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Nicole Kidman Snaps Back at Snappers

Nicole Kidman Snaps Back at Snappers

Nicole Kidman makes a brief stop at a Sydney pharmacist in Australia on Sunday morning. The native Australian is in town to shoot the Baz Luhrmann-directed epic Australia co-starring Hugh Jackman.

Nicole, 39, recently turned the tables on paparazzi with the help of Fox Studios, placing a security team outside her Darling Point mansion to monitor every move the persistent paparazzi make to help prevent stalkers.

When photographers or reporters pull up to Kidman‘s mansion, a security officer emerges from their solar-paneled mini-van with tinted windows, takes a photo of each person, and demands the individual say his or her name into a hand-held voice recorder. Ca-razy!

More pictures inside of Nicole at the pharmacy…

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nicole kidman purple vest 01
nicole kidman purple vest 02
nicole kidman purple vest 03
nicole kidman purple vest 04
nicole kidman purple vest 05
nicole kidman purple vest 06
nicole kidman purple vest 07
nicole kidman purple vest 08

Photos: Costas
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  • someone

    Nicole looks great, and good for her giving the papz a taste of thier own medicine!

  • Courtney

    What has happened to Nicloe’s looks over the past few years? She was once georgeous. Plastic surgery gone wrong?

  • Hudson

    plastic surgery, in my opinion is alright! if you gotta do it, do it. but…what is it that Nic is wearing, why is she wearing like a dork? cause she’s trying to be lowkey? I don’t get it. I love how Kylie dresses, shows that she’s put thought into it, and I am pleased that she cares and recognizes that she will be pictured and commented, Nic is a BIG star, she should feel comfortable to show her artistic side on fashion as well and dress accordingly.

  • scotteegirl

    I think the paps are so far away and the photos come out distorted. I remember seeing a picture of Princess Diana that was taken from a far distance and her face looked fat and puffy.

  • http://htt// WHY

    What’s happening to her? The matter of age ,everyone different when they got older.

  • Lara

    She looks like she’s had too much work done. It’s called desperation to stay young and viable in Hollywood. I’m more concerned about her weight…she’s too thin. She looks like if she stepped the wrong way, her legs would snap off. That is not healthy.

  • Andreia Pires

    She looks fantastic as always!!!! she is natural, she doesn’t need to be dressed like a barbie doll to look beautiful!!!!She is naturally beautiful!!!
    You people are so mean that it makes me ill, for gods sake get a life and stop judging others like you’re all the best. you may think you’ll be happier if you say bad things about the others :(

  • BoBo

    Natural and beautiful? BAHAAAA That scarf isn’t doing to well in hiding her chicken neck.

  • Krystal

    I love Nicole Kidman she is a great ambassador for Australia. I don’t care if she is going overboard with the skin bleaching and the botox I still love her. Though the magazines over here in Aussie are only now just starting to question how much plastic surgery she has had done as goes with Kylie Minogue.

  • digott

    Ah c’mon – what’s so exciting about any celebrity running errands? Leave her alone. Boring.

  • koala

    she looks fine in these photos. Sometimes she looks scary with all the plastic surgery and botox, but these pics are pretty normal.

  • maryj

    I don’t get it. Why would she bleach her skin when she has always been paler than pale? Why would she botox when she’s never had wrinkles in the place? Why would she have plastic surgery on her face which never needed it yet she could have done with a boob increase and some curves? If she’s so obssessed with staying young then why doesn’t she dye her obviously greying hair? It looks like she may have had her lips plumped a bit which I can understand because if there was any imperfection on her face, it were her thin lips which made her mean and sullen looking. Some people need to clue up. What you see is a woman ageing gracefully but people don’t want to accept that and put every change down to some hollywood procedure.

  • koala

    ^ she did get a boob job.

  • tiger

    How do they know if they are giving them the right name when they demand their name? Interesting approach.

    Maybe they should demand a fingerprint just to cover their bases.

  • Lara

    Funny how she and Keith are so excited about being home and how wonderful it is, yet she has to hire stalkers to stalk her stalkers. Interesting that she doesn’t have that problem in LA nor in Nashville…where she’s spent one day in the last seven months. So much for being earthed there.

    As far as Nicole being natural, come on. She was beautiful and natural 10 years ago…but if you compare her looks then to now, she’s had major work done. It is starting to make her look more than weird …Michael Jackson style weird.

    I don’t mind her wearing jeans when out on her own. If it’s comfortable, go for it. But man she is very thin. I think she has an eating disorder.

  • Denise

    She looks like a man. Especially her body, it looks like a mans body.

  • Jillian

    It looks like “Nicolas” Kidman….LOL

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Courtney, Keith Unknown happened.. he’s fcuking cancer, slowly killing Nicole.

  • Amy

    She is beautiful and I would love to have a figure like that. I think it is great that she didn’t go and get fake boobs and I think she looks better in jeans and a top than other celebrities all dolled up with their fake boops. At least her boobs are not spilling out of every outfit; she is classy and her husband is one lucky guy.

  • Sally

    I agree with Amy. Who else looks that good in casual clothes and their hair in a ponytail? She has ageless beauty and with her acting talents she will be around long after the other bimbos have been forgotten. I wish she had found someone better than Keith to shack up with, though–she deserved better than a cheat.

  • justine

    Definitively Nic is wonderful, unbeatable.

  • Love

    Nicole is so beautiful and elegant.
    This does with that people have envy, that is so sad.

    I love Nicole.

  • Pandora

    Creepy. Jowly. Manly. Her various “aMENdments” were a colossal waste of bucks.

  • Heather

    Oh Fug Face, I think you got that backwards. Nicole Cruise is slowly ruining Keith Urban. And Sally, Nicole is lucky to have gotten Keith Urban. I feel bad for Keith for shacking up with somebody whose career is more important than her family. And in case you didn’t hear, the woman who accused Keith has said the whole thing was fabricated. Amazing how that stuff doesn’t make headlines, isn’t it? And trust me Love, people who don’t like Nicole Kidman are not envious of her. We just see all her contradictory statements and call her out for them.

  • halo

    nicole rulessssssssss over
    u’r just bein’ gealous that’s all

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Heather, who was keith unknown before nicole? nobody. just another drunk coke-head, he should be thanking the gods that he got nicole (lucky basterd)

  • Jen

    I would tell her stalkers to F-off when they demanded my name. She thinks she’s the queen of Australia. Australia is so gullible when it comes to this bitch. She plays shy and sweet but she is a queen bitch.

  • Mary

    Adorable, I love this.

  • Jen

    No way is this hag 39.

  • Pass it on

    Fug face is in love with Tom Cruise .

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Fug Face – Two Capital ‘F’s.

    a constant cowardly name-changer such as yourself must type my name properly. better yet, you haven’t even earned the right to speak [type] freely, ask for my permission before you embarrass yourself. now change your name and try again loser. Just remember you are typing to Fug Face himself, the one and only!

  • Kim(mommie dearest)

    Jen Says:

    April 22nd, 2007 at 3:01 pm – flag comment
    No way is this hag 39.

  • Kim(mommie dearest)

    She was never gorgeous, it was botox all alone.

  • Sweeden

    she is gorgeous in this photos!!!!LOve you Nic!

  • vegas

    she looks great….but doesn’t anybody else think she looks a little pregnant?????

  • Louise

    People are so boring and with limited intelecual capacities, they are always talking about the same thing…..Grow up kids!
    You are jealous of Nicole’s beauty!

  • Benny

    “she was never gorgeous”????in which world you live KIM?????not in earth i’m sure!

  • claire

    I love Nicole and i think she has such a nice style.Even not in a couture dress she looks great!

  • tim

    even in a simple pair of jeans Nicole is elegant.She is beautiful and talented, to me that’s what matters!

  • CoGirl

    Fug Face: STFU!!!

    And Louise, if you’re going to talk about people being “intellectual,” learn how to SPELL it first.

  • Louise

    CoGirl i’m not english so i have not obligation to write this word right!

  • Ginger

    I can’t see any botox in her in these photos.And i agree with Louise many people here have limited capacitties or they have jealous of Nicole!

  • Mld627

    She looks pregnant in the third photo

  • Krystal

    maryj, being in the beauty industry for along time now I can guarrantee you that she gets her skin bleached and botox. Look at pictures of when she is younger to the pictures today.While our looks change over time as we age, we are still defined by certain traits and characteristics. Nicole has always been pale but not to the extent of what she is now. Her eyebrows have taken on a completely different arch indicating botox as they haved been pulled, her lips are pumped up and her nose looks remarkely different.I wonder if she and keith hold hands during the procedures. Would love to have her figure.

    I love Nicole but I will say she was so much more unique looking before she stared seeing a cosmetic surgen. She rocked in BMX Bandits. and she is a trully great Australian. And I’m proud of the fact that she is a Aussie.

  • LILY

    Ok 1) Nic is going to kill Keith he had not had a drink in 6yrs. starts going out with Nic she orders bottles of wine for diner. (my friend waited on them in Nashville at Mortins) 2) St alking nic way?? she not a big star like Agie. 3) What is up with her hair man she needs help!!!!!

  • Me

    I love NIC!!!!!!

    so beautiful!!!
    The people that criticize, make plastic surgery.

    ha! ha! ha! Ridiculous and sick people.

  • Stella

    You don’t have to be jealous of an individual if you don’t find them attractive. When Nicole first came onto the scene in Hollywood, I didn’t find her beautiful. But over time when was married to Tom, she became a swam. Now, I don’t recognize her anymore.

  • LILY

    Think she has had nothing done>>>>>>>. Check out Days Of Thunder she looks so much better and not only because she’s 20yrs younger she has her own nose, be fore the eyelid lift and boob job, lip work.

  • Teresa

    What happened to her kids? Did Tom pay her off or what? She is NEVER with them.

  • Zenith

    Nicole is a great actress. She is really talented and in Hollywood, that counts a lot.

    With advancement in technology, anyone has the option to look the way she wants to look. It is called progress and free choice.

    With talent, it is quite different. Either you have it or you don’t.