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Sanjaya Malakar is a Party Hopper

Sanjaya Malakar is a Party Hopper

American Idol superstar Sanjaya Malakar is already working the publicity machine like a pro!

The 17-year-old Seattle native attended not only the the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday night but also rubbed shoulders at an after-party with supermodel Petra Nemcova at the Bloomberg News Gala of the Year.

Mr. Malakar played it cool in a brand new look wearing a conservative suit and new highlights in his oh-so-luscious locks.

Work it, Sanjaya! We love your highlights and peach fuzz!

More pictures inside of Sanjy‘s new highlighted hair…

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sanjaya malakar petra nemcova 01
sanjaya malakar petra nemcova 02
sanjaya malakar petra nemcova 03
sanjaya white house 01
sanjaya white house 02
sanjaya white house 03
sanjaya white house 04
sanjaya white house 05
sanjaya white house 06
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Photos: Getty/Nancy Ostertag/Joshua Roberts
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  • candy man

    he looks kinda hot!

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    He does rock his hair.They should let him do a hair comercial or ad.

  • Silvia

    stupid americans, he looks like a prick and all are shouting “you are my god”

  • why not ?

    he should go hire larry rudolph.

  • Tyra

    I’m sorry, but he is ugly and creepy. Plus, he’s less than mediocre when it comes to singing. I can’t stand all the hype.


  • Amanda

    Whatever Tyra Sanjaya is absolutely gorgeous he was the best thing about American Idol this season. The final 6 contestants are bland boring and ugly.

  • Katie

    He looks so hot. Too bad he isn’t 18 yet him and Petra would make a hot couple.


  • lila

    some people are obviously off their meds cuase’ he’s the ugliest god damn thing!!

  • bdj

    Sanjaya is looking “pretty” dapper. Let the fellow enjoy his fame. If the Ashlee Simpson, Britney and other lipsyncers can have a career, then the vocally challenged Sanjaya (with the right promotion and producers) can also. Go get em Sanjaya. Looking forward to seeing you on the Disney Channel.

  • Jackson

    Sanjaya is amazing.He’s not boring and that is the point.He can be next American Dream! ;););)

  • crybabyAniston

    I like Sanjaya and I’m tried of everybody being negative about him. He was the star of American Idol and you’all know it. The rest of the singer on the show are going to be like Taylor Hick.

    Remember Chris was booted off at 6 and his career is soaring. Sanjaya could have a career as a entertainer…either by singing, remember Macy Gray I hated her voice in the begining–called her the duck but she put a lot of soul and is a hella writer.

    I expect big things from Sanjaya because he takes over a room and people feel passionately about him.

  • crybabyAniston

    Sanjaya the great, take over a room and look at all those people taking their picture with him.

  • Burpie

    He does have amazing hair. Love the highlights.

  • pipi

    ^ I was about to post the exact same thing, word for word.

  • Demoiselle

    When you’re young and fresh, people gravitate to you no matter what. Haters, he’s off the show, so relax. Let him live his life. The suit is off the hook!!!! You should have seen that other Idol castoff Chris Sligh who was there too. He is the poster boy for SNL’s Pat, Rosie O’Donnell and the pilsbury dough boy, FUG!

  • Petra fan

    Petra always looks good. She looks good here with Malakar.

  • lurkersville

    bdj Says:

    April 22nd, 2007 at 11:17 am – flag comment

    So the Hanna Montana show is a done deal? I saw a video of Sanjaya singing in a church choir, what I wanna know is why on earth he didn’t sing like that on the show?

  • Burpie

    pipi Says:

    April 22nd, 2007 at 2:05 pm – flag comment
    ^ I was about to post the exact same thing, word for word.

    Well, you know what they say: Great minds think alike :D

  • Chris

    he suck i diss like him and i hope his 15 mintues of fame is up soon so we can stop hearing about him

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    sanjaya should now be dead in the media’s eyes. the joke is over, his fame should be also.

  • Nichelle Denise

    All the haters posting about Sanjaya being ugly & his 15 minutes being over…. You sure are adding fuel to the fame fire by commenting on someone you supposedly could care less about. You know how you make someone go away? Quit paying attention to them. But, Obviously, you’re just as hooked on Sanjaya because you can’t stay away from an opportunity to bash him…which doesn’t faze the minds of the people who like him. We’re just tired of hearing about it. Quit hatin’. He is a young kid, who got a lucky break, just like all the Idol contestants. And he has just as much right to follow every opportunity afforded to him. Your jealousy of his opportunities abounds much….

  • Sanjaya Fan =)

    I like him. I cant wait to see his entertainment career take off.

  • Mandy

    Sanjaya is very very handsome!!!

  • alexandrina

    love Sanjaya he is so sweet and he deserves the good things in life!!!!!Go Sanjaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love his hair he should be in the movies!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stella

    Thanks Nichelle Denise for your comment. I agree. Sanjaya did not put himself on the show. AI picked him. He did not vote for himself. The viewers did. I don’t see anything he did wrong for so much venom. I didn’t watch much of AI but my Mom did. She love Sanjaya. Maybe he will break into acting. It seems everyone is doing it.

  • sue

    Silvia, you bi*ch-a s s German, I’m an american and he is shi*!Stupid euro trash!

  • Hey Now!

    Why the hell is he there? I don’t understand how the hell he got invited to those events. He won’t have a career in modeling acting or singing but I guess he deserves his 15 minutes. Soon you’ll all forget about him and be like sanjaya who? oh yeah that kids from ai who sucked! I mean he’s like that she bang guy.

  • Lucie

    Looks like sanjaya was trying to out-pretty Petra! But she wins of course.

  • Jo

    My comment didn’t enter yesterday but I wont give up!

    Am I the only one to think that these Shriley Temple styled curls and highlights just looks so wrong on him, as it would on any boy or guy?!

    It’s so much styled like an old woman’s hair .
    Hair’s just too unnatural!

  • crybabyAniston

    Sanjaya has style and he rocks it. I love Sanjaya and I don’t know where all this hate is coming from?

    I think Sanjaya has natural talent, we know he has charisma and that “it” factor. But he wasn’t trained so he took a chance on a whim and got selected for AI. After that the fans kept him in…he had a few good performance, with Beseme Mucho being his best one, but he died on country night and he off the show.

    He’ll still get paid hundred ot thousand of dollars with the upcoming Idol tour but will he be able to “ride the wave” after Idol is the question? I think he will, he has huge gobal fan base and has alot of potential.

    Sanjaya was the “hit” of WHCA dinner and after party. Petra Nemcova is no dummy this photo will be circulated worldwide because people are passionately interested in Sanjaya, and she has upstaged Paris Hilton and her ex photo.

  • Maniston Fans: MOVE ON

    Speaking of Petra….
    Check out the World’s Next Top Models by US VOGUE MAY 2007:

  • marymi

    peach fuzz? he’s grown a 5 o’ clock shadow! only wentworth miller has the peach fuzz……. on the top of his head! ;)

  • Jennie

    Wow he’s gunna be a big star! He deserves it though.