you think of Milo‘s new look? LOVE IT or HATE IT?

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fergie big girls dont cry music video 01
fergie big girls dont cry music video 02
fergie big girls dont cry music video 03
milo ventimiglia pony tail
milo ventimiglia shirtless

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  • chrissy

    i don’t like the tattoos :S

  • T

    Milo is gorgeous in everything he does. Yet another reason it’s great to be from the OC.

  • Jim

    First Josh, now Milo. Dang !! Fergie is getting all the good stuffs to herself. Whatever his tattoos are, they look fierce on him!! I can see some Italian root there.

    When can we see this MV Jared ?

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Fug thinks Ferg’s hot.

  • FMsaziri

    He looks like a drug dealer :-/

  • Jess

    lol……..i dont like the ponytail……

  • langtry

    Fergie’s stomach (in the 2nd picture) creeps me out.

  • ann

    milo is sucha a cutie! the tattoo looks funny.. especially the one that looks like a flower? and i think fergie has a great healthy looking body but her face………

  • Hypa

    O MY GOD. ._.

    now I can die happy.

  • hr

    #1/D: i think the tat says “a cruce salus” which is latin for “salvation by the cross.”
    but yes, it WOULD have been tacky if it said “fergalicious.” good thing it doesn’t.

    i like the tats anyway… milo looks good :) fergie’s face kinda creeps me out, but she’s ok i guess.

  • Louise

    aaah I love his cute face – not a big fan of the tattoos. But the hairdo and the chest is reaaaally nice.

  • mah87

    is it real tattoo or fake? As i am lost here………………………………………..

  • Vikki

    What the HELL is wrong with you people? He is SO NASTY with or without tattoos!!! He’s too scrawny to be shirtless and the clip-on ponytail just makes it worse!! This is one Fergie video that I will keep FAR FAR away from – God help us all.

  • Cynthia

    Love her. She can sing and dance, if I had a choice to see her and Shitney, Fergie would definitely get my hard earned money.

  • Lucie

    EWWWW Fergie looks like Milo’s fugly much older haggard transvestite aunt!!
    I hope he didn’t have to pretend make-out with her! The poor guy!

  • tina

    to vikki,

    milo isn’t scrawny. have you actually seen him shirtless? take a closer look then.

  • Raichill

    Ewwww, Fergie looks like she has a hernia in that second picture. And those ugly panties do nothing for her. The word haggard comes to mind.

  • Olivia

    Those tattoos are fake. There aren’t many actors who have that many tattoos because it looks strange for different characters.

  • Terry

    That guy isn’t hot. Not here not in Mars. He is cute, not hot. Look at that baby body? ewwww

  • hr

    it’s not the best shot of milo. he’s been in mag photo shoots and i think shirtless on Heroes as well? he’s definitely not scrawny. i was surprised when i realized that too b/c you can’t tell with clothes on.

    but ok, i’ll give you the ponytail. not feelin’ that one…

  • Jessica

    milo is hot… don’t really like the tattoos but i love his face! ahhh
    i don’t like fergie

  • sarcastabitch

    He’s HOTT!!

    She looks like a tranny….I do NOT understand what Josh Duhamel’s thinking!

  • rockerwitch

    I wanna see that vid for Milo. Lol. Fergie is okay. But that’s not a particularly good angle of her. She’s still going out w/ Josh right? ‘Coz I saw in a Milo fansite that they were kissing, not sure if that’s on screen or off screen. It just says on set. I don’t dig the tats. ponytail’s er… bearable.

  • Amanda

    as the future wife of Milo Ventimiglia, (lol) i think he looks sexy no matter wut!! and i do want to c this video “JARED” if u do hav it plz let us c it!! gracias!! ~Mrs. Ventimiglia (lol)

  • Angelia

    I like Milo A LOT!!!!! but here? No friggin way. Whatzup with the tattoo and the ponytail. Ukh….
    But still Milo ROCKS

  • Angelia

    I like Milo A LOT!!!!! but here? No friggin way. Whatzup with the tattoo and the ponytail. Ukh….
    But he still cute

  • April

    OMG what has she done to Milo??? i mean Milo always is hot, I love Milo, but the Ponytail has to go!!!!! and the tats??? Milos still ROCKS

  • JustJay

    Oh my GOD, i’m a sucker for Tattoo, not to mention on him, the video was the last thing i watched b4 going to bed last night, and his image stayed on my mind all night, needless to say, i had very impure thoughts and dreams.

    Anyways keep on being hot video was ok. He made it better

  • SweetHoneybee

    I’d do Milo whether or not he had a fake tattoo that read “Gergilicious”. Let’s face it, it’s much more interesting to be gergilicious than fergilicious.

  • suha

    I like to say that am so in love with Milo I think he’s great actor and as I read a bout him I believe he is smart/ and knows his way for accomplishment (I can’t find the right words), nevertheless I can predict that he has an enormous future a had of him best luck and I wish him a very happy life.

    Ooh the Tattoo I’m not that of big enthusiast on tattoo but, it looks satisfactory on him

  • Tayflemflem

    UM HELLO! the tattoos aren’t all real…he is an actor (goregeous) which means he plays different characters and obviously he is getting into the serious film industry at a later (yet still good-looking age) which means he will wear outfits or tattoos that are not real to be the character he portrays.

  • Katt

    In the video he is supposed to be a druggie. I just stumbled to this page because, no joke, when I saw him in Fergie’s video without a shirt on, I had a physical reaction. I am not kidding, I saw him, with the tats, and I literally inhaled and got a shiver down my spine.
    Mile Ventimiglia is so hot. I’m gonna hit that.

  • milosfuturewifey

    he is soooooooo hot i wanna lick his bod

  • katie

    OMG wat is wrong with all the ppl that think milo is NOT hot? he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT i love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  • Jen

    hr is right; milo’s tattoo says “A crucle salus”. I never thought that he looked all that good- buy in that future heroes episode i thought he looked amazing….so i kinda like this pic of him(though he could use more muscles)….but thats just me

    please forgive any mis-spells: its late and i’m typing one handed

  • thea

    he’s hot!!!!

  • Makenzie

    Milo Ventimiglia is Hot no matter what he does!!! HE just just the GREATEST acter there is!!! !PERIOD!!! Plus, even though those tattoos are fake(well all but one) He still wears them really well! Not I’m not a big fan of the ponytail but it does seem to suit him pretty well, too! lol HE ROX

  • needsleep

    okay so its late and i jus had to comment. i’ve never really taken an interest in milo, but after i saw the video…speechless. he’s a total babe! i like how he keeps everything low key when it comes to hollywood, he’s such a hottie, he doesn’t even know it. oh and the look, i don’t care, it’s the face i’m looking at and the body is fine just the way it, his hair in heroes drives me crazy! night night people.

    did i mention how sexy he is?….

  • http://nowebsite ajkfnafu

    I think Milo Ventimiglia IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessie

    y is milo so HOT? man i wish he would keep his shirt off all the time. damn i f***ing hate fergie. she’s a slut.

  • far

    hot hot hottt!

    i’m talking about milo.

    fug fug fuggg!

    is the other one.

  • far

    bad boy with tats or bad boy with powers!

    he’s hot either way!!

  • Buf

    fuckin sexy no matter what, and who cares what the tattoo says ITS FAKE, but he is so hot it doesnt matter, oh yeah baby

    SEX IT

  • b3lla

    OMG…….HES so hot man fergi so lucky she got 2 touch him all hes a hottieeeee man n plus i’m a sucker for tatoos and i lovee the pony tail

  • nikki

    OMG!!! Milo Looks Soooooo Hot i love the tats and the hair, he can come to my house anyday, lol, i love tats they look hot on him!! OMG HOT HOT HOT MILO IS HOT STUFF!!!!!!

  • meranda

    milo is so hot in that video he looks good in aynthing and I would look good in his clothes anyday to i love milo ventimiglia forever and ever love you baby

  • meranda


  • meranda

    and firgie is not a #####