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Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery: Before & After

Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery: Before & After

Newly buxom blonde Heidi Montag, 20, donned a bikini and her new golden globes on a beach in Malibu beach while out with boyfriend Spencer Pratt on Sunday.

The Hills star had a boob job just three weeks ago, reports Us Weekly. Recovery from plastic surgery sure is quick these days!

What do you think of Heidi‘s plastic surgery? YAY or NAY?

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78 Responses to “Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery: Before & After”

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  1. 51
    kilowats Says:

    i hate her in general but also its just too big for her body shape and why does it matter what size they r and whats she doesnt care if she dies while she getting the surgery WOW she has some major ISSUES!!!

  2. 52
    leanne Says:

    nose jobs are ok but i hate boob jobs there grosse and fake and ewwwwww
    shes so uglyyyy she needs to die her hair a lil darker so she wont look so fakeee

  3. 53
    SARAH Says:


  4. 54
    pau Says:

    that’s a stupid , the plastic srgery it’s for stupid !!!!
    b,bye ! xD I love L.C

  5. 55
    punkrocklove Says:

    i think heidi is a ugly skeletor looking **** either way

  6. 56
    jemma Says:

    NAY for sure. her boobs look so damn FAKE and what’s wrong with small boobs anyway?

  7. 57
    Julia Says:

    Heidi looks good before and after. Take it or leave it her plastic surgery wasn’t necessary.

  8. 58
    Lala Says:

    Nay. She looked so cute and fun before. Like someone I would talk to at a party. Now she looks like someone I would try to avoid at a party.

  9. 59
    jade Says:

    OMG I liked her before! I hate hate hate big boobs – disgusting, makes her look fat. She looked nice and thin before. Yuck. Bad move!

  10. 60
    Jeff Schumacher Says:

    I would say they looked good enough naturally, however for implants are lookin good as well. Not a big fan of silicon boobies, but they look good, for statuettes.

  11. 61
    David Says:

    I’m a fan of keeping things real, but after seeing the shots of Heidi in her USA bikini, you know, I think I approve. Yes yes.

  12. 62
    LC Says:

    I think they look good. They suit her frame.
    She came round to mine the other day and shes getting very used too them. Shes had them doone for some time now :).


  13. 63
    Roxie Says:

    It looks good!

  14. 64
    billy Says:

    i like how she looks if you watch the hills series 3 then you will see that she does look nice just on the internet they have put her doing a bad pose.

  15. 65
    Lily Says:

    I’m totally for plastic surgery if it’s tasteful. I think her nose job and her boob job look alright, but I’m wishing she had gotten her jawline and chin fixed to look more feminine and less butch. She’d have a perfect face if she’d just get that done.

  16. 66
    Me Says:

    I think: YAY & NAY
    I prefer her before, but after is not bad

  17. 67
    emmaemma Says:

    At least she looks like a real woman now! We are meant to be curvy with hips and bum, or else we wouldn’t be able to reproduce! She looks a lot better, hate the hair though she looks better with a warmer blonde instead of ash , but she is still a gorgeous girl!

  18. 68
    peppertree26 Says:

    ugly ugly ugly. she used to be pretty, now she is ugly.

  19. 69
    Daniel Verrinder Says:

    Got famous with the original model. Now the laughingstock of the industry. Good career move girl! And if you keep taking advice of that thing you call your man, you’ll end up on a slab. Good Luck!

  20. 70
    Margeux Says:

    Interesting how most of the negative comments are by women. Just a tad bit of cattiness, perhaps?. I think she looks quite striking for what it’s worth and if her hubby enjoys them then I guess that would be the only opinion that REALLY matter!

  21. 71
    Margeux Says:

    Often Said but never more true…Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Envy on the other hand…is ugly to the bone.

  22. 72
    Margeux Says:

    They are not interesting to talk about…or look at!

  23. 73
    Margeux Says:


    Not as interesting to talk about…or look at I suspect.

  24. 74
    Margeux Says:

    Small boobies that is.

  25. 75
    go bigger hide booger Says:

    I think she should go as big as possible then we wont have to see how bad she is at picking guys it will be like a “total eclipse of the fool” she is married to dating or what ever he is..

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