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Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery: Before & After

Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery: Before & After

Newly buxom blonde Heidi Montag, 20, donned a bikini and her new golden globes on a beach in Malibu beach while out with boyfriend Spencer Pratt on Sunday.

The Hills star had a boob job just three weeks ago, reports Us Weekly. Recovery from plastic surgery sure is quick these days!

What do you think of Heidi‘s plastic surgery? YAY or NAY?

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  • PinkRose

    Where do they get all the extra skin to cover those huge mounds, ’cause the originals are so small.

  • she looks…

    A LOT better. I’m not a huge fan of big boobs, but when they’re not too humongous and are lifted and full, it never looks bad. It also gives a girl a more curvy shape.

  • jenn

    Those things don’t even look good yet. Maybe they’ll look better once they’ve healed but its only been a few weeks and she shouldn’t be out flaunting them while they still look like someone shoved two boulders under her skin.

  • isitreallythatserious?

    Yay on the boobs but nay on Heidi. Can’t stand her…lol.

  • angelina_ mmm


  • hr

    they look really fake… i agree w/ jenn. maybe they just need some time..? not a fan of plastic surgery in general tho. ::shrug::

  • BettY

    Nice boobjob!!She look really good with or without silicone i think anyway, but her new boobs are really well done i have to say:)

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    I dont know who she is or why she did it, but she looks a ‘little’ better.

    nipp!es look to high- refund.

  • hollyword

    shes become another nameless faceless hollywood blonde. Maybe when shes 50 and shes been sucked, tucked, stetched and gutted she’ll realize shes made a mistake.

  • Ace Tomato

    I liked her before. Personally, I think women who are super slim and have no natural curve in their hips and behinds and breasts look silly when the bolt a pair of D cups to their chest. What’s wrong with being slender and having smaller breasts?

    Eh. I’m a natural 34D, so I think the grass is always greener on the slender, smaller racked set.

    Still, she looked just fine before. Now she looks like just another boob job. Ho hum.

  • Jane

    A big boo-boo, in my opinion! They overwhelm her body. Now, instead of looking at her pretty face and hair, the first thing you see are the big boobs.

    Plus it makes her look like she’s gained 10-plus pounds.

  • Nic

    nay-her natural size was a perfect fit and in proportion to the rest of her body. Jane is right-it makes her look heavier.

  • babyblue

    she is a slim girl, they boobs don’t fit to the rest of her body – but they are well done…

  • Missy

    Nay, her boobs are as big as her teeth now….too much super sizing!

  • PinkRose

    Don’t fakes come in “B” cups? Why do the very slender girls always go from “A” to C and D cups? Personally, I think she would look better with “B” cups.

  • hateher

    Can’t stand this chick, total whore, she’d do anything or anybody for some fame.

  • Francesca

    As far as I’m concerned she was beautiful before and she’s still beautiful after. She can do what she wants. Bigger boobs doesn’t make her any less of an air-head.

  • smooth

    Oh God,the girl is just 20 years old. She is soooo young for surgeries. Why people can’t be happy from their own look,they are so not self confident. What crazy doctor advice her to do it,her body is even didn’t developed till the end.
    …where was her mother when her not so smart daughter did mestake.

  • Jules

    I think her nose got done too….

  • Vivian

    A definite nay.

  • zing

    yay… defo.

  • Mattanja

    No.. Natural looks (almost) always better..

  • mari

    The boobs are too big and fake looking. I also don’t understand why she had a nose job. There was nothing wrong with her nose.

  • fug

    Id be pissed at my doctor. SHe looks like a cheap “stuff” magazine model. Those tits are horrible and her nose looks like jackos. Good job sweets. You look like Tori Spelling now. Too bad you don’t have “spelling” money.

  • Simi

    Why she just lowered herself visually. She went from looking somewhat respectable and potentially from a good background to some desperate Erica Kane aspiring attention and approval beggar at the door. In the end, not even Sharon Stone found that being white and blonde in America was enough.

  • emily


  • [Fug Face [x]]

    This faceless/namelesss chicks t!ts got 26 comments? lmao. astonishing

  • coalharbourqt

    Well Fug I think it’s more about the issue of plastic surgery than the chick in particular. Personally, I think they look ridiculous – why do women think that disfiguring their bodies in this way is attractive?! Be proud of what God gave you!!

  • Lauren

    Nay she looked better before… NATURAL

  • Aisha


  • Shauna

    I agree with the comment, “Aren’t there any B cup implants?” I think that if she had not gotten so ‘greedy’, and had gone with a nice tear drop shaped B/C cup- she would have looked smashing. Her build is too slender for these huge implants, and they make her look hefty through the torso- which she is not.

    It may not have been all her choice though. I have seen the reality shows with the Beverly Hills surgeons doing the consultations and they ALWAYS push the women into getting D or larger. I wish more women would pay more attention to their own body shapes, builds, and desires, and not give in to the ‘stripper tits’ sized bolt ons these doctors all push for. They always look so fake, and stereotypical.

  • drag

    nay! it looks awkward on her. she needs to go down half a size or a whole size!

  • Tori

    I liked her before. The boobs are out of proportion with her body. Her nose I like. But deff not her boobs. And maybe she should have gotten the chin shaved or whatever? seriously that mofo is huge.

  • Liz

    They do not look good on her. They’re too big for her small body.

  • sunshineday

    just doesn’t look right. nipples too high and it makes her look thick. her before look was way hotter

  • alicekats

    The skinnier you are, the bigger implants you have to get (C or D). If you get a B, there is just going to be a huge gap between the boobs and look extremely fake. I say leave them alone. She looks so much classier originally. Now shes just another bimbo.

  • André

    crazy Heidi..she looked much better before..she was classy..
    now she’s..fat.

  • Ryan

    the extra boobage i could take or leave, but that nose job left her face all kinds of disproportional. she used to be cute but now that her nose is so small it makes her chin and forehead look bigger – strictly plain jane.

  • Ryan

    ooh also she should dye her hair a deeper shade – the pale ash washes her out like noody’s business

  • des

    She should work on her personality and ethics before she even thinks about waisting money on what was already a beautiful body.

  • Rachel

    Considering they’re fake, I’d say they were tastefully done. They’re not ridiculously ginormous!

  • Robin

    Way better before.

    I am jealous of small boobs.

    Big boobs are ugly and overrated, and I know because I am cursed with them. Can’t run, can’t fit them into cute shirts, can’t go braless – etc.

    Plus, plastic surgery is really, really stupid in my opinion – never looks good or real.


  • Molly

    to bad you cant get surgery to be a better friend..Karma is a B***H and what comes around goes around! she will realize that spencer is an a$$hole!
    she will realize that the boobs and nose job wont get her anywhere!

  • Jorden

    YAY. Never saw Heidi (or noticed her) before. Then I saw her on the cover a mag recently with her fiance, and I thought, they look like such an all-american couple, and I thought she was gorgeous with fine bone structure. THEN I saw a before pic of her and I was like huh? she was ugly before (sorry). Really though, just ordinary. Now she is stunning and in a completely different league. Before she was the dud in those group of girls, now she is model striking and the prettiest. Good on her doc!

  • http://sdfasdf Amber

    I think that she didn’t need them but they don’t look that bad but I as a women don’t look there. She has a nice body and again she wasted her monet. Probably Spencers idea -angry-

  • Andrea Travaglini


  • Arnellie

    can’t stand heidi but thatz dum she looked okay before.

  • jay

    whoa! her boobs look so fake and i don’t think she ever make it the big screen no offense to her fans im just saying hollywood dosn’t need another wanna-be britney spears

  • jay

    omg her boobs look so gross on her its like 2 big water ballons on a stick thin girl well at least it makes her look stick thin comparing her boobs to her body LMAO its so unproportional and weird. ugh! disgusting. this totally ruins her image and i don’t think she make it far in hollywood they so do not need another wanna-be britney spears

  • Raquella

    EWWWWWWWWWWW… Even Pam looks better