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Kelly Clarkson: Ripped of Innocence

Kelly Clarkson: Ripped of Innocence

Kelly Clarkson rocks out on the L.A. set of her “Never Again” music video shoot in a cool all-white suit on Friday (she wore a rocker chic outfit earlier in the week).

In the video, Clarkson will “haunt” her ex, she tells MTV: “Not to get all artsy-fartsy, but I’m all in white, everything is in white, because it’s been ripped of innocence. Anyone who’s ever been in love, when it goes bad – and sadly, everyone can relate in some manner – it just gets cold and it’s hard to get past that.”

“There’s more ‘me’ on this record,” Clarkson added. “I had more hold on the reins because I wrote the entire thing. It wasn’t planned like that, because I don’t think you have to write everything you sing, but on this one I had a lot to say. I’m not even this open with boyfriends!”

Kelly‘s upcoming album My December is set for a mid-2007 release.

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  • No

    OMG! Those thighs could not possible get any bigger. Didn’t anyone tell her white is not exactly slimming? She just grosses me out.

  • AmyWinehouseISTHEBOMB

    She looks good, but I must admit that she looks much heavier at the bottom than I thought she was. No problem for me. She looks great, and as long as she is healthy and happy then no problem.

  • Ugh!

    Yes, Those thighs could get bigger. How rude! She looks beautiful! Let her be her self she doesn’t have to live up to your standards of a perfect rockstar. Let her be….

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    she gotta fat ass! to bad when the make-up comes off she’s super ugly

  • Mad

    Seriously, she’s not fat. I don’t understand why everyone thinks she’s so heavy when she really isn’t. So she’s not that skinny, but we can’t all be super skinny. Kelly is always herself and thats what counts, not how she looks.

  • mark

    I love Kelly, she’s great; but isn’t white the symbal OF innocence…so if it were ripped away wouldn’t you be in mourning, you know, wearing black, or purple, but not white?

    Ahhh, maybe I’m being too literal.:-)

    And girlfriend, white is not friendly to junk in the trunk that’s gravitated down to the thigh area.

    Still sweet and talented though…

  • el_enano

    I loove the white suit she looks good!, I like the hair I think that whenever we critize someone with normal type of body we r just projecting our own low self esteem and self-hate y/n? peace & love

  • Sarah

    There is nothing wrong with Kelly, she looks good. If you’ve listened to any of her interviews she already says she has a big behind and she’s proud of it. If she was skinny then all of you would be complaining that she was too thin and needed to gain some weight. If you ask me she’s the normal size she should be, not some sick bone thin Hollywood I’m gonna starve myself to death weight. Thats whats wrong with everyone today, they buy into the Hollywood scene if you ask me, anyone talking about Kelly needs a reality check… I’d like to see how much some of you weigh…

  • Raye

    Is she dumb or something white is innocence she should be wearing black or red not white. And she ain’t that big though those pants don’t flatter her.

  • No

    Ok, for me the deal is that she used to look so good. If she would have started out fugly and dressed badly then she would look fine now BUT because she was looking good and stylin and now she has gained her weight and obviously dropped her stylist she just looks like she let herself go.

  • NicoleSlezak

    Kelly looks great. She looks healthy. there is nothing wrong, evil or ugly about large thighs. It’s called genetics. Some of us are born with this body type. I like her music and look forward to the new CD.

  • Melissa

    I think the point of the video is that she is wearing white while she is with her boyfriend and there is a part in the video where she is wearing all black. and she does have a stylist but I think she needs to fire her/he.

  • skittles07

    I agree with some of the posters, Kelly looks great but those white pants isnt exactly flattering to her thighs and butt area. Kelly doesnt have the best sense of style. She needs to hire herself a stylist ASAP. Kelly needs something more slimming to slim out her bottom half cause she has a pear-shaped figure and shes bottom heavy. Kelly has said several times that she has a big old ghetto booty and she told Madonna she wish she had her thighs. Kelly knows that she isnt thin and that shell never be a size zero, good for Kelly that she is comfortable in her own skin and comfortable with who she is.

    As for the “RETARED F..K” who posted the comment that Kelly has a fat ass and that shes super ugly when the make-up comes off i bet your ass doesnt look like a supermodel. Kelly isnt the prettiest girl and is average at best without make-up on but she isnt ugly. I bet you look exactly like your user name FUG FACE X.

  • Sarah

    I love how people come on here to say that she’s fat or needs a stylist…LOL….first of all, you’d all kill to be her….talent, money, fame, friends…ya’ll would love to have that lifestyle….what I LOVE about Kelly is that she doesn’t give a sh*t…if she read your idiotics comments, she’d just laugh at herself…guarenteed…cuz she’s sitting at the top and the rest of us are down here

  • jenna

    you ppl make me laugh….

    Everyone talks about how heavy she’s gotten or how fat she looks…but if she was super skinny like every other pop tart out there, ppl would give her crap for “falling into the celebrity lifestyle” of being skinny!

    kelly’s said time and time again that shes comfortable in her own skin. and she doesnt care what ppl like you say…so i really dont know why im wasting my time but i just wanted to give my 2 cents.

    Kelly’s here to SING. She’s not here to be a model. Let her 2 grammys, 11 billboard music awards, 4 ASCAP awards, 2 American music awards, 5 radio music awards, 3 VMAs and 14 million albums sold do the talking. (and those just BEGIN to cover it)

  • Don

    She’s not the fattest thing in the world by any means, but the girl is definitely chunky and should wear things that flatter her, not things that show her bad traits. If she were as proud or uncaring about her size and some try to claim then why are so many pictures of her that are used for publicity for ther CDs and magazines so photoshopped as to make her look a lot thinner than she is. Those new pictures circulating around for her new CD make her look very slim and trim everywhere, when it is obvious by these recent pictures that there is no way she is built the way she and her publicist try to imply she is. Be honest Kelly, if you are fat or heave and don’t care, then quit trying to fake pictures that you are thin. The public is not stupid when they see these things.

  • jill

    It’s nice to finally have a celebrity who is real. I’m tired of seeing super skinny women walking around making the world think this is the way women should be. There’s nothing wrong with being thin, but women have curves and Kelly should not be ashamed of the way she looks as long as she is happy and healthy. Good for her. I’d like to see more people be themselves.

  • aeck

    come on… chunky can be fab too (ad she does look pretty cute in most of these pictrues). and its better than being some anorexic freak. she’s a great singer so why be so critical.

  • Oliver

    People, she didnt mean this was innocence. There is another scene in the video when she was all in black. This was when she was still “innocent” and in love with the guy who cheated on her. And then somewhere in the bridge it goes into this very dark video.

  • rockerdude22

    shes HOT!!!!!

  • when does the vid come out?

    when does the video cum out? she looks hot in it

  • Allison

    There is NOTHING wrong with the way she looks. I am appalled at the people who actually contribute to the whole everyone should be anorexic thing. Kelly is a beautiful and very talented woman. I can’t believe you have this unattainable image in your head of what you think everyone should look like. What’s wrong with you? Life is not about being skinny; it is about finding your gift and sharing it with others. That’s exactly what she’s doing. She should be very proud of her accomplishments, and those of you who say awful things should be ashamed of yourselves. What have you done to make a difference? probably nothing if you just sit around talking bad about others.

  • go margarent cho

    stay away from white if you have thunder thighs…everyone knows that, i haven’t worn white pants since i was in high school for that reason, i was a size 2 then!

  • pinpin

    she looks hot the video looks hot too cant wait!
    thank you jared!

  • dezzy♥

    HOTNESS!!! ♥♥♥♥

  • dezzy♥

    HOTNESS!!! ♥♥♥

  • seriously

    okay, guys she is NOT fat no matter what you say.
    and can you just leave her be? what will you get out of it by just criticizing the way she looks. Don’t you have yourself to worry about? Just because she’s not a size 4 doesn’t mean she’s fat at all. She has a booty, and i know a lot of girls who would kill to have her butt. Also, why can’t everyone look outside of her weight? there’s a lot more to someone than their size and weight. Her personality and talent takes over the fact that she is “fat” as you guys call it. Try to get to know someone before you judge, there’s more than the outside appearance.

  • seriously

    also, it’s great and much appreciated for those of you standing up for her.

  • ally

    i think shes beautiful shes not fat nor ugly (extremly far from that)
    i love her i hope she stays the same! but a new stylist wouldnt hurt LOL

  • ally

    i think shes beautiful shes not fat nor ugly (extremly far from that)
    i love her i hope she stays the same! but a new stylist wouldnt hurt LOL

  • ally

    i think shes beautiful shes not fat nor ugly (extremly far from that)
    i love her i hope she stays the same! but a new stylist wouldnt hurt LOL


    Aww she looks soo cute I LOVE HER!!

  • AP44

    Kelly is a beautiful, normal – looking person with an awsome talent and style. At least she’s not like those skinny til bone hollywood women that would rather starve than hear people’s horrible comments (like cough cough hilary duff cough lindsay lohan cough). Kelly is happy and healthy the way she’s living. I agree that she’s not an anorexic super model. So leave her alone; I bet ya’ll negetive critizicers are triple her size and weight since ya’ll are probably jelous of her.You rock Kelly!!!! Keep being yourself because it is what has kept you going on to success.

  • KellyRocks

    She’s hott!! Rock on Kelly!

  • diana

    kelly looks good, and i’m one of those (thin) girls who’d kill to have her thighs and butt. self respect means respect your genetics! so as far as i can see it, being stick thin BY CHOICE is nothing but gross and disturbing. so forgive kelly for being smarter than that and not starving herself to death.

  • Jenn

    ok first off people, her thighs and the hottest thing EVER. and she doesnt need makeup, she is sexy without it. And if you have met her, she is tiny and SKINNY! so back off of my soon to be wife ;D

  • sandra

    aww man, i’d choose curves any day!
    DAYUM! *drools*

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    She is so awesome. She’s the only Idol that hasn’t gone anorexic on us (hello Katherine????) But she should be aware of wjhat is flattering or not. I have butt too but you won’t catch me in an all white outfit….But I love you Kelly!


  • joseph


  • vio1

    oh,guys, that is all so idiotic. you are so brainwashed from the should know beeibng so skinny that you look like a corpse like heidi klum for example is not beautifull, its is ugly.and if you don’t think it is then you think that corpses are beautifull that is my opinion. kelly is the most beautifull i could ever imagine and her body is so lovely that i could stare at it the whole day and i would give verything to spend a night with her.she is so amazingly beautifull.and her face is so sweet,she is a godess to me.

  • sim

    would anybody tell me what car the guy drives in this music video? thanks.

  • rach.

    SO WHAT??????


    WOW You guys a pathetic who think that kelly is fat and ugly. she doesn’t need to live up to Your standards, shes healthy shes, not anorexic like every other singer out there so just give it up. shes a normal person, perfect weight and gorgeous