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Britney Spears Looks Miserable

Britney Spears Looks Miserable

Britney Spears looks like she received some bad news after reportedly receiving skin treatment on Friday afternoon at a beauty salon in Bel Air, Calif.

On a good note, it looks like Britney got her nails done, she’s rocking a new black fedora, and her strappy suede boots are lookin’ hot! Are you loving the wig or are you loving the wig?

So why aren’t the photographers behind her just standing there not shooting her? Feel better, Brit Brit!

More Britney pictures inside…

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britney spears gray suede boots 01
britney spears gray suede boots 02
britney spears gray suede boots 03
britney spears gray suede boots 04
britney spears gray suede boots 05
britney spears gray suede boots 06
britney spears gray suede boots 07
britney spears gray suede boots 08

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  • Lucie

    I like the wig. That is all.
    Must suck to be her at the moment. She doesn’t seem to have anyone whom she can rely on but then again most of it’s her own fault. I just hope she gets her act together soon or her kids will suffer in the long run.

  • kbcan

    She really is slovenly. Can’t tuck her shirt in. And what is she wearing on her feet? And with rolled-up jeans? Too lazy to get them hemmed?

    I cant never quite understand why there are paparazi wherever she goes. Do they camp outside her place and then follow her to wherever her destination is? Or does someone in her camp inform the paps about where she is going so there can be a photo cop?

    And why does she need Allie to chauffeur around everywhere? Ah yes, to hold her hand (as you see in many pics).

    Yes — this is a “real woman”!

  • ohsmash

    seriously, I looooooved her and totally supported her until that rant she had the oter night with the valley girl accent and stuff. She definitely looks a little odd in the pictures, you can tell she’s unhappy, it almost doesn’t even look like her in some of them. The wig’s great, though.

  • b

    she looks good, cant wait for the comeback…i wish people would lay off her when they dont even know her.

  • celeb watcher

    Wig is very pretty. When her hair grows out she should stick with this color. I think it will make people take her slightly more seriously (provided her conduct matches) I also like her covered up a bit more. She looks more like “Normal” America.

  • Jesse

    b Says:

    April 20th, 2007 at 10:50 pm – flag comment
    she looks good, cant wait for the comeback…i wish people would lay off her when they dont even know her.
    Oh, everybody knows her alright. We know wayyyyyyy more than we want to know.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    insulting her is just to easy. its not even fun anymore.

  • Jillian B

    There’s no way this cooch flashing tramp is gonna make a come back, she can’t sing anyway.


    wow, brit brit gets fotographed every single day, talk about media whroe, she’s still the same, rehab didn’t straighten her up, rehab i think is a big joke, look at lindsay lohan did she change? nah ah, she still goes to the clubs every single day, they r all the same. from brit brit, lindsay, paris, to nicole to name a few hehe.

  • Bruno Calmon

    Aw… She really isnt with a happy face but she is just so much beautiful in this pictures… really i think these are the best pics in the last years from her….

    i love britney more than everything in my life… she is just perfect….

  • Lucie

    I’m rather annoyed with these celeb-rehab stints where the celeb goes in for 30days then comes out and nothing much has changed they’re still partying/drinking/behaving in their old ways. It really devalue these services and makes rehab look like the latest must-have “accessory”, whereas it’s meant to be taken seriously so as to help people with their substance abuse problems not get them publicity or other PR purposes.

  • liya

    poor bebe. my heart goes out to her. I’m the sort of person who feels things deeply and I can’t imagine how I would be knowing that my father sold me out to the trashiest, most salacious tabloid. It’s ridiculous whichever way you want to dissect it. Do I think he acted alone? Nope. I think like Lou Pearlman, Larry Rudolph is a sick svengali type. For all the Brit naysayers, look closely at his actions concerning her, especially post Kfed. He is the one that told her to hook up with Paris for the benefit of her career. How is it now that he is pointing fingers at her? She is his cash cow — who else has worked with L.R. since Brit? No one. He is publicly shaming her into conceding once again.
    Also think about it — jamie is acknowledging that it was Larry who helped navigate, initiate the divorce. Whoa! so, the “concerned” Spears family deferred to management with regards to their daughter, grandkids welfare? My god — imagine knowing that your parents were only there in the good times. Who needs family like that?
    I feel for Brit — this is schaedenfreude at it’s worst — it’s a sick obsession we all have. It’s like the media won’t rest until she’s so far gone. It’s sick.

  • Daisy

    Truthfully, for a second I thought she was Kate Beckinsale. I didn’t even realize it was Britney until I read the headline.

  • Greg

    Not sure why everyone is saying rehab didn’t change her, have you seen her at any clubs or doing anything wild since rehab? Lindsay was clubbing the day she got out, Britney did not and has not. Lay off her.

  • liya

    also, i dont know if celeb blog readers are denser than other audiences, but i can’t believe that no one can see the irony? where’s the ability to logically think for oneself? since when do we take tabloids as gospel? it shocks me how many people accept what they read, especially when it’s in direct contradiction to everything we know about the person.
    also, for the people who knock Brit for not having her kids around. Do you know that she has them 4x a week, 24 hrs a day, with very little help. Of course, when she is photographed, with our limited spacial perception, we assume that she’s out and about 24/7. Furthermore b/c she is smiley and spacey seeming, we assume that she cares very little for her obviusly troubled existence. This is what I think is going on: if you read the paparazzi accounts, Brit is out of her house for approx 30min-2hr stretches. Not long at all. And she will never take her kids out again. for that i applaud her. why do people cry to see her kids? so they can rag on her when she trips b/c a million flashes are going off in her face? again, it’s sick. Brit is an excellent mother. she is a caring, loving person who has never acted cruelly toward anyone else. Why she bears the brunt of the proverbial “pit” is beyond me.

  • rafael

    she looks hot!!! she has too many problems! she needs to start acting like an adult! she is a mother but what her father did was just WRONG, i mean selling a story to a trashy tabloid! why he didn´t call her and talked to her in PRIVATE! this chick life is a circus! she needs to go away for awhile but she loves too much the media atention!

  • Ashley

    finally this is a vast improvement love the wig and no fugly brown boots yea

  • Ashley

    oh and no dress today!

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Daisy Says:

    April 21st, 2007 at 12:03 am – flag comment
    Truthfully, for a second I thought she was Kate Beckinsale. I didn’t even realize it was Britney until I read the headline.


    I hope that was a joke, kate would probably punch you in the mouth for insulting her like that. Lol

  • Sam

    How do we even know that is Britney it doesn’t look like her. they do have look alikes you know!

  • Yily

    Poor Britney. Everywhere she go, photographers are constantly stalking her and never leave her alone. The girl can’t have any privacy at all. People should just back off of Britney and just let her be herself for a while. Let Britney be a normal person for once so she can work on her album and once again show the world the reign pop star she used to be.

  • daria

    “poor” Britney has way more support than Lindsey does and also has someone else raising her babies while she acts 15 years old and lives at starbucks. She is a spoiled little twith with no talent.

    And boo hoo Britney! That mean press won’t leave her alone after she buys them coffee and tells them her schedule for the day and mocks other people on their cameras.

    She deserves nothing but to lose it all right now and then have to crawl back and apologize for her sick behavior.

  • Katialise

    IS that Lucy camden in the background?

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    I read on another blog that its been reported that shes bi-polar and she was being switch off the meds shes been taking because even though the current meds she takes calmed her and gave her lots of energy and help her with her bipolar, she had trouble sleeping cuz she was to hyped and she then had to take a different med to help her sleep and calm down.The blog claims from a reliable source this has been going on for awhile since her rehab stay and shes always either coming down on going up becuz of her illness.Take the story for what its worth reliable sources and all.Anyway cant remember the blog,read it awhile back the picture here didnt accompany the story I read,there was another pics of her where she was smiling,shopping.

  • kate.

    please, someone. help me understand
    why people are so obsessed with celebrities?
    its like they walk down the street and the whole world has to stop.

    there are WAY more important things to worry about than celebrities. and if you don’t know any then go fucking educate yourselves.

  • MissCarla

    Hmmm. I think its normal for her to be a little depressed right now. She’s been through alot, she’s away from her kids, and her fathers recent statement wasn’t very supportive. She must feel like she has no one. Anyhow this is more real then that fake smile look she’s been sporting lately. Now actually have some sympathy for her. Stay real Britt.

  • Brit’s Ugly

    She is the ugliest piece of crap on the planet. She’s old, has no talent, and a bunch of kids. Go home and do your job you dumb bitch.

  • Paul

    Greg, she was just at a club the other night. The woman is over. People need to move on.

  • Lea

    Look at the rings on her neck. She has jowls too. Jesus.

  • thea

    HEY! she actually looks good with that hair. Give the girl some credit. Shes miserable enough

  • megan

    She looks cute – but what’s with the boots? Winter wear? In April? It’s not cold!!

  • hello

    a cute wig

  • WTF

    She looks wasted.

  • Mike

    At least she’s actually showing some genuine emotion rather than the ear-to-ear moron grin she usually rocks infront of the paparazzi.

    The whole lot – wig and outfit – looks pretty hot though.

  • Confessing Girl

    Finally a good wig!!!!!!!!YEAAAAA
    I think she has been miserable for a long long time!!!!!

  • Denise

    MissCarla Says:
    April 21st, 2007 at 10:37 am – flag comment

    Hmmm. I think its normal for her to be a little depressed right now. She’s been through alot, she’s away from her kids, and her fathers recent statement wasn’t very supportive.
    She is not with her kids, because she chose not to be.
    Parents/family do not have to be supportive of every stupid-ass thing you do. Her father has to be embarrassed and disappointed in her antics, especially the flashing of her genitals repeatedly.

  • hello

    cute hair

  • cutie pie

    Hope all is well with her kids.

  • hamper

    i think she looks great! feel better brit!

  • Jess

    YES, those stalkers camp outside her house. They pee in the bushes. You should drive by and take a look. It’s unbelievable.

    Did anyone see the special on TV about the guy who changed his name, is now taking ambush/stalker pix of celebrities and their CHILDREN… In real life he is a registered child molester………

    Makes one wonder what all those stalkers hiding behind those big camaras using fake names and fake ID’s to rent cars so they can’t be traced, might have been doing a while back???

    JJ do you do back ground checks on the people you hire?

  • go margarent cho

    she lost some weight in the leg area that’s for sure. but she looks depressed…

  • lanie

    Britney loves the press until she doesn’t want them. She literally gives them her schedule for her “rough” day, or going to starbucks and salons and bars. Poor little spoiled brat.

  • wayne geddes v.p. land

    I love Brit Brit’s fashion style. All her clothes are so cool.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    PLease please please Brit…lose your stupid hats. I know there are wigs you can wear w/o it!