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Jordin Sparks Will Never Walk Alone

Jordin Sparks Will Never Walk Alone

American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks sang her own rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical Carousel in one of the best performances in Idol history. Here’s what the judges said:

  • Randy said, “I keep saying it every week but it’s so true this week. That’s one of the best vocals by any contestant on this show ever in six seasons. And it’s from someone who’s 17-years-old one. That was the hottest tonight.”
  • Paula said, “You sure picked an amazing song to close the night. It’s one of those songs that’s very haunting. It swells and only someone with great vocals can do it. You did a lovely job. You’re glorious.”
  • Simon said, “Unlike Randy, I thought you were fantastic. That song’s about sixty years old. I think you’d have a hit record with that. Brilliant.”

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Jordin Sparks performs Carousel‘s “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
American Idol (Gives Back), 4/24
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Photos: FOX/Frank Micelotta
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  • Kate

    She was amazing!!

    Jared: I think Simon said “That song’s about 60 years old.” not “60 Records.” I may be wrong, though. =)

  • Just Jared

    Haha, thanks Kate.

  • Kate

    She really was amazing!!

    Jared: I think Simon said “That song’s 60 years old.” no “60 Records.” I may be wrong though. =)

  • Kate

    No problem–Sorry about the double post. My computer disconnected–I didn’t think you would recieve it. Feel free to delete it. =)

  • Jen

    Kate: That is what he said….even though the song is 60 years old, she could have a hit with it today.

    Folks, I think we are looking at our next American Idol…

  • magnus


  • John

    Im sorry, but Jordin is NOT Melinda, and Melinda is way better. I dont care who had professional help, but its all about the voice. Melinda is better. Period.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Jordin did great, Randy was dead on.

    The fat girl [the one with a neck] is going home next. ~bye bye~

  • John

    Jordin is fat too….

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    no-neck has a good voice, but god damn she is uuuuuuuuug-ly! no way in hell she’ll win.

    I must say, the past 2 weeks no-neck has improved in the looks department… until she smiles, then she’s back to ug-mug mode.

  • bdj

    Melinda has a great voice. However, Jordan has the overall package that Simon is looking to market. She was good tonight. If she wins American Idol, by the time her first single drops, she will have gone through a makeover (ala Carrie Underwood) and marketed as the next Beyonce.

  • J3$$!C@

    LOL @ the nicknames you give these idols, I like nasal boy the best; no neck is just harsh, you can’t fix that. Anyways back to Jordin, I hope she wins this thing and if she doesnt I hope she gets a recording contract anways. She is just 17 and can SANG!

  • tanique33

    she was good, certainly not one of the best performances ever. they were reaching.

  • John

    The whole package thing is baloney. Do you actually want to help simon make more money?

    My vote is strong for Melinda.

  • Betch!

    I guess I am one of the only ones that thinks Jordin is overrated. Melinda can outsing her any time of day. Jordin reminds me of a basketball player in drag and that’ s not a pretty sight.

  • John

    Betch! i am glad i am not alone in thinking that Jordin is overrated. And JustJared isnt helping either…Melinda is the best!

  • candy man

    i like both!!!
    whoever…Melinda or Jordan win is fine for me….

  • Lori

    Jordin was amazing. I enjoyed all the performances tonight (well,except Chris — too jerky and peppy for the song). And I agree that Melinda has an amazing voice. But when Jordin started singing, I started out with goosebumps, and ended up with tears running down my voice. Very well done.

  • Lori

    That should be “tears running down my face!”


    i dont think it was that good i dont know whats all the fuss about

  • anon

    Jordin sang a different type of song every week and they all sounded amazing, one week she sang a No Doubt song and this week she is sang a 60 year old song. Melinda picks a song every week that sounds like the same old freakin thing. Get a clue.

  • creativegirl

    I think Jordin will definitely win American Idol. Melinda is the bomb, but in the end – I just think Jordin’s personality sparkles a little more than Melinda’s and I think that will get the votes in the end since they are both super talented.

    I don’t think we need to worry because I’m sure that this group – other than Nosferatu Phil – will all be very successful. If Nosferatu goes the country route he may be okay because he can wear a cowboy hat like Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney to hide his lid, otherwise there is no other way to market him.

    I think Jordin, Blake & Melinda will all be super successful. Lakisha can sing like crazy and I think she will do well, you’ve got to be happy for her as a single mom going for her dream to make a better life for her and her child, well – that makes me route for her. Chris is adorable and I think if marketed right, he can do well, although he is not the best singer out of the bunch. But as we all know you don’t necessarily need to be a good singer to be a singing star.

    Anyway – I still think Jordin will win.

  • hi

    that was pitchy and shaky. melinda is better

  • carmen

    Jordin is okay, but Melinda is a lot better and hope she win..

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    neither no-neck or sparks will win.

  • Mikkey

    LaKeisha will be going home…. I have been pulling for her since the start.

    She will do very well once they figure out how to market her, she reminds me a lot of Kelly Price (enormous voice and awesome personality) but the POP/R&B record industry did nothing for her until she crossed over to Gospel.

    As for no-neck Melinda, I think she will win it all and her record sales will equal that of Rubben (flat)

    Jordin is overrated but she is still young and can be molded into the next Beyonce(who is also overrated) if she so desires.

    As for the rest, well I just don’t see it happening for them, but that is just my opinion.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    where’s kelly price right now? Lmaoooo

  • Ro

    Stop hatin! I thought Jordin looked great…I have that same Butter By Nadia dress!

  • Jodie

    her performance was ok .. to bad she has an annying voice..really annoying..

  • Darlene

    Without question, Jordin is the best! She’s totally real and unpretentious. She’s got an amazing voice. And I simply cried when she sang that song – wow! She has the passion, the vocals, and she will be enormously successful. I sure hope she’s the next American Idol.

  • Bob Brown

    Jordan Sparks………….fat?………………No Neck?

    My god, I think shes is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    True Doolittle is a bit more polished but Jordan has much more going for her.
    Her looks AND voice AND personality far surpasses the other 2 women.
    Doolittle has a great voice but just doesn’t measure up to Sparks looks and lakisha’s personality just dosen’t come accross very well because she frowns too much.
    Jordan Sparks……….wether she American Idol or not she will be the BIG winner.
    Just wait and see…….The American public will have a new SUPERSTAR to rave about. This girl has it ALL!