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Kely Clarkson & Jeff Beck - "Up to the Mountain"

Kely Clarkson & Jeff Beck -

Original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson and English guitarist Jeff Beck do their own rendition of Patty Griffin’s “Up to the Mountain” on American Idol “Gives Back” on Wednesday, April 25. Bigger pictures and video below!

Kelly Clarkson & Jeff Beck – “Up to the Mountain”
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kelly clarkson jeff beck idol gives back 01
kelly clarkson jeff beck idol gives back 02

Photos: Getty/Kevin Winter
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  • bdj

    Kelly is a great singer. She can belt out a song with the best of them.

  • Shannon

    That girl can sing! She is wonderful. Such a touching performance. Go Kelly!

  • Christie

    good performance but the outfit was quite fugly. is it me or did she put on quite a bit of weight?

  • lurker opinion

    Great song. Is that from her new CD?

  • panama red

    with the weight she put on, i would have added an L to her name, not taken one away.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    nice performance.

  • jackie

    Amazing performance by Kelly and she looked hot too. Can’t wait for her album to drop.

  • stephanie

    Well kelly did great tonigth so much emotion it was great . the dress i don’t know to many colors it wasn’t very flattering either who dressing her renctly . Belive me she smaller than she looks its the clothes they are putting her in rentley .But kelly look and sounded amazing . And to the haters to come boo please don’t be mean to kelly .But anyways go kelly woo hoo

  • Jodie


  • Jodie

    and no thats not from her new album!

  • TESSA‚ô•


  • cindy

    Kelly is a great singer, but her high notes were strained. She got fat. That is why she is wearing those big dresses. She is hiding the fat to her butt and legs. Sorry folks but it’s true. I heard she may be wearing dresses like this kiind of 60′s on the tour.

    Carrie was great tonight too….

    It’s a shame, but weight and image are important in the Pop world. Kelly has to lose about 15 pounds. I heard Kelly has been a bit depressed lately which is why she put on the weight.

  • rockerdude22

    WOW she stoled the show no doubt!!

  • rockerdude22

    cindy ur info is bull ..shit!!!

  • Alex

    Kelly was awesome. I don’t think it is possible for her to have a bad performance. She looked hot even though her dress looked like a bundle of peacock feathers.

  • J3$$!C@

    Kelly was fantastic. She is my favorite idol and I can’t wait to buy her album. I think the dress was horrible though, and made it look bigger than usual.

  • SARA

    YIKES im speechless THAT was phenominal!
    she looked beutiful and she sang I HAVE NO WORDS JUST OMG DAMN!!!

  • leticia

    Kelly looked beautiful! she is also a great singer!!!! keep up the good work kelly!

  • Oliver

    damn Cindy she has been this weight beofre…haha. She doesnt have to lose a thing. As Kelly said before “I’m a singer not a model, I don’t have to lose weight”.

  • Rachel

    awesome performance- great singer. who cares if she put on a bit of weight, she still looks good( and healthy)..

  • Cera

    Beautiful performance! I don’t think she looked bad at all. It was the form of the dress. The way it was made was too free flowing from the chest down. Honestly, i thought it made it look like she was covering up her belly, which made me think…is she pregnant? Because she doesn’t look fat at all. She looks very healthy. And I’ll say this again, in case some illiterate jerk misinterprets this post. Yes, I said pregnant, NOT because I think she looks “fat” but because I thought the way the dress covered her stomach area reminded me of those “hip” celeb maternity evening gowns.

    And yeah, Cindy, I have to agree with the others when I say your comment was pretty harsh. 15 pounds you say? If she lost 15 pounds she would be as much of a skeleton as those damn Olsen Twins.

    See this is the bullshit in the “industry”, you have people like Versace whose daughter is carrying around an oxygen tank because she’s killing herself as an anorexic AND then you get ignorant comments about how some celebs “should lose weight”.

    Yeah, Hollywood is pretty shallow but Kelly Clarkson is the people’s choice as an Idol, she doesn’t have to distract people with cosmetic surgeries and fancy make-up.

    No, honey, giving a damn about appearances and catering to those expectations are for people who LACK TALENT. Case in point? Britney. Paris. Sanjaya

    *yeah, I did go there. Sanjaya seems like a nice guy and sweet but he doesn’t have much talent in compared to the other hopefuls. Why do you think most people talked about his hair and rarely about the quality of his singing? *

  • anon

    She is not fat at all, what the hell is wrong with you people?

  • Mmmmm

    She is the entire package .. great preformance!

  • yoyo

    She’s so awesome and she’s not at all fat.

  • chris


  • chris

    of the night lol

  • dammit

    this girl can sang!! she sounds even better LIVE !
    ohand jared you forgot one L in Kelly.. LOL

  • anthony

    simply amazing

  • SuCKeRzz

    great performance! what an orgasm perfomance.. lmfo0

  • 456754

    wonderful performace! best of the whole night! :( :| :) :] :D

  • Traci

    I AGREE! She was the best performance of the night. Kelly is my absolute favorite American Idol winner and performer for that matter. I love her voice!

    As for being fat; NO WAY!
    I wonder how that person feels when they read what mean people say?
    It makes me wonder how much it takes before you break a persons spirit.

    Stay true Kelly! America loves you; ignore the mean, heartless people in the world.

    I love that she represents NASCAR; You go girl!!!!

  • Josh

    That performance was absolutely fantastic. the most riveting and charming one of the night.

  • skittles07

    cindy your post is full of a big pile of horseshit and lies. Kelly. As for what Kelly is wearing on tour no one knows what shes wearing. Kelly never said what shes wearing on tour. How can you be so guillabe believing something someone said off of hearsay. havent gained that much weight like some people is saying. It was the damn dress that made her look bigger than what she actually is Kelly is smaller than she looked in that dress. The dress was ugly awful and unflattering. It only made Kelly look bigger than what she actually is. Kellys stylist needs to be fired ASAP. That ugly dress was not flattering on Kelly at all. Kelly needs clothes that is more flattering to her pear-shaped figure instead of clothes that only makes her looks more heavier than what she is. Kellys performance stole the show Wednesday night. Her voice is amazing.

    One poster stated that she thinks that Kelly is pregnant. Its not true. Kelly isnt pregnant at all. Its not true about her being pregnant.

    What a great performance from Kelly Wednesday night. GO Kelly Girl you rock!!!!!! AS for the haters they can go f..k themselves.

  • tommy

    Kelly is adorable, even if she did add a few pounds. As a singer/performer she is one in a billion; no other idol contestant even comes close. Maybe a few are good enough to sing backup for her!

  • Carey

    This was an awesome performance from her, my fav by far, live anyways. I was hoping it was from her new album but I guess not. She should record it though, it’s a beautiful song and she brings so much to it.

  • AP44

    This performance of Kelly rocked. She sang it so beautifully out there, almost like heaven. Her dress was ok but no her worst. Kelly rocks!!!! I can’t wait for her new CD and Summer Tour!!!!


    For you “youngies” who don’t know, Jeff Beck is one of the best and most creative guitarists ever. He is truly unique and hasn’t “sold out” to pop music. He can make a guitar do anything. Check out Beck’s website and buy his album “Truth”. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you have appreciation for the guitar. And where’s an album or single of his and Kelly’s rendition of “Up to the Mountain”? I’m desperate for a release of that song. Please tell me if you know. Also, what’s with the comments on Kelly’s looks and dress? I thought we’d made some progress with the “new generation” who seems to be victims of political correctness but still are hung up on women who carry any fat and how they dress. Kelly is beautiful and the dress fit the song. I could see her at the top of a mountain or in a field singing that song. Remember — beauty fades, but stupid is forever. So exercise your mind and your body and seek wisdom. Admire the talent and aspire to be the best you see in others. These artists from two different generations didn’t get to where they are being petty.

  • Katherine Desmond

    You know,

    If I had the HONOR of having Jeff Beck play with me, I’d at least let him
    have a fricken’ SOLO. Hello people!! What’s up with that?