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The Beckham Boys Wave Bye-Bye

The Beckham Boys Wave Bye-Bye

Romeo Beckham and big bro Brooklyn wave goodbye to their grandparents as they head off with mom Victoria to their waiting private jet on Sunday at Stanstead airport in London, England.

Always a ham for photogs, Brooklyn shouts and makes faces at paparazzi as he exits the car, before boarding the plane.

Brooklyn, 7, and Romeo, 4, saying farewell to their grandparents on their mother’s side.

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01 brooklyn beckham making faces
02 brooklyn beckham making faces
03 brooklyn beckham making faces
04 romeo beckham brooklyn beckham
05 romeo beckham brooklyn beckham
06 romeo beckham brooklyn beckham

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  • tanique33

    8 years of being annoyed by pap. he has to stick his tongue out every once in awhile.

  • Caroline

    They both look like Victoria.Brooklyn is so funny))

  • Brooke

    I will say it again- Who gives a flying you know what about this over-exposed, superficial fam? Wish that the paps and photogs would leave them alone, then we wouldn’t be bombarded with such useless crap!

  • tanique33

    as opposed to the many useful celebrities? um ok. and to answer your question. people all over the world give a flying you know what about them.

    if you don’t, that’s fine. but there are enough of us, who feel otherwise.

  • Lulu

    You don’t give a flying you know what, but here you are on every topic about them.
    And name one “useful” celebrity.

    The boys are really cute. Thx for posting Jared :)

  • http://manchester dee

    I’ll never understand the logic of people who don’t rate someone or ‘have the time’ for them yet feel the need to post about them!

  • Sarah

    lol I agree dee :) they are adorable children.. looking just like a mix of their parents

  • Raichill

    It’s nice to see that even though his mother only has one facial expression, Brooklyn has a range of expressions. He looks like a real mischief maker and I bet he’ll keep his parents on their toes when he hits his teenage years.

  • Lisa

    OH-MY-GOD. Romeo has had a haircut! And isn’t he a little cutie-pie? Finally she has him looking like the little boy he is, and not a girl!

  • Callie

    Hmmmm – since this is their lifestyle (right or wrong aside) that boy needs to learn that it’s rude to do what he is doing. I’m hoping his parents tell him as much, in a gentle way (after all who can blame the child, I’m sure he hears his mother whining about it!) and help him rise above the photographers. Hopefully they can instill in him not to let the photographers get to him – it’s going to get WAY worse when they move to the United States – and it’s not nice to see him with his tongue out. However after saying that it must be hard to be constantly followed with bright lights flashing at you – not sure I wouldn’t stick my tongue out too!

  • Jenny

    Callie: “…I’m sure he hears his mother whining about it…”

    I think Brooklyn has enough experience with this to have his own opinions Callie!

    He is dogged by paparazzi AT SCHOOL everyday… everywhere he goes… there are cameras shoved in his face. The family is followed everywhere, no matter what they do some idiot is trying to take their photo from near or far!!

    The paparazzi put his brother’s health at risk with their wall of fast action flash cameras… he’s not an idiot, he knows what he thinks of these men, he doesn’t need to be influenced by his mother!

    And “it’s not nice to see him with his tongue out”????? He’s EIGHT… he’s a little boy… what is he supposed to do? Suck it up? then he’ll be an emotional wreck.

    I really don’t understand your thoughts.

  • Susan


  • maree

    perhaps hes sticking his tongue out because he really hates the paparazzi getting that in his face and in his little brother face? The people at fault are not the kids or the parents it’s the paps and sites like this and people like you callie. YES YOU! These photos are disgusting and shame on this site for publishing these kinds of photos of kiddies oh and before someone trots out the stupid – why are you posting then comment… I’m posting because I want to defend these children and I’m on this waste of bandwidth because I followed a link and believe me I won’t be back. I happen to like the Beckhams as a family and these kinds of photos and sites are sick!!

  • undiscovered

    Romeo Beckham and big bro Brooklyn wave goodbye to their grandparents as they head off with mom Victoria to their waiting private jet

    that line killed me… how many 7 years old or 4 years old are flying with private jet.

  • London

    I can’t possibly understand celebrities who complain about paparazzi following them – or fans that complain on their behalf – because quite frankly, It’s in the job description. If you want to have a kick ass job that pays loads where you get to sing, or write music, or act, or kick a football around for a living, you have to accept that there are negative sides to the job too: paparazzi, invasion of privacy, signing your life over to the public who will from that moment on know everything about you. It’s no secret that this happens. No one could pretend to be clueless about the media presence surrounding celebrities, so people entering that ‘profession’ (come on people, it is a job!) know the drawbacks and can’t complain when it happens. I hate many aspects of my job, but I’m not going to whine about them because I knew about them when I took the job (as do celebrities know about excessive media interest). Difference is, they’re getting paid a hell of a lot more than we are and the perks of their jobs…man, it’s just too much.

    Yes following kids around is bad and giving a little boy epileptic fits is abhorrent and disgusting, but if you bear in mind that this is the life their parents chose for them (selling pictures of them as babies was welcoming the wolf to the door you don’t think? You can’t pick and choose aspects of fame you like and don’t like) and they are very privileged spoilt children, well it makes up for it. Which is worse, a child harassed by paparazzi, or a child starving to death having to bring up her/his little brothers and sisters because their parents have been killed by disease and war?

  • Callie

    Jenny, my thoughts were quite simply put. Did you read them? I know that the photographers are a pain – but this is his life, this is how they live – it’s not right to be followed like that (and I never said it was) but it is what it is. I’m simply saying to teach the child to handle it in a way that makes HIM look like the better one (even though he is only SEVEN (not 8!)), and not look like a spoiled brat. These children will have it worse as their parents move them further into the spotlight (and please don’t tell me that is not what Mrs. Beckham is doing) in LA so they better learn how to handle it with class – and YES seven year olds can learn such a thing if they are taught to. You very rarely see other ‘star’ children of similar age paying attention to the photographers – they just keep on doing their thing such as walking, talking, skipping, playing etc.. (Ava Phillipe, Lourdes Leon, Liam Flockhart, Rafferty Law etc.) and that must have to do with their parents reaction and what they teach them. Perhaps I should have said it as perfectly as Susan did: CHARMING. Oh and read London’s post – it’s a good one too.

  • LJ

    To London: they never sold pics of babies mags (well their weddings they sold and there were pics of Brooklyn,but never Romeo or Cruz).

    Yeah, i understand that celebs can’t complaint about paparazzies of course those take pics of kids because most of people wants to see them, so it’s our fault. But i don’t understand why paparazzies must put their cameras almost in those kids face, they must have better cameras which take pics from from further away.

  • Queen Bee

    I understand that this little boy is followed by paparazzi, but he’s a total wanker! No matter how many old people pinched my cheeks when I was little and blew their stank breath in my face…I was raised to grin and bear it.

    But Brooklyn is being raised differently and it’s turning him into a royal brat. I want to say A-hole, but he’s a child and I will be kind.

    There was even a video where he’s yelling at grown adults…my mother would have popped me no matter if the adult was wrong or not. He needs to learn from his younger brother, who could be mortally harmed by the flashes from the camera, but he isn’t rude. Romeo acts ten times more mature in any of the pictures than Brooklyn does.

  • Callie

    Ahhh, Queen Bee, you said it better then I could – and made me laugh too. I agree with you 100% – lets try and teach our children to be better then those that they are ‘sticking their tongues out to’. He should not be followed, but he is and he will be for some time (though not quite sure why as his mother is a ‘has been’ and his father is in sports) so better to teach him manners and tolerence for his own sake.

  • LJ

    Hi in that video he yelled to psaparazzies which put their cameras to his brothers face… but i’m sure that you will raise your kids better than ‘that evel bitch’…

  • Brooke

    QueenBEe and Callie– I, 100% agree with you on all accounts… and I will sustain from my usually verbal abhorrence of this fam!

  • maria

    brooklyn always asks the photographers to go away – and so would i if i was an 8 year old kid who had to put up with photographers waiting outside my school every day. he only ever shouted at the paps when one of them tried moving romeos arm from his face – which he had covering his eyes because of his epilepsy! now if anyone did that to your 4 year old brother i think you’d do the same!

    but for god sake, the kids only sticking his bloody tongue out!

  • kelly-ann

    why the hell should he show good manners to the paparazzi! those guys are animals! they’ve been asked not to take flash photos around romeo as it can cause him to fit, which i know all about because im epileptic myself! but the paps have ignored this requested, even shoving a camera right upto the boys face in disney land just to get a pic of him crying! so good on brooklyn for showing his disgust towards them! id do a hell of a lot worse!

  • Alexandra

    i think romeo and brooklyn are super cute. Brooklyn looks sooo much like his dad. i love to c pictures of them and hear how they are going. I don’t blame the boy 4 sticking out his touge. It must really be bad 2 know that that simple light could cost romeo his life.just be happy he didn’t stick up his finger.

  • I shagged becks

    They’re all a bunch of cunts. I hope the spoilt little fucks get’s battered at school for his total bratness.

    As for Romeo, he’s the cuter of the 3, at least much cuter than their fat little fuck Cruise! LOOLOLOLOLOLOLL

  • me

    25 hope the spoilt little ***** get’s battered at school for his total bratness

    wow l hope u fuckin die to! wot a prat for saying that how very dare u! that is really bad! and for calln suri fat ur jus a prat who needs to wake up! l very much hope u never ever have kids! n ppl like u jus die!

  • Alexandra

    25 u need help. That really wasn’t a nice thing 2 say. u r really jealous of thoses two kids. i agree with 26 u need help and suri is not fat. u r d fat ***

  • MCA

    Brooklyn couldn’t control his anger anymore. Paps are BULLS**T. Go BROOKLYN!!! :-)