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Kelly Clarkson's Best Buys

Kelly Clarkson's Best Buys

Kelly Clarkson looks cute in casual shopping on Friday afternoon at Best Buy in Hollywood.

The 24-year-old inaugural American Idol champ picked up a ream of printer paper, Guitar Hero II (a music video game for Xbox 360), and a ton of DVDs including Scoop (Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson).

Can you pick out any of the other items Kelly picked up from Best Buy?

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kelly clarkson best buy 01
kelly clarkson best buy 02
kelly clarkson best buy 03
kelly clarkson best buy 04
kelly clarkson best buy 05
kelly clarkson best buy 06
kelly clarkson best buy 07
kelly clarkson best buy 08
kelly clarkson best buy 09
kelly clarkson best buy 10

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Victor
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  • No

    WTF is wrong wiht this girl? She has been looking so bad lately. Her looks lately add to the lesbian rumors. She needs to step it up and get with the program!

  • cassi

    its only bestbuy come on now not the grammys

  • JC

    Are you kidding me? Was it not Gwen Stefani who said she never leaves her house without makeup because of paparazzi? Good on Kelly for being a normal bitch and not living for publicity. Freakin’ awesome.

  • tes

    awww i love her

  • Josh

    She looks cute in those pictures. Loving the casual look.

    And WTF is wrong with you (first comment poster)?? Just because a girl doesn’t butter herself up with stupid makeup just to go to Best Buy doesn’t mean anything. Maybe you should get with the program. Life’s not a Playboy magazine. THANK GOD!

  • jay

    shes also carrying computer paper haha

  • Justine

    Geez whats wrong with people today, so damn shallow shes just going shopping at fucking bestbuy

  • sara

    its BESTBUY not a redcarpet she is beautiful and to the first poster FU

  • fucklafrance

    it’s nice to see people acts normal
    she’s good singer, love her !!

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    “looks cute”? who… kelly?!? what!

    uuugly. but i still like her.

  • ROXY

    ^^^ u little CUNT!!
    whatever.. anyway i luv Kelly Clarkson and i love her new single
    it totally awesome!!

  • jackie

    Get otta here haters and get a life. The girl is so cute and doesn’t need to spend an hour of her life to pile on makeup just to do some shopping. That’s why I love the girl, she’s so normal.

  • john

    the thing about hollywood is that people have been conditioned into believe that all celebrities must be glamorous all the time. The fact of the matter is 99% of celebrities look llike normal people. Lighting and make up are all illusions. Just look at the tyra banks show, “america’s next top model,” to see all the illusions. Kelly is a down to earth girl who wants to sell her music and not use sex to sell albums like her contemporaries, and this shocks people. Of course nobody cares that a lot of male singers look like trash or drugged out, or dirty. But for some reason, females have to always play dress up. Noticed also that because of the focus on image, we keep getting no-talent singers that are pretty ie Rihanna, Jessica simpson, Ashanti, etc. Also, obsession with self image results in low self esteem and can lead to a dangerous lifestyle. Karen Carpenter left early because of her anorexia. So, great job kelly. Bring back music, and bring down the talentless whores that plague the music scene/media.

  • Jessica S.

    Are you guys serious? She looks like a normal woman. Don’t feed into the media crap/ideals.

  • J3$$!C@

    My favorite Idol. Love her music and can’t wait for the new album.

  • rockerdude22

    aw i love this gurl love seeing pictures of her!
    thanks JARED ! keep them coming X)

  • Missy

    Can Kelly try and look any worse? The whole publicity campaign with that obviously phoshopped pic (Who stole Kelly’s body???? LOL) makes her look like a total FRAUD. I guess she’ll do anything for fame…. and money. Kelly, stop fooling your fans.

  • Kristi

    I see she has all of her “girlfriends” with her. Ahem.

  • Jules

    i though she was carrying 2 large boxes of PIZZA!
    i know i’m not the only one! hahaha fattie

  • Summer

    ahem I guess you havent shopped with girls before Kristi? Just because your a loser and cant find friends doesnt mean you need to be like ahem shopping with all her girlfriends. They’re her best friends.

  • André

    “Kelly Clarkson looks FAT in casual shopping on Friday afternoon at Best Buy in Hollywood…”

  • André

    And I think everyone should try to look as good as one can everytime.
    So..make up on, Kelly.

  • Jen

    I think these pictures are perfectly fine, she looks like a normal person no biggy. She’s said before that she doesn’t put on makeup herself unless she’s being made up by her makeup artist she really doesn’t care and I think thats awesome.

    My niece and oldest cousin really look up to Kelly and I couldn’t be happier for that because she’s a good romodel, she doesn’t put out unrealistic images of women. Kelly is just real and doesn’t care less and it’s nice to know that they both are looking up to her as a romodel, I only hope that they’ll follow more of Kelly’s lead than the likes of Jessica Simpson, Rhianna, Lindsay Lohan, where they are all stick thin and have makeup on all the time. That’s just not real!

    It’s unfortunate that models/artists have such a huge impact on our society and it’s making a bad turn when we have so many girls who from the age of 10 are wearing makeup and determained to be a size 0.

    In short good on Kelly for going out like a normal person and not giving a crap what people say!

  • Re

    she doesn’t look fat!!….just cuz she doesn’t have anorexia doesn’t mean shes fat…mabey your fat!!

  • Melissa

    You people really worry me. It’s almost like you are living in some fantasy world where you can’t take other people putting creative critism on these replies. So what if she is a Lesbian? Rock on Kristi for making an accurate assumption. Summer you need to get with the program. Just because she “may” be a lesbian, does that make her any less of a person or any less of her “IDOL” status. Please people. It’s 2007, not 1907. There are a lot more homo’s in the world than you straight laced suburbites realize.

  • Winter Lady!

    Don’t American shops give you BAGS for your bought goods???????????

    Or they expect you to carry everything in your hands?

  • Brad

    I’m getting tired of people criticizing Kelly for going out in public w/o makeup & whatnot. I go to Best Buy in my pajamas all the time. She’s no different than any of us, she just happens to sing for a living.

  • No

    Josh Says:

    April 21st, 2007 at 12:12 am – flag comment
    She looks cute in those pictures. Loving the casual look.

    And WTF is wrong with you (first comment poster)?? Just because a girl doesn’t butter herself up with stupid makeup just to go to Best Buy doesn’t mean anything. Maybe you should get with the program. Life’s not a Playboy magazine. THANK GOD!

    Um, I was referring to the fact that Kelly ALWAYS looks like this. Seriously, she has been looking like cr*p lately. I don’t care if she is going to Best Buy OR the Grammy’s, she looks like sh*t no matter where she is. Maybe she NEEDS to start acting like life is a Playboy magazine and start looking feminine for once.

  • Ugh!

    wow, people are shallow………….rock on Kelly!!!!! Go natural!! Let all those shallow fools live in the fantasy world of “Everyone Needs To Look Model Perfect” It feels good to be yourself and show people the rawness of your true reflection. Laugh in the face of society and scream ” Yes, I am human and with HUMAN FLAWS!” There is no shame in being who your are. The only shame is not knowing who you are and not being confortable in knowing that you have flaws and look different from everyone else. The problem is that people have to cover themselves up to feel comfortable and noone should have to hide themselves from the world.

  • kellysgirlfriday

    kelly is a lesbian. but you guys keep talking like this, she’s bound to stay in the closet forever… give the girl a break! she’s still a hero.

  • Melissa

    How in the hell do you know if she is lesbo? I doubt she is because she has boyfriends and has had boyfriends.

  • nancy

    this is freakin ridiculous…she’s not a lesbian…she’s dressing comfortable cuz she works all the time. look at any celebrity picture of ppl walking their kids to school or to the park with hats and glasses on and no makeup….they actually look worse than kelly. she looks normal…leave the girl alone. she’s mad talented…probably has more talent in her pinky finger than all you haters out there…get over it

  • hope

    hopefully all of u bitches talking yo shiiiit are butt ugly!!!!!!

  • Bri

    “The whole publicity campaign with that obviously phoshopped pic (Who stole Kelly’s body???? LOL) makes her look like a total FRAUD. I guess she’ll do anything for fame…. and money. Kelly, stop fooling your fans.”

    Um Missy, EVERY celebrity gets photoshopped. Do you comment on pics of every other female celeb calling her a fraud? I doubt it. And the comment about doing anything for fame and money made me laugh, because anyone who is a true fan of Kelly knows that fame and money are of little importance to her. She has said before that if it were to all go away, just disappear, the fame and everything, she wouldn’t care. She’d just do something else. The girl has passion for what she does, it’s what drives her. NOT the fame and money. The fans aren’t being fooled.

  • dezzy♥

    go i know people are soo stupi these days… ughh! =X

  • dezzy♥


  • jesse

    Every celebrity doesn’t get 50 pounds shaved off of them in their pictures. Kelly is a dyke. She looks like shit every day.

  • Bri

    You obviously haven’t seen the girl in person. They didn’t ‘shave off’ anywhere close to 50 pounds. The girl’s got great abs and can’t possibly wear more than a size 5 or 7. The only big thing on her is her butt, but who the hell cares? She looks like a normal human being. And she’s got all sorts of award show/tv show appearances coming up…she’s gonna come out looking gorgeous, just you wait.

  • André

    Come on..she can sing for sure…and it doesn’t matter if she’s a lesbian..
    But Come on..Kelly is rly ugly…even when she’s pretty (like on Since u been gone video) she’s still ugly.

    That’s why I prefer Kat McPhee..
    i don’t give a damn…my life isn’t about celebs only..but when talking about them one should not take him/herself so seriously…let’s call them fatties or anas and just have some fun while they get rich.

  • ally

    ANDRE u little fa.g!! she is not ugly at all!
    see her in person and this goes to anybody who says shes ugly she is really really pretty
    only a fa.g will bring up kat macphee a bitch that cant sing whos a total sl.ut.
    and one more thing if u dont like her stay the away from Kelly Clarkson posts ugly lowlife fu.cks!



  • ehhh

    She’s incredibly talented and I like her a lot, but I gotta say, thank goodness for makeup and photoshop because she needs it.

  • AP44

    Let her be you losers! Get a life! Kelly is not a lesbo like ya’ll are. My goodness with you people! Kelly is shopping at Best Buy. How alien does that sound like? 0% to me. She doesn’t need to wear make up to go to Best Buy. As for you #28, Kelly is already looking feminine. I’ve never seen her wearing gangster Eminem clothes. You’re just jelous of her. And #19, Jules, you must be the fattie one and letting it out on Kelly. You need some glasses dude. You can’t buy pizza at Best Buy. Cool comment #26! Well other than that, this article is just proof that Kelly is a normal woman buying some DVDs. You rock Kelly!!!! Don’t listen to those stupid people out there with no life.

  • AP44

    And yeah by the way, Kelly has such great talent, she can outsing anyone, including Kat macphee. WE LOVE YOU KELLY!!!!

  • blah

    Winter Lady, that is what those yellow things are called she is carrying. say it with me bbbbbbbaaaaaaaaggggggggggggsssssssssss.

  • chloe

    omg y r u fucking saying that she looks ugly

    y does she have to wear make up just to go to the shops and any way she aint ugly
    so stop writting shit!!!!

    kelly clarkson is a insparation to lods of people out there who think that being size zero is the best thing so


  • AP44

    Oh, I know what are in the 2 white boxes. They are 2 plastic guitars for the game Guitar Hero 2 she bought.

  • yohana

    Okay to the first comment..what if kelly is a lesbian .. WHO THE FUCK CARES. And she looks fucking awesome..shes dressed the way a normal fucking person would to go to the store. Give her a damn break people. She looks amazing and please try not to forget she is a real person. Matter fact i do hope she is a lesbian..woo i would sooo date her ;-D shes all those who comment good things rock on kelly fans…cant wait for the tour to start off again.

  • Best Buy ISA

    They are looking great as new look on up…