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Alec Apologizes for Attacking Daughter

Alec Apologizes for Attacking Daughter

Alec Baldwin just posted this message on his website in response to the angry voicemail he left his 11-year-old daughter Ireland:

“Thank you to everyone who has posted messages of suppport and understanding. Naturally, it is not best for a parent to lose their temper with their child. Everyone who knows me privately knows that I have endured a great deal over the last several years in my custody litigation.

Everyone who knows me privately knows that certain people will go to any lengths to embarass me and to disrupt my relationship with my daughter. In such public cases, your opponents attempt to take a picture of you on your worst day and insist that this is who you are as a person.

Outside the doors of divorce court, I have friends, I have respect from people I work with and I have a normal relationship with my daughter. All of that is threatened whenever one enters a court room.

Although I have been told by numerous people not to worry too much, as all parents lose their patience with their kids, I am most saddened that this was released to the media because of what it does to a child.

I’m sorry, as everyone who knows me is aware, for losing my temper with my child. I have been driven to the edge by parental alienation for many years now. You have to go through this to understand. (Although I hope you never do.)

I am sorry for what happened. But I am equally sorry that a court order was violated, which had deliberately been put under seal in this case. Once my book is published, I’m sure more people will understand the incredible strains created by parental alienation.

In the meantime, I’m sorry to anyone who’s taken offense from this episode.”

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104 Responses to “Alec Apologizes for Attacking Daughter”

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  1. 76
    WTF Says:

    He is an ass and I’m sure this isn’t the first time she’s been the victim of his rants.

  2. 77
    GP Says:

    Don’t know a parent yet that has not said something to their child and lived to regret it.
    Having another parent turn a child against the other parent is child abuse. I have seen it and it is ugly. It pushes you over the edge

  3. 78
    lula29 Says:

    There are apparently a lot of women who believe the rights of the mother are more than that of the father, and hence such situations, e.g., parental alienation arise.

    Look at how many women have already made Kim Basinger a victim. A victim she’s not and fortunately for her she’s smart enough not to have taped evidence of the way she might interact with her child at times.

    I’ve seen tons of mothers go off in this same, EXACT SAME, manner with their children and for them there’s this automatic sympathy.

    I don’t buy that this is abuse. He will definitely regret his words, but honestly it happens. This should have never been released to the public because all the self-righteous come out of the woodwork to crucify as if they don’t live in a glass house.

    At the end of the day this is a family matter and honestly, had this not of been made public who’s to say he wouldn’t have talk to his daughter later and apologized.

    Some of you need to go to to realize that even mothers make such mistakes.

    His behavior is wrong, but they need to work out custody so both parents are involved in Irelands life. Alec Baldwin isn’t my favorite actor, but he is not the devil and if he was so horrible Kim Basinger should have thought twice before creating a life with him. And don’t give me any “he probably changed after they got together” mess either, because bullsh*t. Basinger probably thought his temper was cute when they got together and now sense she don’t love him no more his anger is a problem.

    Also releasing this tape isn’t going to help anyone, stop with the “last resort” crap. What are we going to do about this custody issue. Form a march? Write letters to our congressmen? No, all we can do is sit back and be self-righteous because it’s not our dirty business put on blast.

    This is a mess all around.

  4. 79
    Pennagirl Says:

    He did apologize to the daughter, the next day…but none of your read that part…it was on another site.

  5. 80
    freddie Says:

    Alex has been abusive to lots of other people he has worked with there are people out there that won’t even deal with him and he abused Kim in public when they were together he’s a control freak and his own daughter is old enough to know what a nut he is she proably hates him he is so disrespectful and hateful and Kim has been trying to protect her daughter from him for along time this isn’t just a one time thing he’s a bully and a sick-o

  6. 81
    Wow Says:

    That is verbal abuse at its worst, and any parent defending him needs to have a hard look at themselves in the mirror – that is NOT discipline, it is ABUSE. I don’t know that it was necessarily Kim’s camp that leaked the tape, but even if it is, I am glad it was leaked. I bet even Ireland is glad that the world finally knows what a controlling, abusive jerk her father is. She may have to suffer some ribbing at school for a few days, but she is probably quite relieved that the abuser of her and her Mom has finally been exposed. If you have never suffered from verbal, emotional abuse you cannot understand the mark it leaves and what you will tolerate for it to stop.

  7. 82
    mrsgeneva Says:

    I am with Alec all the way. He just lost his temper and I would like to hear one man say that he never talked like that before. He did call her to apologize but “pig” did not answer either. I guess we have to wait for the book to understand what happened. As a divorced parent, I can understand what he had to do through to act like that. Sorry but KIM seems to be a real ***** in this.

  8. 83
    Boody Says:

    Obviously none of you have raised a pampered 11 yr old. A preteen boy can press your buttons…. but a preteen girl can push you rite over the edge. Lay off of the poor guy. Try dealin with a preteen or a teenager and see how well YOU handle it.

  9. 84
    get real Says:

    come on people, you must not come from a normal household if you are calling this child abuse. everyone has been yelled at by their parents, and as a parent I am sure you might yell sooner or later. Its sad that this got leaked out and even sadder that people are making a big deal out of it.
    Im not agreeing with what was said, I just think its horrible that everyone is making it sound like he is a child abuser. this is nothing compared to real child abuse. Nothing compared….

  10. 85
    Bettina Says:

    This is definitely abusive language. If it’s a pattern in their relationship then the child is a victim of emotional/verbal abuse, pure and simple. If it’s an isolated incident he’s not necessarily an abusive father.

    That said, PLEASE, what the hell is this guy doing calling his 11 year old daughter “a little pig”??? IS HE TRYING TO GIVE HER AN EATING DISORDER???
    Children, girls especially, are very vulnerable to body image issues at this pre-teen age.

    If Kim Basinger is a nut and turning the child against him as he says, then surely he must realize that the child is INNOCENT…why take your anger out on your daughter?

  11. 86
    lylian Says:

    Reading the posts, it appears that many people do accept Alec’s excuse that Kim B’s intentions to alienate his daughter is to blame. But seriously, look at his words to his daughter – “you made an ass of me, you are making me mad at you??” and also, “I’m reacting to my ex wife’s provocation, my exwife the ***** who has turned my daughter against me which is why she doesn’t answer my calls which is why I turned into a raving maniac>>”

    Has he accepted responsibility that he LOST CONTROL OF HIMSELF?? No.

    This is how abusive people behave ITS NEVER THEIR FAULT. It’s always “… the drink, she flirted too much, she didn’t do this or she did that and she said this or that – which caused me to bash the s h i t out of her. She deserved it…”

    I now believe that KIM B would not have to been so bitter in this divorce, so adamant and determined to fight against Alec’s custody if Alec was NOT SUCH AN ABUSIVE A S S HOLE.

    I am very very sure that this isn’t the FIRST time that he has LOST IT nor will it be his LAST. For years Kim B had made allegation of abusive behaviour from Alec. I had never sided with either party coz, well, I had no evidence between her words and his. But now I think Kim B was right to fight for her child’s custody. and if making it public is a way for her to protect her child and herself, then I say, FAIR ENOUGH. I’ve never been with a man who has been abusive like this but I’m sure I’ll do everything in my power to protect my child if that is required.

    Sure sometimes parents lose it with their teenage children. But it doesn’t make it right. Abusive behaviour is abusive behaviour.

    On the issue of Angelina and Jon V, I agree except I think JV might even have been a WORST FATHER. I’ll give this Alec, he said he would call and he dropped what he was doing to CALL. Jon V left his wife and children. Appeared intermittently to be critical and possibly abusive. We know JV couldn’t even pay his wife, Marcheline’s spousal support. He probably also owes child support. I won’t blame ireland for not wanting to have anything to do with her father if this sort of abusive behaviour is a regular occurrence, just like I don’t blame either Angelina or Jennifer for wanting nothing to do with their father and mother respectively.

  12. 87
    Gds D Says:

    Wow Says:
    Perhaps you are young and have never seen manipulative ex wives who use children to get back at their former husbands. Perhaps you don’t have children who push buttons because they are spoiled brats. Your conviction as if you know what happened is naive at best…using the media to humiliate is never acceptable, as it only ups the ante for the next incident by either party. Perhaps Ireland will turn out to be a Paris Hilton and then Kim will be at fault, as she is the one that has had the control. But you would still blame the father because your rose colored glasses do not recognize Kim’s diva behavior for the past 20+ years.

    Kim B. was the role model for diva behavior back in the day, I don’t think she is innocent. She knows the buttons to push and she does it routinely. Alec was wrong but Kim is far more dangerous to Ireland’s development.

  13. 88
    peaceatlast Says:

    Wise up people. Baldwin is a typical abuser and along with that comes the typical denial. We’re all enabling him by excusing this tirade as a “mistake.” Any parent that talks to their child this way – even once – is out of line. His ex-wife and child have been victims of his verbal abuse (and most likely physical abuse as well since the two commonly go hand in hand) for years. We always ask why victims of abuse don’t leave. Well, Ms. Basinger has left and the courts still make it impossible for her to protect her child by requiring her to put her child in danger. Mother and child are forced to remain victims. And we all sit by and blame Ms. Basinger whilst we coddle the criminal. Baldwin has not been pushed to this by years of custody battle. There is a custody battle because she’s trying to protect her child from this maniac. Listen to Baldwin’s own words. He blatently threatens his daughter – this Friday when he sees her he’s going to straighten her out. What mom would care about her husband’s film career if it was the price to pay for protecting her child? And she is having a difficult time being heard. Even in the face of this evidence! If love for his child won’t bring change it’s unlikely shame won’t either. Hopefully, though, this will put another abuser under the radar. I pray the Basinger/Baldwin family, friends, and fans won’t someday rue our collective failure to respond to these obvious signs. Not every child needs a father – what every child needs is a good father. Alec Baldwin doesn’t deserve to be a father.

  14. 89
    sue Says:

    #88 exactly

  15. 90
    fanforlife Says:

    lula29 Says:

    April 21st, 2007 at 2:28 pm – flag comment
    You said honestly it happens meaning the way he talked to his child ,like get over it.
    I say honestly i hope it does not happen often .Believe me if anyone talked to my child that way they would not get to whitin shouting distance of her again if i colud help it.She works every nerve i have sometimes and it takes everything in me not yell sometime.But i remeber i brought this little one in the world and she is getting my best if it kills me.Trust i would be shouting from the roof tops if someone spoke to her that way let alone her FATHER.Whos job it is to pertect her also.
    Kim may be behind this are she may not. I posted this on another blog ans i will do so here . Even if she is spolied and did the un-fogiveable [at least in his eyes ] sin of not answering his call and he thinks her mother has something to do with it.His message to her should have been and should always be I LOVE YOU SORRY I MISSED YOU.Never should it have been what
    he left.Becuase the bottom line is that is an 11 year old CHILD that has been put in a possition she neither asked for or deserves.Her dad should be the bigger man no matter what.

  16. 91
    Jennifer Says:

    There is no excuse for that man’s actions. Iam a mother and I have lost it before but NEVER to the amazing extent this guy did. What was made very clear throughout the whole message was that he was feels he is the center of the universe and how dare she not agree. Most 11 & 12 year olds ignore parents living in their house. So the fact that her phonewasn’t on… well maybe the battery was dead jack ass. But it apparentally seemed like a good idea to just go ahead and fly off the handle, call her names, question her self worth, oh and my fav … bash her mother and drag her into the middle. Heads up ALec… when you become a daddy … IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE!! Put on your big boy undies and learn to put your kid above that Texas size ego of yours. COnsider the voicemail leek a sign from GOd that you are a crappy, anger ridden father who could use about 40 hours a week of counseling. Does anyone remember when he threatened to leave the country if Bush was re-elected. ****, I’ll pay for that plane ticket myself.

  17. 92
    magnus Says:

    u stupid ******* are hilarious.

    I am amazed at the collective dumb in here.

    Just hilarious.

  18. 93
    Kim(mommie dearest) Says:

    Nice going ‘mommie dearest Kim’. Instead of their daughter hearing the tirade once, and getting over it, Kim (mommie dearest) has assured that Ireland hears it forever, by releasing it to the public.

  19. 94
    lula29 Says:


    This situation, first of all, is none of our business. You need to get over it, because it’s none of your business. Who ever leaked this should be shot. There is no such thing as privacy anymore and it’s terrifying.

    Good for you, you’re mother of the year. Let us all stand up and clap! Bravo!

    Some parents aren’t. He has the right to work his relationship out with his daughter. He made the mistake of speaking to his daughter in way he shouldn’t. It happens, but it doesn’t mean you’re a child abuser. And it isn’t any less of abuse to release this private matter to the public. It might not immediately sting like words, but it still does it’s damage. And I’m not going to suspend my intellect by pretending Kim Basinger is innocent in this matter of leaking this to the public. I work in the field, I know too much to play stupid.

    The thing with some people is that they feel because they haven’t committed certain parental sins they are some how better than others. I say, I don’t know you or your family. You might not yell or scream, but you could be passive aggressive as hell, and that does damage. You might not call a name, but you might neglect the hell out of your kids, I don’t know. You are protected by the internet, however, I don’t know what type of home you are sitting and typing from.

    For all you know, he could have lost his cool and then called his daughter back and apologized.

    This is a private family matter and should be left that way. I mean, do you suggest that Ireland completely hate her father now forever? If not, what do you suggest? How do you suggest we as the public reprimand Alec Baldwin and who should reprimand him, you? Because you don’t yell.

    I’m so tired of the self–righteous. I’m over them.

  20. 95
    fanforlife Says:

    lula29 Says:
    Damm all that for saying he should not have spoken to his child that way.
    Maybe he did call right back and apologize the thing is the words cant be taken back .I am not going for parent of the year and i do get upset with my child,
    like any other parent Alec included but you best believe i have nerver said anything
    to be-little her and make her feel less than nothing.And come on when its all said and done thats just what he has done.Kim probaly did release the tape and no mater if some of us think she was wright or wrong to do so bottom line SHE DID NOT LEAVE HER CHILD THAT INSULTING MESSAGE HER FATHER DID.And its my business in so far as i wont be supporting any projects of his any more. As big a fan as i may or may not have been i dont suport people who abuse children in any form.With that said this was done by neither YOU or ME so lets hug it out and agree to dis-agree.PEACE

  21. 96
    Olivia Says:

    Okay, Alec Baldwin is a douche, but I think everyone’s blowing this crap out of proportion. People say worse things to their kids all the time; so please, get your heads out of the clouds. No one knows the exact context of the situation and how long this has been going on. People go off on their loved ones all the time, and evenually people forgive and forget. It’s worse for the kid because mommy dearest splashed her humiliation all over the media and now the embarassment is amplified, just so Kim could screw over Alec. If this was a regular person I doubt the reaction would be the same. I guess that’s a good thing for Kim.

  22. 97
    lula29 Says:


    But more than likely Kim Basinger leaked this to the public to create a further wedge between father and daughter and air her dirty business to humilate her ex husband at the expense of her own child.

    There used to be a time when celeb parents protected their children from public scrutiny. This is so highly manipulative and it in know why helps her case, nor her daughter and it’s ABUSIVE to me to use your child as a tool to get at your ex husband and women like that get no sympathy from me.

    As far as what he said to his daughter, he did, obviously while he was angry. I’m supposed to sit up here and judge his anger and call him and abuser. An ABUSER? He got angry with his daughter and said some things he regrets, but now he’s an unfit father and an abuser. Kim Basinger did her job well.

    Now, you won’t supporting any of his project, but tell me, will you be supporting any of hers?

    We can all group hug, it’s cool, but I’m tired of being preached to by so called “perfect people” who never seem to do a thing wrong and look at you crazy because you understand a thing or two about being human and thus flawed.

    And I’m long winded.

  23. 98
    ahem Says:

    Lula29, angry or not, you don’t speak to your kids this way. When you do, you are out of line. Calling her a pig… Alec is the pig. Look at him all bloated and fat. What a nut job.

    You seem to want to defend him no matter what. He’s volatile. That’s all there is to it. Baldwin and his brothers are the only people criticizing his ex wife. Nobody else, whereas plenty of people have nasty things to say about Alec.

  24. 99
    ahem Says:

    Furthermore, I wouldn’t classify this as a mistake. If the truth be told, you’ll see that he talks to her like this whenever he gets mad at her. He didn’t just make a mistake this time. He just got caught.

  25. 100
    lula29 Says:


    You have no idea how he interacts with his daughter, so don’t come and act as if you’re some sort of expert on the Baldwin family life.

    I’m not defending this man, I think what he did was wrong, what I believe to be more wrong, is putting your family business out on the street like this for us to debate. IMO this is so negligent of the media and since it’s my profession, it really make me angry.

    Also, how you guys can excuse, what is more than likely, the actions of the Basinger camp for humiliating her family by doing this is beyond me. What type of damage do you think that will do?

    Does Baldwin need to learn how to better interact with his teenage daughter, hell yeah, should we be the ones that instruct him on how to do this, no.

    The courts had already made a decision on this tape before it was aired which determined he would have to limit his contact with his daughter and straighten himself out.

    Honestly, my heart goes out to Ireland because this is really screwed up. This girl’s picture is being splased all over the internet and on news stations across the nation, and perhaps world, so not only does she know what her dad said, but now everyone else does. She has to go to school, interact with her peers and you know people talk and kids can be cruel.

    I just find that more mess up, I’m sorry. It should have been kept between Basinger and Baldwin, not the public.

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