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Britney Spears: The Return of the Pop Princess

Britney Spears: The Return of the Pop Princess

Britney Spears seems determined to make her comeback to the world, spending hours at dance rehearsals and recording studios.

The 25-year-old songstress wore a ruffled pink top, fishnet stockings and a denim mini skirt out to Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood on Monday.

A “trespassing” charge was slapped on one of the paparazzi who was trying to take photos from the roof of the recording studio. He was handcuffed and taken away by security until the police arrived.

What do you think of Britney‘s body? Is it ready for a comeback?

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britney spears paparazzi arrested 01
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  • Akilah

    It’s not her body she needs to be worried about, its her state of mind. However she looks good to have 2 kids. I don’t think she’s back to her prebirths weight but who cares because she looks healthy.

  • Simone

    Not Britney!!

  • Who Cares

    I really couldn’t care less about this woman…now that she entered rehab like every other celeb does today, we all wanna say, “oh Britney…we just love you…good going girl…” I’ve never liked her, never thought she was talented (just a good product sold to a bunch of mindless people) and am over all of it…just let the girl live her life…I am sure America and the world will open their arms to her and let her sell millions of more pointless albums…I will give the girl some credit, she knows how to sell herself to people and is quite lucky that most people are gullible…good luck to her…

  • suspicious package

    Yeah, she’s all lipoed back into shape. But the way she dresses reveals her inner craziness. God, she needs a stylist.

  • tina

    not all the liposuctions in the world can cover the fact that she’s given birth to two kids. science can only do so much & getting rid of stretchmarks isn’t one of them.

  • kbcan

    Whats with that one pic shot from behind? It looks like she has tucked her wig up under her hat (but you can still see some long strands sticking out), but you can see her real hair (which is short but obviously growing). What’s the point of wearing a wig then? Or is she just sloppy (oops — we know the answer to that question)?

    It’s almost like those pics where you see a woman who has mistakenly tucked the back of her dress into her panties.

  • bagofsand

    comeback? isn’t that a word for someone who used to actually be good? she has always sucked and she always will suck…she will put another album out and i’m sure her die hard fans will hail it as a “comeback”…but she has ruined her career and needs to stay home and get her life on a very different path. she is doing NOTHING different now than she was before her spa…i mean rehab stay.

  • Britney BACK!!!!!!!!!!!


    BRITNEY = GOD!!!!

    THE QUEEN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

    MORE PICS HQs Without tags:

  • Anon.

    I can’t even think about her “new look.” All I can see is that crazy look in her eyes. She didn’t stay in rehab nearly long enough and from all the reports and pictures IMHO, I think she didn’t cooperate with her rehab, I think she fought it. I’ve also heard stories about why she left rehab:they were tired of fighting with Brit for trying to hook up with guys also in rehab. They twice had to stop a very advanced “display of affection” literally caught her in the bushes with some musician who was also in rehab. You don’t see her with her kids at all do you. Just very controlled visits for a very specific period of time. I think Brit was involuntarily placed in rehab and fought it like a kid fights detention. She has no concern or appreciation for how serious her troubles are. Going to the dance place and giving people the impression she’s going back to work will only help a tiny bit. I think she is another Anna Nicole. I think she needs serious help and I think her parents need to lock her up somewhere until she is clean, sober and under control.

  • Nico

    She looks hot and u guys cant denied it!

    Her comeback is coming and I cant wait! :)

    Just read the tittle of the topic

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    hick-brit has nothing on the female pop-singers out now.

  • DIM

    She looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot! i love her body, i love the outfit, i love this woman! BRITNEY IS BACK!

  • Cynthia

    BRITNEY=SELFISH, EGOTISTICAL, NEGLECTFUL( she doesn’t give a damn about her kids, she paid off K-fed to take her kids. I wish she would take her ugly fake lazy,carcass back to Louisiana!

  • candy man

    check this one….

  • Ace Tomato

    Is she auditioning for a Warrant video? Ow. My eyes.

  • [Fug Face [x]]


  • Sophia

    She looks HOT!!!! I love her body and she is a true artist!

  • lola

    She so totally had liposuction.

  • lol

    TO be HOnest ,,she does look good

  • Ann

    brit is sooo HOTTT

  • Thera

    Yeah, it’s amazing what a whole lot of lipo can do. Why does anyone admire her? Really, what is there to admire??? She can afford plastic surgery…big f’ing deal. I lost my pregnancy weight the totally natural way, and I’m in my early thirties, without the benefit of being a millionaire to pay for a new body…there are millions of women like me, who look way killer than Britney without having had the fat sucked out of us. But because she’s a “celebrity” she gets praise for doing squat…really now, women, let’s get one thing straight: this woman is a total disaster. She sucks as a parent, she’s a cocaine addict even though she is responsible for two very young boys, she allows her most intimate body part to be flashed in magazines and on websites across the globe just to garner attention (a sure sign of insecurity on her part), and she takes no responsibility for why she went to rehab in the first place, instead blaming her own family and manager for her f’ed up ways. Not to mention that she dresses like a hick whore and wears a freakin’ wig even though we can see her real hair underneath. This woman needs to bury her head in the sand. Why the hell would you admire this piece of trash…stop admiring f’ed up celebrities and start celebrating yourself. If you look past her money, you’ll see Britney for what she really is: a fake a**, unintelligent, untalented, manipulative, wanna-be singer hanging on to a record-labeled produced FAKE a** image by an extremely thin thread.

  • Lucy

    she looks so great!!!!!!!!!!!
    she’s sooooo pretty :)
    i love her
    and i love her body
    so hot

  • ยป Distorted girl.

    Go Brit! <3