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And the Next Pussycat Doll is...

And the Next Pussycat Doll is...

To find out who the next Pussycat Doll is and to watch her very first performance with the rest of the Dolls, CLICK HERE!



Asia Nitollano is a 19-year-old mother of one from Mt. Vernon, New York. She used to be a dancer for the New York Knicks and is the daughter of Afro-Filipino American Latin musician Joe Bataan. Congrats, Asia!

Asia Nitollano performs “Don’t Cha” with the rest of the Pussycat Dolls

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  • Too Much

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I had a feeling it would be her. She was totally not my favourite. Some of the other girls were so much better – and pretty. Gutted.

  • Too Much

    She was also far too bitchy about the other girls. And a teenage ho to boot. A 17 year old mum!

  • ar

    mel r totally got robbed…asia looks constipated when she sings

  • Too Much

    Or like a drag queen when she dances as Sisely pointed out!

  • P

    Mel R. should have won. She was a better singer, dancer, and was prettier. The finale really pissed me off. If not Melissa R, then at least chelsea. NOT ASIA!! Was not a PCD fan before, but would have considered buying an album if Mel. R had won.

  • jen

    nooooooooooooo anyone but her

  • carla

    i like asia, who cares if shes a mom! i think overall she has the most talent. the other two were quite bitchy as well.

  • lola

    Ohmigod, what bullshit. She was bitchy and not good looking and she does not even fit in as a pussycat doll. It makes no sense. I would have way rather preferred Chelsea or Mel R. Definitely not buying any of their upcoming cd’s. This is why reality shows are such BS.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    I’m surprised people actually watched this show, but congrats to whoever won, I’m sure she’ll never ever be seen again.

    NICOLE is so fcuking HOT!!!!!

  • Sadie

    perhaps being black and a young mum is what helped her win

  • Rumproast

    Melissa R. got robbed! Mel R. should have won the title instead of Asia! I was so disappointed with the results…I think they made the wrong choice. It was probably the most disappointing finale of a reality show that I have ever seen so far!

  • Ms. Annabelle

    dam it, Melissa R should have won, this sucks

  • used to love her

    NOOO!! That was a mistake!! That girl had ANGER issues through the WHOLE SHOW!! She wanted to BEAT that one white girls but. She is a diva and does NOT get along well with the other girls!! Don’t they watch the footage behind the scenes?? She is NOT going to get along with the other DOLLS!! I bet she leaves the group or is asked to leave with in a few months. Chelsea had the best vocals and could have learned to dance better. She was the best, if not – then MEL R for sure. NOT ASIA!! HELL NO. MISTAKE.

  • cath

    hopefully chelsea and melissa r. will have solo careers that wil eclipse that of the pussy cat dolls ;)

  • used to love her

    I thought they were looking for a replacement for Nicole since she is going SOLO! Asia is too much of a bitch and her vocals aren’t that good. They need a SOLID singer like Chelsea or Mel R. uh uh I’m so mad. LOL

  • Shoes4life

    I think the show was based on finding a new PCD for their clubs in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, not necessarily for the recording group PCD. They just used the recording group to promote the show because of their familiarity & popularity, but in the end the winner will most likely travel with the group to promote the show and new winner for a short time but ultimately will end up performing in one of their clubs. They are already casting for season 2.

    Each year Robin has auditions for new member or member’s of the PCD’s (not the recording group) and they just decided to make it into a show.

  • christy

    i have a theory. whats the lead girl’s name? nicole i think?
    from a marketing perspective, you wouldn’t want to have two girls with strikingly similar resemblance.

    but i think melissa r should have won

  • Just Jared

    Ditto, Christy.

  • Jon

    Yeh same thought with me Christy & Jared, Mel R clearly had a resemblence to Nicole with her looks/singing , and Chelsea sings way better then all the girls and maybe Nicole. They wouldn’t want someone to out shine her.

  • coalharbourqt

    I was rooting for the underdog – Chelsea. She may not have been as strong of a dancer, but her vocals were so much better and she just has a certain ‘it’ factor that I don’t think the other girls have. She came a long way in her dancing and would have done Robin proud. I hope she does go on to have a big recording career and outshine Asia.

    I can’t imagine Asia functioning well with the other girls – she needs anger management and to grow up. Both she and Mel R showed their true colours the last night and were acting like idiots. When you’re starting out in the biz you have to check your ego at the door.

  • Sawyer

    Melissa R. should have won. They never had a problem with her. Asia still has a lot to work on while Melissa’s got it. Asia bugs.

  • Kristine

    Asia. pffft!!!

  • ryan

    ASIA SUCKS!!! It hurts to watch her sing!!! All her stupid hand movements and facial expressions make me sick!! MEL R SHOULD HAVE WON!!!

  • Leanne

    OMG HATE ASIA…such a drama queen and yes anger mgmt issues! Who is being a phoney? I think Asia is the phoney…i can see how Melissa R. made that comments about Melissa S. and Asia of all people would see why Melissa made that comment. Asia is always like it’s about the competition, screw the other girls –> then why react to Melissa R.’s comment like that!? Honestly, I can see how Melissa S. was getting annoying, she was stupid to pick on Chelsea. Melissa R. was being open to Asia and Chelsea making that comment while Asia is too busy not to get close to anyone! As for Melissa’s comment about Asia’s baby, it may have come out wrong in the wrong context, but I bet a lot of peopel are thinking the same thing that maybe she should stay with her baby. Honestly, if she pursues this, she’ll have no time for her and it’s true (not to judge her because she HAS a baby but the fact remains that she will have SO LITTLE time with her as a Pussycat Doll). Chelsea definitely has the star quality and is the most likeable! Melissa R. had the package. Asia…i guess has the drag queen performance and look the PCD are looking for!

  • Emme

    That is so crap! I thought Chelsea was a doll.. Melissa R was extremely talented, and Asia was just a bi-atch!

    But Nicole is part Filipino, as is Melissa R, and they’re features are similar. Asia, although also part Filipino doesn’t really look like us cause she’s a lot darker with the Afro in her.

    From a marketing perspective, especially when it comes to Singing groups like this, there tends to be a person for every different type of ethnic group, for the girls to identify with, and the boys to want. hehe, guess that marketing class at uni came in handy..

    I think it is irresponsible though for them to choose Asia, as she clearly displayed anger issues (anyone remember the wrestling fight she had with Chelsea way back when?) Although the fact that she is a mother, and the supposedly hectic lifestyle this will bring for her, its also irresponsible for them to have selected her. No doubt down the road this will most likely become an issue.

    Chelsea was a star, plus all the fat little girls could look at her and say, Well if she was a chubber and now she’s a PCD, maybe we could do it too? However, I do think that Melissa R was also a little more conservative by nature than Chelsea and sl ut mama Asia..

  • robyn


    Asia is so not getting along with the other girls…Chelsea was better than her!

  • malia

    booooo asia! that was a bad decision. they’re gonna watch these episodes and regret their decision. also i heard that melissa r was slated to win, but they thought there was too much of a resemblance to nicole so they went with their second choice. it’s ok. melissa r. has a bright future. rumor has it she’s in the talks to sign a record contract with a big label. atleast she got her name and face out there. so just make sure to support her.

  • LC

    asia sang back-up for her dad..according to the pictures available on his site.

    i would have REALLY REALLY preferred Melissa R to make it…but if they were just having this contest to find people to be in the PCD show, then i guess i don’t mind Asia making it. I would have wanted Melissa R to be in a GROUP – not the show. But she really did resemble Nicole, so i guess that was a factor as to why she didn’t get picked. Hopefully this will affect her future career somehow and get her foot in the music business.

    as for chelsea, i guess she grew on me but i still didn’t like her. asia is talented, but i didn’t want her to win. Melissa R fan all the way! :P

  • ar

    i hope mel r will soar with a solo career, i guess it does make sense. they didn’t want to pick mel r cuz she’ll definitely steal the dolls thunder. they had to pick the least good looking …


    i was hoping for CHELSEA!!!!!

  • MJ


  • Amanda

    People are such haters don’t act like the WHITE GIRLS weren’t BITCHES! Melissa S had to be one of the biggest tacky bitches I have ever seen on TV. Chelesa is also a bitch she was so JEALOUS of Asia it wasn’t even funny. I agree with Asia Chelesa is a real bitch for picking on Asia just because she has a child. At least Asia is DOING something with her life. All the girls had bitchy attiudes. What about Cisley the girl that was third eliminated she was so nasty to Asia total BITCH. GO ASIA!!!

  • Amanda

    Asia is PART black you racists she is also part ASIAN. And did you know that Nicole the original singer she is part ASIAN as well. I think Chelsea never had a chance in the final three because that girl CANNOT DANCE! Asia CAN and she can SING too. Melissa R was good but Asia just has something extra that fire about her. Chelsea was a mean spirited bitch from the beginning and it was SO obvious she was very JEALOUS of Asia. I commend Asia for standing up for herself against that hating bitch Chelsea.

  • stef

    It’s good to hear that there was other melissa R fans out there because I was routing for her for the whole show! I really did not want Asia to win but I had this strange feeling she was going to. I was so pissed last night after the finale! It might be better for Melissa R anyway because if she was just going to be in the PCD show then shes better off going solo and become a huge star instead of just some dancer at a show! I’ll put money on her becoming a huge star!

  • CEE


  • Brandon

    I knew it — Asia is the next PCD! I watched the finale last night and it was intense. Good choice, Robin!

    Of course Asia has some anger issues, but that doesn’t make her a bad teen mom. I know PCD & Robin Antin will welcome Asia with open arms.

    Melissa R. was my second choice for PCD. Why? Because she’s a better dancer/singer than Melissa S.

    I’m surprised that Chelsea have made it this far! They should’ve eliminated her at the beginning of the competition! She can sing, but her dancing is off key! Did y’all see that?

    Can’t wait for season 2!

    To all the Asia haters who hating on her — don’t cha wish Chelsea and Melissa R. was hot like her?

  • jemmy

    yeah, that i was really disappointed…watching all the show to see asia win! She was my last choice in the 3. Mel R first, chelsea second…

  • mzslil

    It totally sucks that you people are calling Asia a drag queen. The girl is pretty and yes she stood up for herself, does that make her a B…tch…..NOOOOO She made it clear that is was a competition, not a sorority house.

    Come on people, Melissa R. has talent and I loved Chelsea but Asia deserved to win.

    Amanda, I totally agree with your comments.

  • rach7

    asia has officially ruined the group…………….. i’m starting to already lose my interest on the girls…… now the group looks like a bunch of drag queens with her face in the picture now photoshoots will look bad and asia just ruined the group stupid robin for picking her

  • NewNew

    u guy should stop this criticsm on asia she won and obviously she could dance and sing cause she won!And i’am very happy she won congrats ASIA

  • PYT718

    R U kidding me you must not hae been watching the same show I was. She was not only the prettiest girl there but by far the most talented. She is hot as hell and sing AND dance circles around those other girls…..that is why she won. Please, and she is DOING it!! and she is mother SO WHAT I bet no mum you know has a body like that. Stop hating because the wrong color won in your opinion but arent you guys used to us out shining you!??

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    whoever that person is who won, just won a spot as a backup dancer to nicole. she’s pretty much a solo artist now, and everyone else just sings/dances backup.

  • jealousy’sabitch

    COMMENT #10 SADIE WAT IS DAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN???? U RACIAL ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    What doess Afro Filipino American Latin mean?

  • the real tita

    I started watching the show because I liked Anastasia. But if I had known it was going to be Asia in the end, I wouldn’t have wasted my time getting to the end. Chelsea should have won. Melissa R was too easily rattled even though she had the talent. She couldn’t quite shake off that conservative upbringing so that was holding her back.

    I couldn’t stand the way Asia kept drumming those fingers on the microphone and the way she kept curling her voice when she gets to those high notes. Next time, forget about watching the PCD. It was never who was the best or the most popular. What a fraud.

  • any

    i wanted mellisa r to win she was a better dancer and singer

  • jenny

    I can’t believe that asia won!
    I was hoping mel r or chelsea would win.
    those two are a 10000000000000000 times more talented than asia!!!

  • Danielle

    I cant beleive Asia won…should have been Chelsea. But I would like to point out that someone called her a HO because she was a 17 year old Mom – that is ridiculous!! She is not a HO, just needs to learn about birth control, face it everyone is doing it anyway, she should have learned to protect herself. Although, she desperately needs Anger Management of some sort – and she totally played the Mom card when it suited her!!

  • jessica

    ugh.. i do NOT like asia..
    seriously i was rooting for
    chelsea or mel R.
    chelsea’s voice was amazing.. dancing you can learn to do
    and mel R was also amazing.. why asia?

  • Keni

    I think that ASIA is ALMOST deserving, BUT she chose to have a child at a very young age. She shoulb be at home with her baby. PCD has a tight schedule all over the place.
    That being said, shes pretty and now at least more than one of them can sing…