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Alec Baldwin's Phone Tirade With Daughter

Alec Baldwin's Phone Tirade With Daughter

Alec Baldwin left an extremely angry voicemail for his and ex-wife Kim Basinger‘s 11-year-old daughter Ireland Baldwin when he couldn’t get in touch with her, as reported by TMZ yesterday. Here’s the transcript:

Hey I want to tell you something, okay, and I want to leave a message for you right now, cos again it’s 10:30 her in New York on a Wednesday and once again, I have made an ass of myself trying to get to a phone to call you at a specific time. When the time comes for me to make the phone call, I stop whatever I’m doing and I go and I make that phone call at 11 o’clock in the morning in New York and if you don’t pick up the phone at 10 o’clock at night and you don’t even have that goddamn phone turned on.

I’m tired of playing this game with you. I’m leaving this message for you to tell you that you have insulted me for the last time. You have insulted me. You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being… I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old or 11 years old, or a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care about what you do as far as I’m concerned.

You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone and when I come out there next week. I’m going to fly out there for the day just to straighten you out on this issue. I’m going to let you know just how disappointed in you that I am and how angry I am with you that you’ve done this to me again.

You made me feel like s*** and you’ve made me feel like a fool over and over and over again. And this crap you pull on me with this goddamn phone situation that you would never dream of doing to your mother and you do it to me constantly and over and over again. I am going to get on a plane and I am going to straighten your ass out when I see you.

Do you understand me? I am going to really make sure you get it. That I’m going to get on a plane and I’m gonna turn around and come home. So you better be ready Friday the 20th to meet with me. So I’m going to let you know how I feel, about what a rude little pig you really are. You are a rude thoughtless little pig. Okay?

Basinger‘s publicist Annette Wolfe said, “The voicemail speaks for itself.”

Baldwin‘s spokesperson told Extra, “In the best interest of the child, Alec will do what the mother is pathologically incapable of doing … keeping his mouth shut and obeying the court order. The mother and her lawyer leaked this sealed material in violation of a court order. Although Alec acknowledges that he should have used different language in parenting his child, everyone who knows him privately knows what he has been put through for the past six years.”

You can listen to Alec Baldwin‘s angry voicemail to Ireland here.

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  • Nunya

    Sounds like Alec is the pig in this scenario – if I were a judge I’d throw his fat ass in jail!

  • wah!

    Oh boo hoo, poor widdle Alec’s feewings are hurt. What an A S S! You never speak to a child like that, no matter how angry or frustrated you may be by your situation or your divorce. He’s just confirmed that he is the controlling, abusive chauvinist that I always thought he probably was behind closed doors.

    Do I even need to point out that it sounds like he is having great difficulty figuring out time zones? If his set time for the call is 11, why is he yelling at her in a voicemail about it at 10:30? The man doesn’t even make sense.

    And the whole “I’m going to fly out there and straighten you out” rant – sounds menacing. The poor kid is probably terrified of her father, and with good reason. Any wonder that Kim left him? The only pig in that family is Alec Baldwin himself.

  • WTF

    He needs anger management & parenting classes. Who the f**k talks like that to a child. So the kid missed a call? she’s child you have no idea if she’s a brat or not.

    Alec is a prick in every situation. Remember when Cory Lidle’s plane crash closed the street & Baldwin was screaming and ranting that he had to get through? He’s rude at resturants. If anyone is fat f**king pig it’s him.

  • tanique33

    he messed up. name a parent who doesn’t? he certainly was out of line a couple of times. but, a lot of it, was what many people get with an angry parent. it’s not to excuse, but hopefully they can all move past it.

  • wah!

    Fug – I think Alec is doing a good job of turning her against him all by himself.

    PS – your comment has been flagged for the beating comment. Get some psychiatric help.

  • cheesecake

    I really don’t think he has said anything so terrible.
    He just sounds as if he has been treated really badly and felt really hurt and betrayed.
    I do think the child should have respected her father enough to answer the phone if it was prearranged.

  • Titolia

    I agree with cheesecake.

  • jeopardy!

    I agree with cheesecake, this is usually what a frustrated parent would tell a child who does not do as he/she is told (as it is a prearranged call, she should know, after all, she is 11, not 5). And if Kim leaked this, then you know it is not only Alec who has issues, Kim has too. Actually, I think both Kim and Alec should never have had any children, they both seem to be using Ireland for their not-so-hidden agendas.

  • Marie

    It’s reads as thought he really has Kim Basinger in mind not his daughter. You know, people make mistakes. Why is there such an issue regarding custody of their daughter? Could they possibly hate each other more….that’s really healthy for the daughter.

  • bdj

    The transcript of the phone conversation can across as abusive and threatening. Some celebrities seem to get a free ride or excuses galore, while others are raked over the coals when their words are taken out of context. Children at that age are often thoughtless, busy doing different activities or forget to charge or turn a phone on. It happens. It is unfortunate that this tape was released because it shows a man that can clearly get out of control. No matter how angry a parent is, no child should be called a pig or other derogatory names. Hopefully, Baldwin will get anger management.

  • Alexis

    I agree that this no way to speak to a child but what kind of mother uses her child this way to get back at her former husband. Ireland is the victim here: her father when speaking to her forgets she’s a child and her mother is manipulative.

  • nastyhero

    And the father (douche-bag) of the year award goes to…Alec Baldwin. For those of you who are actually trying to rationalize his tirade towards his daughter, remember she’s only 11. You don’t talk this way to a child ever. I don’t give a sh*t how bad a day he might of had, his tone towards his daughter is utterly dispicable.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    of course kim leaked this, she HATES alac

  • sparrow

    What kind of people are you posting on this board? Can you honestly think that this kind of tirade can be justified? The man is an ADULT, he should control his anger better. You can discipline a child and express your displeasure without threatening the kid or calling her names. Anyone who talks to an 11 year old this way shouldn’t have one.

    I don’t care how mad he was, it’s not about HIS anger, it’s about teaching her something, and you can do that very effectively without ever raising your voice or calling her names.

  • D

    The mother is the B#$%& for all I care. She leaked that message on purpose to get back at her ex. He’s still a deranged pig though. Poor kid, she has two delisuional parents who can’t get past their differences and get along for the sake of the child. This type of situation happens all the time with “normal” folks, what’s the big deal, just because they’re famous. When was the last time either one of them did any revelant work in Hollywood. I don’t she’s been in a movie since like the 90′s or early 2000.

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    If it were not for the calling her a “pig”, and not being real sure how old she is (tweve? eleven?), you might feel some sympathy for Alec if you were only reading these words, not hearing them. However, the amazing power of hearing his tone, the way he surges with furry and hate, the way he repeats and repeats what he is going to do, is straight out of the Abusive Parent/ Spouse Handbook. If this were my daughter this man would not get within five miles of her ever, ever again. I believe this will get him back in court. Think of how many abusive people do this every day to their families but never leave them evidence like this. Repulsive, horrid. I will never see an Alec Baldwin movie again, Oh and Good Luck trying to get a date after this, Alec!

  • Mmmmm

    WOW! That poor child is being played in their gross game of who hates who more. Guess they never heard the saying “love your child more then you hate your ex” Both parents are incredible selfish and need serious help.

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    Don’t just read the words. Listen to them. Makes a BIG difference….

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    [17] – in actuality alec has been relevant in Hollywood. kim not at all.

  • Jamie

    How on EARTH can people be defending Alec and saying the child deserved this?! What horrid people you are!!!! Children make mistakes, that’s why they are CHILDREN! They never, ever, ever deserve to be spoken to like this from their own father. Horrifying. I hope that girl never has to seem this douchebag again.

  • Jamie

    By seem, I of course meant “see”

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I have no words.

    Pigs like that should be restrained rfom being around children.

    He sounds threatening and should not come near that little girl.

    I feel so sorry for Ireland. This can’t make her ever feel good.

    What a jerk, he is.

  • Cara

    This should never have been released. We don’t know the whole story.

  • Ashley

    This constitutes as VERBAL CHILD ABUSE. If Alec wasn’t a celeb, but just a dad who got a divorce, that mother would call the police so fast it wouldn’t be funny. I’m happy the tape was released, just so that Ireland doesn’t feel like she’s personally being victimized. Now this is a much bigger thing and will have much bigger consequences.

    I wish people would stop saying “he just lost his temper” and things like that. Would you tell a child whose parent hits them that daddy just lost his temper? No, you’d tell them to report his ass.

  • hr

    i agree with sparrow. although i think raising your voice (as a parent) to get a point across is normal, the name-calling and threats are definitely not. i think what struck me most was how he kept repeating that he was “INSULTED” by her. a parent can and should feel disappointed when his child lets him down, but insulted? i dunno.. there’s just something weird about that. that’s some very serious pride issues. it’s really putting yourself and your needs above the child’s well-being… people like that aren’t fit to be parents.

  • sue

    He is in an absolute rage over a missed phone call. He scared me and i’m not even at the other end of the phone! Calling her a pig and threatening her with what????He sounds like he wants to beat the crap out of her. If I were his daughter , I wouldn’t call his a s s either!

  • Lurker

    How did the media (TMZ) get a hold of the recorded message?

  • md

    Every sicko can have a kid. Sad world.

  • angelina_mmm

    I think that we don’t really know what is happening there but neither of them sound too healthy. They should go and rent good foster parents for their daughter (with all that money they spend on lawyers…its been 12 years already…let it go).

  • yep

    This is So not our business. Kim’s an ass for releasing it.

  • magnus

    Oh f*ck you people.

    You have ZERO knowledge of background or context yet you’re so immediately opinionated.

    VERBAL CHILD ABUSE? are you kidding me? No wonder kids get away with everything these days. WTF is verbal child abuse? Now you can’t even yell at a kid? You guys are pathetic. Your kids will own you. Manipulate you. And NEVER respect you.

    For all you know this kids been caught snorting blow off her thermos. Mommy doesn’t mind though cause she’s a f*cking airhead. Big bad daddy…well he should be banned from seeing her?

    Grow up. Seriously grow the f*ck up.

    This obviously has to do with much more than the missed phone call. He’s trying to parent remotely while his bimbo ex wife neglects her and when she keeps missing the calls what’s he supposed to do?

    You can’t reason with unformed minds. You can’t command respect through logic.

    Bah…waste of breathe with your idiots sometimes.

  • Notbusy

    I can’t understand how any of you can justify what this father said to his “child”. He called her a pig and some of you can understand how he would say that? Do you talk to your own children like this? I hope not. A child should never be spoken to like that. I believe he has lost his visitation with the child until a hearing in May. I heard that on the radio and don’t know if it is true or not. I don’t blame Kim Basinger if she did leak this tape to the media. She is protecting her child. Now people will see why she is fighting him so hard for custody.

  • mindy

    Kim Basinger labeled her ex as a bully and I believe her. Basinger is a gentle soul who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She adores her kid. She’s southern and loves animals and nature. Abusive men go out of their way to look normal and convince outsiders that they are the good guys. That’s why the police often don’t arrest them until they’ve murdered somebody and that’s why some of you are sticking up for him. Don’t be fooled by Alec’s good looks and charm. He broods and has a fiery Irish temper. I can see the aggression in his eyes and his body language. He keeps getting tough-guy roles in film because he’s perfect for them. Ever since her divorce from Alec, Kim seems like a wounded animal. She has shrunk from the public eye. I think things were so bad and he depressed her so much that now she wants to live alone. She’s seemed depressed ever since and her self esteem is much lower than it used to be. It would have been best if Kim hadn’t had a child with Alec because she could get away from him for good. No ties. She has a lot of anger toward him now that they are apart and the full effects of their relationship have hit her. Alec is just mad that she divorced him. He never wanted to divorce Kim. Everyone can see that if it was possible, he would love to have “crazy Kim” back. He has not progressed at all.

  • louveciennes

    Ha ha! The best part is how he couldn’t even remember her age. What a jack A S S.

  • ikho

    I grew up in the same town as this F**ker…he is a Loser…..if you don’t know what abuse is…listen closely…that is ABUSE!!!! Do yourself a favor Alec (used to be alex like his dad) and get some help! Stop blaming EVERYONE else for your pathetic behavior!

  • amanda

    “..It’s reads as thought he really has Kim Basinger in mind not his daughter.”

    Absolutely and there is no excuse whatsoever for behaving like that to his 11 year old daughter, and imo no excuse for making this message public either!
    HE and her mother is supposed to be the adults here! Poor little girl to be used like this in her parent´s everlasting quarrels and battles! One can´t help feeling sorry for a child who has to grow up with, and depend on irresponsible, capricious, and self-centred people as parents!

  • ikho

    magnus either you come from an abusive home or you have no idea what you are talking about!!!

  • Sandbitch

    The mother did the right thing by publicly releasing that verbal attack on a child before he got the chance to carry out the threat to “straighten her out” in person. What in the hell would that involve? If that’s how he treats his daughter for merely not answering the phone, he must’ve put his wife through hell. He must be one scary S.O.A.B. in private.

  • magnus


    abusive home.

    Call when after you bail your kids out of jail.

    If you actually had even met Alec you’d know he’s awesome and his ex wife is a neo-hippie LA lunatic.

    He just doesn’t his kid winding up like every other California spoiled brat.

    ikho…you’re a total idiot and a liar.

  • pipi

    Alec’s a douche but no one knows the whole situation except for those involved. The name calling’s harsh and people are probably upset because nowadays being tough on your kids is a no no.

  • Notbusy

    He said she would never have done that to her mother? Sounds like she has respect for her mother and I’m sure It’s because her mother would never yell at her and call her a pig.

  • Sophie

    “She’s southern and loves animals and nature.”
    Oh Mindy sweetie please spaaaaare me *dies laughing* Kim isn’t 5 and neither are you.
    I agree with Magnus. And with Pipi.
    If you don’t know how to parent your child, at least don’t let them totally destroy themselves. If they need a yelling to wake up so be it. I am however against beating/spanking children (but I don’t think he threatend this), and calling them pigs, but you could tell he was reeeeally frustrated, after all he calls her like once a week/month and – it’s arranged for crying out loud?

  • linds

    Alec’s just pissed because he showed his ass and got caught. I don’t care how angry you get as a parent – that guy is sick – talking to a child in such a manner. He is controlling and abusive. This person clearly has control issues -he needs to spend less time trying to control his daughter and his ex and get a grip on his damn self. Poor Ireland. I bet Kim Basinger just cringes at the thought that she chose this guy as her child’s father.

    The most pathetic part of this is that instead of owning up and saying, “I couldn’t get a hold of my daughter, I was worried, I was frustrated, and I was wrong” Alec and his people try to throw it back on Kim Basinger. Sush a sad, impotent little man. Boo.

  • Brandon

    Alec and Kim are still fighting like little kids in a schoolyard.

    Alec has no right to flip out on his daughter like that. What did she do to you? If I was a parent, I will respect my kids with “tough love.” Obviously, Alec has “tough” issues to deal with. Once a bully, always a bully.

    My advice for Kim and Alec is to move on or get help.

  • linds

    And as for Kim Basinger releasing this tape to the media – KUDOS TO HER!!! It is so hard to get members of law enforcement and the courts to recognize mental abuse because it doesn’t leave bruises / scars like physical abuse. Now she has proof that Anyone reading this who is a parent understands the lengths that a mother will go to protect your child – even if it’s from his/her other parent.

  • Monkey

    Hey, we always knew that Alec Baldwin was a cockbag, but who’s worse. Baldwin or the person who leaked their dirty laundry?

  • Kathryn

    I cannot beleive that some of you are JUSTIFYING this! What kind of people are you!

    I have a 13 year old daughter who will refuse to take her fathers calls and I have to hound and hound her to call him back, you know why, because in the past many times he has used this same type of verbal abuse on her and she doesn’t like talking to him. I am not at fault becuase of this, i actually try to get her to call him back, to take his calls, but he has scarred her emotionally and she finds it difficult to do this! My ex has said the exact same things about me being the crazy one, which I am not, I encourage their relationship, but no matter what, I am crazy to him. By the way my ex is inflicted with narcissitic personality disorder, and I believe this to be the case with Alec as well.

    All of you justifying this cowardly action by Alex need to get a clue!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Any friend I’ve had who was terrorized or verbally abused by their parent recounts stories exactly like this one.

    This sort of thing scars children.

    It is inappropriate no matter how you look at it. It is damaging. It is abuse. You don’t have to hit a child to damage their sense of self.

    Poor Ireland.

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    Magnus, Can we please drop the disguise and call you by your real name, Alec? You have unveiled your real motivation with the tone of voice you use, the repeated insults to her mother, the references to your wounded pride and your needs. Not sure of her age? Think it is OK to say she “doesn’t have brains”, isn’t a decent human being, is a pig? You don’t really love this child or want to spend time with her. You don’t like her. You just want to win, to dominate, to outdo the mother, whatever it takes.

    What you do not realize is there are millions of fathers who love their children dearly yet are separated by divorce, sometimes divorce they don’t want. They may have no choice but to watch their children live with other men, move away, and even deal with brainwashing and manipulation on the part of the mothers. They deal with it with detemination, love, respect and sensitivity to what the CHILD has to deal with. They don’t put themselves first. Those are the men whose children will continue to love and respect them. Yours won’t.

  • magnus

    “narcissitic personality disorder”


    what shrink gave you that load????

    That’s totally made up!!!

    Oh narcissism. When did you become a buzz term for backseat high school drop out psychologist wanna bes?

    Right there is the very reason he’s right. Maybe if Kathryn’s dad had been a little more of a parent to her she wouldn’t be such a joke now?