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rosie o'donnell: farewell to 'the view'

rosie o'donnell: farewell to 'the view'

the secret
is out

rosie will announce
on wednesday
leaving the view
will stay
’till end of season

rosie’s rep no comment
all reported by tmz
come on people
u have 2 c

bigger and better
things await

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: TMZ
Posted to: Rosie O Donnell, The View

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  • QQQQ

    That show needs to end… It does such a dis-serve to women

  • Patty

    It’s been in the toilet since Meredith left. It might survive with a complete new group of women. Women who have something to say – not rant.

  • Shoes4life

    No surprise.

  • carrienae

    I love Rosie. She symbolizes women of strength and doesn’t conform to anyone’s opinions. She is such an American. Her presence at The View makes me watch it everyday.

  • GP

    If Rosie goes I won’t be watching The View anymore. She can be abrasive, but she is honest, kind and a clear voice to what America needs to hear.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    I like rosie, she’s the only entertaining person on the show, but she can be fcuking annoying! very annoying….. if she leave’s I’ll miss her, and her absence will definitely be felt – when the ratings plummet

  • lurker opinion

    The show needs to be canceled.


    She should take Imus’ spot.

  • kay

    Kinda expected that to happen some time. Rosie is getting on everyone’s nerves ever since she “came out.” She started to become more outspoken and being really rude to everyone who she thinks is a homophobe.

  • April

    IT IS ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!!!!!! She has done nothing but drag a show down that wasn’t all that great to begin with. She is a complete loony bird. I can’t wait till she leaves, and stops spouting all her pro-lesbian crap. Barbara Walters is also and idiot for putting her on the show to begin with. Her leaving is a true gift from GOD!!!!

  • Kristine


  • T

    She’s the only thing that’s made that show worth watching, like her methods or not she always has good inentions at heart and does what she believes is right.

  • Adam

    Why does Rosie gets praise when she does “not conform to anyone’s opinion” but when people don’t agree with her, they are ridiculed as homophobic and not with the times?

  • lula29

    Rosie’s annoying. She thinks she’s right about everything and even though I agree with some of her politics, especially about Bush, it’s like the show can be nothing more than about her and her soapbox. That and she’s really self-centered and tends to only care about issues that relate to her, anti-Bush and her being a lesbian.

    I’m anti-Bush myself but I’m over her and that dumbazz Elizabeth Hasselcrack. I want her gone next.

    I miss Meredith.

  • Jim

    Wow thats good news!! Finally.

  • kc

    If Rosie doesn’t say she’s leaving on tomorrow’s show, will TMZ and Just Jared post a correction and an apology?

  • Lucie

    Damn. Why couldn’t they fire Elisabeth instead? She annoys the hell outta me! And I only watch occassionally.

  • remember da truth

    The only publicity this dying show of women ranting over each other’s statements was what Rosie generated. The only time The View was relevant was when Rosie was at the heart of the discussion.

    Now they have nothing but a bunch of women bitching about other people and their pet peeves and talking over each other. I could walk into the lunch room at work if I want to hear that.

    It’s a shame she’s leaving, but I hope that it’s her decision, not Barbara worrying that people are talking about a more dynamic host than she is, or believing that she has lost control of the show so she is forcing her off.

    I wish they would just cancel the show, or totally revamp it. Rosie leaving is the nail in the coffin.

  • Callie

    Rosie needs to stay, but I think she will leave – she seems tired and fed up. Rosie’s problem is her compassion and that’s a sad thing, because compassion is what this world needs more of. She takes things to heart too often and in the public eye that’s a killer. Yes she’s opinionated but always full of caring. EliSabeth needs to go – her voice is annoying, rude and half the time what she says makes zero sense. She is a ‘nobody’ that has the nerve to yap away at people like she is a ‘somebody’. Should have left her on the island!! If it’s Barbara – I say keep Rosie and get rid of EliSabeth (and fast!).

  • mmyers

    Well, I guess it’s back to the trailer park for Rosie. I can’t stand that big whale of a lesbo! I’m with Donald, she’s so disgusting!

  • JON

    Elizabeth”President /government can do no wrong in my eyes” Hasselblech will be very happy today. Rosie wants her freedom anyway

  • Good

    Rosie is a relic from the past and I don’t know why Brarbara chose her to be on the show. Rosie’s the same trashy Rosie she when she had her own show and of her defunct magazine. She fancied herself has the next Oprah or Martha with all these things tied to her and everything has blown up in her face. I’m so glad that she and donald Trump are cancelling each other out. Two loudmouth egomaniacs suffering the same fate. Expect The Apprentice to be cancelled this season. with all those meds Rosie is taking, we will be hearing that she is in some kind of institution soon.

  • Mondo Bongo

    Rosie is a big mouth bully, who thinks she is right about everything!!
    she is inconsiderate, thoughtless, rude and a bore.
    She needs to try thinking before she opens her big mouth..she has
    nooooo class~~IMO

    Oh!.. and funny she has never been!!!

  • Amy

    I’m glad that fat lesbian is OFF THE SHOW. I can’t stand it when she puts down Elisabeth for speaking her own opinion. I am pro-Bush and agree with pretty much everything Elisabeth has to say. To me, Bush is an excellent President and I can only hope our next one is a Republican, too.

  • NoxiousNan

    Rosie is the only thing that kept that boring show going. You can hate her but the show will not last without her and no one will be missing it. the only reason I ever watched it was to see Rosie mess with that twitchie little reality show wannabe.

  • Lucie

    One must have really really low standards if they consider Bush an excellent president.