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Keanu Reeves' New Girlfriend?

Keanu Reeves' New Girlfriend?

Keanu Reeves looks to be enjoying himself as he downs a few drinks on Thursday with a new gal pal at the Moscow restaurant in the Beverly Wilshire (A Four Seasons Hotel).

Looks like Keanu‘s mystery date smokes Marlboro! Bigger pictures below…

UPDATE: Keanu was dining with 22-year-old Mexican actress Martha Higadera. Thanks to everyone who wrote in —

The 42-year-old former Matrix star has a new film coming out in 2008 called The Night Watchman co-starring Oscar winner Forest Whitaker. The crime thriller tells the story of a veteran LAPD cop (Reeves), who turned to the bottle after his wife’s death, is framed by his former mentor (Whitaker) in the murder of a fellow officer. Production is scheduled to start at the end of the month.

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  • rowis

    Keanu’s 42!!!???
    He’s still very hot but always has that drunken look on his face !

  • Rmr

    I think that girl is a mexican actress called Martha Higadera, she is beautiful and kind of popular here in Mexico.

  • essie

    the girl is really pretty.. but wow those paparrazi sure know how to get em..

  • Sophie

    Martha HigaREDA ;)

  • leelee

    yes! I was going to say the same thing Rmr! She looks like MARTHA HIGAREDA

  • Sophie

    keanu-reeves-girlfriend-05.jpg wow that is one bad pic.. whydya pay for that one Jared?

  • Shoegal

    Sophie, even moviestars can look bad :D She looks a bit like Katie Holmes

  • Sophie

    LoL is that bad or good?

  • Sophie

    I mean the Kaite Holmes part

  • Pandora

    She *does* look a bit like Katie Holmes. Very pretty, though, and Keanu does look good.

  • rachel

    i thought she looked like slightly older vanessa hudgens

  • soul

    Yes she’s martha higadera a 22 years old actress from Mexico, look at this: it’s from a recent movie of her.

  • tonyboy

    OH GOD! SHOCKER!! She is like hugely popular mexican actress!!! I know Martha! Wow.. that is going to be huge in Mexico

  • Juno

    Thanks Jared. She’s a real looker. And he cut his hair and shaved off that yukky beard, yay!

  • Jerri Blank

    That isn’t her. And who cares? They are just having dinner. That doesn’t mean anything.

  • Jerri Blank

    Oh yeah, and she’s alright. I’m not gonna wet my pants over her.

  • bowow

    Keanu looks really bloated and fat.

  • tiger

    Cute couple!

  • Liz

    Keanu is looking HOT!!! God bless he shaved that hideous beard. Anyway, he looks a bit tired tough… maybe that girl is “working” him a bit too much!

  • Teck

    OMG martha higareda!! what is she doing there?? I didnt know they knew each other!!

  • Besane

    As long as it’s not a coat-tail rider Jennifer Aniston…

  • shelly

    It’s pathetic but I always hoped he and Sandra Bullock would get together. But then Sandra married that Jesse dude. *sigh*

  • Eve

    I´m heartbroken…but well, let him be happy.

  • Babyblue

    She really is Martha Higareda. Justo look at her IMDB profile!!! This is a huge surprise.

  • Right on

    Keanu is so handsome and his girl is very pretty. Good for him.

  • CM

    wow !!!!!!!! well done Martha!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia


  • ARYA

    I’m happy if he’s happy but geez thats a 20 year difference…spring has sprung again for Mr. Reeves.

  • Raichill

    Looking at Keanu, two words come to mind, bloated and wasted.

  • Sophie

    Jared, higaReda not higadera

  • NIXX

    Reminds me of Jennifer Syme in some way.

  • Sophie

    you mean the girl who gave birth to their stillborn baby and later died in a car crash…?

  • EREKE-vestica

    Co to tam mate na stole?????????…To velke tyrkysove?…To je velka sviecka?…To chces Keanko – naznacit – ze Neo – je Nove svetlo sveta?…Mas pravdu…Neo – je Nove svetlo sveta…A co ty?…Keanko?…Aky titul si vysluzis ty?…Keanko – Novy suknickar sveta?…Alebo …Keanko – Novy alkoholik sveta?…Lebo na jednej fotke sa tvaris – dost – “natreto”…Stavim sa – ze budes – Keanko – zase abnormalne povolny!!!…§§§§§§§§§….A odnesie si to – ako inak – vedla sediaca pekna cierna baterka!…A co cigaretky?…Pofajkajte si Keanko…Pofajkajte – este kym mozete…Lebo Svetova Zdravotnicka Organizacia Ovladania – sa chysta zdrazit cigarety – ze jedna krabicka bude stat ako auto…Takze si pomaly zacni na cigy – setrit…Keanko…Alebo si prid pre moje cigaretky – pekne po domacky usulane …

  • See’r


    If this is what folks say about people they’re supposed to like, I’d hate to hear what’s said about those they don’t like.

    C’mon people, give the man a break!

    *No one* is on 24/7/365! And yet fans seem to expect celebrities to always be picture perfect It ain’t happenin’, is humanly impossible, especially when you’re being *hunted* like some rare and exotic trophy animal every step you take, no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or what’s going on in your life.

    The only saving grace is that getting shot with the camera doesn’t result in your head hanging on the hunter’s wall, but it’s damn near enough…

    Live his life – and I mean ALL of it – for awhile and see if you fare any better. Or survive as well as this man has managed to, with all he’s put up with.

  • Sophie

    Whatever. I think he’s cool, for letting the papparzzi take a few pics. I don’t think he seems pissed in those pics do you? He knows that he’s a celebrity and that this comes with it. And I know there are some REALLY huge fans who are always happy to see new pics of him. Even I do, and I only sometimes like to watch his films. He seems so nice. I hope his sister beats the disease even though the doctors are not so sure.

  • EREKE-vestica

    Vsimli sme si …Keanko…vsimli sme si tvoj vitazoslavny vyraz tvare!!!…Akokeby si hovoril:”Pozrite aky som sikovny!…Pri akej krasnej Baterke sedim!…”…Nuz…ale to nie je ziadna veda…milacik…Keby si sedel vedla IQuasimodky a tvaril by si sa takto spokojne a vitazoslavne – tak by sme povedali:”Fiiiiiha!!!….Ten Keano ma ale dobre srdce!…Vobec sa za svoju spolocnicku nehanbi!…Ani po Velkych Kanaloch nechodi Keanko – od hanby!…A preco len pri nej sedi?…Azda mu rozprava nejake vtipy?…”…A Keanko nam odpovie:”Prave mi IQuasimoda povedala vtip …Skoro som odpadol…Ved na jednej fotke to je aj vidno – ako odpadavam…Tu je ten vtip:”…Pride IQuasimoda na maskarny ples – uplne naha..Pytaju sa jej:”A zaco si tu ty?”…Odpovie:”Za husle…Par krat si vrznem a pojdem do Velkeho Kanala…”

  • EREKE-vestica

    Kto tipoval – ze – “Girlfriend 05″ – je- “IQasimoda” – tipoval spravne!…Vyhru – 506 milionov dolarov – si moze vyzdvihnut vo Velkom Kanaly…….IQuasimoda je totiz taka skareda – ze ani Matrixovska Realita ju nechce zviditelnit!…Preto na fotke – 05 IQasimodu nie je vidno…..Vsimnime si vsak – ten zacudovany vyraz tvare – Keankovej peknej spolocnicky…Cierna Baterka sa cuduje – preco Keanko odpadava…?…Higareda – IQasimodu totiz nevidi…ani nepocuje…Vidi len to – ako Keanko z nicoho nic – odpadava…Higareda totiz vobec netusi – ze IQuasimoda v Matrixe – hraje – Prve Husle!!!….

  • ozzie

    keanu looks like shit!

  • EREKE-vestica

    Najudatnejsi pozorovatelia – detektivi – si urcite vsimli – aj rec – tela a rec veci…Vsimnime si teda – co robi Higareda…V neznej rucke nieco stiska…Co to len moze byt?…Ja osobne si myslim – ze v rucicke drzi nejaku rozbusku…Asi s Keankom boli na Slovensku a rozmiestnili tu nejake bomby…A Higareda ma v ruke – dialkovy ovladac – odpalovac!!…Ze ich zle umysly – smeruju na Slovensko – prezradza -aj jej nevdojak zdvihnuty prstik na pismenko – “S”…”S”lovensko…Lenze – ziadne odpalovanie bomb -na zeleny dialkovy ovladac nebude!!!…Keanko je totiz – rozpoltena osobnost!!…A my to velmi dobre vieme!…Videli sme!..Videli sme – ako vo filme – “Nebezpecna rychlost” – vie zneskodnovat bomby!!…Takze Keanko ulozil na Slovensku bomby-aj zneskodnil…

  • JB gives good BJ

    How do you know she’s his girlfriend? They are only having drinks, geez. People need to stop jumping into conclusions.

  • Sophie


  • 2985

    She’s hawt! I’d hit it! She has a sultry look even though she’s just relaxing there.

  • EREKE-vestica

    Ked chcete – tak vam vyvestim – kolko je 5+6…………….Na oko to vyzera – ze je to – 11…Ale len naoko…V skutocnosti je to – 14…Lebo ku vsetkemu sa pripocitavaju 3 konstanty…MORHO…IQASIMODA…NEANO…Matrix ta foti!…

  • EREKE-vestica vysledok – mravencej prace…Nase vyslane Matrixovske chobotnicky zistili – ze k dnesnemu dnu – sa Keanko moze popysit – 2985 -imi frajerkami…A za take cislo by sa nemusel hanbit – ani Cassanova…Viete – kto je to – “Cassanova”?…To je – prosim pekne – “Novy Cas”…… Keanko – je inak neskodny frajer…Da si len rande s frajerkou – pofajci popije – odfoti sa – a vzdy sa pochvali nejakym novym vtipom od IQasimody…

  • ella

    He’s trying to go back in time and well….you just can’t. The age difference makes him look rediculous. After all “don’t chase what you can’t catch”.

  • EREKE-vestica

    Pride Bielik Kralik do Svajciarskeho hodinarstva a pyta si kvalitne hodinky…Predavacka sa ho pyta:”A pre koho to bude?”…B.Kralik povie:”No predsa pre Nea …nee?…”…Predavacka sa ho este raz spyta:” A chces tie hodinky s vodotriskom alebo so zastavenym casom?”…B.Kralik:”AAAAAAAA viete co pani predavacka…dajte mi tie hodinky rovno s nejakou frajerkou!…”…………….Kto sa ani trochu nezasmial – pojde za trest – robit na buduci tyzden – verejno-prospesne prace…

  • Anon

    She’s not 22. She is going to be 24. Doesn’t anybody know how to do the math?

  • EREKE-vestica

    Ahoj Keanko!…Nikde nemozem zohnat – knihu – “Zbojnicka mladost”…Ty sa na tej fotke tvaris tak machersky…mam pocit – ze by si mi tu knihu dokazal zohnat…Surne ju potrebujem!…Amerika je krajina neobmedzenych moznosti!…Takze ked – hned teraz vyrazis do knihkupectva a kupis mi ju a posles expresnou postou – mozno to stihnem…Do 9.maja mam napisat o tom sloh…Teraz len spekulujem – o co ta kniha moze byt…Zrejme o nejakom mladom zbojnikovi…Ale zbojnici – byvaju vacsinou zamaskovani…Co ak ten zbojnik – je fuzata zena?…HM?…Co ak sa dej knihy odohrava v Los Angeles?…Zamaskovany zbojnik – IQasimoda – vtrhne do restavracie – kde sedi Keano Reeves s nejakou slepkou a uplne drzo – mu – ten zbojnik – ukradne srdce!…To bude dobra kniha!

  • salor_virgo

    Well come back just jared! I know Keanu has worked for new movies. Is this girl his new partner?

  • Sophie

    Which language are you speaking woman?