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Tom & Katie Attend Scientology Benefit

Tom & Katie Attend Scientology Benefit

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attend the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project Benefit Gala on Thursday night held at NYC’s Altman Building on W. 18th St.

The program, based on principles developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, was co-founded by Cruise in 2002 and aids the New York police, firefighters and paramedics of Sept. 11.

“Nearly six years later, many are still paying a price for their heroic service at the World Trade Center. This is a profound injustice,” Tom said before the dinner. “This project has demonstrated that recovery is not only possible, but an incontrovertible fact.”

“He said how grateful he was to everyone for supporting the project,” said Patrick Bahnken, president of the New York Fire Department’s union of emergency workers and paramedics, told the New York Post. “He took time out to speak to every person. It took him an hour to get through the hallway. He was talking to everyone. It was genuine, nothing phony about it.”

The press was barred from the private dinner. Tickets cost $6,250 each.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/FPix
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  • [Fug Face [x]]

    right in my neighborhood. Tom rocks!

  • tanique33

    this is a GREAT thing he started years ago. i can’t say a bad word. he picked up and helped where a lot of people let the workers down.

    onto fashion, katie’s outit has grown on me, since last night. i’m diggin it a bit more.

  • nona

    “This project has demonstrated that recovery is not only possible, but an incontrovertible fact.”

    bullshit. where are the studies to support the ‘success’ of this ‘treatment’ program. scientology maggots victimizing desperate people — that’s the success of this program.

  • david

    I beg to differ, this is not a great tyhing, this is the promotion of a dishonest and harmful cult. Scientology does not rehabilitate people, it merely deceives them.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    david, that coming from a person who has done what [?] to help others?

  • tanique33

    THANK YOU!!! you know it easier to talk, when you’re sitting back not doing anything. i’m sure they’ve invested, just as much time and money as tom.

    AND, let me guess, when this was started back in 02, they had nothing to say then. typical, boring, cruise rants.

  • !!!

    Will someone please cut Tom’s hair? And if Kate is gonna slouch so she ain’t much taller than Tom, then what’s up with the heels?

  • Jane

    In sickens me as I look at these pictures that are suppose to be about helping 9/11 victims. It looks to me like Tom’s way of trying to gain publicity again. Personal pictures of him don’t mean much on his behalf as much as he and his “scientology” team coming to the rescue. Trying to look like heros. He’s got so much money what is he really losing? While others work their butts off and really put forth the effort for this campaign. I’m sure the guy cares about the families, but this is his way of showing how he is such a caring person. Why not get his hands dirty and do something more, like Brad Pitt. He is helping to reconstruct the sites where Hurrican Katrina hit. Unlike Tom during the time of the disaster who was off buying new toys!! Did he really go to these families and spend time with them or did he have them come to him when they through this event? A person who really cared would get to know some of the victims families, spend time with them. He just makes me ill.

  • Hannah

    Ditto Jane. Tom’s motive is to keep his name in the press.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Jane, do you know what a benefit is?

    This is not some on-the-low private event, their trying to raise money. its a big event, there was a big crowd [people showing support] and a lot of photographers there, was Tom and Katie suppose to cover their heads with a blanket and immediately run inside surrounded by bodyguards?

    I don’t even want to get into whole Brad Pitt thing [you know how this site gets when it comes to him]

    But its not like the only way a celebrity can help and “get his hands dirty” is to ‘help’ build a home. there’s a lot of issues in the world, let brad do-him and let tom do the same. there doing something, isn’t that the point?

    oh yea, Jane how did you know Brad was doing construction on the sites where Hurricane Katrina hit? – pictures, taken by who – photographers

    You just make me ill! lol

  • WTF

    You can call this a “benefit” but who will ultimately benefit? co$

  • angelina_mmm

    WTF Says:
    April 20th, 2007 at 1:02 pm – flag comment

    You can call this a “benefit” but who will ultimately benefit? co$


  • pr person

    Tom said “This project has demonstrated that recovery is not only possible, but an incontrovertible fact.”

    Oh reeaallly….. where is the medical data to back up that claim? Is “incontrovertible” a word?

  • louveciennes

    They aren’t interested in helping 9/11 victims. This is just another way for $cientology to leech publicity and idiot converts off of national tragedy.

    Also: yes, “incontrovertible” is a word. It means undeniable. And I really doubt it applies here.

  • madison

    Scientology is a disgusting cult that tries to brainwash people.

  • i’m hungry

    The program he founded has been running in NYC since 2002! !
    It’s just a benefit to raise more money to keep it going

    Last I checked this nut was not so “crazy” back in 02.
    This project is an old one and as a new yorker myself, i can attest to it having been one of the few constant ones, unlike some that eventually “packed up” or “folded” after the cameras left. 9/11 still hurts. it’s more than a hole in our skyline.

    The victims needed help and they still do. Even if it doesn’t work, at least they have the OPTION to try. When you’ve been through something like 9/11 – you can become desperate to heal. Regardless since its inception its treated people for free. Which i am assuming is because of benefits like these.

    Guys I don’t know if it works, BUT. at least they have another hope, even if it is…. just a hope.

    FYI: they do NOT discuss religion. it’s more of a psychological evaluation with alternative medicine applications to help remove their systems from whatever they were exposed to. their thing is the less chemicals you introduce to your body, the faster it’ll heal. or something like that. heh. they give you a nutritionist and give you vitamins and other “alternative” things.

    Is it WIERD? maybe. Does it work? I don’t know…. but, when you’re developing some unknown cancer with no treatment … anything sounds like an option. Can anyone relate?

    From what i Do know: They’ve treated NYC firedepartment and rescue personal and those guys WILL NOT tolerate B.S. like that Xenu/Alien stuff. So NO religion is taught there or suggested.

    it’s easy and human to sit there and judge, but that is doing nothing to help the victims who have been forgotten about only six years later. Do you know how many have died since then from bizarre and disgusting complications?

    Bottom line: If our fallen have been helped by these nuts EVEN if it was for publicity – I’ll take it!

  • Dancer

    It is my understanding that the NYFD (NY Fire Dept) came out against this. They stated that the alternative treatments are sometimes harmful and that the scientology church is using this do good stuff as a recruitment tool.

  • Pennagirl

    Can Katie stop wearing black, or is she in mourning (over the end of her life)?

  • pr person

    “it’s more of a psychological evaluation with alternative medicine applications to help remove their systems from whatever they were exposed to.” The psychological eval. is what the Scientologists do to suck people in. They do the evaluation and then tell these people that they can see that they are depressed, and that they have “tools” to help with that. Or, having relationship problems? They have tools to help with that. Etc…. A few firefighters have even become Scientologists, after going through the detox program. I’m sure that Scientology was discussed and/or suggested to them. So please, of course “religion” is a part of the detox program.

    Also, Xenu isn’t “taught” until OT3, it isn’t something that they are “up front” about from the beginning.

  • i’m hungry

    hmmm, all valid points, pr person.
    I don’t know too much on Scientology or how they work, or “brainwash”.
    I see what you mean though about “manipulation”. It’s sad.
    But which is the lesser of two evils? What you’re saying may very well be true, but I have not way of knowing for certain. And I don’t feel like going undercover to find out lol. Which is worse? Suffering from these complications or Xenu? I think that if my urine was black, my ears were pealing and my lungs filling up with an unknown substance, I might jump the boat and adopt an alien baby too. Or not.

    As for alternative drugs vs. pharmacuetical ones. Nothing is ever 100%. Some of these people have had the most strangest complications manifest that have never been seen or thought possible. They don’t know even know how to treat some cases. I’d be hard pressed to choose a chemical drug with harsh side effects over an Eastern remedy, if no one really knew if it’d work in the first place.

    Thanks anyways. Lesson learned – Stay away from Scientologists if possible

  • Liz

    In my book too, he rocks for helping these people. Go Tom!

  • ?

    Is he trying to look like a lesbian? He looks like Ellen D with dark hair.

    I don’t like Katie’s clothing Style.

  • Mummy

    in·con·tro·vert·i·ble Pronunciation[in-kon-truh-vur-tuh-buhl, in-kon-]

    not controvertible; not open to question or dispute; indisputable: absolute and incontrovertible truth.

    Just thought you all would like to know the meaning of the word TT used. I had to google it just to find it.

    I find it hard to believe that anything the Scientology [or TT] is involved with as being a good thing as this is a scary, dangerous, expensive and self profiting cult. They prey on low esteem and insecurity, says a lot about hollywood doesn’t it….

  • Juno

    Nice to see that leggings are back, but it’s not fitting for a red carpet show. As far as TC, that hair style gotta go. BUT WHAT DO I CARE ANYWAY. I WOULD SAY HE IS THE BIGGEST MEDIA W H O R E EVER!!! And he is worst than those Jehovah witness people that comes knocking on my door with his scientology cult. Aaaaarrgggghhhhh……..

  • Gds D

    I wonder what plastic surgery took away her crooked smile?

  • Solange

    “He looks like Ellen Degeneres with dark hair” ROTFLMAO!! Did you look at the closeup of his face – ewwwwwwwwwwww. He was goodlooking once, not any more. Its not just age cause Paul Newman still looks good and he is ancient. Tom’s hair looks like one of those badly made Korean wigs.

  • jan

    Whats with Kates is receding..she is in serious need of a hairstyle as well. He needs to cut his back to the Maverick stage…and we can all fall in love with him again..He needs to stop marrying women taller than he is…I adore him..and wish him well…we will see if there ever is a Baby #2….

  • Lucie

    Tom will not stop until he has converted every man, woman, child, and dog to his cult!

  • Jillian B

    Katie looks so pretty. So well dressed.

  • jill

    I’m confused….Is Tom now the head of Scientology?

  • K

    It’s great that Tom is helping Sept. 11 victims, but I still feels he’s got his own motives behind what he does.

  • jill

    I think it’s great that Tom is helping the Sept. 11 victims, but I still can’t help but feel he has his own personal interest behind the whole thing.

  • Crusie admirer.
    At least the people helped recognise his efforts. He is better than those of you who are seated here doing nothing to help those guys but only criticisng those who are trying to help. No one is forcing these people to have these treatment and if they want the scientific methods, they are welcome to have them. It is not a complusory project and the reason some of those NY state people were against it is because they are threatened by alternative medicine. People like Bloomberg are giants in the Pharmaceutical industry and look at alternative medicine as a threat to their wealth.

    Thanks Tom for helping out.

  • Liz

    He may have a personal interest. am sure he would rather people used scientology but I do not think it is for an underlying greed or self advancement. I think he genuinely believes that scientology will imporve many people’s lives.

    I like that Katie was best dressed star of the week. You may not like her style, but it is the trend and you will catch on.

  • uyara

    sem duvida os dois sao lindos!

  • uyara

    lindos d+
    beijos do Brasil

  • libraesque

    why is someone posting in Portuguese on an english “speaking” site????

    ANYWAY, educate yourselves people. Tom is #2 in command in Scientology. I think you’ll find this interesting

    Hubbard’s basic assumption was that humanity was divided into hustlers and suckers, and he was going to be one of the former. Those gullible enough and stupid to believe his claims deserved to be exploited. Identifying potential customers meant looking for hardships and vulnerability in people and preying, in Hubbard’s own words on “the bereaved or injured” (Wallis, 1977, p. 158). The predatory nature of the organization is revealed in this early stage, with Hubbard searching for weaknesses and suffering in others, and using them for profit. In the polio victims story what we see is a criminal mind and a sadistic imagination at work, showing the facility with which he makes up new ploys and con games. This is Hubbard’s version of Barnum’s Law, which is also his Sermon on the Mount. Blessed are the polio victims, for theirs is the right to build Hubbard’s empire with their money. There are millions of suckers out there, the bereaved and injured, just waiting to be exploited. Only one motive can be detected in this story, and that is profit. The basic motive is not malevolence, but profit. The commercial exploitation of suffering and despair is the Bridge to Total Freedom. Hubbard wanted very much to live beyond the reach of the law or the tax collector. This may be a common fantasy, but only a few try to turn it into reality. An illegal business wants and needs protection from any legal interference, but Hubbard wanted not just protection, but real immunity, and the religion label could give you this kind of immunity.

  • libraesque

    What we have discovered is that the September 2001 incident was not isolated but rather embedded in a consistent and unmistakable historical pattern. It demonstrated again that the Scientology organization is motivated and driven solely by sales and marketing considerations. What has been experienced by all of us as a global nightmare was viewed by Scientology only as a great marketing opportunity. The pathetic lies offered by Scientology once it has been exposed were true to character.

  • libraesque


    You may want to think long and hard about something VERY important

    you think TC is so great because he “helped” those firefighters, right?
    They also swarmed all over those grieving students at Virginia Tech HOURS after the tradgedy.

    ASK YOURSELF…….WHY hasn’t TC or the COS helped the victims of Katrina, one of the BIGGEST natural disasters in the U.S.
    you know why they have never reached out to those people??


    Virginia college=MONEY

    poor mostly black=NO MONEY

    something to think about