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Jude Law & Kim Hersov: In Love

Jude Law & Kim Hersov: In Love

Jude Law and his new girlfriend, Kim Hersov (editor-at-large for Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar), have a romantic rendezvous in Rajasthan, India on Sunday afternoon.

Jude, 34, whisked away the 38-year-old socialite to take in the sights of India including a visit a historic fort featuring the world’s biggest cannon.

Jude has three kids from a former marriage to Sadie FrostRafferty, 10, Iris, 6, and Rudy, 4.

Hersov has two sons of her own – aged ten and seven – also from a former marriage to private jet tycoon Robert Hersov.

The new couple have been linked together since February.

Jude Law‘s lady love went from actress Sienna Miller to socialite Kim Hersov: UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE?

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kim hersov jude law girlfriend 02
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • alex


  • [Fug Face [x]]


  • Julie

    is it even a question? lol…


  • tanique33

    first colin, now jude. what the hell is going on? who gave him permission to date? jared, a heads up, some very cute pics of becks and his sons shopping. with romeo’s new do.

  • Pole


  • Ace Tomato

    Well for a minute I thought it was a lateral. Seriously, Jude, you’ve got a TYPE.

    But that’s the packaging.

    In terms of substance? Definitely an upgrade.

  • karishma

    if this is true. .and if she is really dating him,, i wish him the best. i want jude to be happy again.. put a smile back on that sexy face of his..

  • Hey Now!

    i thought Iris was a girl? so how can he have 2 boys? doubt this will last he’ll just cheat again…

  • Hey Now!

    i thought Iris was a girl? so how can he have 3 sons? doubt this will last he’ll just cheat again…

    Whoops fixed what I meant to say lol

  • bobo

    he has three sons – one is a step son finlay

  • Sandy

    There is no doubt that this is an upgrade and we are very happy for Jude because
    he obviously has found someone he is willing to talk about and that means he has
    found someone he really cares about Thanks again Jared for folowing through and
    being there for us because we who are Judes loyal fans know who comes through for us. A big thumbs up Jude!

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Hey Now!

  • karishma

    oops forgot to say… but this is definitely a upgrade..
    and by the way “HEY NOW” ,, always a breath of fresh air to hear pessmistic comments…
    im rooting that this one works.,, and hopefully jude can be happy

  • lala

    sorry but it looks like sienna, her face is hidden in the pics, and her hair has grown out since her movie. so i doubt this is anyone but sienna.

  • Constance

    Kinda of an upgrade yeah. She looks just like Sienna though… Older of course!
    She’s therefore quite pretty but way more classy than Sienna (even though I adore her sens of style and all) Is it because she’s older?! Dunno! Anyway, if this woman makes Jude happy, then i guess we just have to wish them all the best!! :)

    I heart Jude

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Jude should be dating some hair-plugs.

  • lala

    her face is hidden in the pics, so you can’t say that’s kim or not. looks like sienna to me. How hideous if he’s still with her yet letting her run around with that awful looking jamie burke. Jude pull yourself together!

  • dolorescraeg

    fug face, i’m sure you’re a lovely person but instead of jude plugging his hair, since you’re on a jude site maybe you should plug up your mouth. you’ll never change our love for jude so go bother brad pitt. jared….you’re our main man. you do wonders for jude lovers. keep it up my friend……

  • dolorescraeg

    forgot to add…..definitely an upgrade….this one looks like a class act. is cultured and literate and artsy…..jude just bew happy. your smile lights up the world.

  • jeannified

    Physically? Downgrade for sure…however, I can’t imagine that her personality is any worse, though I know nothing about her. She DOES resemble Sienna though! I can’t imagine that this will last for Jude though, as he’s such a womanizer!

  • Anthony

    Upgrade! Tough most things are when compared to Sienna

  • erica

    Very happy for Jude, she is an upgrade. “I like you Jude Law, I shall cheer for you” (Gladiator)

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    dolorescraeg Says:

    April 19th, 2007 at 6:09 pm – flag comment
    fug face, i’m sure you’re a lovely person but instead of jude plugging his hair, since you’re on a jude site maybe you should plug up your mouth. you’ll never change our love for jude so go bother brad pitt. jared….you’re our main man. you do wonders for jude lovers. keep it up my friend……

    You ‘love him’? Lmaoo.. I hope that was a joke, cause if it wasn’t that’s scary.

    This isn’t a Jude site, I’m sure you meant ‘thread’ and the thread is here for everyone to comment on, positive or negative. You might want to jump off Jude’s meat, but you can stay on mines, I kind of like it biish.

  • quincy

    doesn’t look like kim to me, but then again in the indian pics her hair is being blown over her face, but in the 3rd pic of the girl from a distance , she looks like sienna, and not just looks like her but it has to be her. I tried to expand the pic but it’s very fuzzy. sorry not buying it. i think since it’s press time they have to come out, before all the pr work he has to do before my blueberry nights. I don’t know why they have press time but it’s a true thing in the business. not sure what the details are but i’ve heard that term quite a bit.

  • sterling

    no paparazzi agency is going to fly their paps out to india to get these pics, face it, he’s not brangelina, his pics don’t bring in the big bucks, so i’m calling this bs and i bet you someone he knew took those pics. i’m a realist! and an adult so i don’t belive everything i read or some fuzzy pics of a supposed new girlfriend.

  • IKnowThis

    Total upgrade! sluttyienna sucks and is messing with that nasty looking skank! jimmy brude?jamie bunke? don’t remember his name .lol

  • http://u queer

    total upgrade! sienna wasn’t doing anything but run jude down, he hasn’t had a movie hit since he’s been with her, only after jude announced that he had broken up with her, his movie, the holiday made great success. Everything before that was a bomb, all the king’s men, breaking and entering, alfie…should i go on?

  • DA


  • jean


  • gia

    i don’t like sienna, but even so – this is a downgrade, people

  • Lucie

    Almost anything compared with Sienna is a total UPGRADE!

  • Ria

    Anything after Sienna is an upgrade. Also, she is wealthy(her ex is a multimillionaire)but she is not just a social butterfly. She holds down a very challenging job as editor-at-large of harpers so she has to have the smarts. They probably share the same – arts, plays, theater unlike Sienna and she has kids so she has more in common with him. True, she is not a beauty but she seems to have a very good personality.

  • Purple Worm

    let’s see: she’s in the same age decade as Jude (check); she’s a parent & divorcee (check); not in the movie biz (check). I think we would all agree those are good things for Jude next time around. He appears to go for English chicks by & large. Likes ‘em skinny & with an interest in fashion (what’s that all about?) The only thing that bothers me is her scary resemblance to Sienna. yikes! Oh, and they haven’t done a very good job at keeping it under the radar. He probably thought hanging out in places like iceland & india would keep him away from prying eyes. Ah SO! no no no. Now they’re on the media map, here beginneth another chapter of CRAZY.

  • Daphne

    Definitely an UPGRADE in every way but that’s not saying much. Whoever she is I hope she makes him happy.

    The woman with Jude cannot be Ms. Miller. From the 2nd photo you can see she has a neck. Miller has no neck — it’s like her head just sits on her shoulder.

  • Bagpiper

    Upgrade. Classy woman with her own life and career who’s not going to need to hang on Jude’s coattails.

  • Ria

    Actually they did quite a good job of keeping under the radar because they met and started dating in February.

  • therese


  • Purple Worm

    well, all I can say is this: those two months of keeping it quiet are gonna seem like nothing once the paps start hanging around outside her flat and trailing them everywhere they go. Soon, they’ll find themselves in the tab headlines and the whole crazy spiral will start again. What’s two months compared to that? nothing. but, hey…..up to them. they can’t stay hermitically sealed away from the public forever. At least she doesn’t need his money or connections.

  • Sandy

    THe largest percentge of the insanity of Jude/Sienna was fed by her PR which kept the nonsense and stupidity going even up to recently although it was oficially over in Novrember. I think the absence of this part of the wheel will allow them to live a more ormal life as their relationship progresses if it is going to go anywhere. I agree with Purple Worm about keeeping the relationship under wraps well. I thinki
    this public ackinowledgement was to show he had moved on and to stall the Lohan
    and other nonsense that the tabloids make up to sell.

  • Ria

    Jude abhors all the paparazzi and the tabloid stuff so I think that coming out was forced on them since the Sun published the pics of them together in India. You can just see how annoyed he was when he realized they were taking their pics.

    What a difference from Sienna who takes every chance of getting papped making out with her toyboy(EW!). She sure went from hiding her face when out with Jude to smiling and waving at the paps when they’re taking pics of her or her with her bf. Such a famewhore. Glad Jude is no longer with her. I hope Kim is not the same.

  • dolorescraeg

    lets see how this plays out. it’s going to be very difficult if they make any public appearances. the tabloids take hold and never let go. after the sienna circus he really is paranoid about reliving it again. kim is an entirely different entity from sienna, sienna was needier , loved publicity and very insecure. this is a mother, a responsible working gal and jude is going to tred very gingerly….unfortunately the british press and the magazine tabloids create their own scenarios….true or not. i just wish him luck and happiness if this is what he wants….

  • RussianGirl

    oh no jude, it’s still downgrade. what’s the difference?! She looks like sienna but older. Plain and boring. He should date someone with fresh look. that’s my opinion anyway.
    I still like Jude, he’s one of my favourite actor. I just wanna wait his upcoming movie, Blueberry Night.

  • Purple Worm

    the more I look back at this & the photos, the more I am convinced this is neither an upgrade nor a downgrade….perhaps just more of the same: A skinny, blonde fashion-plate. It would be nice if she proved me wrong but I trust my instincts and Jude’s taste in women hasn’t always been the best….. And if she hasn’t got a publicist, she’ll be getting one soon. And then we’ll see.

  • Purple Worm

    p.s. the look on his face says it all…… & it gives me an ache.

  • henrik

    bleh I just thought natalie portman turns blonde coz she’s tiny juz like the girl in this pic.

  • enzogirl

    Sienna is too young & wild to be with Jude. He has 3 children, and needs a mature woman in his life. Kim is an upgrade – she exudes class and substance. I love her taste in fashion as well – refined & sexy.

  • Daphne

    Come on, no matter how you look at it, this is an upgrade, waaaayyy up! I’ve no idea what this Kim is like, but she is financially independent, was married for 14 years and has two kids. This is much more in line with Jude’s life. When Jude and Sienna broke up, they made it clear it was because they were at different stages in their lives. How true that is — Sienna went off with a partying with a n’er-do-well younger guy; Jude found himself an older apparently sophisticated woman with a challenging career and two kids. No wonder J&S couldn’t stay together.

    For anyone curious how the India trip came to light, this blogger tells why, and very convincingly too.

    “A few housemates caught Jude Law in a fort just north of Jaipur about a week ago. They made pictures of him and an unidentified girl, possibly a new girlfriend. The management trainees that they are, they came with the idea to offer the pictures to the british tabloits. And yes, the sun, the daily mirror, they bit. Now I won’t mention the amounts of cash for which they are selling the pictures here out in the open, but lets just say it has 4 digits.”

  • Ria

    I feel sorry for Jude that instead of enjoying a well-earned vacation
    far away from the prying eyes of paparazzi, they ended up having their pics splashed on The Sun. Living in LA where I see all sorts of celebs everywhere, I never had the urge to approach them or take their pictures when evidently they are just doing their everyday life stuff.

    I mean it is different if they are promoting something or on the red carpet or on a show, but if theya re with their families and friends they should be entitled to be left alone.

  • henrik

    come on, I feel sorry too, If I were jude, I’d rather date someone with classy & nice look, not this sienna ‘blonde’ look alike.

  • http://justjared jade

    downgrade, she looks really old looking and boring.