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Drew Barrymore: World's Most Beautiful

Drew Barrymore: World's Most Beautiful

Drew Barrymore has just been crowned “World’s Most Beautiful” by People Magazine.

When do you feel most beautiful? Right after I’ve worked out and I’m sweating all over the place and my face is two different colors of white and red and my hair is half wet, half dry and I look like I’m about to have a heart attack. I feel like I’ve changed the shape of my body temporarily into something more flexible and strong.

When do you feel least beautiful? When someone makes a really snap judgment. It just feels below the belt. . . . You just feel kind of corroded and gross inside. I think that ends up reflecting on the way your face looks.

Any beauty rules for dating? The only fundamental rule for me is to just be yourself. Let your freak-flag fly, and if someone doesn’t get you, move on. [Recently, Barrymore has been spending time with director Spike Jonze, but she declines to talk about the relationship.]

For the full interview with the world’s most beautiful Drew Barrymore, click here. Do you agree with People? Who else should be on this WMB list?

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  • Nando

    She’s very beautiful…except for her chin.

  • missouri girl

    you guys sure pick on peoples chin’sn ALOT!!! Always find fault.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Yeah right.

  • Kendra

    I like Drew but come on!!!

  • Who Cares

    I think it’s nice to see someone who actually looks real on the cover…the woman is who she is and she doesn’t make apologies for that…I am glad People chose her…I am sick of the same 2-3 women or the same 2-3 guys…she is beautiful and represents a different breed of women…the ones who actually have curves, the ones who actually admit to blemishes and stretch marks, the ones who look normal…it’s about time to get a woman above a size two for the cover…

  • What?

    I see nothing pretty about her. Never have.

  • Charlie

    I like her personality, but I certainly don’t consider her exceptionally beautiful; quite the opposite actually.


    Love Drew. Jennifer Aniston & Jennifer Garner made the list–and so did Halle.
    Went & Matthew McC of course. AND JJ’s loonies will soon be up in arms because…no BRANDgelina. Maybe People finally figured out they don’t always sell. LOL

  • madison

    Drew Barrymore? Are you kidding me?

  • Phoenix

    I don’t think they mean beautiful in a superficial way. I think its awarded to people they find admirable or inspiring – last year it was Angelina, now its Drew.

  • drewIsSoNormal


  • http://htt// didi

    I want to know who made that list. Most people in that list not beautiful.

  • http://- mollysue

    I agree. Drew is one of the most beautiful celebs out there.

  • TakeDat!

    Actually, TRUEDAT!, Brad and Angelina are BOTH on the list…and they are included in a section that says “Beautiful Inside and Out”…so take that and shove it where the sun dont shine.


    BTW, i like Drew and i see nothing wrong with her being on the cover, great choice. As for Garner and Anniston..ugh..whatever…why are they on the list this year..they have had NOTHING going on and they sure as hell have had no “hits” or anything…sometimes its hysterical who winds up on the list…and add Julia Roberts to that too.

  • Temo & Vaho

    WOW!!! Drew is so beautiful!!! Great choice.

  • Jackson

    Yeah,I agree , she is beautiful and smart and that’s is the most important!.Go Drew!;);)

  • naye

    um… they could not have picked anyone else? shes pretty but def not the “worlds most beautiful” . try that aishwara instead. she was a much better choice

  • ROD

    Come on!
    What’s next? Pete Dorhety? Regis Phelbin?

  • Italy

    Drew is a perfect choice because shes not “fake” like some celebrities are. Shes beautiful inside and out. and has a beautiful personality as well.

  • No Way

    I’ve never heard such sh*t in my whole life. People magazine crowing anybody anything is beyond a joke. she’s the most dreadful actress and seriously boyish looking. She’s one dimensional and FAR FAR FAR from being modestly attractive, let alone the most beautiful.

    She’s smart one of you say, how the f*ck do you know that?

    I wouldn’t roll over Regis to get to her.

    Attractive doesn’t matter and we shouldn’t give a damn but for someone to pick Drew in this category… well People were obviously rocking the ganj that night.

  • gerd


  • no way

    what’s goin on?
    very ordinary..nothing special about her..
    i prefer to the other girls in the list..
    she’s very very ordinary..boring

  • C

    that’s what i call envy. oh my. I met her when she came to brazil in 2005 and she IS beautiful…. what the fuck are you saying??? i freaked out when i saw her! she’s absolutely gorgeous and what Gerd said it’s true… you guys must look in the mirror to see how perfect you certain are. no one is just PERFECT. shes beautiful the way she is!!! and i think her chin is so ok. Look Reese’s chin before you say something about her, stupid.

    NO WAY: I sugest you to go a doctor.. better, a psychologist and check it out before it get worst!!! gosh, you people makes me sick!

  • julie

    She was always beautiful… and she’s getting prettier and prettier with age.
    Everybody is saying that and I think that’s too! Every movie that i see with her she’s more and more beautiful. I am not a big big fan but i do like her and i think she is beautiful!!! I like the choice

  • GeekSquad

    It’s nice to see someone other then angelina jolie making the top of a beauty list. Go Drew!

  • Kathie

    Is the most beautiful of the year and I agree with the choice. Drew looked absolutely G O R G E O U S in Golden Globes this year. Really really really absolutely beautiful,charming and charismatic. In the parties she went, too.. She looked so beautiful…I’m really liking Drew right now. I wasnt a fan but she’s getting prettier & prettier…:)
    and who said that she’s not attactive i would say that SHE IS. :) hehe

  • someone

    why everyone has always to find some imperfection in people!!! i like drew the way she is and i think shes pretty!!

  • Anthony

    Drews ok but not the most beautiful to me atleast. I think ladies likes KAte Beckinsale,Keira Knightley,Rachel McAdams,Olivia Wilde,Angelina Jolie,Charlize Theron,Bryce Dallas..ect. Are more beautiful then Drew

  • lilo

    kate beckinsale and keira knightley? they arent ugly but isnt more beautiful than drew! no way

  • joey

    i’d hit it

  • Carol

    Well Anthony… I disagree. I think that girls are beautiful too but they have different beauties and we can’t judge who is the most beautiful. Like, you think Kate Beckinsale is one of and I have to say that I would NEVER put her on my list. You know, that’s complicated to judge. And just to remember: That list they made is of the YEAR… We have to consideret that. Drew looks AMAZING this year. She was always beautiful inside and out and this year she’s just shining. I’m happy for her because she deserve that. I personally think she’s stunning.

  • kate

    how much money was paid by Drew’s publicists? Laugh my ass off!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie

    Finally someone who is normal looking making the top of the list. If you have seen Drew at every event this year, she looked amazing! She seems to have an aura about her that exudes confidence. So what, if she isn’t a size zero? She is absolutely stunning! She is an icon and she is an inspiration to a lot of young women out there. You go Drew!!! You rock!!!

  • lulu

    People’s mag. was part of Warner Times co. Drew and Eric Bana have film from Warner co. coming out this June.coincidence or conspiracy ? Don’t get me wrong. I like Drew , not fake, good actress, but the prettiest woman ? I don’t think so. This poll was more a popularity poll. there’s lot of young , pretty actress out there.

  • Carol

    Coincidende or conspiracy? Oh, don’t make me laugh. Drews beautiful with or without make-up and that counts! Almost every celeb there needs a make-up to be beautiful. And Drew does not. You guys are not accepting because you simply don’t expacting. But Drew IS beautiful. What’s the problemy she takes the 1st place in a list? I personally think Drew deserved that. She is gorgeous… don’t need make-up to be pretty, just look at her in some events, she was stunning without it. And I agree that shes’s the most beautiful of the YEAR! Remember that’s the YEAR!!! And she looks absolutely stunning this year! Makes sense.


    2 words angelina jolie!

  • ki

    iam sorry but angelina looks like crap today….the worst body ever. i liked her five years ago…now she annoys me to death

  • yeah right!

    what a gwan?
    Drew who? what kinda drugs are the judges on??
    she wont even hit top 100 in my area code!!!

  • david10006

    love her..about damn time.

  • lucas

    hahaha find someone prettier than her this year and show me. she really looks more beautiful than some years ago…. and this is her year. well i guess its not a bad choice; who you want on the top? angelina jolie??? again? there is so many beauitfull women and they deserve a chance..~. and drew is one of the most beautiful women there.

  • Agustina

    She’s very beautiful, natural and funny. But not the world’s most beautiful. Still, great she made it on the list!

  • marilia

    Dont exist the WORLDS most beautiful… We have many different beauties there. Like Angelina jolie and drew barymore. They both are gorgeous but they got different beauties and we can’t judge who is more beautiful… I simply don’t know! drew is getting prettier &prettier and angelina is pretty anyway. but THIS YEAR i guess its drew barrymore. it’s really surprising but we all know that she’s got a natural beauty.. doesn’t need makeup to be beautiful… i dont know, sure have many many actresses gorgeous too but this year i wwould say Drew!!

  • Mediterranean

    She is beautiful.

    If you consider someone beautiful after all the make-up, hair-do and dress then you don’t know about what beauty is.

    Drew has been through a lot in her private life which most of us can even not imagine. She did put everything together and she stands beautifully in her life.

    Yes she is beautiful. I adore this lady.

  • Mediterranean

    She is beautiful.

    If you consider someone beautiful after all the make-up, hair-do and dress then you don’t know about what beauty is.

    Drew has been through a lot in her private life which most of us can even not imagine. She did put everything together and she stands beautifully in her life.

    Yes she is beautiful. I adore this lady.

  • pretty

    So right, Mediterranean! What you said it’s so true. Find me another celeb who is more beautiful than Drew. Or as beautiful as Drew without make-up. You’ll not find. I agree that Jennifer Lopez and other celebs are gorgeous with it but without they’re just normal. Drew is beautiful with or without it and she can prove it.

  • André


  • [a]

    shes pretty

  • http://none kat

    Drew is beautiful on the inside and outside, outside in my opinion counts a lot because thatswhat makes her who she is. However despite the fact that shes beautiful in look too, theres still others that are as pretty.