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Scary Spice: Eddie Murphy, Meet Your Daughter

Scary Spice: Eddie Murphy, Meet Your Daughter

Former Spice girl Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, has released a statement explaining why she named her new daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

Melanie, who had spent a while deciding on the baby’s name, said it was inspired by a number of things. Angel, as she was my little angel through my pregnancy; Iris, as it’s my Grandma’s name, Murphy because he’s the dad and Brown, because I’m the Mum!

How cheeky!!

This is Brown‘s second child, as she already has an 8-year-old daughter, Phoenix Chi, with ex-hubby Jimmy Gulzar.

Eddie Murphy split with Brown back in December and demanded a DNA test to determine whether he is the father.

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  • anon

    good for her…eddie is a jerk for dissing her!
    go Scary! we still like you. cute baby too!

  • Natalie

    I’m not sure why she would put Murphy in the baby’s name when Eddie has repeatedly denied her daughter. Whether Eddie is, or is not the father, I hope they sort that out soon for the child’s sake.

  • 2985

    So Eddie Murphy has demanded a DNA test, what’s the result then? He’s still denying he’s daddy and yet Scary Spice is pretty confidently saying he is daddy! I hope it doesn’t degenerate into nastiness for the kid’s sake. :) Melanie looks good!

  • Trina

    Fuck, I want a Spice Girls reunion. They all seem 90% hotter/more interesting now that their lives are so drama filled. But probably since they all have kids and seperate lives they won’t do a reunion… boo….

  • stephanie

    go scary spice you do it girl and if he don’t want to be around your baby doesn’t need him anyway i did it for 3 yrs by myself and im nowhere nowhere as rich as this girl

  • Queen Bee

    She looks beautiful on the cover!

  • D

    Definitely doen’t look SCARY to me. It’s funny, Victoria Beckam should’ve been SCARY SPICE instead of Melanie Brown. They don’t get much uglier and scarrier looking than the “POSH” herself and her 20 lb. frame of robotic poses and pissed off looking pout.

  • Vanessa

    What a cute baby. And Melanie looks beautiful too. I also don’t know why she included the name Murphy. I sure wouldn’t have done it, he’s such a jerk. Anyway, mom & baby look good. :)

  • Amanda

    Eddie Murphy is the father! At least Chris Rock has class and is willing to do a DNA test! Eddie was dating Melanie for months I cannot believe he would be so cruel to her! Meliane is already rich she’s got her own money. Eddie we know has six kids with his ex wife but he’s the daddy. Melanie doesn’t want child support she just wants Eddie to stand up and be a man!!!

  • helen

    its spelt daughter, not daugther

  • tabi

    all these paternity testing, Chirs Rock, Larry Berkhead what is the world coming to..damn

  • Brooke

    D- totally agree with you 100%! Of course, MB looks amazing on the cover– hasn’t anyone here heard of “air-brushing!”

  • Cassaundra

    You go girl and keep it real. May God Bless you and your child, and everything that you touch. By the way your baby is beautiful…..

  • http://justjared !!!!!!!!!

    It is spelled- spelled, not spelt.

  • Vanessa

    ^hahaha, that was good.

  • mmyers

    Eddie betta han’l his buzzzness!

  • Lara

    Oh please the woman is airbrushed,besides;D you are such an idiot,its obvious you have no idea why they got their nicknames in the first place.Get your facts right,you will sound less dumb and hateful(well maybe not hateful since thats how you get off).
    She looks awful in candids,cant hold a candle to Victoria and Victoria never photographed any of her newborns for trash mags like OK.While she and Geri sold their kids days after their birth-PATHETIC.
    I am sure Emma will do the same.I know they are not as rich as Victoria,but please have a little decency and stop using your children for fame!!!

  • Lite

    Why when boys have sex do they forget a child can come from the reality of interourse… Awesome for her for making him look like the ass for thinking sex is the only thing that comes from having it.. If she can make money from it even better. One day boys, of course, can’t call em men-will learn to use a protection when thinking sex is the concrete release to becoming-a good sex act- Of course, if you don’t want to get pregnant ladies-use protection as well. Kids need parents, not children looking for sex only—–

  • tia

    uh, Lara, you sound pretty hateful and dumb yourself. and umm… there is nothing wrong with celebrity moms selling pictures of their newborns to magazines (even if it is a mag like OK). Celebrities know that once they give birth to their child, that the paparazzi and other photogs will literally be hanging from trees and jumping out of bushes just to get those FIRST pictures of their new born babies. So if these new moms want to be the ones in control of who gets their baby pics then I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. These women deserve some control especially since they know that every photographer or tabloid are after them.

    So instead of some photog snapping a picture of the baby w/o the mother’s prior consent or approval, its better for the new mom to be the one in control of who gets the first pictures. They’re not “pathetic” for doing that, they’re just smart business women: since they know people all over the world are going to want to see the baby pics anyway.

  • amara

    The woman gambled and lost. These women have no self-respect. Once their fame starts fading it’s time for the sugar daddy, followed by the pregnancy to ensure support for the rest of thier life. No wonder these men play and toy with them. Would you believe one of these trashy women. They all seem to follow the same pattern. Elizabethe Hurley etc. the baby probably does belong to Eddie.

  • shimika

    imagine her daughter grew up and sees this cover “eddie murphy, meet your daughter”

  • Lucie

    This whole paternity thing is exactly like the Liz Hurley/Stephen Bing thing. The paternity results will prove that Eddie’s the father and he will pretend to graciously accept it and offer financial support to the child. Eddie Murphy is a loser. So glad he didn’t win that Oscar!

  • Adam

    It’s funny her name is Murphy Brown! LOL! She should watch the show when she’s older.

  • shazzaa

    Saw the baby in ok magazine and boy , she really is eddie’s. good luck mel and make sure you take him to the cleaners cos it seems he has a habit of trying to humiliate people.

  • sassyne

    Lara, I guess ALL of Hollywood is “using their kids for fame”. She is showing off her baby. It is HER choice. She. like most of hollywood parents giving birth recently, is PROUD of her beautiful baby. She also wants to show Eddie’s sorry a$$ that she and her baby are doing fine without his sorry behind. I hope she takes ALL his money. If he doesn’t have a relationship with Angel, she can get even MORE money out of his butt. Her and Angel both look beautiful. Great pictures. Beautiful baby. BABY MURPHY.

  • LJ

    Cute kid and Melanie is beautiful, nothing wrong to do those magazine deals, but i hate OK-magazine – it’s trashy mag nowadays. (But it’s funny how somebody must also here bitching Victoria..)

  • dildos

    What a tensity of emotions! He’s a father, but he didn’t know! She breaks relationships and gives her baby a part of husband’s name! Santa Barbara! Enough to make a cat laugh!